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On Demons

As you can tell from the video blog, I'm not really coherent talking.  For some reason, I seem to do better writing, I guess different


It helps to take the pills, before I whine about side effects.  Well, that's done now.

I'm up to 7 pills a day - just prescriptions.  I also take some supplements and vitamins, which I'm happy to discuss if you're interested.

Anyway, I had a request to do a video blog on demons.  I'd be happy to, but I just did the giant 20 minute one with me rambling.

I doubt I'd be coherent.  And I certainly don't see myself as informed, either.

I know this: Bad Things exist.  The Bible tells me so.

Ephesians 6:12
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but againstprincipalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

However, God is a lot bigger than the Bad Things.  

Romans 8:37-39New King James Version (NKJV) 37 Yet in all these thing…

Video blog, me and the cat


They always eat the head

Good idea on keeping the cats inside.

They finally vanquished the rat.  They didn't leave much but the tail and hindquarters.

I wonder what it is about prey head that is so delicious, they must be consumed.  It doesn't matter the species, they always eat the head.  Insect, bird, rodent, always the head.

They seem to be getting along better.  I told Ron, maybe it's the old battle in the trenches, fought and won, platoon style thinking.  "We were enemies, now we are friends".

I'm really glad I didn't get the bait.  If I'd "baited" the cats might have eaten the deceased rodent, ingesting the blood thinner, and dying themselves.  My vet said she saw that happen once.  How awful.

Still battling depression, on a higher dose of the antidepressant.  I got my refills.  Nothing like a natural disaster to make me realize I need my refills.

Speaking of, that must be hell over there.  You have to figure, all kinds of people failed to refill their p…

Good Tips

One of my online friends wrote an excellent post.  She gave me permission to share:

In the last 7 years I have experienced 2 floods of the century, an ice storm of the century, a tornado, and now a severe drought. If I've learned anything it's to over prepare. I stocked food that requires little to no preparation and that uses a minimum of water. A few items that I found helpful (besides the usual items for disasters) are a water purification system, cat litter and a 5 gallon bucket to use in case the water treatment system is down, and a radio that plays a local television station. I also stored extra fuels for heating and cooking. Several gas containers were purchased prior to the storm and these items are often unavailable after the disaster because people buy them to store fuel for the generators. And having extra fuel is a big bonus because often the fuel is rationed for a period of time following disaster clean up. In addition I have cold/flu remedies and vitamins as th…

We need her

I was just sitting here, in my chair, wondering if I had time to do another blog about the kitten.

My kitten.

I didn't want her.  I was pretty angry at Ron for bringing her home.  "More work for me" I thought.  "A letterbox, now I have to buy kitten food, she'll bother Bubba...."  All true.

I was so horribly depressed today.  It is apparent to me, I need to actually go up to the higher dose Doc prescribed.  I may deal with hallucinations, but it's better than this.

I got home from church, totally zapped.  I opened the door and a cute little tabby face popped up out of my chair.  "Hi Mom!"  I took off my clothes and went to bed, exhausted.  I needed a nap.

I don't know when she showed up, but I awoke with the kitten curled up against my back, purring.  I rolled over a few times to pet her, she'd stretch, and we'd go back to sleep.  Kitty loves me.  That was nice, and something I needed.

Last night she even got in my lap, on he…

I'll take all the prayer I can get

Someone got saved at church today.  I love that.

I never attended a church with a salvation message.  They just preached, gave a benediction (bow your head, now), and sent you on your way.

The pastor wore these nifty robes, with a stole.  That was "my" church, Presbyterian.  We sang a lot of "old" hymns, had an organ, etc.  Everyone wore fancy clothes.

We had coffee and punch after church, along with pastries or cake.  One day, after church, I almost choked to death on a piece of hard candy.  A parishioner had to give me the Heimlich maneuver.

After that, they got rid of the candy bowl.  

Everyone was always very friendly and kind.  They would make a point of asking me how I was doing, and meaning it.  They really cared as I went on about my pet parakeet or whatever.  I found it very warming.

