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Dark days

Yesterday I took Ron to work.  He did a pretty good job, stocking.  I stocked my end of things, we got our delivery, etc.  I got up at 3 AM to get ready for work, our driver came at 4. 

While at work, I had a funny encounter.  Work recently hired a bunch of temporary workers.  One of them came up to me asking for change. 

I asked "For what?", meaning, tell me the denomination. 

"To buy something" he replied. 

"What kind of bill do you have?" I finally asked more specifically, then he told me.  We don't make change on anything larger than a $20.  It can be annoying, people come to me, they want "custom" change ("I want a ten, and a five, and five ones....").  I'm not a banker, I'm a vendor.  I have $1 bills, that's it.  If you don't want $1 bills don't bother me. 

Happily we were all done before the pickup time so we could leave.  We came home, I took a nap.  We went to the pupusa place. 

While there, Ron c…

Black cloud of doom

Ron has been in a particularly bad mood all day.  I asked him "Are you going to be like this forever?". He said yes.  I couldn't believe it!  BTW, I am writing this from the blogger mobile app.

Every damn day, as directed

"I went off my cholesterol pills" the driver told us "Because they mad me tired.  I couldn't live like that.  Who could live like that? " 

Ron agreed with her and they continued their conversation.  I just sat in my seat, steaming, trying to keep my mouth shut. 

The day started off pretty good.  We got up, I took my shower and did most of my God Time, waited on our ride to pick us up.  The tropical storm went to the east of us, and we barely had any rain, much less flooding.  So I was glad we had made a trip to go out just in case. 

After the week I had, I wanted to go out and relax, without paying for a cab.  Ron was in pretty good shape, he had taken all his Benadryl so he didn't sleep, but other than that he seemed OK.  Certainly able to work tomorrow (we already made the trips). 

The driver picked us up and began talking about the cholesterol pills and the side effects.  I was dying to say something like "If you didn't like your cholesterol…

Better but not great

Last night was horrible, Ron kept groaning, it was pretty awful. 

When I went to bed last night, I didn't set an alarm, I resolved to get up when I got up and get my full sleep.  A little hard to do that with the groaning. 

This morning, Ron was doing better and more alert.  I talked him into taking a Neurontin.  I saw a pretty dramatic improvement in him after that but he just said it was a little better. 

I also found an empty can of spaghettios with meatballs on the kitchen counter, so he was eating again.  Good.  I figured if I put it out he would eat it. 

I called a cab (Ron gave me more money) and I went to work.  I had another nice Nigerian guy.  If you took all the Nigerian guys out of the fleet, you wouldn't have a fleet.  I like them, they are hard workers, good customer service, good drivers, etc. 

I went into work.  I took the carts out and did my snacks.  That took a while.  Then I did Ron's inventory because he kept bugging me for it.  I texted it to him…

Caregiver burnout

Last night Ron told me I was on my own if I wanted to go to Walmart today.  He gave me some money and told me to get a cab, he didn't want to go. 

This morning I got up around 7:30.  Biscuit was in my bed with me, and so was Torbie.  It was really nice snuggling with the two cats.  I had a mild headache so I got up. 

I used the bathroom and took some aspirin.  I fed them wet food, but Biscuit was sitting on the bucket of dry, denying me access.  I fed them some dry later.  Torbie loves dry food. 

I took my shower and did my God Time, then called Lou the Cab Driver to take me to Walmart.  He was happy for the trip.  I like to think it's because I treat him with respect and tip pretty well. 

I got to Walmart, I had some interesting things on my list, protein bars, vitamin A, canned food (in case the tropical thing comes to visit, and it's a good idea to have canned food on hand anyway), ant baits, and cat food. 

I got everything on my list.  I thought it was cute, we ha…

Is he trying to kill himself?

Ron had a bad night and woke me up this morning, telling me he would not be able to work.  Leg pain?  Drunk?  Or both?  I don't know.  I reset my alarm from 4 AM to 5 and went back to sleep.  I assume Ron cancelled the rides to and from work. 

I got up at 5 and took my shower.  I ate some breakfast and took my medication, put on my badge and keys (I wear them on a lanyard around my neck), got my shoes on, etc. 

I called Yellow cab around 6:40 and they said they had two drivers in the area.  A couple minutes later, a man with an African accent called me to let me know he was about 20 minutes away.  Good. 

