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Happy Tuesday!

Generally when I have a "bad day", it's a Tuesday. Happily, that did not happen today. I started out right; turned on the Contemporary Christian satellite music channel and read a devotional, took my pills. Out on the loading dock, did a devotional. It's actually pretty cool for people to catch me reading a Bible.

I took in some Bible-themed paperbacks and such, snuck them into the "free reads" pile. Hey, if they can put in their "Finding your spirit guide" books, I can put in my Bibles! Even though I didn't get enough sleep last night, I still had enough juice to deal with a visit from our boss, a visit from a difficult supervisor who wants to push Ron around (Thank you God for Lithium and my other medications!), etc. Even Ron's doing pretty well today.

My Bibles and such shipped from Christian books. I can hardly wait to get into them.

I've been thinking about what I'd like to get with the remainder of my fun money. I&#…

Why shouldn't I?

Today wasn't bad, but it was incredibly hectic for us. Get to work, run, run, run, receive orders, repairman came right before Metrolift, run, run. Got to the bank late because Metro was late, thank God! Rush rush... etc. Walmart. Eat. Pharmacy, put in refill request, shop, go back to pharmacy. Try to find things for Ron, almost time to go, slow checkout....!

Culminating in coming home from Walmart (I got really goofy from my pills and forgot how to add - I didn't get any of my food shopping done) and discovering a horrifying crime scene. It started at the cat door, an ominous trail of feathers. It got progressively worse - enough to make me gag, while, at the same time, thanking GOD that Ron had not stepped in "it" and tracked "It" all over the house. We barely had time to turn around when BAM! Metro is there, time to go to Starbucks (for me, the UPS store). I mailed Sue's thing. Yay!

I went to the bookstore, thinking to maybe buy myself a cheap paperbac…

I don't want anything!

Sometimes I'm really taken aback by my medication. Take just now. Ron is paying me on Monday; we're going to Walmart afterwards, then going home, mail Sue's thing, go home and stay there until Tuesday.

So I was trying to tally up things I'd like to buy online with my debit account so I can make a correct deposit. Yarn. I've got a couple dozen skeins of nice wool yarn, several dozen skeins of acrylic yarn. I'm good for yarn.

Then I went to the spinning sites. Nice fiber! Lovely spindles, but I've got a great Nordic spindle (from Paradise), a plying spindle, no urgent need. I might get a "Mini" Nordic but a burning desire? No. Overwhelming, desperate, hungering need? Nah. Wow. It's such a wonderful new feeling. I'm in control of my spending (you won't see my calling Dave Ramsay because I never used credit).

What about fiber to spin? I've got almost 5 pounds. I'm not "Starving". Uh. Anything else? No.


Hippity Hop go the rappers

One thing I love about Ron is the fact that he can always make me laugh. I had a choice between "Frankenfish" and "Anaconda" today. I chose the snake movie (that really freaked Ron out "Do I want snakes? Yeah, I want snakes."). I noticed that a Hip Hop artist is in it. I told Ron I've noticed a tendency to cast hip hop/rap artists in horror movies (Coolio did an excellent job in Pterodactyl). Ron asked was the hip hop artist cast as a bunny rabbit. "Hippity hop! Hippity hop! Don't eat me monster! Look at my fluffy tail! I sing nursery rhymes for money!" Thank God, the man doesn't have a blog. I'm laughing again, envisioning Coolio with a fluffy white rabbit tail. Actually, when I laugh I bray like a donkey, it can be a little alarming for people who don't expect it. I told him I'd post it to my blog so he's happy.

I sent Roxane pharmaceuticals (they make "My" Lithium) a fanmail. I hope they…

It's Friday night...

Why am I posting?

I finally finished "Sue's thing". I hope she likes it. It's really pathetic when I think about it, I hardly ever make anything for family. I plan to remedy that this year.

It took a couple of hours, but I'M FINISHED!


Knitting is my fourth medication

First thing! I got a good link for my gloves. Ron hinted strongly he'd like some, so I asked Ron point-blank if he wanted a pair and he said yes. So, happy anniversary. I don't have to spend a lot of money for him to feel loved.

