Sunday, October 22, 2017

Torbie on my feet

Two days in one, again. 

I got up at 7 AM (late for me) yesterday and we went to Walmart.  I finally found a canister for the dry cat food, it has a snap.  We should be fine unless Biscuit figures out how to unsnap it.  So far, so good. 

I also got laundry supplies, an air filter, stuff like that.  I bought two canisters (pints) of ice cream, I figured I could enjoy one after I bagged up all the candy.  And, speaking of candy, I bought another bag. 

We came home.  I ate, took my pills, and took a nap.  I was worried #6 would have a party last night; turns out, they didn't.  That means they will definitely have a party next weekend. 

After I got up, I bagged up half the candy.  Full sized candy bar, Scripture booklet, fruit roll up, caramel, and peanut butter taffy.  I remember, as a kid, hearing about the mythical "full sized candy bar" house.  Usually I got "unusual" things like toothbrushes, or, one time, a neighbor gave us carrots she had grown in her garden.  Of course I got a lot of candy, too.  Mom always ate my Milky ways, but I was OK with that. 

I did the candy for a while.  It took some time.  I had to lean forward on a stool while working so I got a little stiff.  Nothing serious, though. 

I finally finished and went to bed. 

I slept in late today, 8 AM.  It's going to be a little while before I can sleep late again.  I got up and took a shower, then finished up the candy.  I ran out of some candy at the end so I was glad I had bought the extra bag yesterday.  I got it all finished, and did my God time. 

By that time it was after 12.  So I ate my ice cream, took my medication, and took a nap.  I slept a couple of hours.  I think Ron woke me up, but he wasn't drunk and didn't mean to do it. 

He is "fighting" with Baby Girl, thinking she isn't cuddly enough.  Torbie is very affectionate, she is lying on my foot right now, and is often found in Ron's bed cuddling him.  So Ron's trying to ignore Baby Girl into being more affectionate.  Torbie got sick of the drama, I think, and left, coming to me on the computer once I got up.  They'll sort it out. 

Now I need to go organize the front alcove, where we open the door, so I can move the bear into position on Halloween.  After Saturday, I will "fix" the door bell so the kids can ring it on Halloween.  The #6 kids have a bad habit of ringing the door bell in the middle of the night if I leave it activated "I want my ball".  They, themselves, told me they never do that with the other neighbors so I have asked for the same courtesy.  So far, so good, but if they don't have a doorbell they can't ring it. 

Besides, I don't like the concept of people showing up at my house unannounced.  I'm probably not wearing a bra and the cats are running around.  I have to fix both before I can open the door to anyone, and then find out it's a JW or someone selling something.  Very annoying.  So I leave the doorbell unplugged. 

Torbie's changing her position on my feet, she's so soft and fluffy.  She's a shorthair but she has very soft fur.  It's so pretty, too.  Tortie-tabbies are always glamorous and gorgeous and Torbie is no exception. 

I often wonder what happened to the black kitten I planned to adopt, the day I met Torbie.  I figured, at the end of it, the kitten had better odds of being adopted than a senior cat.  The senior cat only had 2 days left, and was clearly bonded to both Ron and me.  So I took her, and I haven't regretted it. 

That reminds me, I need to clean their boxes.  I didn't want to clean the box before I did any candy work but I'm done with that now, it is all sealed up in a bag, and ready to go. 

So, I'd better go.  I will miss Torbie on my feet,though. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Split shift

This will be pretty short. 

I got up early this morning, got ready, went to the warehouse.  We got our supplies.  I finally remembered to get the candy bars for Halloween.  I also got some fruit rollups; kids like them, they will fit in the bag, and add some bulk. 

I paid and put the Halloween candy in the cold bag, so the chocolate wouldn't melt.  As it turns out, our ride home showed up pretty much right after we went outside, so I didn't have to wait in the hot sun with the candy. 

We came home, I took a nap.  I got up and we went to the pupusa place, but the manager wasn't there.  Those little latino restaurants really go to hell when the boss goes home, Ron's burrito was very greasy and salty, and my 5-minute order took 20 minutes.  Ron and I were the only customers. 

We finally got home and I went to bed.  I fell asleep pretty fast, which was a good thing, as I had to get up at 1:45 in the morning. 

I slept OK, got up on time, did my shower and God time.  Very pleased I did that.  I got up at 1 AM, after limited sleep, to hang out with God and start my day right! 

Our driver pulled up.  He was ignorant, and liberal, and made some comments that would probably get him jailed if I related them.  All I will say, say what you will, but don't talk about hurting the president!  I couldn't believe it!  And he had a camera going the whole time! 

He didn't take a Bible (I was fine with that, it went to a home where it will be appreciated, the next driver was very happy to get it), and made a lot of very critical comments about Ron's drinking. 

How did he know Ron drinks?  Ron was, after all, sober.  Well, apparently, years ago, he took Ron to the liquor store and helped Ron get a case of vodka.  He hadn't forgotten it and kept pointing fingers at Ron. 

This, to me, is the "proper" approach "Hey, man, I remember you drank a lot back in the day.  I hope you slowed down, I was pretty worried about you."  Not saying Ron is embracing one of the "five devils" etc.  None of which is Biblical, by the way. 

It felt like a very long ride, even though it was a straight trip. 

I was never so happy to get to work.  We got to work.  Since we did most of the work yesterday, there wasn't much to do today.  We got our delivery and paid him. 

Ron decided to sort change, so he did that.  We chatted a little bit with the other vendor.  Our pickup time arrived. 

What a difference!  A nice, sweet, pleasant driver.  She loved her Bible and Bible Promise book, and immediately stowed them in her backpack.  It was a joy to have her. 

She took us home.  Biscuit was wailing, even though I had fed him before I left this morning.  I figured it had been a while so I fed them (Baby Girl was in on it by now) a can of Cod, Sole, and Shrimp.  Unlike the flaky tuna, the cod feast comes as a solid cake.  The cats had no trouble tearing into that. 

I took a nap and slept about 3 hours.  I am good to go until bedtime now.  I guess you could call it a split shift. 

#6 will probably have another party tomorrow night.  If he does, I plan to bag up my Halloween candy and organize the front room.  If not, I will probably still do the candy and organize the front room! 

I don't care if people see a messy house but I have some stuff in the front alcove that needs to move. 

Ron and I are going out to dinner, at Denny's, in a couple of hours.  That should be fun. 

We have the weekend off, which is nice.  What a day. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A ride on the kiddie cart

Ron surprised me today.  I got up early, did my routine, and got ready to go to Walmart. 

Normally I would wash with a "clarifying' type shampoo, but it tends to make my hair dry and frizzy, so I've been using the keratin shampoo instead, trying to make my hair look as pretty as possible for the recipients. 

This is the world, people, we are judged on our appearance.  So I want to look as presentable as possible.  Yes, I'm still "fat", but at least I won't look ragged. 

I don't want people to think I'm a homeless panhandler. 

So, we went to Walmart.  I gave my first driver a Bible.  He liked it.  Since he grew up Catholic I was glad I had put the "7 Things that don't get you into Heaven" tract into it. 

We went into the store.  Ron asked me to use a kiddie cart.  I was shocked, it's been months since he wanted to shop with me.  Happily, I found one quickly and got him loaded.  It was a little challenging picking up the wheelchair and putting it in the cart, but I did it. 

We got his stuff, and then we got mine.  Both of us totally forgot to get the new food canister for Biscuit.  I had fun shopping with him (Ron, not Biscuit).  He was a little grumpy at first but he warmed up. 

I bought some lotion for my arms (which actually did the trick), and some tinted lip balm, so I look a little more presentable on the Handouts.  It is fine to work with a wild ponytail, sweating, running around with my sign, but I want to present a clean and wholesome image that doesn't frighten the recipients, like the homeless did yesterday.  I also bought some whitening toothpaste. 

I don't have a beauty routine in the morning outside of the shower, but I can add a few things without killing myself. 

I also debated bungee cord vs. tie down for the carts.  I want my loads to be secure.  Ron told me the bungees have always worked in the past (for over 7 years).  I looked at the hooks on each item, respectively, and decided to go with the bungee, as it had a better hook.  I bought one of each size.  Can't have too many bungees. 

As we got ready to check out, I found a lane.  The guy in front of us had a container of cut watermelon, sitting sideways in his cart on top of a case of water.  I didn't know, but the watermelon juice had leaked out all over the floor.  As I moved up, I slipped in the juice and almost fell.  I said something to the guy in front of me and he at least adjusted the watermelon so it wouldn't leak anymore. 

He (the man in front of me) was one of those annoying people who doesn't put their stuff on the conveyor belt, expecting everyone behind them to wait until his transaction is totally finished, before putting their stuff up.  I didn't wait.  I had room on the conveyor belt, I took it, and put all my stuff on it.  She almost rang it up as his stuff, but, as I figured, he told her "That's not mine" and rang up his watermelon and the water. 

The cashier was complaining about the bags they had at the store, and was really happy to see my reusable tote bags.  That is the first time I've ever had a cashier happy to see my reusable tote bags.  Normally they hate them. 

We went outside and waited on our ride, he was a little late but not too much.  It was Anthony.  I like him a lot, he's a nice guy.  We got home. 

I put away the stuff and took a nap.  When I got up, we ordered Chinese food.  I watched some TV, and I did probably the most important thing I could do: I got the cold bag and put it on the wheelchair.  I need to buy 100 candy bars (full sized) for Halloween, but I need to be able to keep them cool after I buy them.  The insulated tote bag should work very well for that.  I forgot it last week. 

Once I have all that set up, I can start bagging.  I don't want to be sitting doing a marathon "sack up" of the candy on Halloween morning. 

