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The Source

Ron had arranged a pickup at about 9, which meant, if I did my God Time, I had to get up at about 7.  I did that, but I did hit the snooze a couple of times. 

I took my shower and got dressed, then did the Bible Study portion of my God Time.  I looked out the front window to a mountain of old furniture and garbage out in front of my house, where it meets #2's property. 

#2 was doing a dump and trying to make it look like my stuff.  I went out and looked.  Yup, a bunch of old garbage no one would want.  A broken plastic kid-sized toy car, some old furniture, a ton of dresser drawers....full of rat poop. 

If you are a long time reader you remember the rat problems I had after this guy moved in.  Thankfully I had the black cat you see in the slideshow.  He was a rat murderer.  He used to bring me a couple a week, for a while.  Usually dead.  Sometimes not, which made for very interesting blogs! 

The guy is a hoarder and wasn't even throwing out his trash for a while, it was …

Biscuit almost killed me today

Biscuit almost killed me today.  More on that in a minute. 

We had today off.  I got up around 7:30, took a shower, and got dressed.  I did my God Time later. 

Ron and I went to Walmart.  I figured out I can fit the wheelchair in the kiddie cart (standard shopping cart with a blue plastic seat mounted on the back).  Ron was able to sit in the kiddie cart while we traveled with the wheelchair. 

He needed pants.  He is a 29 inseam, but what waist?  He asked me to get him 36 and 38.  "How will I know which one's the 38?" he asked.  "You'll know" I replied. 

I sent him into the dressing room.  He selected the nonelastic, plain front, pants.  Could I find him some more?  He was a 36, I heard him laugh when he tried on the 38's "I see what you mean". 

I found him more pants and put them in the cart.  We got supplements cal/mag/zinc for both of us, and Vitamin D, 5000 IU, for Ron.  I got some soda.  Then I went in search of cat food for Biscuit.…


This morning I got a text message saying my cell phone service had been suspended.  Great.

We had to go to work, though, so we did that.  I took some Excedrin, my morning pills, a Diet Mountain Dew, and a protein bar. 

On the way to work (we had another pickup) I got very queasy.  The driver was in a very chatty mood and didn't notice.  Happily, I had a large container with a screw-on lid, we use them for sorting coins.  It holds about a gallon.  If I had to vomit, I had a receptacle. 

The driver chattered and chattered as I nodded and made one-word replies.  It's true, people don't want to hear me talk, they want to hear themselves talk.  She thought I was a great conversationalist. 

I was just trying, desperately, not to puke. 

I think it's one of those self-employed things: yes, I feel like crap, but I'm going to work anyway.  I don't have any sick leave and no one else can/will do my job if I don't.  One reason I take a lot of supplements. 

By the …

I hope tomorrow is a better day

I was moderately impressed last night, #6 wrapped up the party (including deflating the bouncy castle) around 10:30-11 PM as opposed to midnight.  I guess a toddler can only stay up so long, and the guest of honor went to bed "early".  I went to bed a little after 11 and slept pretty well. 

I didn't have any cats in the bed, which is good and bad.  It's bad because I get lonely, good because I have room to roll over without squashing anyone. 

I woke up so depressed.  I curled into bed, trying to get some more sleep.  I finally resigned myself to getting up, did that, and found Ron, at 8 AM, with a drink in his hand. 

Now, as I lay in bed I reminded myself of the precepts from a business/self-help book I read many years ago.  It was called "Contact, the first 4 minutes".  Basically the tone you set in the first 4 minutes of an interaction will determine the whole tone of your interaction with the person, one reason people make small talk. 

One thing he s…

I should have gone to work.

It's been a long day. 

I tried to take a nap after I took my shower, but I couldn't sleep.  For one, Mr. #6 was outside kicking the ball with the kids.  I looked outside.  His wife was gone.  I muttered to myself about clich├ęs.  On the one hand, it is sweet, the kids will never be able to look at a soccer ball without thinking of their dad.  On the other hand, really?  Into my bedroom wall?  How hard is it to say "No, don't"? 

But it's "family time" so I try not to get hostile.  At least he is interacting with his kids, instead of abandoning them or raping them.  Positive, Heather.  Be positive. 

We lived in one place where you could hear the immigrant beating his wife; another where a woman beat her children. 

These kids are not psychopaths, they're just loud during the parties, and reckless about running into traffic.  Be positive. 

They did chase the cats, though, which I didn't much like, but the cats just learned to stay away from …


When a believer marries (or gets into a relationship with) an unreached, atheist, or hostile believer (someone who believes but is very angry at God and His servants), they are constantly forced to choose. 

