Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pizza Guy

It was a very trying morning.  Ron slept badly and kept sniping at me all morning.  Our first trip was extremely late. 

I ended up spending a fair amount of time in prayer asking God for help.  I also realized I was battling depression, and appropriately took 1/2 Wellbutrin and a lithium.  That helped a lot. 

We went to two stores, got supplies for work, and then went to work and stocked.  Other than the first ride, we had pretty good trips. 

Now I'm just waiting on the pizza (yum!), and getting ready for the children.  I have about 120 items for distribution. 

That's not counting the 4 for the pizza guy.  [grin]

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I can't have a dull day

An interesting trip to Foodtown after I did my video blog.  It's beautiful weather, mid 70's, clear, sunny, and mild.  I got my hand cart and headed out. 

I had a good trip, handed out a couple of Bibles on the bus, got off and headed into the store.  My handcart fit in the new shopping carts so I had an easy time. 

I got my soup veggies, 3 pounds of turkey dogs, etc.  I had $40 and spent it pretty well, I think.  I also got my Diet Dr Peppers. 

I handed out some more stuff to the cashier and the bagger, then headed out.  THAT's when things got ugly. 

The last time I saw a young man that jumpy, I got mugged.  The guy was obviously manic AND in withdrawal.  He kept making sudden movements and frankly scared me. 

I also saw a large form sprawled on the floor of the bus shelter.  So much for sitting on the bench.  I asked another man "Is he alive?"  I could just see everyone ignoring the poor soul as it died. 

He got an attitude "SHE IS FINE!  She's just drunk!"  Well, excuse me for caring.  For a woman to put herself in that situation... [shudder]  Fortunately it was still daylight.  Some people were laughing and pointing. 

The young man creeped me out enough that I have a new policy, if I don't like the looks of someone at the bus stop, go back to Foodtown and wait on the next bus.  If they're still there, call a cab. 

I picked up my quite heavy cart and prepared to board the bus.  Thug Jr got on in front of me and then took his time fumbling for money to put in the meter.  The regular bus riders all carry a bus card; it's electronic bus fare.  I got on and the driver stomped on the gas immediately.  I almost fell.  This happened 3 times during our trip. 

I paid my fare, verified I did not need to recharge my card (still have $1.40 left), and sat down.  Thug Jr kept pestering the bus driver.  "Why don't you like me?  Why won't you talk to me?'   Fortunately for me, I wasn't his type. 

Then I got off the bus and saw a bunch of young women loitering at the bus stop.   With a toddler.  I was a little worried Thug Jr would come off the bus after me, but in retrospect, he wanted his fix and we don't have any dealers in the neighborhood. 

I got off and a woman with very cold eyes looked me up and down.  Good thing I didn't have my fanny pack, and was obviously dressed in discount clothes.  It's very obvious on review that my whole outfit, with underwear, cost about $40.  As I rolled off, I wondered why we had a pack of young women on the corner now, it's like something out of the really bad neighborhoods.  Was the toddler their mascot? 

And I wonder why I stay home on weekends!  As I moved into the subdivision, I heard angry shouting and the cries of the toddler being beaten.  [sigh]  Sad, sad, sad. 

We live in #4, and #8 got evicted a few months ago.  They rented to a new family.  Their little girl keeps hovering around our house.  She reminds me of "Cherry" - a little girl who showed up several years ago.  Remember, at the time I was completely insane and unmedicated. 

I would get so angry everytime I'd see her outside, thinking "Doesn't your mother even CARE you are hanging out at the house of a mentally ill woman?  What if Ron's a child molester?"  The "stalking" got so bad Ron and I would refuse to answer the door, and he had a little talk with her about how I was "Sick in my head" and "Very tired all the time".   I felt awful for her, and this one too, but [sad head shake] I learned the hard way you can't love other people's kids. 

Happily I am sure she will bang on the door tomorrow and get some Jesus.  I hope she makes a nice little friend in the neighborhood.  It's hard to be an adult in these times, even harder to be a child. 

Video Blog

I need to get back on induction... I would like to thin out my face if I'm going to keep video blogging.  Oh, I forgot the ham. 

It pays to marry the boss

That was absolutely delightful; Ron said "Why are we going to work?"  We need to buy some merchandise and put it into the vending machines. 

"Can we do it tomorrow?"  Yeah.  Sales are always dead on the weekend. 

"Go back to bed, Heather, I'm cancelling all our trips!"  Yeee-haw. 

So, back to bed.  When I woke up Mr Bubba Cat was lying in bed all cute and innocent. 

You'd never guess last night even happened.  [shudder]  I will never get on that cat's bad side. 

God, I'll do a video later, once I take a shower.  I try not to scare the normals.  [laugh]

Sleep Deprived

As I lay in bed last night, listening to intermittent rodent shrieks, I realized it would be a long night.  I was right.  By the time "Mousie" was killed, eaten, and regurgitated (you're not the only one saying YUCK!), it was awfully late.  Curse that pet door. 

But then I thought, would you rather have it LIVE Heather?  Ummm.  No.  I guess I would rather have them dead. 

I fell asleep for a few hours, only to be awakened by a thumping bass line - my "neighbor" has the volume turned completely up on his speakers.  AGH.  That went on until my alarm went off. 

Ron's in a FOUL mood; I had to remind him "I got even less sleep than you, AND I had to clean up the mouse!" 

Help me, Lord.  I will need all the help I can get today. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hannah's Vow

I had to make some choices tonight; and chose to turn off the TV and blog with you before I do my God Time and go to bed. 

I got up at 6-something, on my day off.  My morning God Time was mildly disturbing, as I encountered the Bible verse "I have tested you in the furnace of affliction" TWICE, in two different devotionals. 

I wondered silently just what my day might hold.  Our ride was over an hour late, I entertained myself watching "I didn't know I was pregnant".  The overwhelming message: the mothers would do anything to ensure their babies were healthy and happy, and are tormented by their decisions to drink/smoke during pregnancy (even though they didn't even know!). 

God does use that show to remind me how much my mother did love me, and she would have never knowingly consumed so much alcohol if she'd had any idea it would harm me.  God needed me like this; so He allowed it to happen.  I do feel my mother's very proud of me. 

