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Stupid tech!

Still depressed.  More so when Ron shared a "secret" he'd been hiding (scroll down after you read this post). 

And my keyboard isn't working, at least the enter key. 

Still not working.  This is going to suck.  I will try some things and come back. 

Ha!  Working now! 

Good, I have to go to bed early tonight. 

Anyway, didn't do my God time because I had to help Ron deal with his issue. 

I did it before I got online.  I did get my shower, boy did I (you will understand after reading the other post - why I felt the need for a cleansing)

We went to the bank.  That was fine but we had to wait forever on our ride.  We went home for a little bit. 

We had a good ride to the taqueria, but waited almost an hour for our next ride.  The driver, I believe, was playing games. 

One, she was across the street.  I was waving, she drove off in the wrong direction after seeing me.  I figured either she wasn't for us or she was playing games.  If she was playing games she wanted…

Ring around the ulcer

"Heather" Ron told me solemnly "I need to show you something.  Don't freak out when you see it". 

Is there any phrase more alarming than "Don't freak out when you see it?"  He took off his pants. 

Sure enough, he has another ulcer.  Ugh! 

I think I was pretty calm and logical.  At one point he accused me of "getting emotional". 

"If I got emotional" I snapped.  "I'd cut the cord off that damned massager!" 

For those who don't know, Ron has neuropathy.  He has a very bad habit of using a vibrating back massager on his legs, falling asleep, and creating friction blisters.  On occasions, the blisters break open, get ulcerated, and infect.  It's a God-awful mess, made worse by at least one medical professional who thought I was burning him! 

Ulcerated, check.  I think it's about 2 inches in diameter, if not larger. 
I don't think it's infected yet. 

"It wasn't too bad at first" he sa…

That kind of day

"Halla-fing-laujah" Ron sighed.  "We're finally going home!" 

You wouldn't think it would have had such drama.  I mean, we sleep in late, go to the warehouse, get a couple hundred dollar's worth of candy bars, go stock them, do our regular duties, and go home. 

However, we had catastrophic freeway wrecks today.  "The trauma center is hopping today".  All our rides were very late, and very long.

I even had one ride with a hair pulling (mine, if he'd had a chance!) spitting (yes, on me), "limited" client riding directly behind me.  I had to hunch forward, holding my ponytail in front of me, as the driver shouted at the client.  [head in hands, laughing quietly]  It was just that kind of day. 

I did take my shower, catch up on the laundry, and do my God Time before we left.  Thank God. 

I had a great sleep with Biscuit and Torbie in my bed.  It doesn't get any better!  Of course I woke up tired and horribly depressed.  I bit R…

Horribly depressed and broke my complaining rule

I had asked our supervisor for some backup: he had made it clear he would not allow us to be forced into providing thousands of dollars more in microwaves, in addition to the ones we already have.  "Just have them call me" he said.  I thought, by his tone, he meant he would shut them down.  Stop the shouting, bullying, threats, etc.  Explain we do not have bottomless pockets and a warehouse full of microwaves. 

No, instead,  "I told him to talk to you about doing more cheap ones if you want to".  Great.  Thank you for making my stalking/harassment a thousand times worse!  I am sick of people shouting at me because they broke our microwaves. 

[self-edit] When I say they never buy a thing, I'm not kidding.  But they sure know who we are when they break one. 

I'm frustrated.  They don't understand our income.  They don't understand we, combined, make about half the salary of one of the new, temporary, workers.  They don't understand the other vend…

Dock 11

"That's right!" I shouted at the departing vending machine "That's the last time you'll rip her off!"  The customer laughed. 

It was a looong day. 

I had an exciting start.  If the family next door is gone, at night, their dog tends to get fairly hysterical.  She is pretty neglected anyway (fed, water, and shelter so nothing to "report").  I just figure a pet should be in the house and sleeping in the bed at night, but that's me. 

