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Not manic

Well, I'm definitely not manic.  Pretty depressed the last couple days. 

I have been eating the vegetables I bought, though.  A lot of times I buy vegetables when manic, even slightly so 'I'm going to eat better!" and let the poor things languish to death in the fridge.  I have seen vegetables in nearly all stages of decomposition, which hasn't done much for furthering my veggie consumption. 

However, I bought things I like so I have been eating them.  Kale?  Not so much. 

Yesterday we did something a little different - Ron, unfortunately, has been relying on increasingly inaccurate weather forecasts.  We went to the Waffle House around 10 AM and it was packed.  We barely got a table. 

We had a good meal.  The grilled cheese was OK, the eggs spectacular.  I always get 4 scrambled eggs when I go.  I'd rather have a nice, moist, fluffy egg. 

I can never make a good scrambled egg myself. 

We went home after and I had a nap, then Ron and I went to work.  We …

"I know that wasn't pretty"

Tough day today. 

How tough, you might ask, could it be?  You had the day off.  You didn't have a headache (praise God!). 

Depression.  I had a hell of a time just dragging myself into the shower when I did.  First I did my God Time, ate a snack, and took my medication. 

I thought of going to a grocery store a while back, it's right on the bus line.  A grocery store on a single bus line (no transfers) is the holy grail of public transit.  I thought it might bear investigating. 

I've been hearing of a lot of people dying in their 60's, and that scares me.  Ron is in his 60's and "doesn't take care of himself".  His parents and grandparents were very long lived, his one grandfather didn't live an easy life but still died in his 90's. 

I worry about that a lot.  If Ron dies, so does my transportation.  Have you ever been nearly entirely dependent on another person for your transportation?  I am. 

I decided to go check out the store, there i…

Laughing His holy butt off...

Day 3 of the headache. 

Now, before someone has hysterics, I used to go to the hospital EVERY TIME I had one of these things (when I had better insurance).  I have seen and experienced a million "neuro checks" and I am fine.  No sudden paralysis, tingling, weakness, etc.  I know my name, date, and current events.  I can "squeeze your hand" and wiggle my toes, but I still don't know which foot is the gas pedal. 

That one freaked out a few doctors, until I explained I don't drive. 

My headaches are due, in part to genetics, in part to hormones (these days), and in part to medication.  That's just my package. 

Anyway, I dragged my butt out of bed, had my diet soda, and got in the shower.  I did my God Time later. 

I got dressed and we went to work.  I felt pretty lousy but we didn't need to do too much, happily. 

The headache crawled off about the time we left. 

We went to the bank.  We deposited some change I'd been saving for a while, and …

Paleo migraine

Well, I have to say, #6 came through for me today.  Really. 

I woke up with the headache, ongoing, today.  I slept until 9 AM because I took a Phenergan last night.  That is very uncommon for me. 

Phenergan is an antinausea pill that helps me sleep.  It is not, however, a sleeping pill.  It just helps me, at least, to rest. 

I will most likely be taking another one tonight. 

At least it doesn't hurt to look through my bifocals.  And I'm not vomiting. 

Anyway, I got up and could do very little but I did manage to watch the sermon on my computer and do my God Time. 

Ron wanted me to watch a psychological thriller, one of those "Is she insane or are they really out to get her".  I told Ron I had had far too much Gaslighting in my life already, and my head was killing me. 

I went to bed around 11 and woke up around 5 just now. 

I do have to commend #6.  They were super quiet, when I needed it.  When I really, really, needed it, they were very quiet. 

Thank you f…

Tiny house marathon

I am frequently baffled by #6.  When we got home last night, it was quiet.  It was quiet for over 2 hours after we got home.  I went to bed and turned out all the lights. 

Suddenly, he goes out in the yard, banging around, brings the children out, talking to the kids, who are talking loudly, one of them fell down, crying loudly, etc.  All this happened after I turned off my lights to go to bed.  Lots of banging and scraping, too. 

I had to wonder if he did it on purpose "They want to sleep, so I'll make MORE noise!".  After all, it had been dead silent for over 2 hours, and in the past he has always picked up directly after a party.  Why go out and clean in the dark, anyway? 

I forgot to mention he put on his lights, which shine into my bedroom.  I wasn't very happy.

I went in the computer room and laid down on the pull out.  I stayed there for what I considered a long time, then went back.  The lights were still on but it appeared to be quiet. 

At some point, he…

Sleep Deprivation

Today was - challenging. 

I didn't fall asleep until after 8 PM, and I had to get up at 3. 

About 9 PM, someone had a toilet accident outside the litterbox and was frantically trying to rip up the carpet to cover it.  I put the cat out the cat door (I don't know who it was, it was late), and they came back right as I was sleeping again. 

So, I had to get up, clean up the mess, and sprinkle pet accident odor eliminator carpet powder on the spot (not that the carpet was stained).  I was "allowed" to sleep after that. 

