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And all I've got is a link

It sounds like a bad country music song: "I spent all that time at the doctor's and all I've got is a link."

Sad but true. We had been eagerly awaiting a call from the neurologist. Nothing. Ron "reminded" him a few times and the doctor's receptionist called today. "Sorry, all your tests came back normal. There's nothing the doctor can do". Have a nice life, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Ron was crushed. Me too. The only information we have? A diagnosis "Peripheral Neuropathy". I can tell from my research Ron has the "Sensory" type.

He's hardly eating at all. I put his statistics into a BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator and he needs at least 1500. He isn't getting anywhere near that.

Now I have the fun and enviable task of getting a very stubborn man to eat. Nothing tastes right, and he's "not h…

My pants are falling off!

About a month ago, I bought some blue jeans at Walmart. Eased fit, bootcut. Size 12.

Today I noticed they are baggy in both the butt and the crotch, and I had a lot of extra room in the waist. I have a test to see if I need new jeans. I try to pull them off when they're still fastened.

On my way out of work, I used the bathroom. Sure enough, I could pull them off without unfastening them! Not only that, I could get them on again, too.

Time to go to Walmart! I hope ALL 12's fit me now, not just the "eased".
The gutter nearly hit my house; but I've let the bushes grow. If I'd trimmed them I'd have had some serious damage - 3 windows on the other side of the bushes!

Hurricane Photos

Our roof, below - totally fine.

These were all taken within a block of my home.

Progress pictures!

Here I am at my favorite Walmart, getting my picture taken. Walmart employees take excellent photos.

Here's Ron under Happy the afghan, which I finally finished. Notice how he's admiring the stitches (feeling it with his hand).
Is that my butt? I still need to lose 30 pounds but it's a lot better!

Heather's day off

Well, today was better. Ron and I are making each other a priority. He apologized for yesterday and of course I forgave him.

People who've just met us are always surprised to find out we're married. I don't know why - because we love each other? I couldn't tell you.

We just went to Walmart and home. Since Ron left the wheelchair at home, he collapsed onto the bench outside the door. Just getting to and from the bench to the vehicle totally wiped him out; he's sleeping now.

I'll be glad when we have a diagnosis and treatment. I hate to see him hurting.

But, like I always tell myself, one day this'll all be a horrible memory.

Ham Spread - Make God Happy

Today was raw. Waking up was fine. Going to Sam's Club was fine. Not fun to push the wheelchair in the pouring rain. Not fun trying to find a place to "park" him.

Getting the supplies we needed, fine. By the time we had our pickup to work my increased lithium doses had caught up with me. I think I mentioned I'd increased my dose, had to, because I was getting hyper and that will end with me freaking out, paranoid, suicidal, and unable to sleep. I want to forget I'm sick if at all possible.

Today I was "sick" [I]and[/I] brain damaged. I couldn't think and I kept making mistakes. Example, I left a case of milk out on the loading dock. Ron got really agggravated and yelled at me. I yelled back. I was nice to him, doing everything he asked and offering plenty of help when he looked like he needed it. I felt very unappreciated.

I felt like I was pouring all my love down and black hole of unappreciation and disrespect for Heather. That I had…

No means NO

Ron and I had a long hellish day. It involved hours at work, an MRI, a bladder infection, and trying for over an hour to give a specimen for the doctor. That's before we had to wait over and hour to go to Walmart to fill a prescription.

I got him some AZO and a snack. He was pretty hungry. Found out we'd have to wait 3 hours for the 'script so we decided to wait and get it tomorrow. That still meant waiting over another hour for our ride.

Needless to say, when we saw our driver we were very, very happy. When we got on, though, I recognized the other passenger. She is an elderly, partially blind, diabetic woman. She is very lonely and highly addicted to sugar.

The last time we rode with her, I'd gone to Sam's Club and bought a 48-count case of Snickers. She asked me to give her one. No. I don't hand out candy to diabetics, especially not type ones with talking blood sugar meters sitting in their laps. Personally, I think it's akin to assisted sui…