At any rate, I had to deal with hours of barking after I was supposed to be asleep.  I'd set my alarm for 2 AM.

I finally dropped off after 10.  You can imagine my shock and horror when Ron woke me up at 3:15.  I got the AM and PM mixed up (it went off during my nap!).  I need to apologize to him, I freaked out, yelling, running around. 

My hair was filthy because I'd skipped my shower yesterday.  One day, I will learn, never, ever skip it.  I also had to change my tampon. 

You can imagine my horror when …

All about the litter box

I was one of those horrible cat people who never changed the box, and then got pizzed when Kitty peed on the floor.  What did I expect? 

I also used the cheap clay litter.  You know, the stuff that reeks to high heaven after one "tinkle".  Ugh.  Poor kitty! 

At the time, the clumping stuff was very expensive, and fell apart easily.  It was an all around exercise in frustration. 

By the time I'd moved to Texas, they had "better" and cheaper, clumping litters (still not wonderful but workable), but I was still generally pretty lazy about changing the box. 

My Texas cats have been awesome though, they either used the box or went outside.  They went out, a lot. 

Bubba, in particular, never used his box.  It just sat there, year after year, unused.  He had a cat door.  He didn't want a box.  He even waited, practically crossing his legs, during Hurricane Ike.  Once the worst had passed he ran outside behind "his" rosebush. 

However, when we got Baby Gi…

Fan Club

The plant has provided large televisions for the employees, in the cafeteria.  The televisions are always on when I'm stocking.

Normally that would be great, but I get sick of liberal "news", "who's the father", ignorant gossip shows, etc.  One day the "news" was doing a section on improving your home.

"Who sleeps on a $200 mattress?" The host derided "No one who's sleeping at night!  You need to sleep on a mattress costing at least $1,500."  He continued in that vein, continuing to mock the "$199 mattress".

 I happen to sleep on a $200 mattress.  Ron bought it for me, along with a bed frame, back in 2006.  It has been a very comfortable mattress.  If I'm not sleeping on it, it's due to me, not the mattress.  Once I lie down I always feel great.   It even has a 25 year warranty. 

I've placed that mattress on a $100 bed base/frame.  It is incredibly sturdy and comfortable.  It "talks" a lit…

Clown Vampires

Clown vampires. 

Boy, I was really happy to wake up from that one. 

It was a pretty good morning.  I got up, spent some time with Ron, took a shower (Going to do my God Time later when I kick this headache).  We went to Walmart. 

I got the kiddie cart, the one with the seat on the back.  I loaded Ron and we went shopping.  They are redoing the planograms (merchandise display), so nothing is where it was. 

However, my love language is quality time and I had a very willing companion.  We had a good time.  I did forget one thing. 

We checked out and went outside to find a wonderful driver, early, already waiting for us.  That made things even better! 

We got home.  I made sure I unloaded the heavy things.  That's my job, anyway - loading and unloading.  The driver's job, is, well, driving!    If the driver wants to help they are getting the light things. 

I headed in, ate, and took my afternoon pills.  To quote my Doc  "I don't care when you take them, morning, noon, or…


I accidentally took a B vitamin last night.  I was trying to take a Vitamin C and got them confused. 

I was up for hours, restless, and urinating neon yellow.  AGH.  Not a good night. 

I dragged myself out of bed after hitting the snooze alarm, apologized to God, and did my God Time later.  I did take a shower and shave my legs. 

"In Houston" I told Ron "That's mandatory".  I found some good razors by Noxzema.  I also used my in shower body lotion.  My hands always feel a little weird after but I'm used to it. 

Like my Dad, I have very oily skin.  I very seldom need lotion. 

We went to work.  The food machine was down, but it was fixable.  I did a little stocking.  I only needed to stock about 100 bags of chips, so I moved into helping Ron. 