I remember one time the pastor preached on the passage in James about welcoming the poor man, as you'd welcome the rich.  It was very uncomfortable.

This is probabl…

Less Than

I just had a reader comment: "You don't know how hard it is to be an atheist".

I have a couple of thoughts on that.  One, they are absolutely right.  I don't know what it's like to be an atheist because I have always had my faith.  I see it as my liferaft/bullet proof vest.  I would sooner die than lose it.

Two, this is not an atheist blog.  If you want an atheist blog, go to and type in "atheist blog".  I am sure you will find hundreds.

Third, don't lecture me on "my morals" because it's my blog.  My morals are a huge part of my blog.  You don't have to like me, but I will demand respect.

If you don't like my morals, go find an amoral blog!  Although I wouldn't try that one in Google.

I post hater messages so the rest of my readers can get a taste of my in-box, so to speak.  I'm not asking for your approval of my life.  I can think of maybe 3 readers, offhand, who do approve of my choices!

I imagin…

Are you better off now, than you were 4 years ago?

I've encountered a problem with some of our drivers.  The average driver is not college educated.  No trade school.  Very opinionated.   Staunchly, fanatically, liberal.

That's fine.  We're all entitled to our own opinions.  I feel safer riding with a "minority" driver because they have a lot of street smarts and driving skill.

I just resent it when someone wants to "talk politics" - which really means, trying to brainwash you with my opinions and telling you are you are wrong, wrong, wrong.  One driver in particular does that.

I rode with him today.  Our first ride was very late, so they had to change our pickup.  I had about half an hour at Walmart during lunchtime.  I couldn't even get into the deodorant aisle.  Needless to say, I'll need to go back.

Anyway, he picked us up.  Had we voted.  No.  Why not?  Because we haven't voted.  Ron shared his "nothing man does, matters, because in the end God's will be done" philosop…


My "culture" taught me to be a strong, capable woman.  "Your mother was very sickly" I was told, with a fairly disapproving air.  Getting sick was one thing, malingering, another.

A physical illness was treated with rest, chicken soup (I cannot abide chicken soup), and whatever the doctor deemed suitable.  My family can tell you, I had a lot of physical illnesses as a child.  I'd get terrible "stomach flus", vomiting for days on end.  I'd catch the flu pretty much every year.  It seems like I spent most of my Christmases in bed.   I had constant colds, with unending postnasal drip, and several nasty sinus infections.

As I got older, my immune system beefed up and I became more robust, only battling the occasional migraine, cold, or influenza.   As soon as I could, as I'd been taught, I'd get out of bed and get back to my life.

Physically, I'd say, I'm very healthy.  I got 2 colds this year, and I can't recall the last time I…

I need to get out of here.

I think it's sad.  Have you ever noticed, during a crisis, how often people turn on each other?

I always go back to "God never fails, humans do".  Example, my rodent issue.

Ron's been pretty ugly to both me, and the cat.  The cat is just an animal.  He is doing what animals do. He doesn't understand "blame" and "fault".  He just knows he did something great, he thinks, and now everyone is shouting at him.

Well, except me.  I'm a little frustrated, but I'm not angry.

Somehow, the big rat trap got triggered.  I told Ron it was upside down on the floor, nothing in it.  He kept asking me to "check" it.  I did, flipped it over with a stick, still nothing.  I told him, let's put it along the bedroom wall, by my bed.  The last time we had a rodent in here it left a few droppings over there, so obviously they like it.  I also hear they like to run along walls.

I sleep with a lot of blankets, and some of them had fallen to th…

As possible

So, last night, I stood there in the doorway to my bedroom.  Ron and Bubba had an "argument"; Ron yelling at the cat, the cat meowing angrily to go out.  You think they can't argue?  Next time I'll make a video blog.  The cat left in a huff and hasn't come back yet, leaving me with a live rat in my house.

