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I'm so very picky

Ron and I had a good day today. First, he asked me what I wanted to do; we always have this discussion the day before our trips.

It can be a little aggravating, trying to explain, we don't have spur-of-the-moment trips. It has to be planned, choreographed, and called in before 5 PM, the day prior to travel. We have to plan our pickup, how long we'll be at the location, and when we'll get picked up to go home. Then, of course, Metrolift can totally blow those plans out of the water with a late pickup. [shrug] Like I told the man yesterday, depending on public transit keeps me humble. It's impossible to be arrogant, waiting and waiting on a ride!

So, we decided to go to Foodtown first thing. You may wonder, why a "religious" lady like myself isn't in a church, and I'll get to that. We had a late-ish pickup that only gave me 20 minutes to shop AND checkout. A lot of people at Foodtown!

I got everything I needed, which wasn't much, only fo…

New Photos, and the card I'll be mailing

I took my camera to work today, and Chuck was happy to take some photos. Here's the link: I think you can really see the new progress.

Many times, Ron will comment that a particular day has seemed "pointless". We went to work, filled 'em up. I handed out a sack of Bibles and candy over the course of my day.

However, I had it in my head that after work, I would go to the Christian bookstore and buy a case or two of the economy paperback Bibles. God has had me handing out my supply, I'm down to my last one. I figured, He would make sure I could resupply.

Not. Quite. I went to the bookstore. They HAD over 100 the last time I checked, but they were sold out. On the one hand I am delighted to know someone else is out there handing out Bibles, on the other hand, Ron had given me cab fare, and dropped me off on the weekend, and for what? I did pick up some books, but it just seemed like a poi…

On Driver Candy

I was recently asked a question: Do I feel like a hypocrite, handing out bags of candy to people, even though I am living a sugar-free lifestyle? The answer is absolutely not.

First, I am only giving this out to adults, and rarely a parent of a child. Secondly, they are able to decline if they want. If someone offered me candy I would decline if I knew them. If I didn't, I'd accept it and put it in my bag. Later on, I'd get rid of it.

Basically, God just put it in my head to give people bags full of candy (about a handful or 2, in a plastic bag). I've been doing that off and on for, oh, 3-4 years now.

Last year, I started feeling led to hand out Bibles and New Testaments. My only regret about my mugging a few months back, was that he had gotten some driver candy I had bagged for the bus drivers. I began wishing I had a tract or something in there - it seemed a shame he mugged me and didn't get a Bible or tract out of it. He is on the prayer list, along with all the…

Delivery day

Today was a long day. I got up at 2:45, did my Bible study and prayer time, got ready, and off to work. I mentioned before that I'd made some flax bread, forgetting to add the sweetener! Well, it was OK, but I wasn't in a hurry to eat it.

Yesterday, I got some of the whipped cream cheese in the tub. I put that on the bread, and WOW. Suddenly I have a gourmet treat! So good! My new jeans are getting baggy, and I keep getting compliments, so I'm definitely on the right track!

It's actually pretty funny; I was willing to tolerate horrible side effects to manage my illness. I didn't care if I went bald, puked all day, and gained 100 pounds, if I could just stop the noise and demons in my head! Well, I've got the illness well-managed, and I'm getting some fun side effects: the antipsychotic has given me a bigger chest, and now the antidepressant is accelerating my weight loss! Thinner and more buxom. Let me cry for a minute. I will need at least 3 p…

Hi Gang!

It was a very busy day - and I need to get to bed soon so it will be short.

Got up, went to work, did EVERYTHING - placed the order, counted the pull, prepped the deposit, put what I had into the machines, helped Ron, you name it. I also put up half a pallet of soda, and all this in just a few hours!

Our first couple trips were horrible, but the rest of the trips were great. We got to the bank, did our business, went to Walmart - got the basics.

I am cheap in many regards, for instance, I don't buy brand names - unless you count the sporting-goods-store store brand jeans. At $15, they fit great and wear like iron.