Tomorrow should be busy, but fun.  I handed out 3 Bibles today so I'm happy. 

I had a nasty headache all day, probably due to the peanut butter cups I ate yesterday, but I'm doing better.  Dinner and my meds seemed to do the trick. 

Anyway, that's it for now.  Have a good one. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Spanish Bible Handout

Today was my all Spanish Handout.  I thought it would be interesting, but never could I have dreamed how odd it would get. 

I had trouble getting a cab to the Handout, and one of my bungees broke loading it into the cab.  I always carry a spare, though, and I'm glad I had it. 

The driver dropped me off in the Walgreens parking lot at Airline and West road.  It was recommended to me by a driver as a good spot where a lot of latinos hang out. 

I like to have the corner to myself, so you can imagine how I felt when I found not one, but three people on my corner.  I looked at the other corners and they were just as bad.  I would have to make the best of it. 

I had window cleaner guy (I know drivers just *love* those guys), violin guy, and "guy on a cane with a bucket".  Later on, some guy showed up trying to raise money for some mission, he also had a bucket he was shoving in people's faces, for "donations". 

The violin player was very bad.  I mean, he played badly.  He wasn't making much money.   When he saw my sign (he was spanish) he asked for a Bible.  He had a large jug of amber liquid nearby and I wondered if it was urine!  I saw him chugging it later so I assume it was apple juice.  He gave up about an hour after I started.

Window cleaner guy stayed for an hour and a half.  He kept taunting the drivers with his squeegee, upsetting them.  They sure didn't want to see me coming along after that. 

Mission guy shirked his work, I hardly saw him at all. 

I mainly gave out singles, and not many at that.  I had 3 cases, I gave away a little over 2.  The Bibles were very large and heavy,  one reason I haven't brought a lot on my handouts. 

My favorite was probably the guy in the septic truck.  He looked at my sign and smiled, so I reached up a Bible to him.  He took it.  One asian appearing couple wanted Bibles.  I explained they were Spanish and the man spoke Spanish to me, so I guess he is multi-lingual.  I gave him a couple.  I gave my most to a harried young mom with 3 kids in the back.  I gave her two, one each for her and her (presumed) husband, and then "A couple of New Testaments for the kids".  That wiped out the last of the New Testaments I had. 

I really had to work to hand these out.  I guess I have gotten spoiled.  I decided that, for the future, a mixed handout will be the best, to have both english and spanish Bibles available for the recipients.  Which means I am glad I ordered those pretty New Testaments that just arrived.

I handed out a fair amount to couples, always fun, or "two people in the car so you get two" recipients.  I hate to give one Bible when there are 2 people in the car, I prefer to give two, and nearly always they accept them. 

The window washer left, crutch guy left, I was left with the belligerent man in the wheelchair across the street.  I had been there 2 hours.  I called it a day. 

I called a cab.  It is not a good neighborhood, I honestly expected to be there for a while.  I bought a snack before I called the cab.  The cab dispatcher spoke fluent English and understood my directions completely. 

That was great.  I ate a peanut butter cup.  My phone rang, it was the cab computer telling me my ride was outside.  I looked to the side, to see a cab pulling into the parking lot! 

I waited maybe 2 minutes.  Not only that, he's a guy Ron and I call "The Angel".  He is a really nice man and very helpful. 

We had a great ride home and I finished my snack sitting in my chair (after I fed the cat, of course). 

For my next Handout, I would like to go back to Desoto and Antoine, but I need to find out if they are done with the roadwork.    I'll get there. 

Please pray for the recipients! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

My Bibles came!

Last night I noticed my arms are peeling.  It freaked me out a bit, as one nasty side effect from medication can be skin peeling horribly and causing "burns". 

It just appears to be dry skin, the non-peeling part looks totally healthy, albeit a little dry.  Now I should add, I never have dry skin.  I inherited my Dad's oily skin.  Dad, in his late 70's, barely has any wrinkles, so I have that to look forward to.  I may get age spots but I won't wrinkle. 

I debated what to do about the dry skin.  Part of me says this is "my fault" because I made a comment on Facebook about Ron's psoriasis looking "disgusting and contagious".  Maybe.  Maybe not. 

At any rate, I washed with Dove on my arms this morning.  Generally I only use it when shaving my legs because shaving will dry out my legs.  It didn't seem to help.  I still had flakes and peeling.  I put on some generic brand lotion.  That, I think, made things worse. 

I got dressed and went to work.  Sales were pretty slow.  I did all my work and helped Ron.  At one point he called me "lazy".  Not five minutes later, he asked me to do something.  I told him I'd done it.  He asked me to do something else.  I did it already.  I was dying to ask if either task qualified me as "lazy".  I didn't, but I was annoyed. 

Eventually we got it all done and left to go to the bank.  Ron had to deposit money for sales tax.  We were happy to see the bank had brought back the business line.  We made our deposit and left, taking a cab home. 

Ron and I have a natural concern.  What we have, at times, looks like a lot of money, but it's all $1 bills, half of it goes to inventory, the rest goes to taxes, payroll, etc.  We don't get to keep much of that tasty-looking "stack of paper".  One time the paratransit driver came early, saw us with the money stacked up on the counter, and made a big production about how "rich" we were.  We make about as much as I'd make working as a secretary at a small business.  It's enough, since I don't drive, but it looks like a lot more. 

So we have found it's better to finish our business and then call a cab to go home.  It's easier to do it that way. 

Ron was hungry, so he wanted to go through a drive through.  He got 2 orders of tacos.  He ate them and got sick because they are so greasy.  He's an old (62) man, he can't eat that crap anymore. 

I took a nap.  I slept pretty well, I had gotten up at 4 AM.  I got up at 3 and did my God Time (some of it, I will finish when I'm done online), got Ron up, and we went to Denny's.  I wasn't super hungry.  I had gotten some chicken nuggets from the drive through, so I just got some pancakes and had a (diet) soda.  Ron had a diet soda and left it at that. 

We took our time eating.  Denny's is great, in my book, because they don't serve alcohol and Ron won't drink before he goes there.  So I get "sober Ron".  Always a bonus. 

We spent about an hour there and came home.  I have been handing out Bible Promise books to my drivers lately, they are really nice and fun.  Totally Biblical, too. 

I knew a guy (Chuck) who was handing out copies of "The Secret" until one of his doctors told him "I'm a born again and we don't read that stuff". I am very careful that what I do hand out honors God and respects the Bible. 

Dude, I would hate to be on the wrong side of that.  [shudder]

We came home.  I had the bright idea to 1.  Take some coconut oil internally and 2.  Rub some on my arms.  It immediately helped, although I feel oiled up, like a bodybuilder at a competition. 

Since it's going to be "cold" tonight (55F), Ron set the heater to come on at a designated temperature. 

As I was typing all this, I heard some thumps, and then a knock on the door.  I opened the door to find the UPS man getting into his truck.  I thanked him.  He probably moved over 100 pounds of Bibles onto my porch.  I know he did, because the Bibles are over a pound each, and I ordered 100.  Plus a case of Spanish New Testaments. 

I had Ron lure the cats into his room, and then I shut the door, so I could bring in all of the heavy cases of Bibles.  Like I said, several cases, all of them 30 pounds or so, each.  I stacked them up in the spot I reserved for them, right next to the bookcase. 

Then, of course, I had to open a case.  They are just as pretty in person and look fantastic.  The recipients will LOVE them.  They are big, heavy, cases, that's the only "bad" thing. 

It does get me thinking about New Testaments vs. Whole Bibles.  I have handed out thousands of New Testaments.  I don't have a problem with that, I think they share the gospel and that is the important part, they also share basics of Christian Living (think 1 Corinthians 13), and prophecy (Revelation).  They are also far lighter and more compact. 

I can bring over 100 New Testaments on a Handout, where I can only bring about 80 whole Bibles, tops.  With the new Bibles probably only 30 plus some New Testaments. 

I need to pray about that.  I still have Bible money left so I need to figure out what God wants me to do.  On the one hand, I think, He doesn't care, as long as I am handing something Biblical out.  On the other hand, maybe He has something great lined up and I just need to find it. 

And the atheists are gritting their teeth again.  Don't do that, it's bad for your enamel!  (((Hugs)))

Tomorrow I do an All-Spanish Handout.  It should be fun.  We'll see what kind of interest it gets.  If it is popular (they are popular, I guess), than I will be happy to do it again. 

My only problem: I can't find a place to laminate my Spanish sign.  It is so pretty I want to protect it but I may only be using it the one time.

We'll see. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017


The party last night had a few twists on the usual, #6, party.  Instead of playing soccer in the backyard, they played it in the front yard. 

My front yard.

Now, I should add, houses on our street are set back 20 feet from the curb.  The lots aren't very wide, I think mine is 35' at the curb, and most of it is taken up by the driveway.  #6, of course, had his truck parked in the front yard, and 2 cars in the driveway.  They didn't have enough room to turn around, much less play an active game, so the kids ended up playing soccer in my "empty" yard. 

At first I was pretty upset.  I went to a lot of trouble, 6 years ago, of telling him I specifically did not want any of his kids in my yard, at all, under any condition.  I understood why they were doing it; if they lose the ball, I don't give it back immediately, I wait until the next day.  They didn't want to risk losing the ball over the back fence. 

It was also probably rather crowded in the backyard, I'd smelled the BBQ going, so that occupies space in the yard, in addition to, forgive the pun, his addition, so they really had limited room to play in the back. 

But I didn't want them in my yard.  They were pretty quiet, and they only hit the house a couple times, so I decided to pick my battles.  I absolutely did not want them in the backyard, where our bedroom windows are located, and the catio.  I didn't want them looking in the windows and messing with the catio, so it seemed to be the better of two options. 

