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"I threw up in my piss bottle." Ron told me sadly.  "I tried to be quiet so I wouldn't wake you, but I worried about splashing." 

I'm an awful person.  I immediately began laughing so hard I cried, and nearly fell off the curb I was sitting. 

Ron, it seems, at a bad Kolache.  One got me years ago (look up my purgative post).  Something about kolaches with egg in them... not good.  He got the "Denver". 

He was fine until sometime last night, when he began vomiting.  Not wanting to make a mess, he used the nearest thing at hand, the half-full 2 liter bottle of old urine.   He uses it, then dumps it out, and rinses, every day or so. 

"The smell was pretty bad" he continued as I wheezed with laughter "It made me throw up again."  He grinned at me as I sobbed and wheezed, nearly rolling on the ground as I envisioned the horrific scene. 

I begged and begged, please let me put it in the blog.  He pretended to object.  "That's…

Second Coat

I'm watching Biscuit use the litterbox.  He can't figure out it's easier to "cover" if one uses litter and not "air digs". 

I feel like yesterday shouldn't have seen so hard, but it was.  We got up, went to Walmart.  I didn't do my God Time and barely got my shower. 

I found the 20 cent seed packets from American Seeds.  I really like them, they have done very well for me in the past.  The packets have a generous amount for someone like me, who doesn't use much.  Best of all, they had just been delivered.  They were taking them out of the packaging. 

You'll recall me saying the ideal seed packet has been protected from heat, light, and moisture.  

I loaded up on some favorites and headed off to other things.  Mainly snackfoods for Ron and some spray bottles for discipline. 

For instance, just now Torbie was very interested in Biscuit's litterbox activities.  I thought "Oh, maybe she'll show him how to cover" (not that …

I don't want a smartphone

I got a new phone today. 

For most of my cell phone life, I've had the bottom of the line, or close to it, except a brief flirtation with a basic-model smartphone 2011-2012. 

I found the smartphone annoying, the email alert was constantly alerting me to all the spam in my in-box.  The touchscreen was a hassle. 

My hands will shake, and/or "get dumb" at times, not working the way I'd like them to.  I can still work, blog, take care of myself, the cats, and Ron.  I'm OK.  But the touchscreen proved frustrating. 

When my old phone died I didn't cry, I just got a basic model flip phone, which I've used for 2 years.  It works fine. 

However, a lot of people in my family, and life, like to text.  I didn't have a touchscreen or a keyboard, so I went through ordeals of pressing buttons and selecting letters.  It's tiresome. 

Even my repairman likes to text. 

So, I had an eye out for a phone w/ keyboard.  I didn't have any joy.  They were all either co…

Pencil in some fun

I feel rich.  I got cuddles from both Torbie (my old lady) and Gravy (little boy) today.  As I held Gravy, I said "Look at your fat little tummy!"  Ron objected, I explained, for a cat starving a week ago, a fat little tummy is a very good thing. 

The boys have been great.  They are settling in wonderfully.  We just need to get them fixed.  I gave them their Advantage too. 

The Girls got their worm medicine (Baby Girl had tapeworms), and the vet wanted me to wait a few days before the Advantage for them - which I'll do tomorrow. 

The boys like to walk on my keyboard - that's the worst problem I've got.  They are keeping the 2 commandments: No biting.  No pissing. 

I scoop the boxes daily and keep it all fresh. 

The boys are indoors and I hope remain so.  I want them to get some street smarts before they venture outside. 

One of my drivers was having a tough time.  She brought us home.  Gravy got out when I opened the door so I brought him over (I know she likes c…

None of my business

Yesterday morning, I head the puppy whining and yelping around 3  AM.  "I thought we were past this", I thought irritably, as I rolled over and went back to sleep.  I got ready for work - truck day, and made sure I had my "spiffy" neon green back brace with matching suspenders. 

As I left the house, I realized the "Mom" mobile was gone next door.  Ah, they must have left early.  Why does a Mom leave the house at 3 AM?  Either she, or the baby is sick.  Flu is EVERYWHERE, and you may recall me mentioning she looked pretty rough the other day. 

I put up a prayer request, because God does want us to pray for everyone in need, especially those (we feel) aggravate us.  Done.  I also prayed some after I went to bed. 

The vehicle is back today, so I guess they are alright.  I just pray whoever it is recover from whatever it is, quickly. 

I did have a question for a driver yesterday.  "Everytime the kids next door go out to play, one of the little ones alway…

Let's go to the doctor

I woke up with two sweet little kittens.  The dog was pretty quiet last night.  It made some noise after I got up, but I reminded myself "Hey, you're already up.  Shut up.  It could be a lot worse." 

I had a nice shower and God Time. 