I've never shared this, not even with Ron.  Have you ever read the beginning of First Samuel?

Scroll down to "Hannah's Vow". 

"For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition which I asked of Him. 28 Therefore I also have lent him to the LORD; as long as he lives he shall be lent to the LORD.”  

My mother had had several miscarriages before my birth.  Then my brother died at only a few weeks old.  I am CONVINCED she begged God for me, and said "If you let me have this child I'll give it back to You."   I know this; as surely as I know my name is Heather. 

My mother asked God for me, and then gave me back to His service.  I had been handing out the Bibles and all for quite a while before this came to me.  I have no way to verify; but I know. 

God needs me like this; and has called me from birth to share Him.  I pray I'm useful! 

I figured we had a higher purpose going on with the trip screw up.  We were supposed to get to Walmart around 9 AM, we got there at 10.  Metrolift called a contract regular cab, who got the candy.

I stuffed Ron in the kiddie cart and we ran our errands.  Halloween candy (Candy Corn flavored taffy, some bubble gum - Ron's idea, and 3 bags of Snickers - this is all on top of what I've already done), check.  Soda for me, check.  I got some more Excedrin and carefully tucked it into my backpack after paying. 

We got Ron a snack, and then waited.  More waiting!  Another half hour! 

The driver had a little difficulty understanding "He goes, I stay".  She got candy - I had bagged up a huge SACK of Bibles/candy last night.  I gave nearly all of it away, too.  Keep me useful! 

Ron eventually left.  I made my deposit.  My guy needs to eat (I sponsor a missionary, well, part of him)!  I got a bag of peanuts and went off to the thrift stores. 

I went to the first, secretly hoping to score some really good Bible deals.  Ugh.  The "Christian" books they had were so stale and lifeless.  Like getting shredded cardboard in your cereal bowl!  I did find a pretty, hand-knit sweater in a lovely shade of pumpkin.  It was only $4.  It is a lovely wool, too. 

I rolled off (hand cart today), and went to the other store.  I found a book on evangelism, appreared interesting, and I can't find it now.  Oh well, charitable donation.  I bought a book "One Minute After You Die" and Ron accidentally gave it to his boss.  [shrug]  I'm just the mechanism to get them into the proper hands, maybe.  I'm not going to worry about them. 

After that I went to the other store.  I really liked the rose pink seed stitch sweater, and it fit, but felt it was a little "spendy" at $5.  However, the manager said all the clothes were half off, so I went ahead and got it.  It's really cute.  I can see me wearing it. 

I debated going to Favorite Dollar but it was pretty late for a Day Out.  I chose to go to the warehouse store, and saw they DID NOT have my jar of Now and Laters.  I got a tray of pastries instead, and some tote bags.  I have decided I like the new tote bags.  They're different, but good.  Wow, that wool sweater is REALLY warm.  I had to take it off! 

I had decided to go to Favorite Christian, and Starbucks.  I took the Starbucks the bank supply catalog, featuring locking tip jars.  Only a slime mold would steal from a tip jar! 

I told Favorite Christian I loved the best, and meant it.  I had a fun time and actually bought myself a "One Year Chronological Bible".  I am not happy with one of my devotionals, one I bought.  It's a little New Agey for my taste.  I plan to retire it and read this instead. 

The only thing better than the Bible, is more Bible, in my book.  I think many good Christians get distracted and read all kinds of stuff about the Bible and God, but they're not digging into the Bible.  I want to dig into the Bible as much as possible for my "meat".  Sure, read some other stuff, but that's not the meal, just the condiments. 

I'll put up photos of my candy and all tomorrow after I finish bagging it.  I need to go hit my God Time and go to bed.  Tomorrow's an early morning! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just In Time

"I love getting the New Testaments" the driver told me today.  "I give them out to my other clients and they love them!"  Good, I told him, I hope they do get passed on to people who need them. 

If just a small percentage stop by and say "Hi" after I get to heaven, I'll have a lot of people knocking on my door! 

We got up very, very, early.  I ate some pumpkin pudding and took my pills, then off to the wholesale warehouse.  "We've been seeing a lot of you!" Well, they're happy to see us no matter how much we spend; the wholesale by the pallet company has a 25-case minimum.  In this economy, that ties up too much ready cash into inventory.  Smarter to run a Just In Time inventory and buy more as I run out; stocking directly into the machines. 

That's what I did today with candy.  I bought enough candy to fill 2 vending machines.  Well, enough to front them. 

Imagine my delighted shock as I walked into work and viewed TWO nearly empty vending machines!  It reminded me of a locust plague or something.  Very well mannered, PAYING, locusts, of course. 

I immediately went to work, stocking everything at hand into the machines.  I need to go BACK to the warehouse and get more chips!  It was WILD!  Yay!  Thank you Lord. 

We had started selling 8 ounce, 100% juice boxes for 50 cents each.  I thought the customers would appeciate a good deal and a healthier product.  They did; we didn't have one left!  Ron was happy to learn the proper way to front them, so the customers can easily tell what they're getting. 

I also got the milk delivery, and stocked the microwavable lunch buckets into empty vending slots.  Ron loves my work ethic; if we need to go in, we'll go in.  I don't care when I work as long as the machines are stocked and the customers happy.  So, we're working Saturday and no more 2-days-off-in-a-row until the New Year.  In our defense, we had planned to work Wednesday, but Ron forgot to make the trip. 

We had plenty of time, and used every second.  It was busy, busy, busy. 

Then we got our ride.  We rode off to Dialysis and picked someone up.  It just confirms what I say, no dialysis for me.  We dropped her off and then went to the bank.  I got paid.  Yay! 

We had a pretty good trip to Taco Bell.  I had planned to maybe catch the bus from there and go shop a bit, but I was pretty exhausted.  I slept horribly and had nightmares.  Tired, so I went home with Ron.  AGAIN!  [giggle] 

I had a pretty good nap; didn't complain when Ron accidentally woke me up.  I was so thirsty I was literally dreaming of Diet Dr Peppers.  Pretty funny. 