I got up at 3 and went to work.  Taking my shower at night seems to work really well.  I think I will continue that. 

We stocked and our delivery came in a timely manner, the guy even put it away for me.  That was awesome.  We did our inventory (we need to make a supply run tomorrow) and left. 

We got home around 10.  I heard weird noises coming from next door on one side.  On the other side, #2 was testing every yard tool he had - firing up leaf bl…

Where vegetables go to die...

It actually rained this morning, per the forecast. 

I slept in until 7:30 or so, got up, and did my God time.  I fed Biscuit his nums and tried to figure out what I was going to do about the bathroom. 

I could get a rug at the store, and someone would throw up on it, or deposit some grisly "treat", and I would be faced with a gruesome cleanup or a simple disposal.  I'm sorry, I'm not that cheap.  I'm not saving something with rodent blood on it, washing it with good clothes, and then possibly using it to dry myself, or Ron.  Ever.  Or even touching it with my bare, clean, feet. 

I decided to go to the nearest thrift store.  Well, not the nearest but the one I like the best. 

I never liked their police-style bag grab, forcing me to leave all my stuff behind the counter.  But I understood, although anyone who would rob a thrift store....

When the weather cleared up, I went to the bus stop.  A guy walked up the street and asked me for money.  I told him I didn&#…

Trash Day

When I got up, I found a partly decapitated mouse on the bathroom rug.  UGH.  It was a mess.  I don't plan to give details. 

I rolled it up and bundled it with some other trash, then took it out (it's trash day).  As I went out, I saw Baby Girl.  Once I got rid of my trash she rolled over, showing her belly. 

That's her love language for me, letting me rub her tummy, something cats don't usually allow.  My other cats will get in my lap or let me play with their feet. 

Anyway, I got to work, baby talking her and rubbing her cute spotted tummy.  I looked up and found someone's beagle watching me, with big sad brown eyes. 

"I'm sorry" I told him.  "I'm not a dog person".  The dog seemed to be telling me I could be, if I'd just give it a try.  However, beagles make a lot of noise, assuming it didn't have an owner, and it does. 

This is why you neuter your males, so they don't go wandering after sex.  

I told the dog no, I w…

I almost kissed an Altima

What do I say as my driver drives into the path of an Atima, hears the blaring car horn (thank you Altima for being alert) and then weaves back into his lane?  Not much. 

"You know" I told Ron "That's how we're going to die one day".  Ron reminded me that I did want to get to heaven and I had to go somehow. 

We got up early and I took my shower.  It was cold so I wore my long jeans and didn't shave my legs.  I'm just a rebel, but had I ended up in the hospital, I would have been embarrassed. 

We got to the new warehouse and I got my flatbed.  The cart attendant isn't super jolly but he does a very good job. 

I couldn't find the water, but they had the other product.  I did buy Ron a case of Cheez-its (he loves them), 1 ounce individual portions, with my money.  I bought myself a case of Diet Dr Pepper. 

I had the same cashier I had last time, she is sweet and efficient.  Some of them stack it in such a way I worry about an avalanche, an…

Welcome to America

It's not "Because they're taking all my welfare".  It's not "Because I have to be bilingual to get an office job these days".  It's not any of the other, more hostile, arguments against immigration, legal or not. 

It's because some of them want to kill us.  Your average family from Guatemala is not interested in killing the golden goose.  They want a good life in America, a safe life, with the basics provided for and a fallback social net should they have Hard Times.  They want free vaccines for their kids, free schooling, free milk for the baby, etc.  I can't really argue with that. 

You see, I went on mission trips to Mexican slums.  I totally understand why they want to leave that and come here.  It is hellish.  It reeks of raw sewage.  They don't have running water, they have to buy it off a truck every day and put it in a tank.  Everyone is very thin, with desperate eyes. 

I get that.  I can't really work up a good "hate…


"I've told [my friends] about you.  They all know you're a mental defective - unstable, and not to be trusted."  The guy spat out the words as he stomped off. 

I gaped at his back in shock, disgust and awe battling for supremacy.  I finally turned and walked the other way. 

What happened?  Well, I have a stockroom at work.  It is shared with the other vendor. 

I had mentioned I had some missing product.  I thought this guy could help, and I wanted whoever did it to know I'm not stupid, I know you stole from me, and I will be taking measures. 

Now, when I get to work I pull my carts out of the stockroom.  The candy in question was on a middle shelf on the cart.  It is possible someone stole the product off the cart while I was working, it would be ballsy, but possible. 

However, I thought it was more likely that the key has been copied and used.  Since my stuff is by the door (at the behest of the other vendor, who hides his stuff behind big stacks of empty c…

My weekend

Yesterday I slept in a bit (7 AM) and went to Taco Bell with Ron for breakfast.  We were there for about an hour, that's what they gave us, and we had a good time. 

I had a breakfast crunchwrap with steak.  These days, bacon or sausage can make me queasy. 