He showed up right around 7 and I left. 

Ron woke up at a later point and called Lou the cab driver, and was apparently pretty ugly asking/demanding he pick me up.  He didn't realize I had already left.  Ron was asleep when I left, I didn't see the point in waking him. 

I later told Lou that "Vodka helps with the leg pain, he says, but it doesn't do a thing f…

Vodka and Tylenol

Ron is teaching me to live without him. 

Allow me to explain, I have had a fire ant issue in my bedroom.  They get in my clothes and bite me (ever had a fire ant in your bra?), or bite me when I step on them, walking around (that, I understand).  Last night they were particularly bad. 

I broke organic training (as a rule, I don't use chemicals in the yard) for fire ants.  I used some sweet-smelling "Ortho" product, and some rubber gloves to protect my hands from the pesticide.  If people actually read the label on their pesticides, they would never use them.  So, I did that.  I even put some pesticide on a paper plate, on their "highway" so hopefully the ones in my bedroom will die faster. 

Ron lived through the night.  Drinking alcohol right after the pain reliever (that didn't work) wore off didn't kill him.  He swears the only thing that works on his leg pain is vodka and Tylenol.   I am sure the Tylenol people are just curdling over this, you don…

Two days in one, again

Friday: I took Ron to the doctor.  Our ride was late and we were very nearly late as well. 

Ron handed over his Medicare card and ID, which they photocopied.  Then they gave the cards back, and back into the wallet.  We waited for a while and they did Ron's vitals.  His blood pressure was 138 over something reasonable.  His weight is still right around 150. 

Then they sent us back to the waiting room.  We waited almost an hour, then they took us back to an exam room.  We waited there almost an hour before we saw Doc. 

Ron explained he is having extreme pain in his left wrist, and his left leg.  Ron also divulged he is an alcoholic.  I was proud of him for admitting it but sad he had to do it.  I feel he will get much more accurate, and better, medical care as a result.  Doc sent Ron for X-rays of his wrist and leg, and wrote a prescription for pain medicine. 

We had to wait about another hour on our ride to Walmart.  I had been battling a migraine all morning but I took a Phen…

Scrubbing my husband

I think fireants are getting in my bedroom.  I'm pretty sure one bit me this morning after my alarm went off; kind of an alarm adjunct.  "Get up, Heather!"  I'm up, I'm up. 

I took my shower, happy I didn't have to shave my legs, and got dressed.  We went to work. 

I found a very large, very rude, note on Snack one blabbering about how it had "taken his dollar" and "(I'd) better fix it".  Why didn't he just call the number we have posted? 

The final insult, for me, was when I tested Snack one and found out it was working perfectly.  I finally figured out Snack three had taken his money.  Why would you put a note on a machine that didn't rip you off? 

Needless to say, sales in Snack 1 were not good.  I got all my stuff out and stocked.  Snack 2 did far better than usual, it didn't have a note, and it was accepting dollars. 

When a vending machine "takes" your dollar (as in, it accepts the bill but doesn't …

"Full Blown Alcoholic"

Ron didn't want to go with me to my doctor today.  He decided to pay for a cab to take me, instead. 

My aunt couldn't help me because she is moving, so I had to take the cab. 

I got up pretty early, took my shower, shaved my legs, picked out a decent outfit.  I put on my flipflops and fed the cats.  I did some of my God Time (I did the rest later). 

Lou the cab driver showed up.  He had found the place on his keymap.  A keymap is a very detailed map of Houston, each page covers about 3/4 of a mile square.  It, of course, has many pages.  Then they have overview pages.  It is very complex and an "old school" way for cab drivers to find their way around.  I am pretty sure all paratransit drivers are required to carry a keymap. 

Lou thought that Ron way paying him $X for a round trip.  He was very delighted and surprised to realize Ron was paying $X for each way.  He, of course, agreed to wait. 

We chatted about the Virginia shooting on the way over, and I told him…

It's not a will issue, it's an energy one

I'm pretty pleased with myself. 

I got up on time, took my shower, and went to Walmart. 

We paid the electric bill (overpaid it, actually, so we can skip paying next month).  The A/C has been running a lot lately so I expect our next bill will be higher than the last.  It seems like the A/C is always on, lately. 