The one thing I don't cheap? Toilet Paper. I can't abide the cheap stuff. I got all my supplies - Ron just loves riding around in the Shopalong cart - the blue thing on the back of the shopping cart. I even sent Shopalong an email with a link.

I barely had time to make a small deposit at MY bank, and hit the bathroom yet again - my jeans seem very loose t…

It's official

I have been shut down on LOW CARB FRIENDS. Not very friendly.

Anyway, my concern is that some may worry about me. Don't worry. HOUSTON HEATHER is alive and well. I'm over here now. I'll be posting here instead, I love you all, but I think my evangelism was getting on some nerves!

It says in the Bible, if they persecute you in one town, flee to another.

An empty bag is the goal

When I do up the Bibles and tract-candy (both in a baggie, which I hand out to everyone), I always pray over it. I ask God how many English and Spanish I need. I ask him how many Bibles. I ask Him which bookmarks and postcards get stuck into the Bibles. I like to think of the Holy Spirit and I, hanging out on my couch, or sitting at the table together, He's suggesting "Put that tract, Heather" or "Mark that passage, Heather." I picture him with a highlighter in his mouth, or a handful of candy (depending on the task). It makes me smile and I know it's true.

Last night, I heard SIX Spanish Bibles, six Spanish candy, 12 English candy (I have tracts in various languages), and 9 English New Testaments. It made for a pretty heavy bag!

Of course, since I really prayed on it, sought God's will, and handed candy and Bibles out AS DIRECTED by the Holy Spirit (you can see why I moved my blog - too much Jesus!) - I had a very productive day IN SPITE OF the …

I can't please both God and Man

I have had ongoing issues with a message board. Personal attacks on me, vicious personal attacks, I might add; were permitted, at a very difficult and painful time in my life. I forgive everyone involved, but I do my best to avoid vexation. I would get cited for various small infractions. I finally avoided one area of the message board altogether. I didn't regret my decision.

It looks like the attacks have started up again. I've been cited for making an "inappropriate" post - as I consoled a terrified, grieving mother with the tale of my hideous symptoms and how well they have been managed by medication. If that's inappropriate, and I have to watch everything I type, wondering what I'll find in my In-box everytime I log onto the site... realizing I cannot please both the administration AND my duties to Jesus (ie comforting the suffering) - if I have to choose; guess where I'm going?

Right here. I'm the admin - I approve of all my posts. Well,…


So, I was praying and mediating, trying to figure out God's will for me one day. I felt led to compile these prayer lists. My longest category is the evangelism category. I ask God to honor these requests. Please feel free to "rip off" any of these lists and make your own changes, then use them in your own prayer time. I'd be delighted, and so would God.

Give all evangelists a zeal and desire for Your word, Lord, and time spent with You in prayer.Give us all a humble, obedient, courageous, servant's heart. Give us the desire to use Your spiritual gifts. Rig us up in Your armor, Lord.Give us a hunger to spend time in Your word and prayer, seeking Your will. Give us consistency in doing so. Give us a willingness to be used by You, Lord.Give us the courage and perseverance to accept persecution.Give us unity with other belivers, and Your love for the unreached, fellow workers, new converts, the backslidden, and strong believers. Give us all physical safety…

Financial supporters

Not a very glamourous category, but I can safely say I've bought over 100 tracts and 100 more Bibles, because people gave me money for the work. I felt it was unmistakable - I need to be praying for all financial supporters, daily. So, I made my list and go down it daily.

Give them a strong walk of faith.Give them the desire to spend time in Bible study, prayer, and seeking Your will, Lord.Protect them from demonic attacks and persecution. Give them good stewardship skills, to do more with Your money. Give them the knowledge they are doing important work for You, Lord, and walking in Your will.Guide them in their decision making.Give them job security and enjoyment of their jobs.PeacePhysical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Discerning spirit. Harmony with all believers.Give them a hunger to reach the unreached. Protect them from false teachings.