We went home and I took a nap on the pull-out.  I woke up around 2.  I left the pullout extended on the floor. 

Some noise next door, #6 bought a brand new air conditioning system and was installing it himself, with the help of some guy in a dirty white pickup. 

"I hope" Ron said "They don't burn their house down and take ours with it".  I'm with you, Ron. 

It wasn't a new window unit, it was a whole system with "Proudly made in America" labels all over it.  I had to laugh at the latino buying made in America products. 

The guy in the pickup was there for 2 days, and periodically parked, blocking our house.  I wasn't too happy about that.  Plenty of parking on the street, you d…

I am human

I wish I could remember what had Ron laughing so hard, earlier.  I think it was something about the cats.  "Oh" He gasped with laughter "You have to put this in your blog". 

I'm sorry.  :( 

I slept OK but I woke up with yet another headache.  I took some headache pills and did my God Time.  I didn't have enough time after that for a shower, but I looked OK and it was my day off. 

I worry some future employer will read this and conclude I am "nasty".  I don't skip a shower on a work day.  Ever.  That's why I'll always work as long as I can. 

Oh, I have been freaking out about an assortment of various issues, including "What happens to me if Ron dies?"  Well, he's going to go when God takes him, no sooner. 

After he came back, he told me, while he was dead, God told him the next time Ron "saw" Him we'd be together.  Considering some of the people we ride with that doesn't surprise me.  If someone hit …

Heather the race traitor

I was told to take a day off once a week and forget about Ron.  I've been trying to do that lately. 

I didn't expect the skinhead. 

I slept in until about 8, then got up and took my shower, did my God time.  It was supposed to rain but it didn't.  I believe it will rain tonight because I have a headache now. 

Last night, I had stayed up late looking at Kindle Books and charging said Kindle.  I had accidentally let the battery run down. 

I should probably check my other devices. 

Yup, needed a charge.  I need to check them every couple weeks. 

I ended up buying something I had considered for a while, a HCSB Apologetics study Bible.  Basically, apologetics is "defending the faith" when someone asks "Who made God" or "Why does He allow evil?". 

I am not good at apologetics.  I prefer to focus on evangelism and Bible study.  I can gossip about Old Testament Kings and prophets, and do so with Ron.  It's a fun way to inform without preach…

Flaming hot pork rinds

I  couldn't believe it as I stood in the warehouse, surrounded by bottled water.  They had everything except "my" 20 ounce bottled water.  How can I stock the bottled vendor without water, which is literally 1/4 of our business? 

I was even more disgusted when I realized they were out of the 16.9 ounce black tea with peach, also a staple of our sales (and another 1/4 of our business). 

I left my "buggy" and went to talk to Ron.  He was outraged when I told him. 

He made a phone call and we decided to go to the other store, which, he'd been assured, had both.  It was a long ride. 

I got another flatbed cart (on average, I get about 60 cases of inventory), and rolled into the store.  Would they have what I needed?  Were the employees helpful?  Would I have a good "shop"?

Well, they didn't have the hot pork rinds, but I found everything else.  Not only that, one of the employees helped load my cart with all the bottled drinks I needed.  I did…


Did you know I used to eat paper?  I hated the taste but I craved it, I just knew I needed something in the paper. 

I also ate salt, I have always eaten a lot of salt, but one time I was given a bag of salt for a science project and I literally ate the whole bag.  I was in the second or third grade. 

Of course my parents got dragged into this.  Something is wrong with your kid.  They took me to the doctor, who said I was fine.  We had already been to family counseling and I was deemed "normal".  Ha! 

I found the texture disgusting and the taste sour, but I'd work it between my molars and chomp it, sucking the juices.  I would rip off the edges of my schoolwork and nibble as I worked. 

Why was I eating the paper? 

I read recently that children suffering from pica - eating non-food items, are often severely anemic.  That makes sense.  I had the symptoms. 

Oh, well, they're wiser now. 

I just thought I'd share that nugget from my far past.  Once I stopped gro…

I say that a lot

The neighbors baffle me.  Saturday, kids in the yard all day playing.  Well, it's nice weather and we don't have a lot of that in Houston.  I understood that. 

Yesterday, dead silence all day, until well after 8 PM, when I went to bed.  Then, it's playtime for an hour and a half.  Why couldn't they have done that at a reasonable hour?  God only knows. 

Needless to say, I didn't sleep well, especially when I had to get up at 5 AM (that was eliminating my God Time, which I have yet to do).  I'm not angry, just baffled, and I say that a lot about them. 

Moving on: we had a good ride to work and a moderate amount of work to do.  We do need to make an inventory run before we stock again. 

Peanut butter crackers remain popular, I don't get it - I've never liked them, but the customers line up for them every day. 

Our food machine has a bad bill acceptor and validator.  I don't know what's wrong.  Hopefully we can get it sorted out. 

We got Ron a…