Whenever I'm ready to hang up my crochet hook, I get another call to arms. After I finish "Sue's Thing" I'm going to be doing "Polly's thing". This time, I have some ideas for a lovely earthy hue; with the recipient's name embroidered on the afghan so no one can "Lose"it. I think I'm going to end up storing that yarn I assumed I was giving away. I've been thinking about maybe doing a sort of store. I'd make afghans and put them online. If someone wanted one, they'd send me a check made out to the Salvation Army or another good charity. Once I got the check, I'd donate it, and mail them the afghan. I'd appreciate i…

Sue's thing

As I began to type just now, I heard a terrible racket outside the window. "Fluffy", a longhaired, gray and white, stray cat, has been sniffing around the house for a few years. I can't blame the poor thing. Our house reeks of spoiled rotten felines; our boys are overweight, and Fluffy's looking pretty rough these days. I think Fluff's people moved and left him behind. They're on the roof now, the cats, and I hope they settle things quietly. I don't mind having a third cat, assuming it is freindly, fixed, has good toilet habits, and gets along with the other two, but I doubt my guys would allow it. So I'll just enjoy the fire-engine roars of anger and disapproval on an ongoing basis. Worst case, Bubba can always sit on poor Fluffy. It'll be all over then.

So. Sue's thing. I was going to make a teasing post about how Sue would love her olive-green poncho, but then I realized Sue likes Olive Green. So, it isn't an olive green po…

"Bermuda Weeds"

That's what Ron calls the grass: "Bermuda Weeds". He detests it with a special passion. Frankly, it's scary to see how fast the stuff can grow. One week of rain, and we've got waist-high weeds out back.

About the only thing that restrains it is shade. Good thing I couldn't kill that pear tree. I kept cutting it down; it kept growing back. Last fall it turned colors beautifully so I decided to "keep" it. That's one of the things I miss from Virginia, those beautiful falls. Crunchy leaves, blazes of color, the acrid smell of the dead leaves... sigh. So the pear tree stays; and it can help keep the bermuda weeds down.

I gave Ron some names and numbers of growth regulators. I had teased him about getting some "Don't grow" or "Stop Growing" - maybe a product like that will work.

I was just drafted by Ron. Frosty the snow cat (I know) had something sticky on his tail. "It's been there all day," said …

Rabbit Strips

Thank God our milkman came back from vacation today. He confided that his bosses had really dropped the ball on virtually all his stops (mainly convenience stores and such); some stops had no deliveries at all. So they were pretty enraged by the time he showed up.

I handed him a snickers bar and a cold soda. We got a lot done at work today and we got Ron's new Metrolift letter. He's now certified as a real train wreck (which he is). I don't know WHY God decided we had to go back and get the doctor to fill out the paperwork again... but there you have it. It's not about what I want anyway, but what He thinks we need to do.

I went by the leather store. Apparently, anything I might have been interested in doing is prohibitively expensive, so I just settled for a rabbit skin for the cats. Bubba's had a lot of fun attacking the rabbit skin and dragging it around (it does have a rather gamey aroma), so Ron suggested we cut it into "Rabbit strips" for …


When I get frustrated at my mental sluggishness, when I get dizzy and start to lose my balance, and when I have to take longer naps than I did as a toddler, I try to recall the good things I've gained from my medication.

Today, I meditated on how nice it is not to have delusions anymore. I don't miss them one bit. UGH. A horrible thought, stuck to you like a leech, a horrible, soul-sucking leech. I know it isn't true, yet it's utterly convincing. It's in my mind constantly, lurking like a hated stalker. Everywhere I go, there it is. UGH. No more, thank God. I can stand a little mental fogginess.

Ron and I seldom fight anymore, either. Partly, it's because we've had 15 years of practice at getting along with each other, being sensitive and loving mates. Mostly, it's because I take my Lithium.

I'm not obessed with spending my paycheck. Tomorrow, I'm going to run to the leathercraft store that's near our doctor (Ron needs paperwork …

All set for winter now!

I think, in yesterday's post, I mentioned how I wanted some good gloves for winter.

My requirements:
WoolFold-back mitten/fingerless glove style (great for needlework or writing checks out in the cold weather)Ideally, a tough palm that wouldn't pill like the fold back mitten/fingerless glove style I bought last year in a cheap acrylic. It pilled like a drug addict! A color I could look at every day.I found it! Yeah! I am so happy. It's even got a Thinsulate lining so I'll stay EXTRA toasty (I hate cold extremities). Here's the link: less than $20 WITH shipping, I told Ron I had no problem buying them then and there. That's why I keep the extra $20 in my debit account. This morning, I bought two wool watch caps at the surplus store (I'm not the biggest fan, they always look at me like I'm some kind of specimen or shoplifter). Anyway, I got 2 wool caps. One for me, one for Ron (If he wants …

Current projects and a defense of my sleeping arrangements

This post is all about the yarn; my current projects. Things I plan to finish or start; and my thoughts on the projects.