Baby Girl was on alert, though.  Everytime someone came close to her window she leaned forward, ears pricked.  She found it all very interesting and just a little bit alarming. 

I am probably raising antisocial cats.  We never get visitors so they don't know anyone besides me and Ron. 

Then they turned on the stereo, very loud.  Sometimes they do that, play one song, and then turn it off.  I waited through the song.  They kept playing it. 

I decided I had had enough and called our local precinct.  Now, each area of Harris county, proper (not in the City of Houston limits) has a precinct, 1-5 I believe.  I won't say which I am.  Suffice to say I called the non emergency number for my locale. 

I explained I had a noise complaint and gave the address.  She got it wrong, twice.  Then I gave the street name.  She kept getting it wrong and saying we weren't in the county.  I should have explained I have been, in the county, for 13 and a half years now. 

I am a former ham radio operator.  I spelled the street out, phonetically.  Say, she thought it was "Pam" street when it was really "Palm".  I said "Pappa, alpha, lima, mike".  Then she got it and filed the complaint. 

I was very frustrated and unfortunately I'm sure it showed, but what if I was being assaulted, or Ron was bleeding to death on the floor?  We'd have died! 

Then I realized they had turned the music down, so I had to call back, got the same dispatcher, and explain I didn't need the officer after all. 

Ron is a real stickler about cancelling the call if you don't "need" them anymore. 

Later on they turned it up again but Ron was still asleep.  My general rule of thumb is that it's not too bad if Ron's still asleep. 

Much as I'd like it, I can't have a perfectly quiet neighborhood every day of the year.  Not in a 70-thousand dollar house. 

Other than that, it was pretty much the same old party routine.  People talking loudly in Spanish right outside my bedroom wall, kids screaming and playing, loud music, etc. 

I'm not sure when they wrapped it up, sometime between 11 and 12, I think.  I fell asleep. 

I woke up with a headache, it was pretty nasty.  I was also wide awake at 7 AM.  I decided to get up, my headache wasn't going to improve if I slept anymore and it was an Excedrin level headache.  I got up, drank a diet Mountain Dew, and took an Excedrin.  I am vibrating now but the headache is mostly gone. 

I got online for a bit ('most everyone is still asleep) and did my God Time.  Very pleased I got that. 

Torbie is laying on my foot.  She's pretty cute.  I need to take a shower pretty soon.  I don't need to shave my legs today or tomorrow, so I get a break from that. 

I really want to get going on my Spanish Bible Handout.  One driver told me Airline and West road is a good spot but I need to look it up on Google Maps and see if it will work.  It needs a median, wherever I go. 

And at some point I need to get my Spanish Free Bibles sign laminated.  The lettering is so pretty (not mine) I want to preserve it for as long as I can. 

But for now I have today off. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

I like to go to bed early

Well, I'm feeling a little better today.  I got up, took a shower, and did my God Time. 

I loaded some Bibles and Bible promise books into the bag on the back of Ron's wheelchair.  We had some rides coming. 

Our first ride was late but we still had plenty of time to eat.  We went to Carl's Junior.  Interesting fact, when I am PMS'ing I often crave chicken.  The rest of the time, I hate chicken (a long story about chicken there but I can't share it without embarrassing someone else). 

We both decided to get chicken strips, but the restaurant was very slow and basically had a huge sign on the door begging for people to apply.  The manager was working the drive-thru and the front area, and favoring the drive-thru.  He apologized and said 2 people had called in sick. 

We got our food ordered (I had given a Bible Promise book, and a Bible, to the first driver).  We sat down.  Our usual spot was occupied by a homeless man, even if he got up I didn't want to sit in that seat. 

I moved a ways a way.  I have had, one a couple of occasions, had people ask for me for money while I'm eating, and one woman wanted to "borrow" my cell phone.  I told her I didn't loan it out, and I don't, not after that creep tried to steal it several years ago. 

He came up to me at the bus stop and asked to borrow the phone so he could make a call.  I loaned it to him.  The bus came.  He kept the phone and boarded the bus.  I boarded as well.  As we approached my stop he was still on the phone.  I had to confront him and get very nasty, demanding he return my phone or I would ask the driver to contact Metro police. 

Later on, some creep called my phone.  I told him "It's my phone.  Some guy tried to steal it a while ago.  If he gave you this number delete it."   He never called me back. 

So I don't loan it out, ever, because people will steal it.  Besides, it has my google account information (I don't have any financial on google but I don't want them messing with my blog or whatever). 

It's one thing I don't like about the Carl's Junior, the panhandlers and beggars.  I can only think of a few times we've gone and didn't have someone homeless, trying to beg, or wanting to "borrow" my cell phone.

It's a testament to the flavor of their burgers, and chicken strips, that we're willing to go through all this drama every time we go.  I haven't had hassles like this since Ron worked in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco. 

Boy, that was an experience.  Walk straight, eyes dead ahead, don't react to anything.  Step over the feces on the sidewalk, and urine puddles.  It was pretty awful. 

I hear it isn't any better now. 

So, we had a good meal.  We came home, I took a nap.  I woke up with a headache so I took 3 aspirin (6 hours worth) and got online. 

I suspect #6 is having another birthday party tonight.  I could be wrong, but we'll see.  My facebook "memory" feature said they had a party this weekend, a couple years ago.  I can't imagine them changing a birthday party date.  Although, my notebook says nothing until next week.  So, we'll see. 

If they have one, I just grit my teeth and turn up the music.  I unplugged the doorbell so they can't come over and harass me every time they lose a ball over the fence.  They know by now I will return it, the NEXT day. 

I'm going to take a break and call my parents. 

That went pretty well, except Ron came in the room and was adding comments to the conversation.  A little difficult to talk about his drinking when he is right there.  As far as Ron's concerned, he doesn't have a problem, and if he doesn't have a problem then I don't need to talk about it. 

It doesn't work that way.  If it's important to me I talk about it. 

The rest of the day has been pretty uneventful.  #6 does have a lot of cars in front of his house so I assume they are having a party.  Unfortunately for me, the weather is very nice and mild right now, so I'm sure the kids will be very active screaming outside my bedroom. 

[sigh]  I like to go to bed early.  

Friday, October 13, 2017

A little bit about everyone's favorite: Biscuit

Still depressed today. 

I am worried about an issue in my life, ongoing, not really under my control.  It is a problem.  I worry that problem will prevent me from being raptured.  Yes, I know it sounds silly to most of you, but it is a real spiritual concern for me. 

Especially since I don't want to be around during the tribulation.  Yet, there's not a lot I can do about it. 

I also worry about Ron, he is drinking, other sins, disrespectful to God.  I worry he will be left behind as well.  Now, this may sound terrible, but if I have an opportunity to be raptured, yet it means Ron will be left behind, I will take it, because the tribulation will literally be hell on earth.  I think he would want me to "go", if he could. 

Anyway, worried about that. 

I got up and we went to Walmart.  I needed to make a deposit, and Ron needed some things.  I got my banking done first and then did the shopping.  Ron wanted things like hand wipes, chewable antacid, etc.  I got some snack food, cat litter, and cat food. 

On the way home, we rode in a cab.  My seat had perfume in it, it reeked and got all over my clothes.  I don't know if the driver sprayed it, or it came off a client sitting in the backseat (the other client took the front seat).  The fragrance immediately put me into a very bad mood, I suspect it was one worn by my birth mother. 

The smell of her cigarettes will also bother me, she smoked Marlboros, the red ones.  But the perfume really upset me. 

Scent is the only sense that goes directly to the brain, nerves in the nose connect to the brain directly.  I was pretty sharp with Ron when we got out of the vehicle. 

I had to unload 38# of cat litter, 3 bags, and the wheelchair.  I didn't want the driver moving anything because that is not her job.  It's my job, and why I ride "free" on Ron's pass.  I got it in the house, then I got Ron in the house, and sent him away to his bedroom while I got everything unpacked.  I put it all away and got Ron back. 

I'm pretty sure he went into the kitchen and started drinking,while I went and took off my shirt.  It seemed to be the worst offender.  I ate, and took my pills. 

While I was putting away the cat food supplies, Biscuit showed up, alert and eager.  He knows his wet food comes on a 6 inch foam plate.  He knows the appearance of the cat food.  He knows what a case of cat food looks like.  He meowed piteously, as if I hadn't just fed him a couple hours ago. 

I felt sorry for him, and gave him a can of cat food.  He ate most of it. 

I have been complaining to Ron, for a while, that he has "stolen" Torbie with the cat treats.  She only hangs out with him now, it seems.  He said I should give her treats in my bed, and maybe that would encourage her to come "visit".  I did that.  Later on, she did sleep on my foot, so maybe there's something to it. 

Then I took a nap for a few hours. 

I got up and did the computer for a couple of hours.  Ron is passed out, but quiet. 

Still waiting for my Bibles. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Exploding feathers

I've been feeling uninspired.  I will do my best to create a blog of interest. 

We worked today, our first ride was a nice driver who has Ron's favorite Bible verse tattooed on his arm.  Unfortunately, he also bought some "car freshener" spray in "Black Ice" and sprayed it all over the seats before I got in the vehicle.  It got on my clothing, so, all day, I've reeked like a cheap air freshener. 

I don't blame the drivers.  A lot of the clients have grooming issues, don't understand, soap, water, deodorant, clean clothes, every day.  I remember when they put out a memo at work telling people to bathe with soap and water, every day, dry off with a clean towel, and put on clean clothes, every day, before coming to work.  I remember thinking, surely people know, but at least someone didn't, because they had to write the memo. 

I wonder if the offenders improved.  So, I don't blame the driver, I just hate smelling like air freshener.  Like I told Ron, I can only get it out in the wash, so I have to throw it in the washer the minute I get home, or the nearest thing to it. 