Tomorrow, we go to Walmart.  Ron'll drop me and go home, and I'll do some fun things. 

Saturday looks to be busy, warehouse, work, stocking.  Yeah! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Once a year or so.

It's really odd, but it happens to me maybe once a year.  I would be very interested in finding out if anyone else has had a simliar experience. 

Last night, I was doing computer things and talking to Ron, when I was suddenly hit with a wave of massive fatigue.  I told him "I need to go to bed" and did so.  As I lay in bed, trying to fall asleep, I was hit with the chills.  I was freezing, and kept piling blanket after blanket on the bed.  My muscles ached and I begged God to help me get over this, whatever, it was, before I had all the kids knocking on my door for candy.  I did not want to be contagious.  Oddly, my throat felt fine. 

A few hours later , I woke up.  I rearranged the covers, ending up in my more usual 1-2 lighter blankets.  The chills and muscle aches were gone.  I had a vicious headache (I am linking that to my consumption of processed low-carb "Frankenfoods" yesterday).   I went back to sleep, woke up again around 3 AM, took some asprin and got some Diet Dr Peppers which I placed next to the bed. 

I woke up again around 7 with an even nastier headache.  I took some Excedrin (thank God I bought a little bottle yesterday), and went back to sleep.  Ron woke me up around 20 minutes ago and I feel pretty good.  I still have the "edges" of the headache and I will stay close to the Excedrin, but I'll live. 

This whole chills - fatigue - muscle ache thing happens to me every year or so.  Does it ever happen to you?  I figure my body just fought something off; since I'm out in public and use public transit God only knows what. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A good one

Overall, I had a good day.  Yes, the publishers of "My" paperback Bibles TRIPLED the price of the Bibles.  Owwww.  Yes, I had some idling, ignorant heckler at the bus stop... and Ron was an hour late meeting me... but it was still a good day. 

I got up, took my shower, dressed in workout shorts and my "In God I Trust" t-shirt, did my God Time, and headed out the door.  I had a problem with my account; if everything posted I would have a four cent balance, not counting the $6 monthly service fee!  AGH! 

I figured (as it turns out, quite accurately) that God wanted me at the bank, giving them an eternal deposit, and some candy.  I bagged up lots of stuff, a half-dozen New Testaments (happily still 50 cents), and a dozen bags of candy.  Since I'd be near two grocery stores, I elected to only bring a few bottles of soda. 

I fell on my wrist, oh, 5 years ago.  I should have seen a doctor, I didn't.  If I press downward on a hard surface, like getting up off the ground, my wrist will ache a bit the next day.  I was a little stiff. 

I didn't bring my handcart; the wrist, and the fact that Ron would be meeting me later, with another handcart.  I brought my canvas tote bag (bought from a Christian hobby shop), and my mesh backpack, which has performed far better than expected. 

I caught the bus and went to the bank.  The driver, and the tellers all got candy and loved it.  God really has me in a "fun" job.  I caught the next bus and went to Foodtown.  I bought myself a couple of 6 packs of soda; my beloved Diet Dr Pepper (drank most of them), and some caffeine free Diet Coke (it was on sale, and not a bad drink).  I was a bit queasy (I haven't really had that problem recently), so I bought a couple of cheese sticks and a 2 ounce bag of smoked almonds.  Oh, we're talking tasty. 

I went to the bus stop and waited.  I think, in the Bible, Paul called them "Idlers".  My Dad used to call them "Bums".  You get the idea.  Lazy, ignorant people who want handouts. 

He was shouting at cars to give him money, which quickly put paid to the question "God, do you want me to give him some candy."  He kept trying to get my attention and I kept acting as if he were invisible.  At one point he stood in front of me and tried to talk to me.  "I'm not interested" I said, and turned up my music. 

I have seen the game enough; he starts by asking about me, trying to determine my life.  Am I single?  Eager to please?  Lonely?  Freaky?  What can he get?  Can he borrow my cell phone?  [scoff] 

Normally, if I'm "nice" it would start with a bunch of questions about my personal life (he kept wanting to know where I was headed, was I going home?).  Say, I told him "I'm going to Starbucks."  Oh, so am I.  Then when we got there he would try to get money.... or attention. 

I read an excellent book about personal safety "The Face of Fear" - it spoke of how women have been trained to be "nice".  Answering his questions would have been "nice".  However, I knew it was a ploy to get something I had no interest in sharing.  In that case, it is perfectly acceptable to be "rude".  In my case, saying "I'm not interested in talking (to you)." 

Now, the average jerk will probably get very outraged.  In my case, he realized I was not the weak blob of mush.  I find it very insulting when people assume I am weak and easily manipulated.  I have seen FAR scarier things! 

Like the book said, "Better to be seen as a bitch, than to be a victim."  Very, very true.  It is perfectly OK to tell a creep to LEAVE ME ALONE and mean it.  If he doesn't leave you alone, that's when you call the police. 

In my case, when I told him to back off, he did.  He realized he had underestimated me, and left me alone. 

The bus came; it was a training route.  Suddenly the man who didn't have any money, had money to pay the fare.  Ha! 

I got off and went to the Christian bookstore; Ron wanted to know if the soda machine was "hungry".  I told him, it could use Coke and Dr Pepper.  He loaded up the cart and eventually met me. 

I left the bookstore, promising to come back, and walked past the used bookstore.  Normally I don't shop; they have a large selection of Occult, etc... that gives me the screams.  I always have a tremendous urge to bathe if I even look at that section. 

Anyway, I felt like God was telling me to go in, so I did.  I found lots of fun inspirational romances.  They sell them shrink-wrapped, 8 for $4.  I got 3 "bricks".  I don't mind getting caught reading one of them. 

I went by Favorite Dollar.  I needed Q-tips, and Excedrin.  They had both.  Yay.  More candy distributed and off I go. 

I went to Starbucks, where I was comped a drink!  Wow!  That was awesome. 