Paul wrote in the Bible, it is easier to remain single, because a married woman is always trying to make her husband happy (1 Corinthians).  If, like me, you are married to a hostile believer, you are constantly forced to choose between pleasing your husband by totally neglecting your faith life; or nurturing your faith life and earning your husband's disapproval, verbal abuse, and anger. 

Ron acts like he's caught me cheating on him if I tell him I'm doing my God Time, one reason I get up 2 hours early and/or do my God Time while he's napping.  He's just hostile. 

Today I had to listen to him telling me I was "fearful, afraid of God", God Time was "worthless and pointless" etc.  I would expect better from a man who tells literally everyon…


#19 started playing loud music about the time I went to bed.  I could have gotten up, dressed, gone for a walk and verified it was #19, come home, called the police, gotten undressed, and gone back to bed, or I could endure. 

I endured.  It went until about midnight.  I had to wake up at 1:45.  I altered that to 2:30 then got up, took a shower, and got ready quickly. 

Our ride came right at 3:45, on time.  This is AM.  She chatted loudly and we hushed her.  We didn't want to disturb the neighbors.  Later on, I didn't feel so guilty about her probably waking them up. 

We went to work.  We got our delivery and stocked the machines.  I decorated, putting tinsel Christmas trees on top of most of the vending machines, a stuffed toy snowman (not the one from Frozen, this predates the movie), and a stuffed toy Santa in one of my snack machines.  I also put snowflake and Santa clings on the vending machine glass, as well.  I felt it was very festive. 

I did encounter a problem wit…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blogger changed my layout, it's a little harder to figure out, especially after I have taken my Haldol.  And I only have a half hour before I have to go to bed. 

It was pretty quiet today, I slept "late" today, which turned out to be 8 AM.  I got up, ate my protein bar, did my God Time, and took my shower.  I watched a little TV. 

By this point, it was about 11.  So I went to bed and took a nap, figuring it would get loud later, and I have to get up Very Early tomorrow.  2 AM. 

I took a nap for a while, with Biscuit.  He's a good cuddle boy.  I got up and started calling family.  First up, I called my aunt, who had some turkey problems this year.  Other than that, she's doing well. 

She has never really liked cats, grandma was terrified of them, but a gray stray female showed up several years ago.  They fed it.  She stayed.  They spayed her.  My aunt seldom even pets the cat, but it seems totally happy with their arrangement.  The cat remains leery of all str…

Thanksgiving eve

I slept pretty well last night.  It rained this morning, as advertised, so I lay in bed and listened to the rain on the roof. 

After it stopped, I got up.  I figured it would be pretty quiet today. 

I was partly right.  I took my shower, did my God Time, ate my protein bar and drank some diet iced tea.  I had run out of my Diet Mountain Dew. 

I changed up my dosing a little.  I was taking my Haldol in the morning but it made me pretty groggy, and my handwriting terrible.  So I take it with my evening pills now.  So far, so good. 

I wanted to get a nap today so I went back to bed around 11 and laid down.  I managed to fall asleep but the kids next door (#6) got out their soccer ball again.  Ugh.  Maybe I need to buy them a Wii or something quiet they can do in the house. 

I won't, but I'm tempted at times. 

No, Heather, you cannot live in the perfectly quiet neighborhood you dream about.  It doesn't exist.  Take your lumps and enjoy the quiet when you do get it. 



The cats went crazy with the cat door last night.  It's near my bed.  They were charging in and out of it all night long.  It kept waking me up, and I woke up exhausted. 

If I'm this tired with a couple of cats, and Ron, I'm glad I never had kids. 

I slept late and barely had time for my shower.  I like wintertime, I don't have to shave my legs, although it did get up to 80 degrees today.  I love Houston.  It's never cold for long. 

We have a weather front coming through and that means rain and thunderstorms tomorrow.  After our near-flood event back in April (the first in over 12 years), I hope I can begin to enjoy the rain again without wondering if we're flooding. 

Boy, there's just a million things to worry about, if you go that way. 

So, I went to work.  We had a long ride, mainly because we had to pick up one guy in a bad neighborhood near our home.  It was so bad it was featured in "The First 48" a reality show about murder investigati…

Everything that comes out of a can

Well, the house is fine today.  If anything, I think I "would need" to worry about it getting robbed on Sunday.  I was going to go to church next Sunday but I think not. 

That reminds me, I need to watch the sermon.  I didn't get to watch it on Sunday.  It's always an interesting paradox, do I do my God Time or watch the sermon?  Ideally, both.  In this case I did my God Time.  I think talking to God direct trumps (pardon the term) getting instructed. 

The other day, someone on a prophecy board mentioned an obscure passage about a little horn.  I immediately knew it was Daniel.  A quick search proved me right and I was able to post a link to the scripture.  THAT's why (one of the reasons) I do my God time. 