We got to Sam's Club.  I bought what we needed.  A veteran cashier rang me up, she's nice but a little brusque. 

I had some trouble finding a helper, and had to load half the truck by myself.  I was glad I did reek of air freshener, even though my deodorant did a stellar job.  I use the "crystal" deodorant.  We went to work. 

The other vendor told me our management didn't bring me the new cart, so I had a few worries they had taken my old cart and left me with nothing.  No worries, I still had the old cart.  I had left a note on it "Don't take if no new cart", something like that, so it worked. 

I took the carts out and unloaded the truck.  We had about a half load because we already had some products.  I got all that into the building. 

Chuck (our driver) told me Ron was escaping.  I thought he meant Ron was coming up the ramp.  Nope, Ron, at full speed, was propelling himself away from the front door toward the Postal Inspectors.  I chased him down and brought him back, showed him the location of the ramp he had missed, and got him in the building. 

I did all my work, put everything away, and helped Ron.  Not necessarily in that order.  I had enough time, for once, to really do it all. 

Then Chuck picked us up again and we went out to lunch.  We came home.  I tried to take a nap but I had too many Diet Cokes during lunch.  I got up.  I got online for a while, watched some TV, and waited for my books to come. 

I ordered 100 Bible Promise books to go with the Bibles.  I figure they are a good match.  People can open up the Promise book, find subjects, and read Bible verses on the subject.  It's a good starting point.  I think they will go fast.  I plan to hand them out with Bibles. 

The Bibles, I don't know when they're coming.  Probably the next couple days. 

I do have a concern about the cats getting out, so I will have to have Ron distract them in his room, with treats, lock them in, then go bring in my packages.  Torbie has proven to be a bad girl when it comes to escaping while my hands are full. 

Speaking of Bad Cats, yesterday I woke up and found feathers all over the house, as if a bird exploded.  A bird must have stupidly ventured into the catio and been eaten.  I couldn't find a scrap of meat, bones, head, feet, anything, just feathers all over the house. 

That's the advantage of keeping the cats on a diet.  They don't waste any food! 

I didn't find any additional "treats" today, so I think yesterday was a fluke. 

A pretty dumb bird, if you ask me.  The grass is pretty long in the catio so I can see how the cats could hide. 

Biscuit (I'm assuming it was him) must have been so happy. 

I'm going to go check my tracking number.  Well, it says it's coming today, so I guess I will stay up for a while. 

My poor truck driver, to have all that stuff on the van and working so long.  My 20 pound box was loaded on the van at 9 AM today. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I was glad Ron was blind

I've been depressed the last couple days, and Ron's been having tantrums.  He had a tantrum because I wouldn't go check the mail after I had already gotten undressed; he had a tantrum because I wouldn't watch Star Trek with him.  It gets tiring. 

We went to work, went to Walmart.  I was amazed at the skimpy attire worn by most women to the store.  High heels, I don't get, either. 

If you are born short, and want to be taller, I guess I can get that.  Heels can add a couple inches to your life if you don't mind wrecking your feet. 

But breasts hanging out; tight, short, dresses;  front hemlines going almost to crotch level, some of the outfits had all 3.  There was more, of course, but I saw very few, modestly dressed, women.  I was glad Ron was blind, because he would have had some lust issues for sure. 

Or, maybe not.  He said all flesh is "boring" to him now, where "T&A used to rule my world".  Well, that's blunt. 

I guess I was the abberation, at the store.  Just now, I was watching the Scientology program with Leah.  She went into a church, and the outfits worn into that church were astounding to me.  Some things, you just don't do in a church.  Or wear to a church.  I guess they (the people, not the actress, who was quite appropriately dressed) were treating the church as a tourist attraction.  At least, I hope they were. 

At any rate, I try not to let it bother me.  I don't feel critical toward the women, I feel sad for them objectifying themselves. 

You are worth more than that.  I know, at work, even in modest tops, I still get some guys looking at my chest, I guess because I went up a couple of sizes on my antipsychotic.  I didn't plan it, it just worked out that way.  The antipsychotic works so I continue to take it.  It is also very affordable.  If my only real side effect is some weight gain and a bigger chest, I can live with that.  But I would be just as happy (probably more, because it would end the staring) to go back to my old size. 

I've been depressed, which upsets Ron.  I can understand that, it would be terrible to have to rely on someone with depression.  I should know better than anyone, I did.  My mother was stricken with a terrible (post partum?) depression after my birth and neglected me severely. 

I don't neglect Ron but I can't always do the little extras.  That upsets him. 

I was doing well just to wash, dry, and hang two massive loads of clothing, for both of us.  Plus grocery shopping, work, etc. 

I still need to clean the litter box. 

I finally deposited my birthday check into my account.  When it clears I plan to buy a waterproof Bible with it and put that in my "go bag".  I lost my pocketknife, so I bought a new one as well.  The new one only cost $2 and is very cheap, but should do the job for the things I have in mind for it. 

I need to finish clearing up the front room, 1.  For the Bibles that are coming and 2.  For Halloween.  I need to take out the garbage (it is impossible for Ron, these days), and check the mail.  Ron is hoping for more books.  I will see if he has any. 

That's it for today.  I hope you are having a good one. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A day off

Ron and I went out this morning, to a strip mall.  The strip mall has a Kolache Factory, an office supply store, and a pet store. 

I dropped Ron at the Kolache Factory.  I walked over to the office supply store, hoping to find some posterboard so I could make a Free Bibles sign in Spanish.  I had my wide tipped marker with me.  This thing is so bad, they had to verify I was over 18 before they'd sell it to me.  It also has a powerful scent. 

I walked all over the store and couldn't find anything.  I did find some fridge magnets with a clip on them, which I wanted.  As I was checking out, I mentioned I couldn't find the posterboard.  She sent someone who helped me find it. 

I bought a 3-pack of the large, and a 5-pack of the small.  Then I headed to the pet store. 

I got a scratcher for the cats, and headed back to the Kolache Factory.  I found someone, a nice young Spanish "fellow", who lettered my sign for me.  My hands were shaking pretty bad and I wanted a pretty sign.  I can hardly sign my name these days, much less make a legible sign.  Much less make a legible sign, in Spanish.  He did a beautiful job, I am delighted.  I thanked him profusely. 

Our ride showed up pretty quick after that and we went home.  I carefully stored my sign, flat, on my bookcase.  I have a whole bookcase, 4x6 feet, for the Bibles. 

I took a nap, slept pretty well. 

I got up and did my God Time, then looked around online for a little bit.  I put some Bibles in my tote bag.  I gave one to my driver, and two to waitresses at the Denny's.  One was a lot more excited than the other, but they both took them.  We ate our meal.  Then I gave a New Testament to our driver on the way home. 

If they ever arrest me for evangelism, I am going down. 

I want people to know that

I called my Dad yesterday.  He likes the occasional phone call, on a schedule.  I try to accommodate him.  He is always available if I have an emergency, but I try not to involve him in my issues.  He dealt with enough, growing up. 

He rode with me, in the ambulance, when I was hospitalized for depression. 

At any rate, I was thinking of telling him about an incident that happened during my last Bible Handout, I was strapping my stuff onto the cart, after I finished (I always have trouble loading things, after), and I managed to smack myself in the chin, hard, with the metal handle of the cart.  It was bad enough I felt it to make sure it wasn't bleeding.  It hurts when I touch it, still, but it didn't leave a bruise. 

And I thought about telling Dad how funny it is that I never bruise, when I'm smacked in the face.  I thought where his mind would go: "Who's been smacking you in the face?"  Then I thought, Ron, twice, and he was really drunk both times. 

Not an excuse, Ron. 

And I decided not to tell Dad that story at all.  But it reminded me of an incident that happened about 4 years ago.  A church member came to me and said he thought I was being "too personal" in my blog, especially as regarded Ron's drinking, and that it would ruin my witness with the recipients.  He thought I should keep it all to myself. 

Clearly, I didn't listen.  But his big question was "What if a recipient reads your blog?"  Well, I have my answer now: they will know I have real world problems, far beyond the norm.  They will see that my faith in God is helping me cope with them (boy, I'm going to get comments on this one), and that my faith in God "carries" me.  That I have a hope of something better one day, and God is just to exact vengeance as needed. 

And that, to me, is worth it.  I am OK with a recipient reading my blog.  I love them dearly, pray for them daily, and I try to let them know that during "my" handouts. 

I don't have to have a perfect, fairytale life, to talk about Jesus.  I think promoting that viewpoint, that all believers have these fantastic, perfect lives, filled with devoted people who love them, harms more than it helps.  I am "loved" by an abusive man, an alcoholic.  I have chosen to spend my life with him; it comes with a lot of trials.  I have good things in my life, like the cats, but I also have mental illness, depression, and hallucinations.  I don't have an easy life but somehow it's a good one. 

And I want people to know that. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Don't eat the fritters!

I woke up with a vicious headache yesterday.  So much for the apple fritter.  [bad word]

I still had to work.  I took some excedrin and drank a diet Mountain Dew.  We went to Sam's, bought inventory, took it to work.

Work was pretty uneventful until a customer came and said the machine wouldn't take his money.  Believe it or not, they get more upset about that, than when the machine steals their money.

I opened it up and had a look.  Coin jam.  I later figured out it had some pennies, which will cause a coin jam.

I took out the cartridge.  The cartridge has plastic tubes of coins.  I didn't know the cartridge has a little lever, and if you push it, the cover comes off, and your $20-some dollars in change will end up all over the floor.  Which is exactly what happened.

I cursed a little and began picking up all the change off the floor.  It took a while.  Then I had to figure out how to put the cartridge back together.  Got that.  Then reassembly of the coin mech.  Did that.