[sigh]  So, I got out the rat trap, the old snap-em-dead type.  I had some peanut butter, left over from before it gave me migraines.  Ron baited the trap and set it on the bookcase in my bedroom.  I didn't want to bump it in the middle of the night, or have a problem with the kitten setting it off.

We did that, and then I went to bed.  "Heather" you're probably saying "There's a rat in your bedroom! How could you sleep?"  Well, this isn't the first time.  Mr Bubba Cat loves to bring me live rats.  I also decided to approach it as a mission trip thing.  God also enabled me to sleep.

See here:  Life as Mission Trip.  I would…

The Treat

You may ask yourself, Heather, why are you wearing steel toed shoes and your housecoat, an hour after your bedtime?

Well, I'd reply, because Bubba came home with a full mouth.   Yup.  He had one of these:

Except it was a lot bigger!  And running across my floor!

I'm yelling "Shut your door" at Ron.   He's yelling "What?"  By then, Bubba has deposited the "treat" on Ron's floor.

It gets better.  Ron's shouting, because he's figured it out by now.  I'm screaming because it's running straight for me.

The rat veers off, into the bedroom.  Great.  My bedroom.  Why do they always go in my bedroom?  Huh?

I locked Bubba in the bedroom with the rat.  Lazy bum, he didn't kill it.  He just howled a lot at the door.

I was so desperate I even put the kitten in there for a minute, then rethought it and pulled her out.  I bet she could get it, though.  I just spent 20 minutes playing "get the cat teaser".  She's g…

Worst Day of My Life

Tonight Ron reminded me of the worst day of my life.

It was not when he told me about the affair.

It was not the night he got drunk and beat me up.

It was not any night he had a blackout.

It was not the day I married him.  (shame on you! LOL)

It was not the day of his accident, or any of the other medical drama days since.

It was not any day or night, I had a suicidal depression.

It wasn't any night I couldn't sleep due to hallucinations and paranoia.

It wasn't any time I was so manic I spent my whole paycheck in one day.

It was the day he had his molar pulled.

We had just started the business.  Some things I can't talk about, so I'll work around it.

Ron is very busy and involved in the business.  We are living off my pay, which isn't much, especially when you consider we had to take a cab or bus everywhere.

One day, Ron woke up in extraordinary pain.  He had molar pain, on the upper left side.  We called 1-800-dentist, may they rot in hell.

They &q…

I bet he's with the t-shirt.

I seldom get political.

For one, I find the whole process tedious.  I also find the candidates nauseating.  It's not one party or another, it's ALL of them.  They just ooze.

The last time I really got excited about a candidate, it was McCain back in 2000.  I have to say, after 9/11, I was pretty impressed with Bush, and voted for him in the next election.

Being a conservative Christian, I vote accordingly, but registered as an Independent because I don't believe in a "party ticket".  I vote for the candidate I think will do the job.

It is safe to say, I did not vote for Obama.  I had a bad feeling about him the minute he came on the scene, and my blog reflects that.  Check out the date, Feb, 2008.  Jesus he knows me

Never liked him.  Sure don't, now.  Sales are down 75%.  We stand an excellent chance of losing our home.

Now, I work in a union shop.  That's fine.  It's rather entertaining, really.  Union elections are more savage than a slasher mo…


I woke up at 1 AM with another severe headache.  I am getting really, really, tired of the headaches.  I got up, took some Excedrin, and went back to bed.  I woke up around 5, hit the snooze a few times (Sorry, Lord, I'll getcha later).    I finally got up and took my shower, the headache mostly gone.

I knew it would be a long, taxing, day.  I wore a pocket Tshirt and my capris.  I ate the last of the cornflakes for breakfast and took my Wellbutrin and vitamins (they don't interact, I checked).

First stop, the warehouse.  Ron needed soda for the bottle vendor.  We got some, took it to work, put it in the fridge.  We could only transport the soda in one trip; they do have limits.