I lugged all my stuff back to the Christian bookstore and read a historical romance, sitting at a table and drinking my steamer.  I had a while to wait, and picked up a couple more Bible Promise books.  I like having those; if someone has a tragedy, I can make up a quick care package with some wonderful comfort now.  I loved sending the promise books and Bibles to the widows last week.  I took a lithium with my snack because I figured it was probably the most calorie-dense thing I'd consume all day. 

So, Ron arrived.  I had a bag of candy in my hand.  The driver said he had been giving Ron a hard time about "My Candy - where's my candy?"   [laugh]  In my hand.  I got Ron and the soda back to the breakroom and we fil't 'er up! 

We talked about our trips for tomorrow and headed back front.  Ron's arrival was late, and the pickup was early.  That's paratransit for you.  We came home, I took a short nap,

I took out the trash, and came here!  I hope you're having a good one! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Any other day of the year, I'm a child molesting pervert!

[BIG SIGH]  Wow.  Before I post I generally try to organize my thoughts.  As I walked over to my chair, I smashed my foot into the chair.  Ow. 

Today was INSANE.  I got up at 2.  I didn't sleep well, didn't sleep long enough, either.  As a result, I had a really nasty depression pity party going for quite a bit.  It's kind of a blur now, but the gist of it was: overwhelmed.  I just felt completely burdened. 

Ron was asking me for a lot of help and yelled at me at one point because I hadn't put mustard packets on the cart.  I yelled back at him.  I was really annoyed I did because the whole thing was triggered by a postal worker who wanted to play "shoe polisher". 

Occasionally, I encounter a "customer" who never buys anything, thinks I exist to be pushed around and kiss their butt.  They are very annoying.  Especially when they don't buy anything.  I provide good merchandise, good customer service. 

Anyway, this woman likes to come in and investigate the condiments area (we put out condiments for people to use on the stuff they buy, but usually ends up on sack lunches from home).  She will ask for the one item we don't have, DEMAND it "Because I am on my break and I NEED this to eat my food" and get very insistent.  She ALWAYS does this when I am stocking the food machine and cannot stop my work.  I would have to stop stocking, go in the stockroom, find the item, and then give it to her, and then she never uses it!  "Oh, it's too late now". 

After the first couple times I figured it out.  Sometimes I will tell her "As soon as I finish stocking" - and suddenly she doesn't need it anymore.  Ron says she is a racist.  I think so.  She only does this with me, never Ron. 

Today she came in before the sandwich delivery and just kind of loafed around, watching us, after looking at the condiments.  She waited until I came back with the sandwhiches, two big trays on a hand cart, and was labeling the tacos with my date gun.  Suddenly she HAD to have mustard (she had already eaten). 

I told her to ask Ron, he probably had it on the cart.  Ron did not know about the head games because I don't like to complain.  Anyway, he "looked" on his cart and didn't see any.  She was being very demanding, and Ron was heading into the stockroom. 

I KNEW he would trip over the just-delivered pallet and yelled at him to stop.  I walked up to her and said "If it's such a 911, I'll go get it."  [I did lose my temper}  I went into the stockroom and gave Ron the mustard.  I told him "We need to talk later". 

"Yes, we do" he replied.  I asked you to put this on my cart days ago and now this poor woman had to WAIT ON HER MUSTARD!  She's on her break!  [I probably rolled my eyes at this point]   I told him, again, later, we'd talk.  She was laughing.  She loved that she got me to lose my temper and make Ron get out of his wheelchair, get me running over to help him, etc.  I am seriously pissed about that - I played her game.  Now she's walking around sulking.  [rolleyes]  We're not even REQUIRED to put out condiments!  We do it as a FAVOR to the paying customers. 

So, later on Ron came over and yelled at me because I don't help him.  I yelled back that he didn't give me enough time and I was tired of having to do 40 hours worth of work in a 10 hour shift.  I asked him to keep the condiments on the cart.  He refused, and said I was not being a good employee. 

I turned up my music, loud, as his mouth formed unflattering things.  Later on, he calmed down and wanted to know why that particular thing had me so upset.  I explained I was angry that she was playing games, and used him to play a game.  She enjoys getting us upset and "making" us lose our tempers.  I asked him, again, to PLEASE keep the condimements in the small stockroom, easily accessible, so I can send her to HIM everytime she wants to play her "I'll just DIE if I don't get a ketchup packet that I won't use!" game.  When I have sent her to him in the past, it isn't any fun, and if she realizes she can't play the "Make Heather drop everything to 'serve' me" game she won't.   She is a very unhappy, sullen, person, and wants to spread her poison. 

I was so happy to tell her later "Oh, Ron and I fixed that little problem with the condiments.  They are all where he can find them now, so whenever you need something, you just ask RON and he'll get it."  She did NOT like that. 

I dealt with THAT. 

I got to work at 4:30, with Ron of course.  The driver was pretty unsafe.  I was amazed we made it to work, alive.  I got out, almost kissed the pavement. 

We did our usual thing.  I got the old pallet ready for Dr Pepper; got out the checks, set up the hand carts.  I made sure the vending machines were happy and assisted Ron. 

5 AM.  The other vendors usually come in at 5, but they didn't get there 'till 5:20 - SHE CAN DRIVE!  She has a car!  I found that so, so, funny, that the people dependent on public transit got there an HOUR earlier!   [snort]  Then she tells Dr Pepper "You're early!" 

You're late!  [snicker]  SIGH.  Anyway, I checked in my order, it was perfect.  The delivery guy also has a titanium wedding band.  We admired each other's jewelry as I wrote the check.  Off he went. 

I had the glamorous job of unloading 1,520 pounds of soda, not counting the stock I rotated.  I moved the old stuff, stocked the new, and put the old on top.  You have probablty had a flat soda.  Isn't it horrible?  I don't want my customers to endure that!  Only the best!   I really take my job seriously. 

[sigh]  Then we had the whole mustard episode. 

As I was stocking sodas, I heard Ron talking loudly, like he does when he's excited.  I went to investigate.  He was talking to the Jehovah's Witness guy, I'll call him Larry.  Anyway, Larry and Ron debate pretty often. 

