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Didn't flood, again.

Houston was abuzz.  A new, ominous looking, storm system was inbound.  We might get more flooding.  Emergency services were up all night, in their lair downtown. 

You get the idea, constant weather updates, etc... and no rain praise God.  We had a little thunderstorm this morning, maybe 10 minutes, and that was it. 

However, the buildup affected my sleep.  I had a nightmare I was in a flooded out flophouse, water nearly at the top of the mattress, doing drugs.  I was doing something with some kind of colored powder and boy was it getting me high.  I didn't sleep much better even after that dream. 

Do you ever feel like you want a refund on your sleep?  That it wasn't what you paid for and you deserve something better?  That's how I felt. 

A lot of this is just my illness.  Some of it is media poisoning.  That's a term I haven't used!  Generally, I just avoid everything but local news and that works really well.  I don't discuss politics, which drives some o…

"Make me drink"

Some days are just - agh. 

I was awakened in the middle of the night, I believe by one of the cats running across me just because she could.  Biscuit is outnumbered 2 to 1 so I will use a female pronoun with regard to the cats, unless it is Biscuit. 

Anyway, a couple nights in a row, awakened at 2-3 AM.  I get up, I pee, I get a drink of water 'cause I'm always thirsty, I go back to sleep. 

I overslept this morning but I had enough time to shower, shave my legs, etc.  I did my God Time later before I turned on the computer. 

Ron kept picking fights.  He was very verbally abusive, at one point threatening to let the cats out (to get hurt or killed), because he didn't like how I responded to something.  How is that ever OK?  Ever?  I was furious, but didn't show it, because that just feeds the behavior. 

He was making attacks at my faith, accusing me of "being controlling and trying to dominate him".  Let me tell you, if I wanted a man to control and domin…

A lot about num-nums

Today was long, unsurprising, and somewhat predictable. 

I got up exhausted, not surprising.  I hit the snooze button a few times, much to Biscuit's dismay (he wanted breakfast), and finally got up.  I fed him first, then dealt with my things.  I didn't have enough time to do my God Time so I did it later, after work and before I turned on the computer. 

Metrolift picked us up and rode us around for over an hour, to take us about 6 miles?  We liked the driver, though, and I got the front seat, so I was happy. 

We finally got to the Sam's Club on Richey Road.  Not surprisingly, they didn't have the stuff I'd come for.  I got some other stuff they carry that the other store (the good store) doesn't.  Then we had a long wait and finally went to work. 

We were pretty busy for a couple of hours.  I helped Ron a lot with the bottled vendor and canned soda.  I did what I could for snacks (not much!) and did candy bars. 

The Heath bar lady will be happy to see I s…

Some days are just hard

Some days are just hard. 

Today, for instance. 

First, though, let's get to yesterday.  I was manic "sigh".  Just a little bit, I did some cleaning and laundry.  Then I went on an outing.  I got breakfast, went to the grocery store, bought a few little things, and looked for a hair place in the strip mall. 

Instead, I found a nail place, which I didn't use.  I did my nails for my wedding but that's about it. 

I realized I was manic, wanted my mood stabilizers, and went home.  I took them, had a pretty good nap.  Ron and I sat out on the catio and talked.  I ordered a pizza. 

Then I went to bed. 

This morning we had a squall line come through with some moderate thunderstorms (at least where I live).  We had some thunder,lightning, and rain, which all moved off pretty quickly. 

During The Flood last week, the storms just sat on top of us, dumping yet more and more water on the land.  I kept reminding myself it couldn't rain forever.  It sure felt like it…

Poor Gravy

Nothing like screaming kids on a trampoline, 8 feet from my head, when I need to go to bed.  They did settle down pretty quick, though. 

Thank God.  I had to get up at 4. 

I slept OK, but I had some weird dreams.  I woke up, took my shower, shaved my legs, and did my God Time.  I ate and took my meds (every day), and took some headache pills for the headache. 

I started my cycle today which is always good for a headache. 

We shut the bedroom door and went out the back.  It was a big hassle, but the cats got the run of the house.  Biscuit got out earlier, though, when I was putting Ron's walker on the porch. 

I tried to catch him, to no avail. 