We went back to the warehouse and got "my" snacks, and some lunch.  We ate lunch, got my snacks, and took them to work.  I put everything into the machines.  They aren't 100%, but they look a lot better than they did this morning.  I was happy to see 2 people digging for change as they…

Test Results

Oh, I'd forgotten to mention, I took my "menopause test".  It checked levels of FSH hormone.  It elevates as the big M approaches.

I checked and the best time to test was first thing in the morning, 3 days into my cycle.  So, I did... and I'm fine.  No menopause for a while yet, it seems.

The hot flashes are just the side effect of my Wellbutrin.

Without trying

I'm finally crawling out of the migraine.  Boy, that was pretty awful.  The worst part was losing my phenergan for a bit.

Happily, I found the phenergan and my missing hairbrush.  That's the one thing I hate about travel, moving everything around.  Trying to remember if I brought it all back.

As soon as I could, I took my pills.  I had been off them for 2 days due to nausea and vomiting.  I expect it will take a day or two to get back to normal.

I need to take a shower, although the crystal deodorant I applied yesterday is still fighting; and I need to take out some trash.  I still feel really lethargic and foggy; although some of that goes to my medication.

Ron woke up and talked to me; said he had had the blackout on Sunday because he was either 1.  Drinking out of the half gallon whiskey bottle or 2.  Had the small flask readily available under his bed.  I was unclear.  He said both, at various times.  I just said drinking is your problem and you're the one who need…

Video Blog


"Repair Garage Door"

Sometimes, I hate to check the mail.

Today, we got a property tax bill and a letter from the homeowner's association.  They want us to "repair garage door".

The garage door is fine.   I'm baffled.  I don't know what they want us to do.  Ron called and they acted like "You know what's wrong, you're just playing dumb".  No, we're not.  The door is fine.  The only thing that appears new, a small area of new white paint on the white garage door.  I'm guessing one of the kids from next door did something and their Dad painted it over.

Or, it could have been there for a while.  I am not always very observant.

Pete fixed the trim, he says it needs to be caulked and another coat of paint.  Maybe that's what they want, another coat of paint on the trim.  [shrug]  We'll see.  In the meantime, the door looks fine to me.

Ron had called the HOA about the new people across the street, their very loud music, and the guys hanging out in the…

A good place to be

As we traveled to Austin, we drove through some lovely hill country.  Beautiful yellow wildflowers, some kind of daisy, making lovely carpets underneath live oak trees.  Cute little trailers and modest little homes lined up next to the highway, it made me wish I could drive.

I'd love to have 20 acres or so, out in the country.  Sure, I have a lot of amenities.  Within 2 miles of my house, I have access to excellent cuisine from several cultures, and several popular chain restaurants.   I'm not far from the Walmart, and I have my choice of 3 grocery stores.

My vet's right around the corner, my doctor not much farther (the regular doctor).  The psychiatrist is all the way across town, but worth the trip.  I enjoy city life and often wonder how I'd like a loft, 30 stories up, downtown.  Imagine looking out into a cloud bank.  Pretty.

However, God wants me here in the suburbs.  I'd love to live in the city, love to live in the country, happy to live in the suburbs. …

Home, home again

I didn't sleep as well last night.  I was really happy to be going home.

Breakfast.  Headache.  More speeches.  Finally, going home.

The headache got pretty nasty and I was pretty nauseous.  They pulled over at a gas station, but nothing came up.  They got some coffee and we headed home.

The house was fine.  The kitten was pretty wild, still is.  I think she was worried we'd left her.  She was bothering Bubba enough that I locked her up.

I took a nap for a couple of hours.

Ron had way too much to drink, or too much on an empty stomach, and has been a little loud and obnoxious.  He's eating, which should help soak up the booze.  He isn't being ugly to me.

So, having worked all weekend we go to work tomorrow.  Oh, well, it won't be for long.

Everybody dance now

It was implied to us, we could skip dinner, but it would be a good idea to attend the party afterward.  We did.

Ron had a beer.  Then someone came by handing out free drink coupons.  I got a diet Dr Pepper (hard to find them).   Ron had a whiskey.  Then someone bought him a drink.