Ron was telling Larry how I plan to hand out New Testaments and Scripture booklets, in bags of candy, on Halloween.  He kept insisting I couldn't.  Why not?  Because if you hand out candy, you are worshipping the Devil.  Even if I am handing out a Bible?  Even then. 

I went away before I started laughing.  I saw him again after I finished stocking the soda machine; "Remember what I said". 

Larry, I told him, I'm going to hand out my stuff.  "Oh, do it another day". 

Larry, if I give out candy to other people's children on ANY other day of the year, I will be viewed as a child-molesting pervert and will probably get my butt kicked!  I'm doing it on Halloween! 

He was still sputtering as I walked off.  Ron and I just had to shake our heads over that one.  He's certainly fervent. 

The sad thing, I really want the boring kind of life, the kind I can sum up in 3 sentences.  I didn't get that package. 

So, the repairman and Ron's boss are both due around the same time.  No repairman; and Ron's boss ...

Sorry, I was just talking to Ron.  I thanked him again for helping with the "problem" and suggested her give her his "Mark of the Beast" speech.  [evil cackle]  We both love the idea. 

So, our ride came at 9:40, and so did Ron's boss.  AGH.  "You have to sign this."  I literally dragged him out of there as the driver was getting ready to leave us. 

We went to Walmart.  I had taken a bowl of change to work; and cashed it in.  It came to $32.95.  I called it $32, and added a dollar of my own, and deposited it.   I have 3 favorite "guys" - World Missionary Press, Grace and Truth, and Gospel for Asia.  Everyone gets $11 and I don't miss the "money".   That's two blankets and two New Testaments (GFA), 2,200 tracts (G & T), and 275 Scripture booklets (WMP).   Awesome. 

Ron wanted "Bungee ropes" - known to the rest of us as bungee cords.  Walmart actually had quite a selection. 

Ron thinks he is making "funny" insulting comments about my choice of music.  Am I laughing, Ron?  No. 

Ron got his bungee cords, and I got one for my handcart.  I didn't get much, actually.  Considering how miserable and overwhelmed I had felt, I did want to "treat" myself.  I needed some more laundry detergent, so I chose to buy the generic brand lavender, some color-safe "bleach", and some fabric softener.  It all cost me probably $10, but money well spent I thought.  Doing laundry will be a lot more pleasant.  That last detergent smelled like rotten fruit.  YUCK. 

I got a 2 liter bottle of the Diet Coke with Lime - I adore the stuff.  I also got myself a 6-pack of Diet Dr Pepper half-liter bottles for tomorrow's Day Out.  Sugarfree lemonade for blogging, etc.  I only spent about $20 total. 

Our pickup driver was late, and went into Walmart.  I told Ron "She is shopping" and the supervisor - coming out of the Walmart in street clothes - got very defensive and said "She is using the restroom". 

How, then, did she walk out with shopping bag?  [snort]  It was STUFFED.  Terrible driver, I actually wondered if I'd be going to the hospital.  I don't think she will last very long. 

Ron had left something at work, something "Important", so after we came home he left again.  I took a nap. 

When I woke up, the new people (a few houses down) were engaged in a loud altercation/shoving match in their front yard.  Real classy.  I called the non-emergent police number.  The dispatcher kept wanting me to go outside and LOOK.  Oh, yeah, let's just label me with a big NARC or SQUEALER. 

No thanks.  I don't do ignorant dramas.  I did inform the dispatcher "Small children live in that household, they don't need to see this." 

The police came out, and shut them up.  Someone drove off.  Then someone drove up.  Ron was home. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010


This won't be a long one. 

Slept in; no headache.  Did some accounting paperwork, and wrote up a new spreadsheet.  It's been quite a while since I wrote an Excel formula but I figured it out pretty quickly. 

I even got a lovely phrase to put in my blog: 耶稣爱你!

Jesus loves you! 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chinese Spam

I don't know why spammers are leaving messages in Chinese.  I don't get that.  I've gotten the rare message I'd term "hateful", a few "private" messages,   It's always the same blog entry, too, "More Dog Drama".  I am not putting up something I don't understand, unless it is someone I trust. 

Speaking of Chinese, I got some Beef Chow Fun today.  More on that later. 

Not an easy morning, getting my butt chomped by depression.  Ugly, ugly, battles.  I ended up taking another Wellbutrin (Doc and I have a range of medication, I normally take one, but can take up to 3 Wellbutrin a day), which did help significantly. 

First, though, I had a LOVELY early morning wakeup [end sarcasm].  I did a good zombie impression.  I just felt so overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated.  Ron had no idea.  I'm still battling it to some degree, I was almost at the point of tears at several points in the day. 

I tell you, when God is ready to take me out of this body, I am READY to go!  I realized today, my life is pretty hard!  I have the brain damage and the mental illness, and then let's go look at my husband!  Blind, alcoholic, partially paralyzed, nerve disease, partially deaf, he can be pretty demanding, impulsive, and verbally abusive.  I never feel like I'm "Off the clock" caring for him, unless I am out of the house and away from him; even then he's liable to call. 

Just now he kept talking and talking about the printer and how the paper tray is different.  I didn't understand, but I got up and stood there as he went "See, I thought this piece did this, and that piece went there, but the paper didn't fit."  I put his hand on the guides and said "The paper goes between this, this, and these."  He talked some more - [waving hands as I shrug]  I didn't get a damned word of it... but he was happy when I walked away. 

It's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed!  I just need to hang on to Jesus and trust Him to carry me through; like he has for the last 23 years.  [shudder]  But the thought of another 20 to 50 years just makes me cringe. 


So, I went to the warehouse.  We rode with a nice Sudanese lady.  She immigrated in her teens.  Nice lady, excellent driver.  I like to see her in the driveway. 

We got some juice drinks, including some juice boxes we can sell for 50 cents.  They are 100% juice so I can sleep at night!  I hate selling stuff that I know will ruin people's health.   They already showed some popularity as we left. 

We went to work, chilled the juice, and stocked them.  Problems with a snack machine, I had to turn it off.  Happily, we have more than one.  I stocked sodas, food, and snacks.  I organized the stockroom (supervisor visit on Monday), and took out the big rolling dumpster.  Ah, the glamourous life of the self-employed!  I got a lot done. 

