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Hot compost

Apparently, my compost wasn't hot enough to kill the ash seeds.  I have ash seedlings coming up everywhere, even my potted plants.  AGH.  

It's a little difficult for me to tell the good guys from the bad, especially the Amaranth pot.  I have a lot of seedlings coming up.  Who is the good guy?  Who's the bad?  I'm pulling out the obvious, and waiting on the rest..  I hope the first set of true leaves will reveal the parentage. 

My solution, for the next batch, involves sowing seed into peat pots.  Anything that germinates there, is a good guy. 

If it isn't a grass, it's a "dicot".  A dicot has 2 seed leaves.  They look virtually identical on every plant.  AGH.  Happily, I can tell my beets because they have a red stem; they stay.  Everything without a red stem is getting pulled out of that garden bed. 

Tomorrow, probably, I will spread a whole lot of mulch over everything.  Hopefully it will choke out the bad guys. 

I need to start harvesting some…

Don't feed it and maybe it will go away.

I had a pretty good weekend.  I got a good night's sleep on Friday, woke up Saturday, and went with Ron to a Starbucks.  I went to Walmart. 

I got 3 bags of awesome-looking topsoil for my raised bed, and some peatmoss.  I took a cab home.  I did up the garden bed, it looks good.  I went to bed early. 

Today, we got up early and went to Foodtown.  It was "magic hour" for ground beef - discounted to $1 a pound.  I got about 8 pounds, came home, made cheddarburgers, and smoked them.  Then I froze the burgers. 

I did a little gardening, and then we went out to eat.  Some exciting drivers.  {rolleyes]  I really want a drama-free life.  I don't want all my drivers to be warm and cuddly; but I really fear riding with some of them.  I worry if I'll get out of the vehicle under my own power.  Happily, I did. 

I wonder, how do you tell a very needy, clingy, emotional vampire what they are?  Especially when they have reality issues, and are currently operating a piece o…

Needy emotional vampires

Today was good, the drivers were very strange. 

I'll tell you about the last one, first.  I don't know what it is about the older white male drivers, but they make me uncomfortable.  Some, like todays', have obvious mental health and reality issues.  All of them are not very attentive. 

I like to talk.  I enjoy talking to my drivers, generally.  I like riding in the front seat.  Today, I said as little as possible and got into the back with Ron. 

Why, you may ask, did you do that, Heather?  Well, somewhere between the guy wanting Ron's phone number, the incredibly intense "Needy emotional vampire" energy he was giving off, and the "visions" he told us about on our last trip... I got a little uncomfortable.  Not only that, things he said - "My father spent most of my childhood in a mental institution", stuff like that, and veering all over the road because he got so excited about the conversation, cause me deep worry about our physical s…

Bad company and good character

While reading Jiilian's Blog, I was convicted of my potty mouth.  It got me thinking about bad company and good character.  Ron's always been a profane fellow, and it bothered me a lot at first.  However, he's one of those "You can't control me" types, AND I was pretty backslidden for quite a while, so I picked up his bad habit. 

Now I'm not proud of it, but I haven't worked on it recently.  Every now and then God bops me over the head with an issue that needs work: Heather, don't be a gossip.  Heather, don't be negative.  Heather, don't be a potty mouth.  And just because bad  company can corrupt, doesn't mean it should. 

Today was a very wierd day.  Very little sleep, the Barkappotamous was at it all night long.  My neighbor, a lovely man of Latino origin, worked a long day.  He leaves about 5-6 every morning every day.  Last night he got home at 6, the minute I went to bed, and began playing a loud game outside with the children.�…

Video Blog!

The wierdness of my days.

Forgot a few things

I did a video blog, but forgot a few things. 

Today at work, I realized I didn't have my house keys.  When I got home, I found them... in the lock, on the back door.  AGH.  Thank you, Lord, for Your protection! 

I woke up with a ghastly migraine, and heard horrible fire-truck noises coming from the garage.  I very carefully made my way to the front of the house.  Bubba was in the garage and very angry at something outside.  I went outside and found a huge gray tabby cat looking in the catdoor at Bubba.  "Hi Kitty!" Boy, kitty moved RIGHT quick!

Garden Photos!

Feb, 2011
More photos coming tomorrow; I added a new raised bed.

If I'm all buggy tomorrow

Another interesting day.  I'm convinced God signed me up for the adventure package. 