I didn't do it this morning, though.  I was exhausted.  My period has been going (very lightly) for 10 days now.  I think I'm anemic.  From what I hear cycles like this are the big push to the end.  Good, sort of. 

I will need to accelerate my weig…

"The guy"

Chuck picked me up at 7, right as all the cars started pulling up and parking in front of #6. 

I was so happy to be escaping.  I saw a middle aged couple get out of their car, she looked star-struck at the "nice" house.  It is pretty average, but it made me wonder where she lives that she was so impressed with a single story 3 bedroom brick house. 

Chuck had a hard time getting out around all the traffic, but he did it.  We went to work.  We got there around 7:30. 

I had a bag full of stuff, my kindle, etc.  I had my coat and a lint roller, because Biscuit got it hairy.  When I had time, I went over the coat again and again with the lint roller, until I got the worst of the cat hair. 

I didn't do much work, I mainly read my book, "Buck Out" if you're interested.  I did stock snacks a little, I didn't have what I needed but I did have a few things I could stock.  I did that.  I also stocked 4 cases of soda.  For whatever reason, they are going crazy …


I woke up with another headache, I think because we had a cold front come in today. 

So far the aspirin is helping.  I was able to take my AM pills. 

Ron and I had planned to work this afternoon.  Now he's saying he doesn't want to go to work.  That will be 3 days off of work.  We can't do that. 

I don't know why.  "I've never seen you as lazy" I told him.  I probably shouldn't have name called but I was frankly shocked. 

I think it's the alcohol.  It saps all the initiative from him.  If he goes to work, he can't drink all afternoon as he's accustomed. 

I hope I'm wrong.  We're leaving.  More when I get back. 

Well, work was OK.  We went to Walmart first and bought some drinks for work.  I almost threw out my back moving them around.  I won't be doing that again.  It's just not worth it. 

I bought some things for me, tampons (I am going through a lot, this period is 10 days and counting), trash bags, drink mix, etc.…

A lot about worms

Baby Girl has worms. 

I don't know what it is about this poor cat, but if anyone's got worms, it's her.  She's just prone to them. 

My other cats are not. 

We had scheduled a trip with Chuck to go to the pet store and buy her some medicine, that was our big plan for the day. 

First, though, I got up and took my shower, ran the fan in the bathroom, ran the dryer so I could finish the clothes, and did my God Time. 

Once I did that and got dressed I was ready to go.  I had a moderate headache.  I took some aspirin and hoped that would fix it, but it progressed and became a migraine in the late afternoon.  I kind of figured that out when I was hunched over my bucket, trying really hard not to vomit. 

We went to the store.  Sometimes the girls (cats) like a brand called "Simply Nourish" which also has a grain free salmon option.  I always get the Blue Wilderness grain free Salmon. 

I get the canned food at Walmart, it is cheaper and the exact same product I…


Remember when I told you about my adoptive grandmother and her long time boyfriend?  How they both got very ill eating at a restaurant?  He developed kidney failure.  He decided not to do dialysis and died today.  I'm sure she is devastated. 

I didn't know this when I got up.  I went about my normal day, shower, run the fan in the bathroom, God Time, drink my Diet Mountain Dew, etc. 

Then I put the ink in the printer.  That was a little tricky but I did it.  I positioned the printer so it would print easily now.  It printed a test page.  Good, it's working. 

I got Ron.  For whatever reason he was very foggy and fatigued.  I didn't know this at the time.  He was very slow. 

We found a food handler permit course and I got out my debit card "I don't want your number out there" I told him.  He can give me the $7 or just buy me a hot chocolate when we go to Starbucks tomorrow. 

We began the course.  It was supposed to take 2 hours but it took longer than …

We'll just take that as a win.

I woke up to a crampy bloodbath.  The cramps were the worst I've had in years. 

Yup.  Definitely premenopause.  4 days of spotting, then this, that "ain't" typical. 

Thank God I was wearing my heavy-duty tampon, anticipating something just like this, except with a lot less pain. 

Thank God I also had some generic aleve, I felt as though my uterus was being removed.  It was ghastly.  It reminded me of some of the cramps I had as a teenager. 

I got up for a drink of water (after my cleanup and medication) and encountered Ron in the kitchen drinking shots of vodka.  He later told me he "slept great" after he did that. 

Well, he didn't have a blackout.  We'll just take that as a win and leave the rest of the drinking alone.  He is using the shot glass.  He has some idea of portion control. 

We went back to bed and I fell asleep as the painkiller began working.  I slept in a little late, for me, and did my God Time later, after I got up from my nap…