Our driver had a lot of air freshener in the vehicle but I understood when I saw the computer.  We were getting the wonder twins.  They are two young men, autistic, with severe behavior issues.  I think they can understand a little but they are non verbal.  They are not always clean and have some other issues I won't detail. 


Toilet monsters

Well, I didn't need the reminder but Facebook does that: 3 years ago I lost Bubba.

I still miss him.  He was "bad" in that he brought home rats, but would I have wanted them breeding outside?  Or in my walls?   No. 

It was depressing.  I went to bed.  Biscuit joined me and was his sweet flaky self.  He even fell asleep in my lap, in bed, and twitched gently as he dreamed.  I sure love that "little" boy. 

First, though, I got up.  I took my shower and did my God Time, took my pills, fed Biscuit his breakfast.  He wasn't too excited about today's flavor. 

I like to buy different flavors now and then and "try" them on Biscuit.  He gets tired eating the same food.  For instance, the Friskies Salmon and Chicken Livers, last night, was a huge hit for both him and Baby Girl.  I'm going to remember that. 

In fact, we went to Walmart, and I bought 10 cans of the new rave.  Biscui…

A whole lot smaller

I think I need to start drinking coffee in the morning. 

I drink some of that stuff at work and wow, I am good for hours.  I am trying to decide if that is a good thing or whether my natural state of fatigue is more "natural". 

I don't want to run around, cranked up on stimulants.  But I need to work! 

If I do start drinking it I will get it in instant. 

I overslept this morning, waking up at 6:15 instead of 5 AM!  You can bet I had a very short and thorough shower! 

I fixed up the cooler for Greg the Handyman and made sure everything looked OK for him.  Satisfied, I left. 

We headed off to the warehouse, which was, happily, fully stocked.  I was worried the flood relief efforts might have depleted the ready-to-eat snack foods.  They even had full supplies of water! 

I got all the inventory, including some stuff I had been needing.  For instance, last week I "tried" some biscotti, which has been hugely popular.  It has a good cost to me, and a good value…


I was really hungry after the Bible Handout, and if I was hungry looking at and smelling all that wreckage, dragging my poor broken handcart all that distance, you know I was hungry. 

I went about 6 blocks and went to a Jack in the Box.  Normally I don't like fried burgers but I am positively addicted to Sourdough Jacks.  I got curly fries and a large drink, eating hunched over the cardboard, dripping sauce onto the packaging and not myself, for a change. 

I only have one complaint with the restaurant, they package everything to-go even if you tell them you are eating in the store.  Other than that, the food was good and hot, the drink tasty. 

I got a decaf diet rootbeer.  I like those space station consoles where you punch up any one of 100 drinks. 

I had called Lou the cab driver to pick me up at 12:30.  I got there around 12.  I ate, my only issue a small, unattended child who wanted to play with the contents of my Bible Box.  I love Jesus, and had she been able to read, I …

Greenspoint flood handout

I called a cab to go to the handout location.

"You want to go where? You know that is a bad area...." the cab driver warned me. I explained what I was doing.

"Still" he said..."Prostitutes, drug dealers, gangs." Yeah, but they got flooded. Everyone is worried about food and clothes, what about eternity?

We got there fast and I unloaded the cart. The metal frame was bent and it was very difficult to keep the crates of Bibles onboard. I tipped it at a severe angle and let gravity pull it into place, then dragged it out to the median.

"Lord" I prayed "I sure hope we get rid of some of these Bibles" - not the most evangelical thought, but honest. "Because I don't think I can go anywhere with this cart now."

I donned my "Ask me for a Free Bible!" hat, my safety vest, and unrolled my sign.

"Gimme two!" the woman next to me demanded. It was insane.

I had people going the wrong way, stoppin…

What matters

When I tell the story of how I found Biscuit and Gravy, some people get very angry I didn't call the police about their abuser.  Yes, she was kicking them.  Yes, that is a felony. 

Why didn't I do it?  Well, for one I was primarily focused on the starving kittens, feeding them and making sure Biscuit stopped licking out the empty "tin" and ate his half of the "loaf".  I was focused on keeping her away from them.  I actually got between her and them when she came over to watch them eat. 

She was waiting to ride a bus, and she did just that.  Once she got on the bus "we" couldn't catch her.  She could have gone anywhere.  All I could have said was that she was a young black woman.  There are a lot of young black women riding the bus in Houston!  I'm more the aberration!

