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I prepared "plenty" of food last night, but I'd eaten most of it before I even left work. Eeek! I was pretty hungry most of the day. It wasn't until I'd eaten my way through four plain hamburger patties (the small ones) from McDonald's at Walmart that I realized I was hungry because I was hungry. Ooops.

I lost a couple pounds back when I had the migraine, and I gained one of them back, darn it. I forgot to measure my waist, though, so I don't think it'll be too bad. I'm keeping my carbs well under 20 today, and I have more energy and fewer side effects from the medication, and I'm only on day 4.

A high-fat, or "ketogenic" diet, has been used with the "helpless" epileptic cases. They don't know why it works, but it works. If the patient eats a candy bar, BAM, they have a seizure. If they eat fat, low carbs, and protein they're fine. Antiseizure drugs are used more and more on the bipolar population, so I thi…

I knew it would be better

I just had to delete some spam from my comments. Yeah, like I'm dumb enough to post spam here.

It had to be a better day. I didn't make myself enough food, so I went around STARVING all day (that's where I cheated and ate the soynuts). I finally got home after work, and running errands with Ron and fixed myself a lovely bowl of microwaved broccoli with loads of butter (1/2 cup broccoli, 2 T butter).

Ron was kind enough to fix the last of the bacon for me. True love indeed. He's spent $70 on supplies for my compost bin? I told him, I can get one online but no. He wants to make me one, so I'll "Let" him. He's a good husband. I'll just make sure I get the best wood sealer I can to make sure his treasure lasts a long time.

We had frosts the last 2 nights. My tomato covers worked well, no damage. My marigolds, well some of them are dead, some of them are looking like they wished they were. In my experience, marigolds are very tough, and to…

It figures

I just did a property records search on the house behind us. Surprise. The owner moved to California and is renting the house. That certainly explains the obnoxious "ghetto" dog, the rudeness, and the drumming. The BAD drumming. Ron and I are going to contact the owner and file a barking dog nuisance court claim. Someone at the local law enforcement told us how to do it. On the one hand, the evil part of me hopes that they're trashing the inside of the house like they're trashing peace and quiet, but on the other hand, the owner herself is a nice person. I won't wish anything like that on her. I just hope we can get these tenants in line. I'm sorry, but it's always the renters who drag a neighborhood down. They don't respect it, because they have no real investment. My opinion.

Remember the other post when I said my bad days are on Tuesdays? Well, today was a very bad day. I woke up with a migraine from the low-carb shakes I drank yester…


Well, I decided to view the dog out back as a postive thing. About 2 years ago, kids from the bad part of town raided our subdivision. They spray-painted truly foul words on the garage doors and spray painted a phrase on our driveway (not profane). Anyway, they got in through the back. They climbed the fence out back, dragging something over to the fence, to get in our yard. That's when I started locking my "cage door" as I call it, a swinging burglar bar door that covers my sliding glass door in the bedroom. I'm blessed they didn't have rape on their minds. With a pitbull on the other side of our back fence, no one's going to try that again ever. It's not a bad dog, it's just tiring. These same neighbors have begun drum practice every afternoon during my nap time. AAAAGH.

I got tired of being angry at myself for getting fat again. I "Inducted" on Atkins. No starch, no sugar. Just leafy green carbs (mainly), with a little summer…

Dumb S**t that's been setting me off lately

Recently I've been a little irritable, and normal peeves have really got me steaming. I'm not about to "go off" on anyone, but I thought maybe I'd share it and you could get a laugh over the stupid crap that pushes my buttons.

The people behind us (we live in a nice area) own a pitbull. Why? It's a nice safe area, no robberies, no violent crimes. The worst we get is a car burglary. So why the 90 pound monster? All it does it BARK BARK BARK all day and night. It barks at me when I'm in my own back yard. Thank God we have a 5 foot high wooden fence (reasonably sturdy). On the plus side, the local law allows us to call in a noise complaint on barking dogs late at night, and when the owner let the dog out today and it barked at me she corrected him. How nice that I can enjoy my own yard, except for the BARKING. UGH. Strange children coming up to me and asking me questions. Don't their parents know about CHILD MOLESTERS and CRAZY people like m…

My Favorite Garden Things

I had so much fun compiling this list.
Ames Lawn Buddy rolling cart/storage/seat
It's my best friend in the garden. This has got to be my most favorite garden thing ever. If you love a gardener who doesn't have one, buy them one. They will love it. I adore it. I can sit on it, and reach into it and grab my popsicle sticks for planting, it's got a removable tray to hold my plant labels, pens, and such, and it rolls. I love it. Love love love it. Best of all, I got mine for $30 from the Home Depot 2 years ago. If you have a garden, you must own one of these. A link:

Emerald Edge weed barrier edging
Definitely my #2 favorite product. You can Google this. It's a rigid, thick green plastic edging. You loosen the soil (at least my clay) and hammer it in. Nothing gets through, and unlike that other flimsy rolled-up edging, or the linkable edging, it won't move. Once…

Toad refuge

Toads are really handy little garden critters. They eat bad bugs, make cool noises at night, and are completely harmless (unless you lick them like Homer did in that episode of "The Simpsons"). I like them.