I find it frustrating how Ron "Goes to the bathroom" while at work and is gone for (to me) a long period of time.  I decided I could either sit at a table and be resentful about his work going undone, or I co…

Back to bed

I'm glad I did my blood tests, otherwise I might worry about the constant fatigue.  Medication, I remind myself.  I am taking some very toxic drugs. 

Last night, I had to explain that I'd have massive trouble downloading music for Ron.  1.  Amazon changed their downloader.  2.  The last time I tried, I ended up with all his music, and mine, from the cloud, on my hard drive.  It is very annoying to have his stuff come up on my playlist.  and 3.  Medication makes it really hard to think, to begin with. 

It would take me a little while to figure it out, I told him, assuming I could at all.  He might want to get someone else to do the downloads. 

He was Not Happy.  I ended up putting in my earplugs and going to bed early.  It was just that kind of night. 

I slept about 10 hours, woke up, did my shower.  As I got out of the shower, Torbie looked up at me with big, tragic, green eyes. 

"Meow".  She never meows.  I knew she wanted treats. 

I got some treats, and served her.…

Who is feeding you?

I think it's a good question for all Christians.

It is very common, and popular, for believers to find a favorite teacher and use him/her for all our spiritual feeding.  At times, they will become infuriated if anyone speaks a word against our chosen one.

Now, I have 2 good pastors I like.  I trust them on nearly everything.  They are good teachers, grounded in the word.

Here's Pastor Mike

Here's Pastor JD

Both really good guys.  I admire them. But I check their work - if what they say isn't rooted in the Bible, then I reject that message.   Not that it has come up, but I am careful.

You see, I get my primary feeding from The Bible.  That's why I get up an hour early every day, study the Bible, pray for others, ask God to reveal His Word to me, etc.  Vital.

I feel like a positive failure if I don't do this.  I have made it a major priority and that is the one time Ron does not disturb me.  That was a hard fought battle, let me tell you - it took years, but he …

It's just the lotion

I had a hard time falling asleep last night.  I just couldn't. 

I always have some anxiety the night before, when I have to get up at 2 AM.  I worry something, someone's going to keep me up, and as a result I'm the person. 

We also had a severe storm system come though.  Thank you, God, for a good roof. 

I also saw a glorious image.  The trees on my back fence, blazing with sunlight, bright green and yellow from the sun, against a stormy gray background of clouds and shade.  It was beautiful (my phone was off or I'd have tried to take a photo).  I thanked God for the nice image and went to bed, finally falling asleep around 10. 

I'm not a fan of dogs, generally.  They bark, disturb neighbors.  I have been attacked, and witnessed, dog attacks when I was minding my own business.  As a pet, they are harder to train, eat things they shouldn't, raise your insurance, and dig out. 

I had to get up at 2 AM. 

You can imagine how I felt when I'd finally gotten some s…

"I'm going to take out a knife"


Not complaining.  I rode the other day with a woman who did nothing but... and it was awful.  If I don't like it, why would I want to inflict it on a reader or listener? 

I don't want to be that person.  Did you have one in your family?  I did.  Several, actually. 

What else?   Well, we did truck day, worked a long day, and I pulled a knife on the guy at my cell phone provider yesterday. 

I got up, I had someone in my bed, I think Torbie.  I'm not picky.  If it's feline, has 4 legs and a tail, it can sleep with me. 

Biscuit is the naughtiest.  He likes to attack feet. 

Baby Girl only sleeps with me if I have a massive depression. 

Torbie is my most faithful companion. 

Biscuit occasionally joins us, and, is a very good boy when he settles down.  I see him almost as Torbie's understudy. 

Gravy will occasionally sleep with me, but is mostly Daddy's boy. 

So, that was a good start.  I took my shower and put on 2 layers of deodorant.  Truck Day means lots of …

The little brat

I had today off. 

Goal 1:  Get a lot of sleep, because I have Truck Day tomorrow, and a soda delivery very early (as in 2 AM alarm) on Monday. 

I did a pretty good job of that. 