I also wasn't angry at the time, I was more focused, as I said, on helping the cats.  God will deal with her. 

God also used her to show me what would happen to them …

I don't mind a little kick in the butt

I slept Ok but had weird dreams about the coffee vending machine.  I woke up pretty tired and hit the snooze button a few times. 

I slept alone, the cats all found somewhere else to sleep.  They'll come back when it's hot out and they want to sleep under the vent. 

I got up and fed Biscuit his num-num.  He's always so eager every morning.  It's endearing.  He's such a bright and happy soul, he's good for me. 

I brushed my teeth and drank a diet soda, did my God Time and took a shower.  Ron and I were headed to Walmart. 

I could see a "thing" coming on the radar when I watched the Weather Channel, and hoped I would get to the store and back before it hit (I did).  It wasn't too bad though. 

I left Ron up front, all the kiddie carts were wet and we didn't have much time.  Ron did a lot of witnessing and handing out tracts. 

The other night, he basically admitted he is addicted to alcohol.  I was impressed God is working on him to this poin…

The day after

Not surprisingly, I had a hard time falling asleep last night. 

Not surprisingly, I woke up with a headache, probably an adrenaline hangover. 

We had to go to work, so I got up at 4 AM and took my shower.  I did my God time later.  I watched the news.  Greenspoint got flooded pretty bad. 

Now I need to tell you about Gunspoint, that's what they call Greenspoint.  It is a dying mall surrounded by low-rent apartment buildings, and fancy businesses.  It is rife with drug dealing, gangs, etc.  I will say I have never seen any hookers. 

And it got it's ass kicked yesterday.  People were floating out on refrigerators.  Here's a link to some flood photos.  Look for the word "Greenspoint" or "Arbor Court" in the captions.  flood photos

You can bet I am hearing The Call to go do a Bible Handout.  Timing will be tricky.  It will rain tomorrow and Thursday, Friday I have to get up at 2 AM to get a soda delivery.  I suppose I could take the crate to work on the…

The waters recede

Sorry to be a tease, the internet was a butt and I couldn't get online. 

I guess epic flooding messes up the works. 

Anyway, the water went down.  After I posted the photos I took a nap.  What could I do? 

#6 decided to play some music so I moved to the pullout, thinking it was a bad idea to sleep on the floor during a flood.  I had a pretty good nap until Ron woke me up asking questions. 

After I bit him (!) I got up and looked.  The water was down about halfway.  Praise God. 

I took another nap.  When I got up the water was almost totally down in the street, and gapers were walking around looking at the flood damage.  Rude. 

This happened after the hurricane, too. 

Yes, I had power the entire time, but about 100K people didn't.  That's not bad, considering.  Houston is about 4 Million.  I do have flashlights and a battery operated lamp. Ron has a wind up radio he loves.  He also has a battery operated fan.  My noisemaker is battery operated, as is my alarm clock. …

Flood photos

Now that it's light out:
 Looking to the right, towards #6

 #2 on the right.  It is at a higher elevation.   You can also see the flooded out SUV in the middle of the street. 
 Looking at #7, across the street. 
My front porch.  Let's pray it doesn't get any worse.


Heavy rain all night, with thunderstorms. 

I wasn't too worried until I woke up (I didn't sleep well).  I looked out the front window, the street was completely flooded about halfway up to the house. 

That's not good.  The water continued to climb towards my house and garage.  Still continues to climb, kind of like that awful movie "The Blob."

I freaked out for a while.  Calmed down.  Decided that yes, I should wake Ron.  If nothing else we were NOT going to work (what with 8 feet of water in the street, kind of impossible). 

I periodically check the front door and the garage.  So far the garage is OK.  I moved Greg's tools (he left some) to higher ground so they won't be damaged if/when we get water in the garage.  I don't see how I can escape garage flooding if nothing else, but we'll see what God has planned. 

The water climbed my yard and is now about 4 feet from my front door.  If it rises 6 inches (I measured) it will get into the house …

My Gang

Apparently, #6's bad habits are rubbing off on the other neighbors.  #8 had a very loud birthday party that went until after 9 PM, last night.  I think the lightning is the only thing that shut it down. 