I found one, medium sized, toad about a month ago. Today, while I was planting beans, a small one hopped into the middle of my garden bed. I watched it for a while while it hung out. I even petted him with a finger tip and he didn't mind, but when he hopped off towards Frosty the cat I captured him.

The Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening says that toads like a covered area in which they can hide, accessible only to them. I have a plastic garden cart. It holds about 6 cubic feet. If I store it "right side up" it fills with rain and gets swampy, breeding mosquitoes. I store it upside down. It only has an inch or two of clearance on one side, and the rest is sheltered and dark. It's a perfect toad hidey-hole, so I put "him" in there. La…

Planting popsicle sticks

Ron's been in a really gloomy mood recently. Lots of negative energy. Ugh.

I was delighted to get the "Come in for an interview" letter from Metrolift. I'm about halfway to being approved. I have to remind myself to leave it up to God. If He wants me to get the service, I will. I have my interview on March 3. Yay.

We were supposed to get severe weather this afternoon. When I woke up from my nap, it was almost clear and sunny.

"To heck with it," I thought. I went outside and did a little weeding, mulched the beets, radishes, and chard, eyed the spot I've allocated for carrots.

I looked at the sky. Still overcast but no imminent rain. "I'm planting my carrots." And that's just what I did. 8 Short & Sweet, and 8 Chantenay, into one square foot of garden bed 2. I didn't manure half the bed, allocating it to "root crops". Manure can cause the root crops to get nasty, even if it is well-composted. I had one …

My opinion of Obama

I'm going to say it; I've never trusted the man. Something about him puts the hair on the back of my neck up. I listen to my radar.

Genesis did this back in 1991. I edited the lyrics slightly.

You see the face on the tv screen
Coming at you every day
See that face on the billboard
That man is me
On the cover of the magazine
Theres no question why Im smiling
You buy a piece of paradise
You buy a piece of me
Ill get you everything you wanted
Ill get you everything you need
Dont need to believe in hereafter
Just believe in me
Cos jesus he knows me
And he knows Im right
Ive been talking to jesus all my life
Oh yes he knows me
And he knows Im right
And hes been telling me
Everything is alrightI believe in the family
With my ever loving wife beside me
But she dont know about my girlfriend
Or the man I met last night
Do you believe in my platform of peace and joy for everyone
Cos thats what Im selling
And if you wanna get to heaven
Ill see you right
You wont even have to leave your house
Or get outta your c…

Do you like my pedicure?

It was supposed to rain today. When I got up, the weather said 40% chance. I had an odd headache and a lot of lethargy today. Maybe it was the falling barometric pressure. It made for an uncomfortable morning, but I still had a lot of fun.

I checked on the babies in my garden first. All the transplants look great and the tomatoes look vigorous. The weather's warm and I'm not going to work. I woke jeans, sandals, and a t-shirt.

First stop, Walmart. I got my driver candy ($20). It looks like Hershey's is discontinuing the milk chocolate cherry cordial kisses. One of our drivers loves those things. I found a bag hiding in with the dark chocolate, so I got it. I have a nice mix of candy now that ought to last me for about a month. Yay. I like getting it first so it doesn't cut into my fun money.

Next stop, garden center. The employees all know me by sight; I got to talking with one guy and it turns out he loves beets. I'm going to grow some more and giv…


I had a busy day out in the yard today. As soon as I woke up, I took the covers off the in-ground tomatoes and put out a tray of seedlings (mainly lettuce). The younger seedlings stayed inside until later.

Off to work, pretty quiet. The milkman had another crisis but the substitute managed to get the delivery to us on time. Amazing. Off to the bank (still no public bathroom, which I find incredibly rude), made the deposit. Then it was off to the "Warehouse" aka Sam's club. I needed candy bars, it's not urgent but we could run out in a couple days. Traditionally, this is the dead time so we're not worried about slow sales.