Then I went to the pharmacy.  Remember when I found those prescription pills in my bottle of OTC painkillers?  As it turns out, the pharmacist was able to identify them as Ron's prescription from last year.  He must have put them in an empty bottle of painkillers, which I picked up. 

I feel kind of sheepish admitting it, but I actually took one, thinking they had reformulated the OTC painkillers.  Which means I took a prostate pill a week ago.  [snort]  I was having my period at the time so I sure wasn't pregnant, and it doesn't seem to have done any harm. 

The pharmacist said she would note that we got our medication mixed up.  Ooops.  I hope that doesn&…


I slept in a little this morning, and got up at 4:45 instead of 4.  I got up and took my shower, got dressed, ate my protein bar.  I took my last dose of AM pills in my pills of the week organizer. 

We went to work.  It was pretty uneventful, I didn't need to do a lot of stocking.  Even Ron didn't need to do much, he ended up running (sorting) change after the other vendor left. 

We came home, I took a nap.  Torbie slept with me some, and she slept with me last night until I fell asleep, then she left me. 

I would love it if she spent the whole night, but I'll take what I can get. 

I got up and did some of my God Time.  Ron got up, on his own. 

He wanted to get some burritos from the mall.  We did that.  When our ride pulled up the other client very rudely enquired if we would all be riding in the backseat.  No, the driver replied.  I'd be riding in the front seat.  She didn't say anything after that. 

The same driver was picking us up after we had our trip t…


Yesterday Ron couldn't stop singing my praises. 

We got up early, went to the warehouse.  The warehouse was out of the 20 ounce Ozarka bottled water cases, one of our backbone sellers.  Ron had a tantrum, the manager looked all over, but no water. 

I bought the rest of our stuff and we took Jack to work.  We arrived and unloaded the truck.  Ron found out the other warehouse had the water, and would hold some for us.  Ron texted or called Chuck, not sure which.  Chuck said he'd love to help but he was getting a little dizzy. 

Chuck is now prone to severe vertigo attacks.  He actually collapsed in a Carl's Junior parking lot one time, I thought he was having a stroke.  So that wasn't encouraging.  He said he would take one of his pills and lie down. 

I stocked, in the meantime. 

Ron decided to sort change.  The change sorter wasn't working the other day but God enabled me to fix it, saving Ron probably $150.  My set of picks and pliers are really paying off. 


Stacking paper

Well, the headache is gone, and I have a fat little Biscuit frolicking by my feet. 

Well he's gone now, and so is Torbie.  She was hanging out with me too.  Treat Man came along and lured them away. 

We went out for pupusas yesterday after I took a nap.  I drank a couple diet Dr Peppers.  They kept me up a little bit when I went to bed.  I didn't sleep as well as I would have liked. 

Happily, my cycle is about over, I'm always glad to see the end of that.  I need to wash my sheets (not because they are soiled, just I haven't washed them in a while). 

I think I will wash the "good" sheets, then put them on the bed until about my next cycle is due, then put the old sheet on the bed.  I have had to figure all this on my own. 

At any rate, I got up, groggy, for work this morning.  I had to get up at 2, but I got up at 3 instead.  I took my shower and got dressed. 

Ron was sober, and awake.  It's funny that sober is a synonym for "somber" but h…

A trip to the vet

So, today was the big day. 

I had a hard time falling asleep last night but did, eventually.  I woke up utterly exhausted and hit the snooze button a few times.  But I didn't want to miss the cats' appointment so I got up and took my shower. 

After my shower, I ate my protein bar, drank a diet soda, and took my meds.  I asked Ron to start feeding the cats treats. 

Torbie arrived first, so I plucked her off and stuffed her in the big carrier.  Pretty easy work.  Baby Girl and Biscuit ran away and hid in the catio, of all places. 

I got Baby Girl next and put her in the "duffle" style carrier, it is pink.  Appropriate, I felt, for a girl cat. 

Then I got Biscuit.  He was pretty meaty and wouldn't fit in the carrier I had planned for him.  I had to give him to Ron to hold while I got the other duffle bag style cat carrier.  I got him stuffed. 

They all began singing a song of protest at their confinement right about the same time Chuck showed up.  I got them s…

Reach back (or, another blackout)

Ron had a blackout last night.  He almost set a hamburger on fire in the microwave, and later threw it on the floor. 