The cats are all very healthy per the vet.  She did treat them for worms, which I suspected.  They don't have earmites, though, but fleas.  Easy enough to treat with Advantage.  Kitten blood test came back negative for cat AIDS.  Stool test came back negative for all bad things.  The big girls, however, have tapeworm (I knew, as I'd seen some traces), also easily fixed with Advantage. 

I was right, should have brought a kitten turd.  She'd love one next time (the vet).  Seems like an odd gift. 

All the cats loved the vet and were pretty well behaved.   We got free Kitten Advantage.  I also bought plenty for the girls. 

The kittens had "pretty bad" fleas.  Biscuit screamed when the vet held him down for a blood sampl…


Well, the cats are going great.  The kittens raised all sorts of hell while we went to work.  I came home to find my pill organizer on the floor, pills everywhere.  The kittens seem fine so I don't think they ate any. 

I slept pretty well, one "bark attack" next door last night, for a while.  "I think" I told Ron "The dog gets excited when he sees the humans awake, and starts barking".  None of the other neighborhood dogs bark at the same time, so, to me, it's a personal issue.  Overall it is very quiet.  It's a friendly breed. 

#6 (the man) stayed home today and had another car over while his wife ran errands.  The dog was very quiet, so I was happy. 

I slept in, until about 8.  I did my God Time and opted against a workout.  I have played around the edges of a headache all day. 

Ron's cat came back in the house, and has been supervising kitten play.  She isn't acting fearful, or aggressive, anymore.  My cat actually lay down on the …
I have lived in very bad neighborhoods.  In one, I had to cross the street when I went home everyday because the pit bull kept trying to eat my face.  It was extremely aggressive.  Most alarming, it could "almost" get over the fence. 

We called the landlord and asked him to "do a check, so you don't get sued".  I actually witnessed the landlord park his vehicle, walk over to the fence, and look into the "yard".  The dog came right at him and the guy had to leap back.  They were evicted that day. 

Other times, I'd find a guy with a large, aggressive dog, on my walk.  No leash.  It would act in a very menacing manner, hackles up, growling, and the owner would say "Oh, he won't bite."  Then laugh. 

Yeah, you aren't even here legally.  You have absolutely zero assets.  What do you care if he bites?  I can't sue you.  

These were always terrible neighborhoods; where an aggressive dog is a status symbol.

We bought a house.  Homeo…

Mixed bag

Well, it's been a mixed bag. 

The dog next door (sounds like a bad Hallmark movie) has been barking some, at night.  Not tremendously so, but enough that Mom-of-6-and-a-new-baby is looking VERY exhausted and frazzled.  Worse, actually, than I have ever seen her.  As I see it, she's the weak link.  I doubted she wanted the animal, and if it's keeping her and the baby awake... 

If I felt they would be good owners I'd be rooting for a happy ending.  However, they have, as yet, left a small puppy alone in the yard 24/7, even when it was raining and in the 30's.  The husband played with it 5 minutes when he got home from work (I counted) then went in the house and ignored it.  I never even heard the kids playing with it today, but when they do they spend more time on the trampoline than interacting with the dog. 

I don't see that treatment resulting in a mannerly, quiet, dog.  It's also a small, cat-sized, "cute" animal.  I don't think it's goi…

Spread it

This morning, I looked at our paratransit driver, and the folded wheelchair.  "Uh, I don't know how to say this" I told her "But you need to spread it."  She began laughing hysterically.

I didn't sleep well but I was OK with it (a recent development).  The neighbor's dog was barking and yelping right outside my bedroom, but, as I reminded myself, right outside their bedroom.  They have a 1-story.  The husband works 12 hour days.   They have a newborn!  That's got to be awful. 

It's small and cute right now - I doubt they will find it as interesting when it starts tearing up the yard, especially if it keeps barking all night, too.

I also thought it was really sad, as I laid my hand on my two little rescue kittens.  They were warm and cozy on a soft wool blanket.  One kept nursing on a stuffed animal.  They had an abundance of food, treats, toys, and petting.  They even have other cats to keep them company.  These are throwaway "alley"…

See them safe

Last night Ron asked me to keep the kittens in my room, as I slept, with the door shut.  I did. 

They were very well behaved.  I heard a lot of munching noises throughout the night, then litter box, jump in the bed and cuddle... a while later I'd wake up to munching noises. 

Poor little guys. 

After gorging themselves all night, they weighed 2 pounds this morning.  I was down another half a pound. 

The kittens were great cuddle partners, I slept pretty well (except for my back yelling at me, and some gas cramps); unlike Torbie, the kittens sleep off to the side, not on top of me. 

I did wake up with a nasty headache.  It's one of those "my mouth tastes like onions" headaches.  We had a trip planned to Walmart. 

I took a shower, and talked with Ron about the cats.  He says he would like to keep them.  Good.  We can get them fixed for $30 each at the county shelter.  Male surgery is a lot easier, they just open the sac, yank, and snip. 