#1 priority is "Sue's thing". Sue reads this so I won't say what it is. I just need to finish part of it and then wash said thing, then mail it to her before her birthday (still a couple weeks away). Hey, I can mail it to her next Thursday, we'll be running errands with Chuck anyway. I need to "finish" - actually cook, the yarn I spun (about 25 yards or so) last week. It's a nice creamy Columbia/Dorset blend; it's spun up a lot nicer than I expected. It will eventually become legwarmers or fingerless gloves, I'm not sure which, but it will be MINE. I am terrible about making things for myself (as in, I never do). Then I'm going to spin some more. Which leads me to the next item: spin up the gray Romney blend yarn I got from R.H. Lindsay ( ). Specifically, it…

Major Yarn Purge

Well, today I'm doing better. Everyone's suffering, my pain isn't unique. In fact, it's shared by one percent of any given population. Kind of odd for me to think about being a member of such a large "family" when I think about it. What's one percent of 4 billion Americans? 4 million, I think. Needless to say, a lot of zeros. I'm surely not alone!

I really appreciate my medication these days when I realize that without it, at that point and time, I'd be flying into the stratosphere, compelled to spend all my money on odd things, picking fights, and acting wierd. I'm very glad I'm not doing any of those things, just a little more "peppy" feeling than normal. In the midst of this paragraph, I got whalloped with a dizzy spell. STILL better than being manic.

Take Knitpicks, for instance. A wonderful store, they carry a wide selection of gorgoeous yarns. It's very easy to find something I want, especially when they&#…


I used to spend a great deal of time on a Christian Message board (before medication). When the board would be down, people would kid around about how they'd go through "Withdrawals" while the board was unavailable.

I'm not sure what it was, but something killed my computer last week. I couldn't blog - that was rough; and I missed my email. I was waiting on a "We shipped your order" confirmation from a wool place; amusingly, the snail mail receipt and the order (via UPS) arrived yesterday.

A couple days ago, we had to ride with another Metrolift client. She had some kind of joint problem and kept screaming every time the driver hit a speed bump. The driver was very regretful and apologetic but the minivans are not known for their fine suspension. The vans aren't much better.

I couldn't understand why I was so angry at her - both during the ride and for about an hour afterwards. I finally realized that when I'm in pain, I don't ge…

Spinning adventures

I made my first skein (ei, Heather, ei) of yarn last night! I decided to play with my gray Icelandic wool. The nice thing about Paradise Fibers, you can get from 1 ounce to many pounds of many different wools and other spinnable things. I digress.

So, I'm watching Fox (Bones and Standoff - Friday nights at my place) and spinning. I'm a wild woman. I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the police! I spun up about a half ounce of yarn before I realized, oops, I did it "backwards". The yarn is rotated in either a clockwise (usual way) or counterclockwise direction as you spin the "singles". Then two or more "singles" are twisted together (plied) to form a strand of yarn.

I spun the singles counterclockwise. The resulting yarn (after plying) will be excellent for crocheting. So I figured, what the heck, I'll try plying these rascals tonight. I did and the resulting yarn is GREAT! I even overdyed the natural gray with some g…

Off day

Well, I'm proud of myself. I turned what started out as a bad day into a good one.

Today, we didn't go to work. Hence, it's our off day. We had plans to go to Ikea; we'd grab some breakfast, Ron sits at a table near the bathroom (I showed him the way to the men's room if he has to go while I'm gone), then I shop. My old "computer chair" was a wooden folding chair in a fake walnut veneer. It's cute, and a great chair, but when I'd sit at my desk here (aside: desk was $30 at Ikea and I love it - had it for over a year), my neck and right shoulder would get incredibly stiff. I figured out the chair was too high (and couldn't be adjusted) and resolved to get a new one.

The last time I went to Ikea, I had seen a cute adjustable height chair with a plastic seat (the "Snille" for Ikea buffs). It's about $25 and I liked it anyway, it would be perfect as a computer chair now. I couldn't figure out a pressing need for it at…

"You'll be no good to him"

I posted this originally on a knitting message board but I feel it bears repeating. Ron was in the hospital and I was caring for him, living in his hospital room (all the nurse-aide type stuff, feeding him, keeping him company, helping with the bedpan). "We" had a bunch of really wonderful nurse aides, all from other countries.

The lady I'm going to tell you about was from Jamiaca. She had watched us for a few days as she cared at him, and a couple times I caught her looking at me with a frown on her face. I told her, on this particular day, that I had to go home and do laundry, I was really sorry, etc. She frowned at me again while I continued to apologize for "leaving" him.

"Honey" she said "I've been wanting to tell you this for a while now. If you don't take care of yourself, you'll be no good to him. I want you to make me a promise. Today, you go home and take care of your business. Next time you leave, you do something nice for y…
I finally got the last of the used books I ordered online June 10. The package looked like it had quite a story to tell. I wish I could hear it. Next time I don't cheap it out - I get the tracking number.