I had already bagged up a ton of Bibles & Scripture booklets last night; when Ron told me the Bible-Distributing couple had been killed by pirates, I loaded up.  Our first ride was late. 

That tends to happen a lot on our days off, especially when heading to Walmart. I wanted petunias, self-watering planters (it's not hard to have container plants in Houston, if they are at least a foot in diameter and self-watering), and more potting soil. Maybe some soda and whatever Ron liked.

I had a nasty headache, and had to take my Excedrin.  Most times, it's no problem.  I take it and I might get a little accelerated from the caffeine, but today I had a horrible interaction and, as I say,  "Galloping attack of the Stupids".  First, though, I got a little manic. 

I know it's bad when Ron screams at me to stop singing, already.  He apologized.

First ride, handed out 2 Bibles.  T…


Well, Ron just made himself look like a total jackass, to the police department.  More on that later. 

People tend to ask a lot of questions about the Bible handouts.  "How do you know" being a favorite.  It's like an itch that gets progressively stronger.  I just HAVE to go do it. 

I am getting an itch to do a handout, during a Gospel Rap concert.  When?  I don't know.  Where?  I don't know.  But it's coming. 

This morning, I got up realll early, went to work.  The problem with the vending machine was easily fixed, Ron had bumped a switch on the machine and accidentally turned off the blower motor.  Praise God it was so easy! 

When we came home, I heard a lot of noise out back.  I went to investigate.  My backyard touches other yards.  On the south side, I have an oak tree (love those leaves, which are blowing quite nicely into the garden bed), a Mexican Palm, and an ash tree.  The palm and ash cast a fair amount of shade across the yard.  The ash is &qu…

I'm glad I couldn't find my mallet

Dog next door barked ALL NIGHT LONG.  Loud, angry, barking.  As near as I can tell, it was at one section of our shared fence, near the new water bowl I put out for the birds and other backyard friends.  The fence has some gaps, so she could easily see into the yard. 

I figure we had a raccoon last night, they like to "wash" their food.  The sight of a large raccoon in our yard would have set her off.   I found some sunflower hulls in the water bowl. 

Anyway, I had gone to bed at 7, because I had to get up at 3.  Happily, we got a phone call letting us know we didn't need to work today.  The barking continued until well after 2 AM. 

I lay there in bed, begging God for help, and consoling myself with the thought that everyone crammed into that house next door was cursing the dog, too.  They never play with her or interact with her, other than feeding.  I think I spend more time with the dog than they do, when I'm working in my backyard. 

I didn't care if the d…

Backyard Buddies

Nasty headache today; and I have to get up at 3 AM tomorrow to go fix a "down" vending machine.  Ron complained bitterly during lunch, he wanted a beer but it wasn't 12 yet.  I don't think he was happy when I agreed it would be a bad idea to break his "No alcohol before 12" rule.  I got attacked by fire ants. 

However, I got the bird to the rescue guy.  We had a straight trip.  I had put a heavy glass bowl of water in his cage, along with a big cup of birdseed (cracked corn/millet/sunflower seeds).  He ate some last night, pooped in his cage. 

Today he seemed a lot more mellow and energetic.  He looked around, and seemed to enjoy looking out the window of the cab as we rode down the freeway.  He actually craned his head so he could see better.  He even ate some food on the way, and seemed to be having a great time.  Amazing, because it is a wild bird.  It acted like a pet. 

I was really happy to see that; the last "rescue" - a wild rabbit Bubba…

I have a new pet, at least tonight.


Video Blog!


Sixty Cents

I'm used to the weight-loss ads and links to prostitites (just some of the fun "comments"), but I got a couple recently for private wart removal?  Uh.  No. 

Ron and I had planned to go to the warehouse with a friend (the guy with the truck), and then take the merchandise to work.  Surprise!  Ron was in the bathtub (he prefers a bath to a shower, pretty entertaining watching him get up - NO I DON'T WANT ANY HELP, HEATHER!).  Sorry, he couldn't make it. 

If he could see, we would have looked at each other.  Huh.  So much for working today.  Ron had only arranged a ride home.  He cancelled that, of course. 

What to do?  Hm. 

Ron wanted to "Go somewhere".  You've heard me talk about our lovely metal wheelchair; purchased from a tool company.  It's a great travel chair, heavy, but solid and rugged. 