They use the box, are sweet, I&#…

I couldn't leave them

Activities so far regarding the kittens:
Investigated several cat shelters/rescues, 5 of which won't take the boys.  I put in a tragic email to the other ones. 

Investigated lost pets on BARC, Greensheet, Craigslist, Humane Society, and Facebook.  Found nothing. 

Called a cat lover friend who might take them.  They're sweet boys. 

Ron varies from "take them to a shelter" to "we should keep them". 

I don't have a strong preference either way (although I can get them fixed for cheap, when the time comes), as long as they are safe.  A rescue would work if they are interested. 

Kittens getting kicked at the bus stop... who wouldn't say yes? 

I sure couldn't leave them there.

Mugged by kittens.

Most interesting handout ever. Why, you may ask.

Well, as I stood waiting on the bus I got jumped by some abandoned stray kittens. They could smell "sucker" a mile off. They meowed. They rubbed against my legs. They climbed me like a tree. One climbed to my shoulder and sat, like some demented fashion accessory, watching traffic.

When the bus came, they tried to board as well. I screamed "No!" (It's a very busy street) and, "Shut it (the door)!" at the driver.

I went.. I had a shoulder bag and 21 Bibles, most of them very nice "Gift and award" Bibles from a sponsor. I had several Spanish paperback New Testaments, and a few English as well.

I brought a small Free Bibles sign, about 2 feet wide. I was aiming for more of a stealth strike, plus my back has been a little iffy.

I handed out 3 on the bus.  :)  

I set up on the corner of W Little York and Antoine. I handed out 11 Bibles in the first light cycle. I ha…

Addicted Jackass

Well, no noise last night.  I still had an awful time falling asleep. 

If I had to guess, maybe they gave the dog back to the breeder?  Didn't like the yelping anymore than I did?  If it was keeping me up, I'm sure it bothered them, and they're already waking up a couple times a night for the new baby. 

One thing I've learned, sleep deprivation really is a cruel torture. 

I'm not calling it "done" for a couple days though.  Ron mentioned they might have been dogsitting.  Possible, but I would be pretty ticked if you left my puppy out in the cold and rain for a couple nights in a row. 

So, finally blessed sleep.  I was pretty happy about that. 

I did have a "problem" when Torbie came and lay on my pelvis.  I flip back and forth in bed, pretty hard to do with a 15 pound cat on my pelvis!  But I didn't want to disturb her.  I lay in bed, miserable. 

My back was also spasming a little.  I won't be lifting anything for a few days.  The back i…

43 cases - I have tweezers

10 minutes ago found me standing in shock, an earplug cord in my hand, one earplug firmly lodged in my ear.  I couldn't believe it, after the last couple days, I just wanted to try on my earplugs, and the removal cord comes out in my hand? 

I had a brief moment of panic.  How would I get the thing out?  I felt it.  In pretty deep, as suggested.  Ron, hate to say it, useless.  In addition to a bad hand he's blind and already had a beer so - no. 

God reminded me - I have tweezers.  I dug them out of my first aid kit (which I keep in a plastic toolbox).  I took a deep breath.  Inserted the tweezers.  Felt around for the best grip, one above, one below, started to pull - and it's out. 

Last night was pretty awful, the night before even worse.  Totally sleep deprived both nights.  Once due to "drunk", once due to puppy. 

I ended up sleeping on my pull out in the computer room.  Have I mentioned it is profoundly uncomfortable?  Not only that, it's not so easy for a…

"You're better than this"

Ron wasn't verbally abusive, just demanding, last night. 

As a result I imagine I was far less shrill than I am on other occasions.  As a result of that, Ron has been far more remorseful and even made a big production out of pouring the vodka down the drain. 

He tried to get me to do it, but I told him "You have to do it".  He did. 

Anyway, everytime he beat himself up, or expressed remorse/disgust for his actions, I reminded him "You're better than this.  This isn't you.  It doesn't have to be you.  This only happens when you drink." 

Ron even asked me why I believe he drinks; I shared my depression theory "But you can't drink while taking antidepressants". 

He didn't like that much.  But I did plant the idea.  "Just go see my doc, talk for a while, he'll decide if you need anything.  You know he's good, look what he did for me!" 

He's thinking. 

I think it could be very good. 

However, as of now, Vodka is th…

Trips through hell

Last night.  Did not go well. 

It started out in a fairly benign manner.  Ron got a little drunk and became my biggest fan.  He's sorry he's crippled.  He didn't know he'd have the accident.  He loves me very much.  I am the most wonderful person in the world. 

You get the idea.  He literally crashed right next to his bed and passed out on the floor.  So far, so good. 

I did do a double take when I found him with his pants off, later, but he was fine.  I went to bed. 