I took the extra Wellbutrin at work, told Ron I was still battling some depression.  He actually responded well.  A lot of times he will start raging at God.  He said something supportive that wasn't a cliche.  Thank you, Ron. 

Went home.  Handed out lots of candy on the way, other passengers, the guy by the road holding a sign for a cash advance store.  The driver of course. 

Decided to get Chinese food.  They rang it up wrong and sent beef fried rice instead of Chow Fun.  They fixed it.  More candy handed out to the driver - with Chinese scripture booklets (they really are from China).  Ate the whole thing, very good. 

Now I'm listening to my tunes and watching NCIS reruns.  Not a bad show.  Better than Saw! 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Today was not an easy day.  I woke up with a nasty headache that really, really wanted to be a migraine.  I kept taking Excedrin and even had to take a Phenergan to stay upright and functional.  Ron was in a wierd, nasty, gloomy mood.  I was feeling very resentful. 

Why is Blogger doing auto-save every 30 seconds?  Only God knows.  It's very annoying, though.  I can't see what I'm typing. 

I had a couple things planned, I had to bag up driver candy, finish making the goodie boxes for the widows of the murdered cab drivers.  It was clear to me, that God wanted me to do this.  I aim to be obedient.  I'd also gotten a call from the bookstore, my case of Bibles and packages of "Read Your Bible in a Year" tracts had arrived.  I had to get them.  I also needed to get some additional "stuff" from the bookstore to put into the boxes (I went with Bible Promise Books).  I had to do up my driver candy to hand out - handed it all out and then some.  I had to go to the Post Office and mail the boxes, boy that took forever. 

I woke up at 9, left the house at 11 something.  Didn't get to the bookstore until almost 2.  While waiting at the bus stop, almost killed by a reckless driver.  It was not my time; I lived.  If he had been about a foot to the right I would not be posting, my aunt would be telling you all about how I'd died.  When it happens I was ready to go. 

Today I was feeling horribly disobedient to God.  I didn't want to do my God Time.  I didn't want to pray.  I felt greedy and selfish about the money in "my" pocket, and even more resentful about using "my" time on His work.  This lasted pretty much all day.  I felt like a horrible brat. 

I did ask God for help, because it was obvious I wasn't fit.  It's like when someone does you a favor, and all they do is complain and act bitter and resentful, and you wish they really hadn't "helped".  Just a horrible, vile, mood. 

I think it's very important to show my warts, to give you an accurate image. 

When I got to the bookstore I did up some of the Bibles for distribution and mailing.  I did up the Bible Promise books, on page 62 which was "God's love" or something.  I found it really creepy, I opened one at random and it was the section on "Lust!"  Ew!  I don't think a newly-widowed... yuck.  I moved the bookmark. 

I headed off after doing all that, and waited on a bus.  Onto the bus, off the bus.  To the Post Office.  I don't know how long it took, but it was a very long time.  They remembered me; the candy. 

I promised next time I'd bring them hamburgers; they loved it.  They don't think I will!  Ha! 

The shipping was not cheap, but God always covers the bills.  I went and got a snack.  It seemed to help with the headache. 

The light was broken at a very busy street.  More excitement than I like, crossing the street! 

I crossed the street and waited on the bus with a gang member.  I asked God about giving him a Bible and got a no. 

The bus driver got one.  Lots of bus drivers got Bibles.  I got Ron fried chicken, they got Bibles and so did another guy in line. 

My day was pretty much over by now, so I just got myself a Starbucks and came home.  That was my day. 

I feel really worn out, tired, and used.  Tomorrow is work, then housework and accounting stuff.  I hope to God I can have a nice easy Sunday, doing something fun. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I was almost ready to log off; when I realized I hadn't talked to you! 

It's been a BUSY day.  I got up at 3:30 AM, did my God Time.  I find it very funny; I'm not consistent getting up to work out, but I sure am when it comes to spending time with Him.  Ate a snack and off to Foodtown. 

How did Outkast get into my "Christian" music genre?  Very odd! 

I got some soda, and disaster kit supplies.  They had a great deal on those microwave buckets, all ready to eat 8 ounce meals.  50 cents.  I got Ron 10. 

We had a good ride home.  I put everything up and found a couple of rawhide treats in the cabinet.  "Barky" (who seldom barks now), and "Stupid" (next door) each got a treat.  Stupid stuck her head through the newest fence hole and I blocked it.  Then I gave her the treat.  Yes, I know I am sending mixed messages.  Poor dumb animal.  They leave her out in the yard all day and night, not even a dog house.  She drinks water out of a pot they leave on the back porch.  Her people spend maybe 10 minutes a day with her; no wonder she's always trying to break out and come visit. 

Bubba-cat was very excited, because I was in the "canned food cabinet".  He doesn't realize it's now "Ron's disaster kit" cabinet; so I gave him a can of something vile purporting to be beef.  Yeah. 

God forbid I get sick; I want Ron to have access to good food that isn't dependent on refrigeration. 

Off to work!  I pulled out bad codes, put in new sandwiches, and put in the buckets we got for work.  I also did up the soda order.  Ron's boss is coming by on Monday, should be interesting.

I have been feeling a pull recently, to send Bibles to the families of the murdered cab drivers.  They were murdered and robbed.  They left widows and children. 

Today was the real clincher, I had asked God for some confirmation; and one of the Nigerian cab drivers said "I can't imagine how much they cry every night."  Got it.  Most likely will mail them tomorrow.  I want to be obedient.  I just love those Flat Rate boxes.  I can stuff a lot of Jesus in there.  :) 

We got home about 2 hours before Ron's friend was due to arrive (he arrived early).  I made sure the stew looked tasty, set the table, and got the biscuits.  I am not accustomed to making the biscuits out of the can.  I couldn't get the can to open, Ron told me to smack it against the counter.  I did; the biscuits popped right out.  I used the toaster oven, it's hot, and the men loved them.  The Walmart buttermilk biscuits. 