Let's go ride the bus.  Amusingly, the first driver was the scary guy I think had a demon.  He was the one, I got a "vibe" I shouldn&#…

So I went home in a limo

A rather interesting day; our first ride was very late, Ron dropped my plants while carrying them into the house, and we got a cutoff notice from the water company.  Ooops. 

I love auto-pay.  It makes life simple for us.  Sometimes we don't get the water bill and simply forget about it... then a pink notice on the door, agh.  We can address it tomorrow. 

It was a lovely day, and I had the day off.  We went to Walmart (when our ride finally arrived).  Ron's next pickup, to come home, was very soon afterward.  I left him on the bench out front. 

He asked me to get him some deli chicken "If I had time".  I figured, might as well TRY.  Good thing I did.  His ride to get home?  Late also.  He enjoyed the chicken outside on the bench, in the sun, while I took care of business. 

The greeter was mildly surprised to see me - again.  Ron said his new pickup time was 20 minutes.  I headed over to the garden center.  Yay!  Marigolds!  I picked up a 6-pack and found some nice…

Video Blogs!

Part one:

Part two:

Weekend in review

I've been busy, haven't had a lot of extra energy the last couple days.  But I've been OK. 

Last couple days in review:
Went to the wholesale warehouse and got more supplies for work. Had our quarterly review, the only thing we didn't do well involved inventory Ron hadn't let me buy.  Got paid, went to Walmart.  Ron paid for all my Walmart stuff; including a small hatchet I DESPERATELY needed for the garden.  I used the hatchet to clean out some weed trees (only in Texas!).  I planted some beet seeds, chard, and all the Caladiums, which were starting to sprout.  Ron took me to a garden center today; a long ride each way, plus travel in the wheelchair.  Very good sport about it.  I got the Cowart Muscadine grape vine I had been wanting.  It's in a pot, so I have a little time to prep it's new home.  Ron fixed the bed.  No more crunch.  Yay.  I got some cuddles as a result; no fears about crunching.  G-rated.  I moved my seedlings outside, along with the tom…

I am loved

As I type this, Ron's on the way to the liquor store.  In a cab.  With a huge tote bag.  [soft groan]  UGH. 

He was definitely conflicted as he left.  I guess I can tell you now; I signed him up for the TV show "Intervention".  They were interested for about a week, until they got more details.  The casting lady really wanted us, but the committee voted no. 

So much for my intervention.  [wry grin]  Back in God's hands. 

In the meantime, I have found my Al-anon time very uneducational and unfulfilling.  It takes about 5 hours a day on my day off, to attend a meeting.  I realize, an alcoholic marriage has two unhealthy parties.  I realize I have issues.  I am happy to look at my issues and work on them. 

I spend a fair amount of time examining myself.   I confess my sins to God as I catch them (often after a very unkind thought; sorry Lord, help me take my thoughts captive [2 Corinthians 10:5]), and earnestly work to be my best.  I am not playing the old game &quo…

Who wants a video?



Jillian, I pray for you, (and all my readers, etc.) every day!  I think it is very important!  It's funny, whenever I start feeling lazy, I end up reading something (like your comment) that reminds me why I do it!  Last night, I read a very interesting devotional, said that prayer is a weapon we can wield, if we choose, and that praying for others is the most powerful weapon of all! 

Today was really long... got up at 4.  Horrendously itchy; didn't sleep well.  Hives due to wheat.  UGH. 

Still battling the depression/mixed.  Ew.  I am sick of that. 

Went to work, rushy rush.  I hate that, but when we left everything was OK.  We went home, ran an errand, and then went off to our other location.  Filled that; then Ron came home. 

I wanted to go to a hardware store and get some more Emerald Edging.  It was one of the big chains.  I had a decent bus ride to get there, me and my hand cart.  Got off, went in. 

Got my edging.  I love the Emerald Edging.  It's about $5 each. …

I told you I'd be back

Oh, I'm tired.  I had horrible nightmares even before Bubba began vomiting into our shared bed.  And the slats supporting my mattress fell down, twice.  Annoying.  I think Ron and I need to rig some kind of cross-brace.  I got called the eipithet that means "female dog" twice.  Sounds like witch. 

You'd think with a start like that, it would go downhill.  It didn't. 

Last night, I planned out my trip - to check out the feed store.  I'd have to ride downtown, and then ride out to the store.  I wrote down all my directions (go north 2 blocks, turn left), using a mapping program and the Metro trip planner.  I also packed my bag. 