I was a little worried, but everyone was drinking.  I had a headache, and took some excedrin, and a couple of diet sodas.  Ron had another whiskey.

I really wanted to dance.  When I was in school, I loved to go to school dances, and never missed a one unless I was sick.  Back then, I would walk home alone at 11 pm, after the dance.   "Loves to dance" was not a priority on my list when I dated Ron.

For once, if he'd been caught dating me, he would have gotten 20 years in prison.  The age of consent was 18.  We couldn't exactly go to the club.

I asked Ron to dance.  No.  Just one.  No.  How about if I took his chair out on the floor, and just held his hands as I danced.  No.  What if I t…


We slept pretty well, considering.  I got up early and took my shower.  The hotel shower was OK, plenty of hot water, not a lot of pressure.  I missed my garden tub and my big window.  The toiletries provided were nice enough.  I finished up and woke up Ron.

Once Ron was done, I put him in the wheelchair and we went to register.  They had a continental breakfast; I had a bran muffin with raisins.  I'd already taken my Wellbutrin, with a small snack, in the hotel room.  We registered and the office ladies from Austin were thrilled to meet Ron.

He's very charming on the phone, and they all fussed over him.  It was cute.  We saw the vendor who did Ron's training and Ron complimented his wife in exuberant French.  She slapped him on the head and told him to stop.

The meetings were mixed - the program director is a VERY good speaker, and one of the most interesting featured.  I thought it was interesting.  I was pretty bored until they got to the healthy vending initiative.


I'm the first to admit, I don't always know the social rules.  However, when the other vendor called and said Tom was having a party by the pool at 6, it didn't really sound optional.

I made sure Ron looked OK.  I wandered around, pushing Ron in his wheelchair, for a little bit, trying to find the pool.  I found our business consultant at the bar and we chatted for a few minutes.

I noticed a lot of blind people going to the left, so I followed them.  Aha.  The pool.  I pushed Ron around the side of the pool, literally the blind leading the sighted, to the party.

I met Tom, who told Ron he had 2 kegs of beer and other assorted drinks.  Ron got a beer.

As things worked out, I worked out a compromise with Ron - I would put a hold on my not-helping-you-drink policy, for the weekend only.  Ron accepted that, and did fine.

He's having some trouble now, but we're home.  That's another blog.

We had a good time.  I got a hot dog and a diet soda, Ron had a tamale a…

The Vortex

As I clutched the wobbly metal safety bar, frozen with terror, paralyzed as 10 lanes of freeway traffic roared just 20 feel below, I realized I had a problem.

The day had started out pretty well.  The other vendors came and picked us up about 10:30.  We'd gone to Austin, stopping for lunch on the way.  They even bought us lunch.  Very nice.  We all had a nice time talking.

Since they're in vending, they have an SUV and I could stuff Ron's wheelchair in the back.  He walked in and out of the restaurant, but the rest of the weekend he stayed in the wheelchair.

We got to Austin, stuck in traffic for a while, and finally made it to the hotel.  It was along I-35, a very wide Interstate.  I believe it goes all the way to Michigan or something.  It's about 5 lanes, each way.  The hotel was on the corner of the freeway, with a surface road crossing the freeway.

I'd looked at it online, it had a nice looking sidewalk and wasn't far from a store.  I had planned to wa…

Blind Man Stand

What's up:

Well, Ron is in the State of Texas Blind Vendor program.  My Dad calls it "The Blind Man Stand".  Basically, the state provides the equipment, we provide the inventory.  We are semi-self employed, with oversight - the supervisors can tell us what do to, or compel us to attend a mandatory conference.

You can see a photo of "my" machines in the slideshow to your right.  I basically assist Ron and manage snacks and sodas.  Ron manages bottled sodas, food, and we share the coffee machine.

The State has about 121 blind vendors.  We are "one" of them.  Most of the vendors are men.  Mainly, I think, because a blind woman tends to go for the medical transcription work, or be supported by a husband.  A woman would also need a strong, able, helper to drive her a around, that is typically a husband, and he typically has his own job.