Ron's friend made a rather alarming remark about preparing very hot chili for me, the next time we visited him.  Yike.  Ron is adamant I will not be forced to eat it; apparently he remembers eating it.  Good.  I am not a masochist. 

It was a good visit, but a little tiring.  Ron's friend is very frail and needed help standing and walking.  Thank God we have a small, one-level home.  His ride came and I took him out to the cab. 

It was the same driver who had brought us home from Food Town that morning!  Wow!  That's a long day! 

After "Buddy" left, I told Ron the dishes were in the sink, and Ron washed them.  I took a nap with Bubba.  We had a great nap; all cuddled in bed.  He kind of spooned me and pressed his paws against my hand, which I love.  It was very nice to lie in bed, next to the cat, and think "I don't have to get up." 

I did, of course.  I had taken my lithium early so I was and am well managed mood-wise.  I think I'll start doing this when I run a bit depressed; take the lithium early - actually, I took it 12 hours, which was right on time.  Eeek.  If I had waited, it would have been ugly!  Yike!  Depression would have EATEN me, had I waited! 

Happily, God put it in my head to dodge that bullet.  I have tomorrow off.  It is MY day, except for mailing the care packages.  I just need confirmation from Yellow Cab about the mailing address.  I plan to send them to headquarters, c/o the families.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's a matter of perspective

Some of the search paramaters are very telling: my most recent favorite was "Bible verses about being a doormat" and I pop up - I have to laugh. 

Just now, Ron was pretty ugly when I asked him for help.  I know most "normal" people would have told him off and would probably have never married him at all. 

Here's my secret: I know "average" looks at my life, he treats her like crap.  He drinks.  He is verbally abusive.  She is pathetic with a pathetic life. 

He's not doing it to ME.  He is doing everything he does to a CHILD OF GOD.  He curses out God's Daughter.  He calls God's Child names.  He WILL answer. 

It's not like I'm licking my lips at the prospect, but I do remind myself all of us, including Ron, are accountable for every word that proceeds out of our souls.  That of course includes my typed ones.  [grin] 

So yeah, if you look at it from a "When you die, you rot" perspective my life is pathetic.  When you look at it from an eternal perspective, when I choose to respond kindly when Ron has just cursed me out, then turns around and asks for my help, I'm showing my respect for God and proving I am His child. 

He WILL answer for every word and thought.  I am certain.  I hopeI do well during my review.  :) 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Party Mix

I did not get enough sleep.  I was so tired this morning I drank one of my Diet Mountain Dews. 

It promised to be an interesting day.  We were getting our soda machine delivered to the Christian bookstore. 

First, we went to the warehouse.  I got a handcart rated up to 150 pounds; I like it.  It has excellent stability and a smoother ride than the old handcart. 

I had an interesting experience yesterday, I gave a lady a bag of candy.  We chatted for a bit; and she gave me $5.  I have asked God to have people say a certain phrase if He wants me to keep it, and she said it.  "Use it to buy more candy" she instructed.  By the way, that is not the secret phrase.  :) 

Today, I bought a huge sack of "Party Mix" assorted hard wrapped candy with the $5 (well, I got most of the sack with the bill, I had to throw in a couple of singles).  I also got a backup bag.  I HATE running out of Party Mix.  14 pounds of party mix and a handcart. 

I was getting queasy, again.  I got some Slimfast low carb shakes and a small case of low-carb snack bars.  I ate a bar, it actually helped.  Later on at work, I got hungry, drank a shake, and did not get queasy.  I think I may need to eat more frequently. 

I stuffed everything in my Tote bag.  Imagine my horror when I couldn't find more of them.  I am a bit disturbed.  I hope they continue to sell them.  I LOVE these bags.  I will pass another warehouse tomorrow, and will stop in and check. 

Off to work.  Ron was in a very sour mood, some yelling and invective in my direction.  I reminded myself of "My" Bible verse for those situations: "Being Cursed, We Bless".  I went off and did what needed doing.  Later on, Ron "allowed" me to fix the problem.  I stocked most of the snack machines (we will be back Thursday), sodas, got the hand cart loaded with the soda to go to the store, and fixed a naughty food machine.  Eventually, it will need a part for the lockbar assembly. 

I got the change banks and a vending lock for the "new" machine; and off home.  We had enough time at home to load the handcart with a lot of soda, put the supplies in the tote bag, and here's our next ride. 

I SO wished I had someone taking video as I pushed the handcart in front of me, dragging the tote bag in a shopping cart behind me, with Ron hanging onto the shopping cart handle.  I was a SIGHT. 

I saw the manager "Where is it?"  He directed me to the break room (good!), and Ron and I got to work.  It was plugged in, it was running.  The flavor strips were ALL wrong. 

Ron loaded the change banks while I popped in the lock.  I got him a chair and he sat down. 

We had a persistent error message from the coin mechanism.  An employee came in and squealed with joy over the "new" machine.  I started to ask her to pray and looked - it was fine.  Maybe I just needed to stock it! 

I finished stocking and re-labeled the flavor strips.  We wanted the "big sellers" in the wide rows, so they can hold 3-4 cases each instead of the usual 1.5.  We closed it up, test-vended (a bill and some change), and got the meter reading so we can do accountability.  I put up a note instructing them not to use it for a few hours so the pop could chill. 

Later on, I bought another can and it was nicely chilly.  Good machine! 

The employees love it, and I told them "You're helping the handicapped with every soda!"  They liked that.  I think this will be a good venture for all of us. 

THEN we got to wait an hour on our ride.  I bought a few clearance books (ha!  I wonder who will make more money!), and we headed home. 

It was a straight trip.  Wheee! 

I checked the mail, took out the trash, ate, took my pills, and then proceeded to take a couple-hour nap.  I did not get my 8 hours last night.  Bubba got into bed with me (both times).  He is so sweet. 

Then I got up and posted!  I hope you're having a good one. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nothing will happen outside of God's will

Thank you for your very sweet comments!  Right now I am miserably queasy, been for a while, but [shrug] no real option.  Ron asked me if I'd be willing to switch to another medication and I almost melted my brain.  NO WAY.  I have good control; and the people I see on "the other stuff" don't do well.  I just suck it up. 