The second machine was much easier.  Someone had put gum on a nickel and put it into the mechanism.  It got stuck, caused a jam.  That was an easy fix.

The rest of work was pretty boring.  We went home, I tried to take a nap.  I couldn't.  We went out to Denny's later on and I drank 3 diet Cokes.  When we got home I had to go to bed, pretty directly, because we had a 3:45 pickup this morning.

I did check and found out my Gofundme money came in, so I could start buying Bibles.

I could not sleep.  I tossed and turned for a couple hours, then I just got up.  I shopped for Bibles for a while.

I went back to bed.  I tossed and turned some more, but eventually fell asleep.  I woke up at 2:30 when the alarm went off.  I hit the snooze button a few times, got up, and took my shower.

Back to work.  We had the good deliveryman, and got everything we ordered.  I did some stocking.  Ron hadn't made a long day so that was it.

We came home and I took a nap.  I figured I had about 3 hours sleep last night.  I did eat some chips and take my meds with applesauce (applesauce and chips sounded good at the time).  It worked, I didn't have any problems with it.

I had a GOOD nap.  I woke up after about 3 hours ready to go and full of energy.

I bought the Bibles.  I got 100 whole Bibles, 100 Bible Promise books, 50 Spanish NT.  I can always use Spanish New Testaments.  I still have about half the money left.

I plotted my "Spanish" Bible handout.  I want to hold up a "Biblias Gratis" sign (free bibles, in Spanish) in a densely populated area with lots of Hispanics.  Then hand them all out.

Years ago, a sponsor sent me 4 cases of Spanish whole Bibles.  I have had a hard time moving them.  I think a dedicated handout just for them ought to do it.

And now I'm going to dinner so I'll be back.


Do you sleep with your phone on?  Why?

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Donut shop Handout

Today was interesting.  I had to go by myself, Ron didn't feel well.  He did give me money for the cab, though. 

I called the cab, and waited.  And waited some more.  Ron called to see what was going on, and, yet again, when the cab showed up it had a "wheelchair" trip on the computer. 

The cab driver was a very nice Vietnamese man we have seen before.  We like him a lot. 

He took me to the location.  I was delighted to find a little ramp bridging the space between the far corner of the parking lot, and the street corner. 

I got set up and went to work.  I decided to hand out my heaviest Bibles just in case I didn't move them all.  It happens.  I *hate* going home with Bibles but sometimes it just doesn't happen. 

On my way there, I saw the remnants of drywall that had been cast to the curb after flood damage.  I was definitely working an "affected" neighborhood. 

The median was delightful.  It had even been recently mowed, the ground was level, etc.  It was very easy to travel back and forth.  Traffic was good, lots of people, and a really long red light so people had time to think about getting a Bible. 

I brought 2 cases of Bibles plus extras.  I had a case of whole Bibles, about 30-some, and a case of NKJV New Testaments.  About the New Testaments: I bought them with my own money back when Biblica was having a massive clearance sale on their stock.  As I mentioned before, I bought many cases and this was one of my last ones. 

I got started.  My first recipient was a lady with a shaved head, covered in tattoos, she asked "Do I get a Bible?".  Sometimes people who may not look so desirable will ask that question, I always smile and say of course you do. 

Most of the recipients were pretty unremarkable.  I had one lady walk over from somewhere, I don't know how she saw the sign, but she asked for one.  The most I gave out at any one point was 3.  I could have done more Spanish, especially if I translate the Free Bibles sign to Spanish. 

I got a couple bus drivers, of all things.  They were very happy to get their Bibles. 

I had some friends in cars, wanting Bibles.  I didn't have anyone laugh at me but I got a few glares.  I felt totally safe.  I handed out the Bibles at a slow and steady trickle, until I got to the end of the whole Bibles. 

I hit a sudden brick wall, and was "Lucky" to pass out about 7 New Testaments (my extra) in the next 45 minutes. 

It was 6 PM.  I had been working about 2 hours.  I called it a night.  But not before I gave a few to a lady who was absolutely delighted when I refused the cash offering and gave her Bibles with a promise to pray for her daily. 

I did get a few thumbs up from people driving east (the opposite direction) so they saw my sign too. 

After I finished, I went to the donut shop.  Like I said, I felt totally safe while working.  But I tried to open the door to the donut shop and he had to let me in.  I guess they have to be careful about who enters the store.  I bought a giant apple fritter half the size of Torbie (my cat) and ate that while waiting on a cab. 

Ron called Mike to come pick me up.  Mike is the driver who mentioned wanting Bibles to hand out from his cab. I looked at my untouched case of 50 NKJV New Testaments.    The ones I paid for with my own money.  So, they're "mine".  I can do what I want with them. 

I gave them to Mike, along with a generous tip.  He said he liked them so much he was going to keep one for himself.  Good.  I told him where to buy more (Lifeway) when he is ready. 

Once I finish this I'm going to bed.  It's been a long day

Prep work

I doubt most of you have wondered about the evangelism. 

I mean, what's there to say?  I go out on the corner and I hand out Bibles. 

But some considerations: how much money to bring, fluid intake.  Now fluid intake is a big one because where I'm going today, they don't have a bathroom.  So I will have to "hold it" until I get home.  But I need to stay hydrated. 

So I drank what I think is an appropriate amount.  If I start getting wobbly, I have a quart of water and a quart of gatorade.  I got the clear kind because I always slobber it.  I had oral surgery years ago and it messed up how I close my mouth, or drink from a wide-mouth container.  So I drool.  And it's not pretty.  I don't want to drool brightly colored gatorade all over, so I drink the clear stuff.  If I drool that it doesn't matter. 

And if the oral surgeon tells you, you have a cyst in your jaw and it needs to come out, say NO.  It is probably benign (mine was) and you will be left with horrible scar tissue in your mouth if you do it.  The pain was worse than the pain from the 4 removed wisdom teeth I had done at the same time. 

Anyway, I'm getting ready to head out and do my thing on the corner.  That sounds like I'm whoring.  No, making an ass of myself, but I'm OK with that. 

Better than making an ass of myself over Ron, who, by the way, has begged off.  I will have to call a cab. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

"Don't sweat on the Bibles!"

We had the day off.  I went to bed early and woke up around 7:30.  I got up, took a shower, did my God Time.  I watched some TV and did some computer.  Ron was sleeping, for a while with his cat. 

Baby Girl is really Ron's cat.  She loves to lay against his left leg and sleep with him.  I try not to be envious. 

Torbie will, on occasion, lie on my foot, and sleep in the cat condo next to my bed, but that's as far as she goes these days.  I try not to take it personally. 

Biscuit only pays me attention when he's begging. 

I took a nap about the time Ron woke up.  I had a good nap for a couple of hours and woke up.  I got on the computer again, and talked to Ron about doing a Bible Handout tomorrow.  He was fine with it, so I gave him the information to set up the trip. 

We will see what kind of ride we get tomorrow.  That accomplished, I had to set up the cart.  That took a while.  I was sweating as I tried to fasten the bungee cords and hold the cart sideways.  "Don't sweat on the Bibles!" I told myself, as I dripped sweat on the floor.  A case of whole Bibles weighs about 30-40 pounds.  Put a couple of those together with my handcart and you've got some work, there.  It's all worth it, of course, but it is tiring, and one aspect I don't really talk about.  It is hard to figure out what to bring (happily I do have a selection). 

Speaking of selection, someone donated to my Go Fund Me, so I will be doing some shopping once the money hits my account (it can take a few days).  I will look forward to it. 

And Biscuit's here to remind me I have 8 minutes until feeding time.  He is being very polite, I think I will feed him early.  He'd like that. 

That's it for now.  I will, of course, do an update on the Handout tomorrow. 

Monday, October 2, 2017


I slept horribly last night.  Ron was up, making noise, and coughing a lot.  He didn't cough at all today, though. 

I slept badly and got up late, but early enough to take a shower.  I did pray a little. 

I fed the cats and got dressed.  I forgot to tell you about my Bible Handout the other day.  I went out to breakfast, came home, and brushed my teeth.  Biscuit started going nuts, begging.  Then I realized I always brush my teeth before I feed him. 

I went ahead and gave him an extra can. 

We went to work.  I was upset to see the bottled vendor wasn't working.  I moved the carts out of the stockroom and had a look.  I saw a bottle of tea, wedged sideways, right by the motor that drives the arm.  I took out the bottle. 

A man approached me.  He wanted to buy a bottle of tea, but all he had was $5.  I made change for him and took one dollar.  I told him I'd give him a quarter off (I already had change in my hand to test the machine), if he "helped". 

I inserted the money and punched up the selection.  It worked!  I did a happy dance and made some noise, because I was happy.  I felt very triumphant.  The rest of the day was uneventful. 

I saw the updates on the shooting in Las Vegas.  I feel bad for the victims, but not surprised it happened.  Like I told someone, I don't think anything is going to beat watching the shooting at my Dad's office on TV, wondering if he was in one of those body bags.  Back then, we didn't have cell phones, we just worried for hours until he came home. 

We left and went to the bank.  I had a bag of tracts and Scripture Booklets in a tote bag.  After we finished our banking (they are getting rid of the business line, now we have to wait in line with everyone else), we left.  Ron called a cab to go home. 

We have a couple of reasons for doing that.  When we are depositing the $1's, it looks like a lot more than it is.  We don't want a driver to come early, come in to find us, see "all that" and go around blabbing to everyone about "how rich" we are. 

About 20 years ago, we had a problem with a cab driver who gossiped to everyone, telling them Ron and I made a lot of money.  We didn't.  We still have problems as a result.  One woman he talked to is convinced we are "rich".  She's the one who lives out of the country, owns her home outright, and got a big settlement, but we're rich.  Right. 