One of my favorite categories...

I love praying for these guys, the "Gospel Distributors" basically, everyone involved from the tree, to the tract, to someone on their knees getting saved. The guy who prints the tracts. The mailman carrying them...the store that sells them, the person handing them out. Like I said, a fun group.

Protect them from demonic, and human, attacks.Safety for them.Guide the administrators and managers.Give them a good supply chain, unimpeded, with fair prices. Quality, functioning, equipment.Protect the equipment, and humans, from breakdowns and accidents!Safety for all propertyExcellent production levels, to keep up with demand!Safe packing and shipping, for people and materials!Safe, unimpeded, expedited, shipping. You would be surprised how well this works. I have gotten several packages that looked as though they had been chewed by dogs, yet the material was fine. Open hearts, for all to receive the Gospel.Give Holy Spirit guidance with all decisions.Give everyone, more o…

Bible, Tract, Testimony, and candy recipients

I testify a lot. I tell people about God and how much He's done in my life. I also hand out tracts, Bibles, and candy with tracts. I pray for everyone; and put notes in the Bibles letting people know I'm praying for them. This is what I request:

Open heart and eager minds for God's word.Give them the courage to read/listen/and act on what they hear/read! Give them an understanding of Your word.Guide them to the proper passages that they need.Guide Ron and I as we testify; putting Your words in our mouths, Your thoughts in our heads, and Your love in our hearts!Guide me as I prepare the Bibles and Candy.Lead me to the "hungry" who need You and Your Word! Ensure I have the proper materials; the supplies, the correct amount of distribution material, and help me to be a good steward of what You've given me so I can keep doing this.Help Ron and I to maintain a proper testimony. If we're acting like jerks... Bind up any demonic influences that might get in …

Worldwide and certain areas...

For instance, for some reason it's been all about praying for Nigeria recently. I don't know why, but if I feel God's leading me to pray for someone, I do it.

What I basically do is ask God to please apply these requests worldwide, with "double helpings" for certain areas.

More workers to share the Gospel (locals and imports).Open doors to the Gospel; removing or bypassing legal restrictions to sharing the Gospel, blind the "Bad Eyes", open, eager hearts for the Gospel, and courage and protection for His workers. Help citizens with "Daily Bread" issues.Peaceful resolution of any conflicts.Safety for the citizens to hear the GospelBind up any demonic forces, exposing them to their subjects for what they are.Guidance and protection for leaders and administrators - if unsaved, lead them to You.Health for the citizens: good food supply, safe employment, proper nutrition, good medical care, and a reasonable cost of living. Good accurate Bible an…

Prayers for Chaplains, Ministry staff, First Responders, and Social Workers

Here's what I ask God for with regards to the above workers:

SafetyHoly Spirit guidance as they perform their duties. Discernment - make them as wise as serpents! Please lead them to salvation if they are unsaved, also friends and family.A close walk with You if they're saved. Proper equipment that works.

Prayers for me and Ron

I've been busy. Recently I took a day off and stayed home. I felt God wanted more of me, and spent some time in prayer and Bible study. At one point in the day, I found myself with a notebook in hand, pen in the other, writing down prayer requests. I feel the Holy Spirit led me to put them down, so I can ask God for my list.

Here's the list for me and Ron; I pray for many different people, but here's the list of requests for myself and my husband:
Deliver us from hidden faults (items 1-3 are all out of Psalm 19).Deliver us from willful sins (like gossip!); so the sins don't rule us.Give us gracious speech and pleasing thoughts to You. Help us to find rest in You. Our hope comes from You; remind us we can't be shaken when we're in Your will. (Psalm 62)Keep us from gossip and judging others.Teach us Your will.Help us to be forgiving of those who have hurt us. I pray for both the people we have hurt, and the people who have hurt us. All of them. I ask God…