We had to ride around for a while after that, but the driver is a really nice lady. It wasn't bad, and it was a van so we weren't "sardines".

I took a nap when we got home, Ron did too and overslept. He missed his ride to Starbucks and called a cab. He should be home soon. Before he left we dragged all the metal jun…


Ron tried to be a nice guy this morning and let me sleep in as late as possible. Turns out that was a bad idea, we ended up missing the donut delivery. The donut guy was early.

The other vendors paid for our donuts and then we paid them back as soon as we got in. Their main helper was "out sick" today but they didn't seem to find the story plausible. They had to pick up his part of the load.

Since Ron and I had come in on Sunday, we hardly had anything to do. All I really need to do this week is get some more candy bars, keep the other stuff up, and make an order for more stuff on Friday. I "was a big help" to Ron today, he said. That's always nice to hear. He really is my favorite boss because he gives clear directions, doesn't breathe down my neck, doesn't bring personal issues to work, and lets me know he appreciates my help. I'm glad I work for him.

One of the access doors to our area jammed and Ron helped fix it, and he told the ma…

Oh, Happy Day

The severe weather wasn't. I'll always cover my plants, if possible, when I know they could experience severe weather. Nothing's more tragic, to me, than the sight of a battered, tiny plant that trusted me. I hate failing them. So, I covered the babies, they didn't need it, I uncovered them and everyone's happy.

My collards were so waterlogged they wilted. I noticed, as time went by, they perked up. It just takes the rain a while to drain off. I've got clay loam, it's very good in many regards, but no one's going to accuse my garden beds of fantastic drainage. I plan to elevate them, somewhat, somehow over the next couple years, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. I have enough organic matter in the soil to keep it draining pretty well, at least.

We had a very nice, mild and sunny day. First stop was work. We went in, we filled 'em up, we left. We had just enough time. Fortunately, it was ALL VANS today on Metrolift. I was bad…

What do I want to look at?

Sometimes I'm faced with the obvious. Ron and I, for instance, had accumulated a junk/brush pile on the side of the house. We're going to throw it out, sometime, but we need a dumpster, or a crew. We'd do something, we just didn't know what or when.

Mom and Dad are coming to visit in 6 weeks. See, that's what I'm talking about. Mom and Dad are going to be great for getting the place cleaned and organized. I want things to look nice for them, and it's the perfect motivation.

About the worst thing we had was the junk pile. I can finish the house stuff in less than a week (once I get the junk pile) so I'm not too worried about that. I'm also saving to buy an IKEA couch for the living room, I just have one wooden rocking chair (mine) and a plastic arm chair for visitors.

But the junk pile. I see it everytime I'm sitting at this computer. It had all kind of metal junk the other homeowner left in the yard, the burglar bars off the front wind…

Another satisfied customer

I've worked with the public for over 15 years. It's not easy.

I love my job. I feed people, and they walk away happy. I work with a unique and diverse building population. I see everything from low-cut blouses, too much makeup and cologne, to guys dressed in scruffy jeans, longish hair, beards, and old t-shirts. We've got shaved heads, perms, weaves, natural, braids, and dreadlocks, but the one thing I hate to see is an unhappy customer.

I am very fortunate, 98% of the time it's something easy; they're banging on a machine and I just need to "free" the item that's refusing to drop, or exchange a "wrong soda came out" for the right item. It does happen when you have a blind guy filling the soda machine. There's the coin jam, refund deal and then there's the ones who are impossible to please.

That's why, when I had a small problem with my order at Stone brothers (, I was a little skeptical about how they&…

"I was having a bad day until you showed up."

We had a great, quiet day today. I had some trouble sleeping last night after taking my decongestant (it can make me manic), so I took 2 Lithium instead of one this morning. It worked great.

Our driver had a little trouble finding us, and a little trouble finding some of the other trips (he had 3 other stops before we got dropped), so we rode around a bit. His braking style was a bit jerky and I started getting queasy (lithium and the braking). I sat in the front seat and (after asking permission) rolled the window down enough to get fresh air. He was stressed enough that he was chewing on his cuticules, so I tried to be very patient and helpful (I knew the other stops well).

We finally got to Walmart. All the singing cards were sold out. Heather, you monster. You didn't get your husband a singing card! Last night, I DID fry up a pound of onions (with sausage) which was eaten with great relish. Watching him "tear into" the plate, I was glad I'd planted so m…

It's always a Tuesday

Whenever I have a bad day, it's always a Tuesday. Yesterday was nothing. I found out my mother died on a Tuesday (second worst tie). My loving grandmother died on a Tuesday (second-worst tie). My husband was catastrophically injured on a Tuesday (worst day of my life). Stupid (his) family power game drama family meeting (third worst day of my life) Tuesday. If it weren't unchristian, I'd wonder about the numerology/astrology people. "They" say that Virgos tend to have trouble on Tuesdays.