Anyway, there's that.  There's also the "I don't want to wait at the bank for an hour, after I finish my business" part.  So, we call a cab. 

The cab came.  I got Ron settled and headed off to do my evangelism.  I did that.  Then I went to the Jack in the Box.  I got a sourdough jack and some fries, but they gave me the wrong fries.  I decided not to make a fuss because I shouldn't be eating fries anyway. 

A homeless man asked me if I was going to eat them.  I said no and gave them to him.  Later on, I overheard him being very rude to the restaurant employee, and I was sorry I had done it. 

I finished my meal and had Ron call me a cab.  He found one.  The driver was nice, but very quiet.  I reminded myself some people are introverts and are uncomfortable talking.  We got home and I went in the house. 

I took my medication (I didn't bring anything extra when I left), and took a nap.  I slept pretty well for a couple of hours.  I got up and posted updates. 

Someone put some money in my GoFund me account. I'm going to have fun shopping for Bibles now.  I would like to get some King James (because people in the really poor neighborhoods don't trust other translations), New King James, Bible Promise books, and Kid Bibles.  I'll be busy, the shipping guy is going to hate me. 

Ron stopped coughing but he said he felt kind of weak.  I got him to take his medication, and eat.  He seems to be better now, and for once, he isn't drinking. 

I will go to bed early, I'm tired. 

I hope you are having a good one. 

Mass shooting handout

I took a tote bag of scripture booklets to work today, little knowing America had had yet another mass shooting.  I had over 100 scripture booklets "Help from Above" a lot of "The Power of God" "The Amazing life of Jesus" etc. 

After work, I had my husband drop me at the mall and I walked over to the line for the food stamps.  Apparently, and all I know is gossip, they are handing out over $1000 in food stamps, per household, for anyone who signs up.  So they had a lot of people in line. 

Now, legally, I'm not supposed to "distribute" on private property without permission, but I figured God's mandate "Preach the Gospel" trumped the sign by the door.  I was fully prepared the leave if anyone in authority asked me to, but figured I could at least hand out some before I got "caught". 

Stealth evangelism.  I am not accustomed to walking up to strangers and asking them if they'd like material, but I caught on pretty quickly.  I'd extend the booklet and ask "Scripture booklet?"  If they asked (and some did) what it was I explained it was "Bible Verses", also true.  One man asked me if I was a JW.  I told him I was a born-again.  He took it. 

Most everyone was very gracious, even in refusing.  One lady took it, looked at it, and gave it back.  At one point I dropped a handful of booklets, all over the ground.  [Bad Word]  A lady said "Don't bend over, I'll get them!" and picked them all up, brushing a pine needle off the cover of "Amazing Life of Jesus".  I asked her if she'd like one, and she said yes.  I gave her "Amazing". 

I kept walking up in line, reaching into my bag for more booklets, handing them out.  Some young adults received them, and then gave them to their mothers.  Some groups had one refusal and a couple of acceptances.  The booklets are small so they can fit into a pocket, wallet, or purse, easily, which is why I brought them. 

Even if I could (oh, I wish I could) bring, like 500 Bibles to the line to hand out, where would they hold the Bibles?  Some people were holding babies, feeding babies, one lady was on a walker, etc.  Most people had their hands full.  The booklet was the right call. 

I just wish I had some Spanish.  I had some requests for Spanish.  I told them I was sorry, I didn't have any, but I will order some tonight.  Another nice thing, the booklets are free. 

Pretty soon I ran out!  I stepped out of line and found my way to the FEMA shelter.  I wanted to ask if I could bring in some Bibles for the "victims".  They said no, it was "very sweet" but they had a policy. 

They need to take The Cross out of the Red Cross.  Just call it the Red Thing, instead.  How can you have a cross on your door and say no to Bibles?  I'm not hating, they have politics, but it was sad.  I would have loved to do it. 

However, I consoled myself that I had gone literally all around the outside of the shelter distributing and I would have to be content with that. 

Then I walked over to the Jack in the Box and called a cab to go home (Ron paid for the cab).  Please pray for the recipients! 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Another day at the office

Horribly depressed today, pretty typical for after a handout.  My pastor says it is "spiritual oppression".  I think it's more complex, a combination of bad brain chemistry and spiritual forces. 

I absolutely believe Bad Things can, if given permission, mess with my head (For the last week, for instance, I kept feeling a roach in my hair.  The roach didn't exist but the hallucination was very real.).  I don't believe that Bad Things are responsible for all my problems. 

But the depression is a pretty natural consequence to the handout.  Sometimes it makes me think about stopping, it's that bad. 

I slept OK, though, I went to bed really early and got all the sleep I could.  I woke up about 7:30.  Ron was already up.  I asked him when we were going out, he said about 10:30.  I had about 3 hours. 

I spent one on the computer, took a shower, and did my God Time.  That got me pretty close to the pickup. 

Depression nonwithstanding, I promise these people (recipients) I will pray for them every day.  I had darned well better pray for them.  I take that as a literal, sacred, responsibility.  Sometimes I fail but I take it very seriously. 

I got ready and we left.  The restaurant was packed.  It may seem foolish to you, but Ron and I never considered it would be that busy.  The wheelchair was a big obstacle, people kept having to sidestep around us.  I finally put us over near the register.  Pretty soon they called our name and gave us a booth.  We haven't done a booth before, Ron slid into the booth and I closed up the wheelchair.  We were near the bathroom so people kept passing us.  The wheelchair didn't impede them. 

Ron called and asked them to make our pickup later.  They did that.  Now we had time to eat.  It took a while to get our food, and Ron said his omelette was kind of cold, but we had a good time. 

Except for the family in the booth behind us.  They kept talking in Spanish (Ron's gripe) and one of them kept coughing, a wet, nasty, cough (my gripe).  We took some Olive Leaf, hopefully that will help prevent us from catching anything.  I couldn't wait to get out of there, even though it meant waiting in the hot sun. 

If you're sick enough to be coughing like that, stay home.  I guess "the family" didn't want to "leave anyone out" even though she seemed very ill.  We have learned our lesson.  When we go around 3 PM, no families, no kids, just adults.  We need to continue doing that. 

One kid, who I think was autistic, kept bugging his dad to pick him up.  When he didn't, the boy ran around in circles screaming at the top of his lungs.  He kept running by to use the toilet, too, so maybe he had some sort of infection as well. 

I felt so bad for the poor employees.  This is just another day at the office for them. 

We paid and went outside.  Ron had gotten an extra meal, to go, to eat later.  He really likes that meat lover omelette and it is low carb, and will help him lose that belly flab that's bothering him. 

It was hot.  And we had to wait probably an hour.  But I was in the sun. 

Oh, I forgot to mention, last night my arms developed a sun burn. Apparently I was out in the sun for too long.  I didn't have any aloe so I slathered it in lavender oil (Ron was passed out).  That helped a lot with the tightness and burning. 

When I woke up today, they felt fine, but they didn't like waiting outside in the sun, again.  I put on my sunglasses so I wouldn't get a migraine and we waited and waited. 

Lots of people came and went.  I was surprised how none of the families taught their kids to avoid the wheelchair.  They kept grabbing onto it.  I understand kids are curious, but that is basically part of someone's body.  They need to be taught "No, we don't touch that unless someone asks us to".  But that's the end times, no respect. 

I am particularly surprised the spanish people didn't get more upset about it.  Generally speaking, they are superstitious (the ignorant ones) and don't want any of their kids touching a disabled person, or anything to do with them. 

One time #6 had a car out in front of our house, blocking our driveway.  Ron went out with his long white cane (back when he could walk), and went outside, holding the cane, feeling the car.  Someone came out right away and moved it.  They didn't want Ron to get his "blind" all over the car.  Which is why I'm surprised they let the kids touch the wheelchair.  I had one spanish supervisor,  One time it was time to cash out my register and all the chairs were taken.  I found the safety wheelchair they use after an accident, pulled it open, and sat down.  My supervisor freaked out, kept saying I couldn't sit there or I would end up needing a wheelchair.  I laughed at her. 

Sometimes Ron teases me and says he needs a wheelchair, now, because I sat in that wheelchair. 

Our driver came.  He was spanish.  I can't be hater, now, can I?  He's taking us home!  He was nice about putting away the wheelchair and taking our information. 

We got home and unloaded.  Ron got his number. 

We went inside.  Ron asked me to put the food away.  I did.  Then I took a nap.  I slept pretty well, but then I had a strange dream, seemingly a hybrid of "The Help" meets "Criminal Minds".  I was happy to wake up. 

I need to do up my bag for tomorrow, I will be handing out Scripture booklets at the mall, but I need to get my bag ready.  I also have some tracts "The Value of Trials" and I will bring another one.  I will wear the bag on my left shoulder and then reach my right hand into the bag to hand out tracts.  I won't carry a sign because I won't have Bibles, just Scripture Booklets.  But each booklet has 300 Bible verses and a plan of salvation, that should do the job. 

I know a lot will end up wasted but if one person gets saved it will be worth it.  The lines have been very long so we will see how long they last.  I have somewhere around 500 booklets.  I'm not handing out "Satan Vs Christ" because I am more focused on "Help from Above" type issues. 

Here's a link to World Missionary Press.  You can read booklets online and ask for booklets in pretty much any language. 

I'm looking at you, other countries.  I know you read me, I see that in the stats.  You can get booklets in pretty much ANY language.  They're free.  They do good work. 

I need to get on that, so I'll go do that. 

I hope you have a good one. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

If You Don't Ask...handout

I awoke to find 3 cases of Bibles on the porch.  That's not uncommon for me.  I give out my address, people buy them and ship them.  They are confident their money went to Bibles, I distribute, the recipients get Bibles. 