Goal 2: Go to Walmart and get some rubber gloves so I don't kill myself buying peanuts (2 kinds) and "Toasty" peanut butter crackers for my customers.  I plan to double glove when handling them.

I did that, and also got some soda, some TV dinners for Ron.  "I may not cook" I tell Ron "But I'll make sure you have your dinner".  I also got him some more popcorn.  I think that's a little healthier than snack foods.  I didn't tell him the beans and tortilla chips (he likes bean dip), make a complete protein. 

I was, however, pretty depressed.  I didn't even showered.  I figured, hell with it, it's Walmart.  Usually when I go down this road at work it results in encountering a manager or Someone Important! 

I did my God Time before getting online; I pare it down…


Pretty tired this morning, I got my shower but will be doing my God Time later (as I did last night).  I don't feel overtly depressed, just exhausted. 

However, all blood tests are OK so I'm not "ailing".  I think it's a combination of side effects and depression, and maybe some allergy. 

Last night my arm (which has a swath of hives already), began throbbing and swelling after someone put peanuts into my hand.  I had a ferocious reaction, and wanted nothing more than to flay my extremely itchy forearm! 

Thank God Ron had a Benadryl.  Thinking about it today, I'm pretty sure I have a peanut allergy. 

To clinch it, while I was at the warehouse, I got near the peanut butter crackers.  I was on the other side of the rack, looking at candy bars, thinking about inventory levels.  All of a sudden my arm started to itch again.  I looked up and saw the peanut butter crackers. 

One of my best sellers. 

Stocking is going to be REALLY interesting. 

Anyway, we went to th…


Oh, I'm beat. 

Last night: hours of barking dog, earplugs helped. 

Torbie in my bed.  Awesome. 

Woke up, got the cats loaded into the carriers.  Went to the vet, got them vaccinated.  She said they look great, but a little chunky, and told me to feed more wet food. 

We came home.  I took a nap. 

Got up, went to Lifeway.  I had 3 cases of Bibles.  I also got some Bible Promise books.  That took care of the last of the Go Fund Me money (at least for now).  We brought that home and I put everything away. 

We ate dinner out with our friend, and went to the pet store.  Ron decided he wanted another cat condo for the front room, by the window.  We got one.  Torbie, in particular, loves it.  She loves to look out the front window. 

After all that, I was pretty beat. 

However, between the restaurant and the pet store, our friend put some raw peanuts in my hand, to feed the pigeons.  Within a few minutes, my allergic rash had flared up. 

I wanted nothing more than to claw the skin off my a…

The bitch box

Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  Yap.  [aggressive, long string barking]  Yap yap. 

Yeah, it was that kind of night. 

I didn't get to sleep until a couple hours past my bedtime, and that was wearing my earplugs. 

This afternoon, I found my earplugs loose in the bed.  I'd like to know... or maybe not. 

I woke up exhausted.  I skipped my God Time, but I did do my shower.  Apparently I didn't do a great job with the deodorant, more on that later. 

Work.  The food machine was down, again.  I swear I think it has a demon.  It was out of service, error message.  I took all the cold food out and put it into the other food machine.  I shut the door, and it went back into service! 

I don't trust it, though.  We do have access to the 2 parts it might need, so we'll get it fixed. 

I left the cold food in the "good" vending machine.  Well, it has eaten the occasional bill, but other than that OK. 

Vending machines are a lot like children.  If you don't k…

Your feet

I get a little tired when I hear women complaining about another woman's feet. 

"Oh, they're so ugly!  She looks like a crow!" 

1.  Not everyone has the money to waste on a pedicure.  $40 can buy a lot of groceries, or gas. 
2.  Not everyone has the time/energy to do a home pedicure.  Assuming they don't have a hand tremor, which I do. 
3.  Some of us know those footbaths at the nail salon are breeding grounds for flesh eating bacteria.  You couldn't pay me to put my feet into them. 
4.  Some of us don't have the time to spend at the nail salon.  