The books? Not half as good as the one I've already had for nearly a month. Ha Ha! Joke's on me.

"Spinning in the Old Way" is the best of the hand spindle books. 5 stars.

Where are the 9?

One of my favorite stories in the bible is the story of Jesus and the 10 lepers (my favorite story is the blind man on the road who wouldn't shut up until Jesus healed him). Jesus healed 9 Jews and a Samaritan. The Samaritans where the "untouchable" mixed-breed mongrels that neither race wanted to claim. Poor things.

Jesus healed the 10, and they ran off to be ritually cleansed and pronounced clean. One, the Samaritan, returned to thank Jesus. He looked at the one man who returned, and a Samaritan at that, and said "Where are the 9?" Talk about ingratitude!

Today at work I had some trouble with side effects. It's like I'd just gotten off the "Teacups" ride - I felt very dizzy and off-balance, with a whopping dose of slow-thinking fatigue. Even now I'm having trouble spelling (thank God for delete key). Anyway, I was out of some snack product (Just In Time Inventory, some times you run out early). I couldn't stock the machin…

Heather blows something up

I don't think I'm going to top the title "Thank God for Paranoid, pill-hoarding delusions" for quite a while. I'm very proud of myself. I spent hours online today and didn't buy a thing. I considered some stuff but I'm going to think about it.

I've got a birthday coming up in a little over 2 months. If I still want the things I saw, and I haven't bought them for myself, then I'll either email to family or give Ron a floppy disk with the item, price, description, * rating (*** I really want this, for instance, or maybe *if you want to surprise me), and 800 number. He calls the number, tells them what he (I) wants and has it shipped. I get a pre-wrapped box on the doorstep. I use my imagination. Everyone else sees a brown UPS or US Mail box; I see a beautifully wrapped gift.

I'm having so much fun with the spinning I'll probably get myself another Nordic Spindle from Paradise on my next pay period (the half ounce one). You canno…

Thank God for paranoid, pill-hoarding delusions

I use a large (national) pharmacy. The pharmacy is located in a large store. The store has .... hell with it.

I use the Walmart pharmacy. I bank at the little bank in the front, next to the nail parlor. I fill my prescriptions at the pharmacy. I shop in the store.

Yesterday, I planned to do all 3. I dropped off my prescription (the 450 mg Lithium Carbonate ER). I love the pharmacy. The employees are very kind and compassionate. They're smart and efficient. They know me by name. I love the pharmacy.

After dropping off my prescription, I did some shopping. Got some dried fruit for the disaster kit. Walmart was out of Cherry Cola Diet Rite. Shame on them! I did my shopping thing for an hour, finding everything else on my list (* Cat food- all, conditioner, etc.). See, I love Walmart.

Imagine my shock when I got back to the pharmacy. "We're sorry, Ms. B., but it's going to be a partial." What?

They were out of Lithium. They could give me six tablets (I guess to keep me fr…


I wish we could hire him. Ron always gets nervous when I mention that in public. "People will think we're rich, Heather! Most people couldn't have employees!"

Faithful Papi. First I have to mention I drink a tremendous amount of canned diet soda. A couple cases a week, minimum.

A few years ago, I heard "something" in the garbage. I looked out the window and noticed an elderly hispanic man garbage-picking, carefully removing the cans. Poor guy, I thought.

Then the 15 years of California kicked in. See, recycling is huge out there. I always felt sacreligious throwing out a recyclable, especially aluminum cans. "Wow," I thought "This is great! I can recycle without leaving the house!" In Houston, at this point and time, you have to take your cans to a scrap metal place to sell them. I can't just leave the cans at the curb to get recycled. Or could I?

We started saving the cans. Boy, Papi loved that! He called Ron "Pa…

My husband, the pit bull magnet

Many times I don't know what I'm going to blog about (blog on?) until I'm here on this page typing.

I've got so many things today. My husband, the pit bull magnet. I'll start on that one.

Am I just a typical woman, or an insensitive *itch? You decide. A few years ago, when I saw a large, scary looking dog in the backyard I told Ron. "There's a dog in the backyard, please get rid of it." Batting my eyelashes won't work 'cause he's blind but you get the idea.

So, being a red-blooded Texas man he got out his long white cane and hobbled out into the yard (did I mention he had a stroke? He has trouble with his balance and walking too.). "Here doggy, come on, you've got to go."

I think I'm going to go with I was a *itch, because at this point I shut the blinds and left Ron to the mercies of the stray animal. Fast forward 20 minutes. Ron's sitting in our plastic chair on the porch. He's scratching the dog - he…