Probably my favorite time was when Biblica decided to put a ton of New Testaments on clearance, for a quarter each.  I bought hundreds of them (with my money).  I had cases all over the place.  I think I have a photo of a stack of New Testaments taller than my head. 

I still have a couple cases left, but I gave most of them away. 

So, I brought in the Bibles.  If you want to kill me with a mail bomb label it as Bibles and I will bring it right in the house and open it.  However, Torbie got out.  Here I am, wearing my lurid yellow bathrobe (that thing could blind Ron, if he wasn't blind already), chasing her all over the yard.  I get her in the house.  And bring in another case of Bibles, and she runs out again.  I'm running around in my bare feet chasing her, she finally had mercy on me and went inside. 

Next time I will put the cats in the bedroom before I bring in the Bibles. 

Ron and I went out to breakfast.  He didn't eat, he's on a diet.  I had a hearty meal with some deliciously, perfectly, cooked bacon.  We came home. 

I got my stuff together, cart, bungees, and the Bibles.  Unlike my usual Handout, I didn't bring the collapsible crate.  The Bibles were already stored in their boxes and didn't need anything.  The cases were heavy (I had 2 English and one Spanish), and it took a little maneuvering to get the cases stacked and strapped. 

I got a water bottle for myself and my pink safety vest.  Everyone at the FEMA center has an orange safety vest so I thought the pink would be original, and safe.  I got my trusty sign and put that in my shoulder bag. 

I keep Bibles in my hand, two whole Bibles is about my limit before my hand cramps.  If someone wants more than 2, or Spanish, I dive into the shoulder bag and fish them out.  It works well. 

I've been doing this for 7.5 years. 

So, everything is ready to go.  I have my water bottle and I took my salt tablets.  Ron called a cab.  And no one came.  No one came.  Ron called again. 

Finally, we got a call, the cab was coming.  It was Mike.  We know him pretty well.  He showed up, surprised at my gear, and we loaded.  I had to take the straps off the Bibles, on the cart, because it was way too heavy (almost 80 pounds) to lift into the vehicle. 

He saw one of the Bibles, and admired it.  I gave him one.  He asked me where I got my Bibles.  I explained (basically online), but told him Lifeway in Houston has a lot of nice evangelism Bibles for very low prices. 

"I think I'll get some, and put them in the cab for people." He said.  A cab is a great ministry opportunity, when you think about it.  Lots of people, some of them at a reachable moment. 

We went to the mall.  They didn't have the big lines like they did the other day.  I saw some people standing in line but they weren't near the shelter area.  I decided to go to the nearest appropriate corner, "Northchase" and Greens Road.  It was about a half mile from the shelter. 

We unloaded at the bank, I got everything strapped again, paid Mike (no one works for free) and saw a Red Cross truck pull up.  They were getting ready to serve a big meal to people down the road.  I asked if I could go and they said I wasn't allowed in the truck (of course).  I got the feeling I was supposed to be working Northchase anyway, so I went with that.  The people wanting to go to the meal had to drive past me on my corner. 

I set up.  It was pretty slow, but some of the recipients were very interesting.  One man had wildly dilated eyes, twitching in his seat, but he yelled "Free Bibles?"  I went over and he asked for a couple.  I gave them to him, wondering what he will think of them when he comes down.  I smelled pot at least 4 times, and two of the smokers wanted Bibles. 

At one point a woman stopped dead in the middle of the street, going the wrong way, to get a Bible.  That happened several times.  Usually, the car behind them began honking angrily.  One time, the car behind didn't.  I blew them a kiss and mouthed "Thank you".  Then she got to me and wanted a Bible! 

Spanish people were thrilled to get Bibles.  Some of them wanted an English Bible for the kids, and a Spanish for themselves.  I know enough Spanish to tell them I have Spanish, and "How many?" 

I gave away over half the Spanish by the time I finished.  In fact, after the handout, two recipients chased me down in their car, yelling for Bibles.  I got them set up (This is why I never give "everything" away if I can help it, people tend to find me, after). 

I saw a lot of cabs, one of whom actually gave me my ride home. 

I mainly gave the Bibles out by twos.  One guy wanted "As many as you've got" but the light changed and he left.  I figured God would send him back if it was meant, but it didn't. 

A couple people asked me for directions to the meal, and I pointed. 

I had some pedestrians walk up on me and ask for Bibles.  I had plenty more who just ignored me. 

Most of the cars, I would say 95%, ignored me.  No one laughed at me this time, though, at least not that I could see. 

It was pretty hot, I drank all my water (a quart) and got a little wilty.  A few minutes later a man said "You already gave us Bibles, we'd like to give you a bottle of water!"  I took it. 

I am a little baffled because I didn't give him Bibles today, it must have been a previous Handout. 

I had a lot of young black men asking for Bibles, and some young black women.  The rest were white (mixed men/women) and Spanish (mixed men/women).  Some people had to open the door because the window didn't work. 

I didn't see anyone who overtly looked like a flood victim but all the recipients were happy to get the Bibles. 

I don't know how long I was out there, a couple of hours I think, but I gave away all the English Bibles (80 of them) and half-to-most of the Spanish (20-30). 

After I finished, I went to the Jack in the Box.  I got a shake and a drink.  Ron called a cab.  The cab computer put it out as a wheelchair trip.  A Spanish guy about my age took it. 

"Oh, yeah, I saw you on the corner"  He asked about what I do.  I told him "Do you have any Bibles left?"  Yes, I do.  I got him set. 

We got home fast and he unloaded the cart.  I threw away the cardboard (I think it is a bad witness to dispose of a lot of trash in a public trash can, when I can take it home), and came in the house. 

All done. 

Now, I am thinking about taking some Scripture Booklets to the next time they have long lines at the FEMA center, and hand those out to people in line.  The booklet is very small and fits in a pocket.  Not only that I think I have some Spanish (World Missionary Press sends them out for free). 

While I am there, I can talk to the shelter people and see if I can bring some Bibles.  The Red Cross man was very nice today and seemed interested in what I do, so they might let me. 

Like my Dad always says "If you don't ask, the answer's always no." 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Private property

Yesterday we went to Sam's Club.  I was able to find most of what I wanted, bought it, and met Chuck.  Unlike Jack, Chuck always comes early. 

But Jack is working 60 hours a week, plus additional overtime.  We're lucky we get him at all.  I had Chuck wait until 8, when the cart attendant usually comes in, but no one did. 

That was not fun, putting the snacks in the truck.  I found an employee and asked him to help, and he did.  He did the hard work of putting up the soda.  He wouldn't take a tip. 

We went to work.  Ron got in the truck bed and helped push the items to the tailgate.  It may have angered his back, it is acting up today. 

I got everything loaded onto the carts and into the building.  We stocked, but we didn't have a lot of time.  I didn't get a chance to do the pastry. 

One of Ron's supervisors showed up.  She did our quarterly review (we got 100%), and talked about a few things.  She wanted me to take some stickers and put them on a item we have at home.  I told her I would do that.  And I did. 

Then we went home. 

I had hoped to take a nap, I was pretty exhausted, but #6 had hired someone to build a double-wide gate for his backyard, right outside my bedroom.  Unlike the last bunch of "fence guys", he was quiet, there was only one man instead of a large gathering, and he didn't play a radio or talk loudly, like the other guys did. 

But I still couldn't sleep. 

I suppose he is doing this in case we flood again, he can put the cars in the backyard.  Let's just hope he doesn't hit my house when he's doing that.  I hope the doors open outward and not inward, I am worried they will scrape up my siding.  I guess I will find out during their next party. 

At least this man didn't park in front of my house, like all of #6's other service providers.  We left and went to Denny's. 

Paratransit wasn't going to give us long enough at the restaurant, so Ron decided to cancel our ride home and hire a cab instead.  I didn't have a problem with that. 

We had a good meal, Ron ate an omelette with no sides.  He enjoyed it.  Good, he needs the protein.  I built a meal a la carte and had a good one. 

Finished, we called for a cab, right as the skies opened up.  It rained, very hard, for probably 45 minutes while Ron frantically called one cab after another.  They were either away, busy with another client, or unavailable.  Ron called Yellow, then called Yellow again when our first trip "disappeared".  We finally got a ride. 

The driver didn't help me with the wheelchair, but it was still raining.  I folded it up and put it in the trunk, after Ron got in the cab. 

We went home.  It was now after 7.  Biscuit was "starving".  I fed them and went to bed. 

This morning, I woke up pretty early.  I ate, took my pills, did my God Time (the Bible reading portion), took my shower, shaved my legs, etc.  Ron woke up and we went to work. 

We saw incredibly long lines at the mall.  Everyone is lining up for something.  I don't know what, and I don't need it, whatever it is.  I sure don't need that 6 hour wait in line for it, whatever it is.  But I would love to get over there and do some evangelism.  However, it's private property.  I am pretty limited.  I can go, but if they tell me to leave I have to do it. 

One of my customers yelled at me, saying my machines were "always empty".  I told her, "When someone says 'empty', generally they are thinking about one item." She told me she was upset we hadn't been stocking the pastry.  I told her I had just stocked it and invited her to look.  She said something (I believe) comparing us to the other vendors and left. 

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful day.  The machines were basically full from my stock yesterday so I didn't need to do much (aside from pastry).  I pulled the "bad codes" out of the food machine and ate one. 

We receive sandwiches with a set "expiration" date, from the company.  They send us a variety of sandwiches.  We have to "get rid" of the sandwiches after the expiration date, which is always on a Friday.  So I ate an Egg Salad, and brought home a couple for Ron. 

Fast or no, if Ron has good food around he will eat it when he's drunk enough.  So I brought home an "expired" chicken salad, and a hot dog.  Ron wanted the hot dog, and I gave the chicken salad to the driver, who was happy to get it. 