You get the idea. I went to bed and slept well last night. When I woke up, sun was shining in my window, gently warming the room. I murmured as I sat up and was greeted by a soft, loving meow from Frosty. It's been a good day.

I got the candy and snacks done. Snacks haven't been crazy-busy, but brisk enough that I'm not worried about business. I saw some good people I like. We had good rides (yay!), even the one that took an hour (other pickups and dro…

I won't let him get me down

Well, I feel a little better. I had a decent nap, Bubba-cat came and cuddled for a while, and when I woke up Frosty loved on me for a while.

Ron was a little ugly today. He thought I was "short" with the driver. I'm sorry, I was giving very clear directions and she just wasn't listening. If you're that dumb, you shouldn't be talking on a cell phone while driving. You certainly shouldn't be talking on a cell phone while driving in an unfamiliar area and trying to get directions. The company has a NO CELL PHONES WHILE DRIVING policy. I didn't call and report her for the cell phone. I didn't yell at her. If my voice got a little short well, I'm human.

He called me some names and later apologized. Not for calling me "A stupid bitch" but for "Trying to do God's job for him." OOOO-KAAAY. I think they have pills for a God-complex. Then it was an hour or two of endless bitching on how nothing is real, why is God ma…

Yes, I took all my pills today but sometimes....

Maybe it's the weather (icy cold, windy, and damp) but somewhere along the way today I got irritated. It seems like everything's just feeding my bad mood. It's not the bipolar, so maybe I'll blame hormones.

Hey, the uterus ought to be good for something, since I'm not reproducing with it. All in all, it was a good day, that's the sad part.

We went into work. The machines looked great. Our milkman was a little later than expected but not bad. He's a good guy, I like him. When I brought the milk back, I helped Ron. I did my candy inventory as we were going to Sam's club. I got my box ready and left.

After I got out to the bus stop with the box (and my backpack and purse), Ron called to "remind" me to add dimes to the change banks. I went back cheerfully and filled them.

Ron was in a very gloomy mood today, angry at God. I told him I can only take so much negativity and asked him to tone it down a little. He did a decent job.

When we …

Tribute candy

Wow. I had a busy weekend, but not exactly what I planned. Saturday, we went into work. Once I got home, I got my nap on. I hate having to nap when it's sunny and glorious, the garden is calling, but if I don't I'm liable to plant things wrong side up. I went out and planted some lettuce, herbs and marigolds. I had a lot of fun.

I sure love the hose Ron bought me. It works great.

Sunday, we'd planned to go to Walmart. Instead, I woke up with a crippling migraine. Not fun. I curled up in a ball with the trusty ice bag and the Phenergan suppository where it would do the most good. The Phenergan puts me to sleep and helps me get over the damned thing faster. Ron gallantly refilled my ice bag and went off to Starbucks with my blessing. He had fun, at least. Why make him suffer, too? He's already being quiet in the house so he doesn't "bother" me.

I curled up with the cat for nearly a whole day. This morning, I had planned on washing my hai…

Good news and bad news

Chuck found the cat medicine hiding in his truck. Yay. I don't have to repurchase it.

We were able to get a ride to work, grab the catalog, and get back home fairly quickly. I was able to call in the order so we have product to sell next week. Yay.

When my order came today, the seeds were there but not the soil thermometer I paid for. Waaah! Dang it, I really wanted it. Very aggravating. I sent a very polite email to the company. Let's see how good their customer service can be. [I just want them to send me the thing I should already have, preferably fast]

I got a good nap today, my tomatoes (the seedlings and the transplants already in-ground) look good, and I bought some interesting winter squash this week (a buttercup and a butternut). Now I've got choices.

I'm still tired, and my handwriting has gotten worse since I started my pills. I have a wonderful life but if I can't whine here I won't be blogging.

I've got to go soak the pintos so I can …


On my last post, I meant to say "I can see why people go off their pills". When I'm tired, and can't think, forgetful, nauseated, itchy, and dry-mouthed I can see why people go off their pills. When I'm medicated, I'm the one who suffers (with side effects). When I'm not, everyone suffers.

Speaking of suffering, as soon as I got home last night I covered my tomatoes. I'm glad. We had frost on the ground this morning.