He woke me up repeatedly. 

He was completely drunk when I woke up.  I had no idea how I was going to get him ready.  I ate my protein bar, took my antidepressant, and took my shower.  I got dressed.  He was still slumped over in his wheelchair,

His clothes were dirty, his hair unbrushed.  I managed to wake him up.  He agreed to put his shoes on.  That took about 10 minutes.  Then I put his phone in his fannypack and put the fannypack around his neck. 

I barely got him out to the ride before they left us.  Ron was too drunk to stand up and sit in the cab, so he stayed in the wheelchair and rode to the warehouse that way.  I rolled him into the store, took $20 out of his fannypack, and asked him how many waters he wanted.  Three, he said. 

I went and got 3 waters, paid, and left with Ron.  The next ride was a big van.  Ron kept dragging his feet when the driver push…

No one wants the old cats

Yesterday was pretty typical except for the phone call from the vet. 

She said they found blood, and dilute urine, in the test.  She is concerned about kidney disease. 

On the plus side, Torbie is acting normal again, playing with her rope, bugging Ron for treats, hanging out with us, teaching Biscuit some manners when he tries to walk on her, etc. 

On the other side, she is an old cat and kidney disease gets a lot of them.  Worst case, if she has it, I put her on a special diet, take her in now and then for appointments, and monitor her quality of life so I know when to put her down. 

It is pretty easy, actually: she is addicted to cat treats.  The day she doesn't want them is probably the day it's time to go.  Bubba was the same way, and he didn't want cat treats the day we put him down (we put him down because he had congestive heart failure, not just because of the treats).  So that will be a watermark, so to speak. 

All of this is incredibly depressing, no matter…

"It's either bleeding, or your liver"

Yesterday I got up early, and depressed.  I got ready and we went to the warehouse.  Ron was only getting 11 cases of drinks, so I got a lot of snacks.  I had made an extensive inventory of what I did, and did not, need. 

Torbie didn't sleep with me, but she was fiending for treats, so I felt pretty confident she was feeling OK.  I also "caught" her eating both the wet, and the dry, food. 

For the last couple days, I had noticed we had a lot more wet food than usual.  I think she had been "off her food" for a few days, being sick. 

While waiting for me, Ron struck up a conversation with another paratransit client.  They were talking about how they had added a "for Spanish" option on one of the automated reservation lines and how "Those people" etc. etc. 

I couldn't understand why the greeter seemed angry at Ron until he told me. 

Now, I don't like some immigrants.  But I don't care what color you are.  I don't like peopl…

Treat Monster

I did a lot of cleaning today, unusual for me.  I had a lot of nerves, plus the caffeine from the headache pills. 

I finally mopped up the last of that whey protein mess. Thank God that is all done with. 

I didn't take a nap today because I didn't want to have to wake up, find my glasses, and turn on my cell phone when they called.  I am still pretty wired, I think the sleep deprivation + the caffeine made me a little manic. 

That's not always a bad thing, as long as I am taking my medication. 

So, the vet finally called at 4:30.  They said I could come and get her, she had peed and they had their specimen for the lab. 

These are old photos, but some of my favorites. 

I called Chuck, and he said he'd be right over.  However, he lives a ways away.  He got there at 5:20.  They closed at 6, still plenty of time. 

I went in and told them I was there for Torbie.  They went and got her from the back.  The carrier smelled like urine so I washed it out when I got home. …

This is what the emergency fund is for

I have a small emergency fund.  I don't mind using it for important things; like transportation after Ron's back surgery. 

I was really glad I had it this morning.  I didn't sleep well last night, Ron made a lot of racket all night long.  I woke up about 7:30 after a restless night of sleep; between Ron's shenanigans and worry about my cat, I didn't sleep well at all. 

I also had a headache so I took an Excedrin.  That helped wake me up and it dealt with the headache.  It did make me sweat a lot. 

I didn't have time for a shower, Ron had called the animal hospital and they said we could bring her right in.  That meant I didn't have any time for a shower.  I threw on some deodorant, brushed my hair, and pulled it back in a ponytail.  Then I got dressed. 

I had Ron call the cab company when Chuck didn't answer.  Ron tried to call a couple of "his" cab drivers but no one could do it.  I told him to tell the cab company I would be giving a $20…