We hadn't seen the driver in a while.  He is very ambitious.  He is very money driven.  I wouldn't date him but his commitment is interesting to watch.  He was very interested in that handout over at the mall.  He thinks an agency is handing out $500 debit cards, and he wants one. 

We got home.  I ate some peanut butter (cue: headache) and took my medication.  I took a nap for a couple of hours. 

Ron ate some popcorn.  He won't eat protein, because he is fasting, but he will "waste" 40 carb grams on a bag of popcorn. 

We now have 2 days off.  In a row.  It will be nice but I am wondering what to do regarding evangelism over at the mall. 

I am also pretty hideously depressed and that just makes everything a lot harder. 

Biscuit is stalking me for dinner.  I will feed him in 50 minutes.  He keeps putting his front end in my lap and meowing. I am teasing him, pulling back his lip to look at his tooth, stuff like that, playing with the fat belly, but he persists. 

He keeps meowing and rubbing against the container of dry food.  If I was heartless, I would cut out the dry food entirely and he would probably finish losing his weight.  But, as it is, dry food is his big evening treat. 

So I'll keep feeding it. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"People don't steal food, here"

I didn't sleep well last night and woke up depressed.  I will say I didn't have a headache. 

I had a problem.  If you are squeamish you might want to skip the next little bit.  **As I mentioned, I'm having my period.  Since my flow had increased I went up on my absorbency. 

Now, if you are a tampon user you know about the little knot at the end of the string.  If I have trouble pulling out the tampon (didn't absorb enough), then I can slide my finger between the two strings, and pull on the knot to remove it. 

However, this batch didn't have good knots in the string.  When I pulled on it, the knot unravelled and I was stuck trying to remove a naughty tampon that didn't want to vacate.  I didn't need this.  Ron was asleep, or I might have recruited him, instead I took my shower. 

After my shower I girded myself and tried giving the string a tug.  It came right out.  [sigh]  Before I put in the next one, I checked the string, it was also almost unknotted, so I tightened it up and then inserted it. 

I will have to tighten all my knots before I use these.  Just a manufacturing problem.  **

I got ready to leave.  Ron woke up and got dressed. 

Our ride arrived.  Ron was immediately very unhappy as the air conditioner was on, loudly, the radio was turned up, and the GPS was set to maximum volume.  The driver corrected the first two, when asked, but refused to turn down the GPS. 

I felt bad for her as Ron embarked on a campaign of verbal abuse, threatening to call in a complaint (which affects their ability to get a raise); calling her "A blank" which was pretty clear, I thought.  I was very uncomfortable, trapped between them. 

When we disembarked, I suggested quietly that she might have a hearing problem, and "needed" to have the volume up.  He scoffed at me and threatened to call in a report on her again, then called her a few names. 

Why did we go to the Sam's club?  Ron wanted to see if they had "all our stuff".  They did not.  They did have Big Red, which he said he needed, so I bought some.  Then we had to wait an hour on our ride to work. 

I bought some muffins because I was hungry, they were large blueberry muffins, not individually wrapped, in a clear plastic container.  I ate two. 

Our ride arrived.  Ron complained because she was playing a Spanish radio station.  She turned it off.  I gave her a muffin.  She ate it while driving us to work. 

They were very good muffins. 

We got to work and went inside.  A lot of people were sitting around at lunch.  Normally, I store our items on a table close to Snack 1 and 2.  A couple were sitting there, though, so I didn't.  I stored the muffins off to the side, next to Snack 2, partly under the vending machine so Ron wouldn't run over it with the wheelchair. 

I went in the stockroom.  I talked to the other vendor's employee for a couple minutes while I began my setup.  I went out again.  My muffins were gone.  I asked the couple if they had seen someone take them. 

The woman got very indignant "People don't steal food, here".  I laughed at that.  I know of at least 2 incidents where that did happen.  Three if you count them robbing our stockroom. 

"Nobody saw nuthin" so I went on about my day. 

I stocked the machines and did my inventory.  I had to make some things "work" and I didn't have time to do the pastry.  Let them eat muffins. 

We did it all and finally left.  We went to the bank.  The driver was nice.  For once, Ron didn't have a complaint. 

They are remodeling the bank.  The business banking line was gone.  They had us wait off to the side for a while, then helped us. 

Flood insurance deposit made, we called our usual cabs.  One was going to the doctor.  One was going to court, hopefully not for a DUI! 

Ron called Yellow Cab.  They sent a very nice man who came very quickly.  For once, Ron didn't have any complaints.  We got home and unloaded. 

I ate some peanut butter and took my pills.  Then I took a nap.  I slept pretty well, but when I woke up Ron was in cranky mode again, name calling, verbal abuse, doing everything he could to hurt me. 

He got especially angry with me when Biscuit started begging for dinner.  "You're starving him!"  "You're fat and you've got him on a diet?"  etc. 

I did notice the water bowl was low, so I got him to move (he was in the kitchen, drinking vodka), and filled it.  Then I fed Biscuit because he only had about 10 minutes anyway.  I didn't tell Ron I was feeding the cats.  I just did it.  I gave them tuna (cat food) because I'm sure they don't like Ron's ugly any more than I do.  I chose to be with him but they didn't, and it isn't fair to them. 

By the way, at work, I mentioned leaving Ron and taking the cats.  Ron got very upset.  I don't know if it's his head injury, but he can't see cause = effect.  He can't understand what he does to me has a direct effect on my willingness to stay. 

My favorite was castigating me for my weight, for about 20 minutes.  He had just weighed himself and came in at 150.  He was very smug about it.  So he's yelling at me, deriding me, about my weight, making really hateful comments: then he makes some popcorn and offers it to me, several times. 

I really don't like popcorn.  It gets stuck in my teeth.  He wouldn't take "no" for an answer and kept insisting I eat some.  I kept telling him no.  He finally gave up. 

I need to go to bed pretty soon so I can get up bright and early for our big inventory supply day with Chuck.  I will have to do more work than I am accustomed to, Jack is really good about helping me.  Chuck has some physical issues. 

At any rate, tomorrow will be a sweaty and taxing day.  I have a good deodorant, a good deodorant soap, and I may tie a bandana around my hair to control the frizziness. 

We'll see. 

Hopefully Ron will be in a better mood. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Time Call

Today's going to be short.  1.  I'm depressed and 2.  Not much happened today. 

I woke up at 5 AM with a splitting headache.  I know there is a hormonal component but ah!  Killing me! 

My cycle is still pretty light but I don't "trust" it.  I expect the flood anytime now. 

I took some Excedrin and went back to bed.  The caffeine had me wide awake, tossing and turning, pretty shortly.  I got up for a while on the computer, then went back to bed after a couple hours. 

I slept another hour or so and got up at 9.  Back on the computer and then I took a shower. 

We were supposed to leave the house at 11.  First I have to tell you about the pills. 

Ron takes Neurontin for nerve pain in his legs.  He is in excruciating pain if he does not take it.  I ask him periodically if he needs a refill, and he kept telling me "I have a whole other bottle". 

OK.  Sunday he told me he couldn't find the other bottle, and he only had 8 pills left.  Ensue all kinds of mayhem trying to get it refilled.  Doc wouldn't do it because they said he should have another bottle.  He couldn't find it.  They told him he had better find it because they were not giving him any more. 

He scheduled a paratransit trip from the house,to the doctor, and then to Walmart pharmacy.  After that we would go out to lunch. 

Well, after it was too late to change the trips he found the bottle of pills.  He didn't need to go to the doctor or Walmart.  He did, however, need a ride to the Denny's.  We had a ride home, but not a ride there. 

You can do something called a "Time call" with the cab company.  Basically, you call them ahead of time (in Ron's case, the night before), and tell them "Come pick me up at 11", which is what he did. 

However, they put it in as a subsidized cab trip.  Drivers hate those trips because they have to fill out a lot of paperwork for the government and stand in a long line to get paid.  Some drivers, like Lou, practically live on the fares, but most drivers detest them. 

We didn't see our driver until 12.  He said he kept seeing it come up and felt sorry for us.  He took us to the restaurant.  But Ron had to rearrange the pickup because we only would have had about 10 minutes. 

This Denny's is not very efficient, especially at lunch time.  We were going to need all the time we could get. 

Ron didn't want to eat.  They were out of Diet Coke so Ron got a regular one and barely sipped it.  I got my build your own slam.  I was bad and got pancakes with it, eggs, double bacon, and fruit salad.  It was good.  I offered Ron some bacon and he said no. 

He just sat there bitching about how fat he had gotten.  My headache came back.  I ate some aspirin.  I drank a couple glasses of unsweetened iced tea with pink stuff in it.  I like the pink stuff. 

We had a long wait on our ride, which, amusingly enough, turned out to be another private cab.  They just hired him off the street to take us home.  They could have sent him an hour ago, I told Ron, we didn't have to wait. 

We got home around 3 (remember we were supposed to leave the house at 11) and I took a nap.  I woke up with a much better head but pretty bad depression.  I had taken my pills with lunch. 

Tomorrow should be pretty busy so we will see.  I am pretty tired so hopefully I will sleep OK tonight. 

The cats are good.  Baby Girl and Biscuit wanted to go out in the garage, so I let them, for a while.  Then I let them back in.  Baby Girl came right in but I had to pick Biscuit up.  He had a good thing going on in there.  He was all dusty.  He probably loved it. 

That's it for now. 

Oh, good news, my Scripture Booklets, for Halloween, came in today.  I am all set now except for snickers and plastic bags.

Torbie on my feet

Two days in one, again.  I got up at 7 AM (late for me) yesterday and we went to Walmart.  I finally found a canister for the dry cat food...