I got some Buttercup winter squash seeds today at Home Depot (also some beans and lettuces). I can grow them up the trelllis I plan to put by bed 4.

I confessed my "sin" to Ron and we're going in to work tomorrow to get my VSA catalog. I can sleep in on Saturday. Ron was very nice, I'm glad I married him.

I can see why...

This morning we went to the warehouse, bought some candy, and went to work. I stocked everything that my snacks needed. It was a little rough, one woman followed me into the bathroom, asking me to sell her some Dunkin' Sticks. What, I had it in my pocket? Then she followed me into the stockroom AFTER I told her, I'd be happy to get her product after I brought in the candy which was sitting in the sun outside. Hm.

Later on, I was told by a disgruntled person that the ham sandwiches were "Nasty" and all our food choices were terrible. I told her, I'm just the hired help, the business manager is over there (pointing at my husband). Apparently, she didn't want to yell at a blind man, as she left.

I had to smile and play nice while Chuck chatted up the woman who hid my husband's cart and laughed at him as he searched for it. That's a sick game to play on a blind man who can hardly work. But I couldn't say or show how I felt. Like I told Chuck…

Today was bipolar

"Bipolar" Everyone's throwing it around as an adjective, why not me? The day certainly qualified.

I woke up and we got a straight trip (!!) to Walmart with a nice driver. While there, I discovered the new plant display. I restrained myself to a Rosemary, Thyme, 2 tomatoes, and 2 tomato cages. Ron bought me a new hose (l0ng story short, me too depressed, Ron killed the hose by accident), so I also bought a nozzle and a sprayer (I can tell it to add 1 t per gallon of my seaweed emulsion) from Ortho. I find it ironic to use a chemical gardening iconic tool in my organic garden. Terrible things go into those sprayers, usually.

I was a happy camper! Even though they didn't have my cherry cola diet rite, I adapted. I got the cheap diet decaf and some low carb spaghetti fixin's. We went home.

Ron had an appointment at the Hand Center in a few hours, so I happily planned and planted my new friends. Ron wanted me to grow a "Bush Goliath" so I obliged …


I'm glas we're on good terms with the other vendor. We both work at the relationship, because you've got two competing businessmen in the same line of work. It can get ugly if you don't team up.

Things were OK before, but they're certainly a lot better since I started my medication. I talk to them, I'm an extrovert. Ron's really more of an introvert but he is social when he's out in public. He's happy sitting alone at Starbucks for hours, where I'm blogging and yakking at my Metrolift driver. I told everyone at work about my sweet potato, and was told by Ray, the country boy, that I'm "Doing it right". It amuses Ron.

Ron's boss called a while ago and said the Plant Manager had called him, and they needed to meet (Ron's boss and Ron). Of course we were having heart attacks. It's like your boss calling you into his office and telling you to shut the door. This is probably very bad.

This morning, I heard the other…

I got a licking today

I suffered a home invasion today. The neighbor's min-pin, whom I'll call "Baby", was in her backyard (??) all weekend. She got lonely. I was sweet-talking her through the fence, she's an adorable dog.

Anyway, she got through a broken board into the yard behind her, then into our yard (most of our fence is incredibly old and brittle). I went into the house to get some treats and she followed me in. I had one cat on the floor by this computer and another cat in the laundry room. They all got along fine while Ron and I played "Min-Pin-roundup" and "Love the human". We each got a thorough licking. I finally got her back out into the yard and she raced around, sniffing away. I offered her a treat (I know, NEVER feed someone's dog without permission), but she had her own treat: a large pine bark mulch chip. She ran out of our yard ( I jury-rigged something to keep her from coming back) and into her own. The last I saw, she was burying…

I know what I want for Valentine's day.

We'll have a lot of business on our vending machines tomorrow for 2 reasons: Superbowl (the employee television is located in our area) and rain! Ron and I used to have a morbid joke back in the days of the deli, if we had a good night, it must have been cold, rainy, or both.

We've been having warm weather and FINALLY some sun. I got to get out in my garden yesterday and today. I fixed up garden bed 1, wow. It has fantastic soil, just beautiful. I can hardly wait to plant something in it. What plant? Whatever goes in there will be spoiled rotten - the soil was already fantastic before I added 5 gallon buckets of compost, shredded leaves, and mulch. I can't forget the 1.25 gallons of composted steer manure either. That's some good stuff.

I hate to say it, but none of the other beds look that good. I have decided, for one, to adopt a minimal tillage policy. I haven't tilled garden bed one in years. Not so with the other beds. They look like they have cla…