The blind vendor needs a heavy-lifting helper.  For Ron, that's me.  However, I don't drive, which is a big …

"I got brain damage"

I'm always honest, so I had to share this.  Ron approved.

Ron prefers to take a bath.  His neuropathy makes showering an excruciating torment.

Years ago, Ron and I met another vendor's wife.  She gave Ron and up and down appraisal, with an audible sniff.

"You need to clean him up."  She objected to his beard, inexpensive clothes, and the length of his thinning hair.  I wasn't happy, but hid it.

"He looks fine to me."  

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  However, for a professing Christian, I found her judgmental and cruel.

We have a conference, where I will be meeting 120 other blind vendor's wives.

Since I am judged by his presentation, I threw him in the tub, so to speak.  "Wash your hair" I instructed him, along with some other reminders.  I helped him scrub, always painful.

I left after helping him and Ron finished bathing on his own.  He came out and laid down for a while, we talked, etc.  After about an hour, I actually l…


I'm happy.

I got my snuggles with Bubba today.  If you saw the video blog you know I scared him off by accident yesterday.

Today, he looked up at me, standing next to the bed.  I patted the bed and told him to "go on".  He did, laid down, and I took a nap with him.

We went to work, first, of course.  I got everything I could do.

Ron had planned to go to the warehouse, get supplies, and stock them tomorrow morning, but the other vendor changed our pickup time.  No warehouse.  I could only stock what I had, but the machines did look better.

Today I need to de-terrorize him, trim his beard, and his hair if he will let me.  Throw him in the tub.  Finish doing the laundry.

Speaking of, I need to get going on that.  Clothes are still damp, but I trimmed Ron's beard to a half inch.  He won't let me go shorter, and wouldn't let me near his hair.  I've nagged him into the bathtub, now I just need to figure out what I'm taking.

I'll wear my jeans, a …

Pray for me not to make an ass out of myself

Wow.  Y'all REALLY like the Ron & Heather video blogs!

No comments, but a LOT of hits.

Well, if you pray, this weekend might be a good time.  I have to attend a compulsory vending business conference.  Well, Ron and I have to attend.

We are definitely at the low end of income on the spectrum, too.  Many of these vendors have significant income.

I'm listening to "Envy" - reminding myself "Don't go there".  It's a good song if you like rap, which is maybe 1% of my readership.

I packed my usual stuff, and a few things I'd like if I got stuck in the middle of nowhere by the side of the road, again.  God forbid that happens, I won't have my brother this time.

So, today, I pack, stock the machines, and mail sales tax.  Clean up, including the litter, make sure the cats have plenty of food, etc.

Please pray Ron and I don't make asses of ourselves, at the conference.

Duo Video blog


One Day

Once I finish this, I'll go work on the laundry and then go to the dollar store.

I had a couple of interesting thoughts.  I do regret I waited until @ 2009 to get really involved with Evangelism.  But, I was reading most scholars think Jesus only did His ministry for 2.5 to 3.5 years.  That's all God needed him to do.

So, maybe God only needs me to do my work, for the time I've been working.  Maybe the recipients had to get to 2009 before they were ready to receive the Bibles/testimony.  I was sure witnessing before that, pretty consistently since 2003, but I really started the handouts in 2009.

So, what about the handouts?  I got some money, and ordered an insane stack of New Testaments.  That's a lot of evangelism.  The store may even deliver.

I want to get out there and distribute; but God has given me a clear no.  Like, when Ron's on a drinking binge, and I want to leave, and I get a no.  I listen.  I want to get out there and do it, God says NOT YET.

So, …


I figured out a couple of things today.

1.  Granola bars have peanut flour.
2.  Peanuts are a definite migraine trigger for me.

I was eating a couple of them every day, waking up with hideous migraines, but good news, I can simply avoid them in the future.

I also figured out:
3.  Wellbutrin packs a whallop.