We have been hearing "rain rain" in the forecast, but nothing except some clouds and wind, and, last night, a little lightning.  This has been going on for weeks.  They had very impressive time-lapse imagery today, but still no rain.  Now they are saying, oh, it's coming tonight.  Right.

We currently have a light drizzle. 

I turned on a very noisy fan when I went to bed and that helped me fall asleep, but I woke up pretty exhausted today.  I would have loved to sleep in an extra half hour. 

Sadly, I did not have any cats in my bed. 

Biscuit found me when I got up, demanding his num-num.  Baby Girl wanted some too so I split the can between them.  They were both happy. 

Ron and I had a trip to the pet store, but the driver was half an hour late.  Remember how I w…

My next cat

I went to bed about 9 PM last night. 

I was Not Happy to be awakened, after 11 PM, by a screaming kid having a tantrum in #6's backyard, right outside my bedroom.  I don't know how the kid got out but he did, and when caught, had a tantrum.  The father was yelling at him in Spanish during the tantrum, and dragged him back into the house. 

I hope he spanked the kid.  From what I could hear it was the 4-5 year old boy.  I may have been pregnant around the time this kid was conceived.  I had some odd symptoms and a very heavy period a while later, with massive clots the size of ping pong balls.  Money was tight or I might have gone to a doctor, but I never had any subsequent problems after that. 

Incidents like last night make me glad I had a miscarriage, if that's what it was.  I don't know whether it is all kids that age or just the ones next door, but boys aged 3-5 seem to be very "bad", extremely disobedient, and constantly breaking rules. 

I was especia…

Yuck bucket

I woke up with yet another headache, around 5.  I was really peeved because I was sleeping with Biscuit and he was curled against my legs, purring. 

It's like Gravy left his cuddliness to Biscuit when he died.  Biscuit was already pretty cute, but he's even sweeter now. Either that or he is bonding more to us since "Brother" is gone.  I don't know, and I plan to just appreciate it. 

To the reader talking about getting a cat, let the cat pick you.  Biscuit literally picked me at the bus stop, climbing me like a tree and screaming to be taken home.  That's the cat you want, not the one you think you like, that seems indifferent. 

I got dressed, putting on my new padded bra and mentally chiding the guy who forces me to wear it.  Can you imagine unloading a truckload of heavy merchandise, in the summer, in Houston, in a padded bra?  Last time I did this I wore a new one, with an underwire that kept jabbing my gallbladder and provoking an attack.  It was horrib…

Any longer than necessary

Not a lot to write today. 

Still depressed.  Slept OK.  I got my God Time and shower.  I also did some organizing and rearranging.  I dragged the cat condo from the front room, where it isn't well used, to my bedroom, after moving some stuff. 

I like it, I hope the cats do too.  It looks like I will be locking the cats in the bedroom/catio every day when we leave (Torbie is a stealth expert at escaping and I'm not even trying to keep her contained yet).  I want them to have interesting things. 

Biscuit slept part of last night with me, as did Torbie.  I like to wake up and pet them in the middle of the night 

Biscuit got into a tangle with another cat and came in the cat door at high speed, screeching.  I checked him over, he looks OK, but this is yet another reason why I want them protected - other cats.  Other cats can hurt them and get them sick. 

At any rate, it was a pretty uneventful night except for the 5 AM headache.  I took some aspirin with some pepto, and went …

Free Range Cats

Lately, the weather forecast has been completely wrong.  They swear it will rain, heavily.  We get some light clouds.  This has been ongoing for weeks now. 

It's frustrating because Ron plans certain outings around the weather.  If it's going to rain, for instance, we won't do truck day. 

Today was supposed to rain heavily. So he told the handyman not to come, gave us the day off, and did an afternoon (hate them!) Walmart trip instead of a morning one. 

It's a lot quieter in the morning. 

And of course it didn't rain. 

I slept in and got up at 7:40, gave the cats their num-num (Baby Girl wanted some, too), did my God Time, and took my shower.  I finished 2 loads of laundry and put them away. 

I watched some TV and took my medication, with a slice of pizza.  Then we went to Walmart. 

Ron didn't bring his walker, which is fine.  I am happy to help prop him up.  I will ask him to wait if I will be putting his weight, and mine, on one leg when going up or do…