This morning, I did my God time, ate (but not enough, I got hungry later), readied my hand cart, and left.  I caught my bus - eventually ended up downtown. 

As I stood at the bus stop, a guy wearing clothes that would have cost me half a month's pay asked if he could "Borrow a quarter".  Huh.  I've heard that one. …

Still around

Pretty tired today, went to work, ate, came home.  No nap... going to bed early. 

Depression is better but still around.
Part 2 - a little explanation required. Antivirus booted up and began running at the end of my video. Not sure how it turned out at the end, I didn't have time to review.

Part one!

I'd be on the floor!

"They" keep threatening us with snow.  Where is it?  If I can make a request, I would like six inches please, with a couple more weeks of really cold weather.  Every now and then my "Northern" pops up. 

I can hear a feisty flock of sparrows outside the window.  Ron's "watching" TV in the back of the house, and I'm wondering about dinner.  I got a Bad Thing and ate it.  I need to get some nutrition.  Yay.  I just remembered I got cottage cheese. 

Today was pretty quiet.  I got up, did my God Time, sorted out what I was taking today, put some hot water out for the birds to enjoy (it's still liquid).  It was popular.  I did a little housecleaning. 

I need to do some more; maybe it will help with the depression.  I get so tired of the moods. 

We went to Walmart and that was it.  I picked up some seed packets, a new desk lamp, groceries, and soda.  I didn't have time to do the deposit.  The store was almost empty; hardly any cars in the par…

You've suffered more...

I got a good laugh over my statistics just now.  A lot of the search results were some parameter of "Heather knits junk". 

What do you think?  I should rename the blog: HEATHER'S JUNK!  [snort]  Pretty appropriate! 

Last night I had some nightmares.  I get resentful about "having" to go to meetings.  I get angry that my husband is an alcoholic and I "have" to go on my day off, structure my whole day around "my" meeting, which should be HIS meeting.  It isn't fair. 

God is patient with me.  Last night He told me during my God time that He just wants me to love everyone, and myself.  That's my "job" right now.  He will give me what I need to handle the alcoholism; and if it wasn't this it could be a lot worse. 

I'm also somewhat freaked out, wondering just what my uterus will produce this month.  The 4-ounce blood clot and friends, last month,  were deeply disturbing.  I've always trusted my body; not now. 


For Heidi

Tell your hubby I figured out the "red sparrows"  - house finches
I also have chickadees, ring-necked doves, mourning doves, regular house sparrows, cardinals, blue jays and God only knows.

Quick Trip

Bad news first: I woke up to no power.  It continued for over an hour, came up, went off again. 

I had massive flashlight and lantern problems.  Grrr. 

The covers blew off my pansies - they are clearly dead.  [Heather cries]  I loved my pansies.  The red kale looks horrible, too.  I tried to cover it... we'll see. 

I think the hose faucet froze.  The hose seems full of water and there's a giant icicle hanging off?  Nothing was running and all the internal plumbing seems OK. 

I had to wait for half an hour, outside in felt like maybe 10 degrees.  Not fun. 

I ran out of birdseed. 

We are forecast to get a couple inches of snow. 

We are losing power, periodically, at work. 

I had to do my God Time, by flashlight, and not as long as I like due to the flaslight and lantern issues. 

All the traffic lights were down, and people were driving like maniacs.  So glad I ride with PROFESSIONALS.  Yike.  We were late on our first trip, which messed up all the other ones. 

Ron trie…
Lost power for an hour. Its back for now.

At least twice!

Today I woke up to winds, gusting to about 60 mph.  They were so severe they blew the lawn chair off the front porch, into the red-tips, about 15 feet away.  Yike. 

I just KNEW IT.  I knew the cold front would come in the middle of the night and GET us.  To hell with the forecast, I brought in my plants. 

Boy, I'm glad I did.  I laid in bed under my nice warm blankets (one of them purchased from Harbor Freight for $10 - a nice warm 3 pound wool blanket), looking at my plants all warm and cozy in the corner.  Bubba came home, soaking wet.  I dried him off as he stood there, so regal. 

I had a very good day, actually.  Ron and I went to the little Taqueria for breakfast.  Yum.  I love the diversity of Houston Cuisine.  Ron had Chilaquiles.  Some kind of egg dish?  I had a regular omlette, and a cheese quesadilla. 

I wore my usual cold weather gear, and I was nice and warm.  With the wind chill, it felt like the 20's all day. 

It took me a while to sort out all my stuff.  I …