Wellbutrin does a couple of things when I take it (75 mg a day).  One, it makes my whole head tighten up.  If I already have a headache, that's an instant, day-long migraine.  So, I've been missing it more often than not the last week.  I'd rather battle depression than a migraine.

I can hear someone yelling in the ether.  Yeah, I probably deserve all of it.  I will ask if you experience regular migraines, yourself?

I thought it was the Wellbutrin, not the granola bars!  I'm not eating any more generic Frosted Wheat, either.  Some kind of migraine trigger in there.

So, number two on the migraine, I get the hot flashes.  They are pretty tiresome, and I wonder…

Some comforting.

I woke up in the middle of the night, my head killing me.  I took some excedrin and went back to sleep = migraine.  The only way I could ever sleep after 200 mg of caffeine was if I had a migraine.  4 hours later, I woke up with a borderline migraine.  If I worked for anyone else, I thought bitterly, I'd probably call in sick.

I used to be really bad about that, working for others, especially when depressed.  Not anymore.  I got up and went to work.

Our first ride was a mess, so I called the delivery guy to delay it a bit.  He sounded so happy I think he was running late, anyway.  [grin]  It's an all around win for all of us.

Did it all at work.  I have to admit, I am feeling pretty bitter and resentful about some work issues.  Forcing us to pay for our own repairs, then yelling at me because I didn't have inventory.  They don't see the association.  I can't buy inventory if I spent all our money on repairs!

It's the kind of thing I have to throw at God, ag…

Loving Ron, right.

God has led me to a discovery: if something on the internet has me very upset, I'm probably "stuffing" some anger in my personal life.

Every Monday, for instance, I usually encounter the man who ran over my husband.  Roy is a terrible driver (I am so glad they got him off the powered industrial truck).  He ran over my husband due to negligence.

But, as Ron's quick to point out  - "He stopped.  He covered me up.  He called for an ambulance and got me a Life Flight."  That's one 911 call I hope I never hear.

The last time I saw the driver, close up, last Monday in fact; he literally hung his head when he saw me.  He still feels terrible for putting Ron in the wheelchair.  And maybe that's enough.

When I get upset and rave (here) about him, I'm usually in pain over another issue.  This morning I saw him riding a motorcycle, and my only thought was "I wonder if Ron would like to ride with him".  I even asked Ron - and he said no, based…

The Group

I just had an ironic thought.

I should preface this by saying I was watching "The Walking Dead".  A very large part of the show, is about the group.  It's not about one person, it's about the collective group fighting the dead and trying to stay alive.

Then I saw a commercial, that reminded me of the show "Disaster Preppers" and yet another group, all adding value, skills, and supplies to the group.  I thought.  Hm.

Let's look at Ron.  He is useless for defense, unless something is in the room with him.  He is blind.  His hearing is poor.  He has balance issues.  He would fall with a moderate push.  He can't fire a gun.  His right hand is pretty worthless.  No one would want him in the group, unless they felt sorry for him. Then people would probably yell at the softie about it for years to come.

What about me?  Well, according to some shows, I have girl parts, so I'm in [rolleyes].  Let's be realistic.  I can't fight - I don't h…

As badly as ours

Well, I did figure out the source of the music I'd been hearing for the last week or so: next door.  For some reason, they are playing music every night and day.  Maybe the youngest baby is teething, or something.

The music went on until after 11, when Ron called the police.  As soon as the police came, the party broke up.  A few minutes later, the homeowner was in his backyard singing karaoke, very loudly, with the music on full blast, so Ron called the police again.

Ron and I have determined, the "type" of neighbor who is playing loud music late at night will only turn it down if the police instruct him to do so.  If we ask, they just blow us off; then we've lost the ability to call the cops because they'd know it was us.

It seems like no one else cares about noise.  I feel like we are the only ones who do.

At any rate, I worked on doing my chores, did some laundry, etc.  Had the party gone later, I would have taken my shower and done my morning God Time.