And that leads me to issue #2.  House #8 has apparently gotten a third dog (in violation of the deed restrictions and probably against landlord preference).  It's a puppy.  I heard it yelping yesterday morning.  I heard it yelping last evening, forecast low 38 and rain.  I heard it yelping all day today.  It sounds tortured. 

I also wonder how many dogs they plan to add to their family, and how much the dogs will bark.  I know from the whole Barkappotamous experience, a neglected dog will bark consta…

Butch up

3 nights in a row, poor sleep, stomach pain. 

No, I don't need to see a doctor.  I just read my labels (all info from

Lithium: Gastrointestinal side effects including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, abdominal pain, and dry mouth have been reported frequently.

I wish I had the anorexia - lack of appetite.  I do have everything else.

Haldol  actually helps with nausea

Depakote Gastrointestinal side effects related to gastritis are common and include nausea, vomiting, and indigestion, especially with the initiation of therapy and with rapid increases in dose.

Last but not least, the Wellbutrin - Very common (10% or more): Dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, constipation
Common (1% to 10%): Diarrhea, dysphagia, dyspepsia, gustatory disturbance, abdominal pain, flatulence, taste perversion, stomatitis

Really, reading all that, I'm surprised I do so well, so much of the time.

Then I remind myself, I'm crazy, my illness will kill both myself and others; and I have t…

Turn off

I have had a really tough week. 

Everything just seems so hard.  I know that's the depression.  But it's still all so hard. 

Let me tell you about last night.  I went to bed early.  I awoke about 2 hours later, my stomach on fire. 

[personal gripe, people who refer to anything located in their abdomen as "my stomach".  No, it's your abdomen.  This, however, was truly in my stomach, right under the left rib cage.]

I had burning, sloshing, an overall lava feeling.  It was truly awful.  I couldn't sleep. 

I drank some water.  Great.  Now I had more burning.  I fumbled around looking for my Pepto.  I finally found it, not the big bottle, unfortunately.  I couldn't find an antacid to save my life. 

Over the course of the night, I basically drank the whole Pepto (it was a smaller sized bottle).  I finally got about 4 hours straight sleep, around 5-9 AM.  Then I was up. 

I don't know about other people, but sleep deprivation aggravates any existing mood.  …

The rest of my brain

I was just climbing into bed when I heard #6 talking very loudly next door, in that "Hey, kids, let's play" tone of voice.  It wasn't late by most standards, but I had to get up at 3. 

I assume he feels he has to talk very loudly to the children, in order to be heard, or maybe he thinks the loud voice conveys fun and energy - I don't know.  I had some bad thoughts for a while, wishing they would shut up; and be as quiet towards us as we are towards them.  We never, ever, make a racket.

I could hear every word inside my bedroom, with the noisemaker on.  He's loud.  

Anyway, he had a small box of the "snaps" or "poppers" - a small noisemaking toy.  You throw it on the ground, the substances interact, and it makes a very small flash and loud snap noise.  They are a small, paper twist. The kids were exclaiming, shouting, and yelling instructions at each other, in addition to Dad's loud exclamations. 

I decided I wasn't going to get a…

My new plan

Well, it's official. 

I am down 20 pounds. 

I was up above 250 last summer, but I've come down to 236.  However, looking at my Fitday, I'm starting to understand why I had those rude drivers interrogating me about my weight gain.  I did gain 20 pounds last spring. 

That doesn't excuse incredibly rude interrogations, with strangers demanding I tell them how I gained the weight, or remarking, again and again, how terrible they thought I looked - but it does explain the impetus. 

I had gained 20 pounds. 

It's gone now, although no one's saying "Oh, have you lost weight?"  Trust me, when they notice I'll be in for interrogations regarding exactly how I lost, how long it took, what I did, etc.  I just plan to say "calorie counting and working out".  At work I will say I've been working out.  I don't want to scare them away from the vending machines! 

I found it interesting, my weight has been stuck around 220-230 for a couple of year…

63 cases

Highlight of the day: standing outside in the rain, in 37 degree weather (that's F, not C), waving at the paratransit vehicle as he went up and down, up and down the street.

He finally figures it out half an hour later (I'll refer you back to standing outside in 37 degrees in the rain), and immediately presents with an attitude!

I, very politely said "I don't want to talk about it. After all, *I* am the one who had to stand outside in the rain for half an hour, watching you up and down the street as I waved at you"  He started to talk, I interrupted.  "No other driver has this trouble finding us.  I know you saw me waving."  He was quiet.  I know he saw me rubbing my hands, trying to warm them up. 

We have detailed notes in the computer. We have PHONE NUMBERS listed, in the computer. [sigh] But he was clearly playing games and TRYING to get us upset so we didn't let him. I called my aunt and jabbered at her all the way home.

Take …