My feet work- they hold me up, get me around, and ran a half marathon.  They hold me up when I'm managing heavy loads and helping my husband.  My nails are not even, and sometimes I forget to shave my feet - why should I have to, anyway? 

Don't send me your hate.  I can, and have, done a lot more than you'd think on my feet.  My unmanicured, large, rough, feet. 

And I'm fine with that, thanks. 


I've made a couple resolutions of late. 

1.  I won't gossip.  I fail, but I strive to avoid it. 
2.  I won't compare.  Everyone has their own trials. 
3.  I won't complain.  Again, I fail, but I strive to avoid it.  I don't like it in other people, I'm sure they don't like it in me. 

I am striving to be 1.  A good witness for Jesus and 2.  An overall pleasant person.  I want people to say "Oh, good, Heather's here!" and come over. 

Today went pretty well.  For whatever reason, the little dog next door always goes crazy barking on Sunday nights.  It goes on, and off, and on again, for hours, well past 10-11 PM. 

I console myself: the dog is annoying them too.  They have far busier lives, and far more sleep deprived.  It's going to bother them a lot more than it will me.

And aren't parents lighter sleepers?  They have to be, don't they?  Especially with an infant.

So, I didn't get the duration I wanted but the quality was dece…

Price tag

I get a lot of traffic on the weekends, so I feel like I have to at least give you an update. 

I love the new racks.  I got caught up on laundry.  I did a lot of purge/organize in the bedroom closet.  Since I have my dresser in there, and it is non-walk-in, I don't have much room.  What little room I had was taken up by various items, outsized clothes, etc. 

I will say this: if you want to get me a gift, get me some Handout Bibles, a Lifeway Gift Card, or a Walmart gift card.  I will absolutely give you your money's worth in use and enjoyment. 

I just hung up the t-shirts I washed, I have a lot, about 20.  I have 2 pairs of capris and 2 hanging-out-around-the-house pants/shorts.  Most of my t-shirts are black or neutral, but I do have a few orange (for Handouts) and other bright colors I bought when manic. 

Someone reading this will understand the horror of going through your closet and looking at your bought-while-manic selections.  Even worse, remembering what you paid! 


The Beast

Yesterday, I bought a"shelving system" that turned out to be a broken piece of junk.  Ron called our friend to take me to Walmart and return it, then go to Home Depot and get a steel shelving system. 

The guy was amenable, so we did that.  I presented the box, taped up, and then did the big reveal.  The woman's eyes widened and she said "Oh no, completely unacceptable".  It is amazing how that made me feel so much better. 

I got my money back, and we went to Home Depot.  It was kind of sad.  I asked where they kept the metal shelving.  They said they didn't carry it.  I told them, not only did I find it on the website but you have 14 in stock!   I gave them the store sku number and they were able to pull it up.  Glad I did that. 

I went and got the beast, 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet, 60 pounds, and very unwieldy.  It was also unbalanced.  I wrestled it onto the cart as our friend watched (he is older, and has health problems, so I never expect assistance). 


I was pretty disappointed.  I had worked hard all day doing "slave" manual labor.  I had busted my butt - literally, so tired my butt hurt, helping Ron run his business.  I had gotten up at 4 AM to ensure this happened. 

Ron, later on, found a housekeeping thing he didn't like and shouted at me for nearly an hour, demanding I keep the place better.  How am I supposed to do that, I wondered. 

Today, for instance I bought a nice-looking storage unit.  However, it was plastic, and broken to bits "It looks like they threw it off a cliff" I told Ron.  However, the box appeared fine. 

Now, I have the aggravation of returning a huge, broken, plastic storage rack.  But, like I told Ron, "I'm not eating this, Walmart will"  I refuse to just hand over $35, plus tax, for broken bits of plastic.  I paid for a storage rack: I got cheated. 

Speaking of, Ron was furious today; the paratransit company left us at Walmart an hour longer than he wanted.  He complain…