I DID tell Ron, when I see Doc, I will ask if I can take my anti-nausea stuff on bad days.  I'd be willing to do that, if it won't make me freak out.  Currently I reserve it for migraines only. 

Anyway, a bright and early wakeup at 5 AM.  God Time, bagging up candy.  A rather exciting ride to work, I told Ron calmly "Nothing will happen to out outside of God's will.  If something happens, it's our time."  I also thought, the way the guy was driving, I was assured a quick transition! 

We got to work and got our soda for the new machine (we will call it soda 5), mailed the sales tax, and the overdue water bill.  Ooops.  We had the cash, just forgot.  Happily we still have water, and the postal workers got 2 mail items in the stream. 

Work was fine, except for a naughty food machine.  It died right after I stocked it.  I prayed over it, tried a reboot.  Nope.  Tried a longer power-off period reboot.  Prayed again.  Heather, check connections.  Huh.  Not a bad idea, Lord.  I pushed all the little plugs into the spots on the circuit board.  Some of them did seem a little loose.  THEN it worked.  Yeee-haw.  I did a happy dance right there in my "God Bless America" t-shirt, complete with Bible verse... and got the error messages cleared out.  I really enjoy my job. 

I didn't do snacks, they weren't urgent.  We plan to go to the wholesale warehouse tomorrow, get a handcart for Soda 5, and go to work.  Get a few soda items for #5, and then go home.  After that, go to the bookstore and install it!  We will need to do changebanks (Ron's job), install a new lock (my job), and stock the beast (both of us).  It is a Dixie-Narco soda machine.  I like them, they have a good reputation.  We understand each other. 

[horrible belch] 

We took some soda home on a handcart, for #5.   Logistics on getting the soda to #5 might be a little tricky, but I'm not overly worried. 

After we got home, we went to Walmart.  Ron's friend is coming over Thursday.  I got the biscuit stuff (the refrigerated can that you open, and the biscuits pop out?), and the frozen stew veggies.  The nice thing about frozen carrots and potatoes; I don't have an expiration date.  I can use a little this week, a little more a few weeks from now.  Stew stuff, biscuits, good to go. 

I got some diet decaf soda for myself, and a bunch of dairy.  Milk, cottage cheese, and some yogurt.  I got myself a new pair of headphones, fixin's for pumpkin pudding, some glass storage containers for cooking and storage of said pumpkin pudding, plasticware leftover containers, and a couple of cans of that vile-smelling cat food.  I hate dishes.  I also got some plastic forks.  I would far rather throw away my dishes than wash them. 

I had two rides recently that I loved: the driver already had a Bible I'd given them, obviously well-read, prominently featured in the cab.  Awesome. 

Anonymous is exactly right - it is SO easy to get good candy; the only problem; it's too hot for chocolate.  I seem to be OK with caramels, and chocolate if I am NOT having a Day Out.  I do plan to buy some of the little bags of Skittles - people love them.  Handing out the candy is a lot of fun, because people will say "OOOH!  Favorite Candy Name!"   In the winter, it'a always "Oooh!  Chocolate!" 

Speaking of Days Out, I won't be doing one tomorrow; work first.  I will have Wednesday off.  Not sure what I'll be doing. 

I'll get some photos of me, Ron, and our new machine tomorrow.  It should be fun. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy to get in the wheelchair

Today was in interesting day.  I forgot to set my alarm, but Ron lost his balance and banged into the wall and woke me up, as he headed to the bathroom.  I did my God Time, ate (not a large enough breakfast), took my pills, and did up bags of candy. 

The cab arrived and she jumped out going on about wheelchairs and some man couldn't bend his leg.  Huh? 

I looked in the back seat.  A man about my age was reclined across the entire backseat, leaving enough room for a small child who WAS NOT in a car seat.  Where would Ron sit? 

The front seat was open.  I understood; we could only ride if Ron brought and rode in his wheelchair. 

A brief digression on the other passenger: he was smirking, and the way he treated the child made it very clear he was one of those control freak types.  I believe he could have bent his leg, but didn't want to.  I believe it was probably painful.  He "said" he had "fixed" the trip so he would have room, but [shrug] who knows.  It was obvious he was used to dictating.   Everyone else in the world was there to make him happy. 

I do know Ron and I had no intention of letting him dictate to us, whether or not we could ride.  He was happy to get in his wheelchair.  It was obvious the guy had hoped we'd send the cab away and wait on another one (it would take hours).   Instead, HE had to wait as Ron was strapped down and secured in the wheelchair compartment; and I chatted with the driver.  Then we got a straight trip. 

The guy was fuming, and yelled at the little girl.  Nice. 

I see a lot on Metrolift.  I tell you, I don't need any vaccine - those seats are so filthy; I ought to put up a photo.  Many clients have bladder and bowel control issues.  Yeah.  On the seats; which are cloth.  Everytime I sit down in a vehicle I'm vaccinating myself.  [laugh]  Jerks yelling at children who aren't in carseats were a new one.  I would have LOVED to give the child some candy, but I got a NO from God.  I wouldn't have liked it, but I'd have given jerky one too, but God said No. 

We got to the grocery store, and the driver unloaded Ron.  He said I could "just park" him, but I made sad little bleating noises until he laughed and agreed to shop with me.  My love language; quality time. 

Ron hung onto the back of the cart and propelled himself as I guided us.  We had a lot of fun.  We did forget the carrots, potatoes, and cleanser, but the whole drama of the guy had made the driver late picking us up - she was about half an hour late.  Not long to shop. 

[Personally, I doubt the man will be riding long - a couple of hell trips riding around for a few hours, next to a very large person who hasn't bathed, will cure him.  The only way he can "stretch out his leg" all the time will be if he tells dispatch he is traveling in an extra-wide wheelchair - and he wasn't obese.  A guy like that has a really hard time "submitting" to an irrational scheduling system and the vagaries of other clients.] 

Ron and I got some stew meat, burrito fixings (he adores my burritos, and stew), and I viewed the meats.  Nothing yelled "Take me home and cook me!", so I didn't.  I started getting pretty horribly queasy; I hadn't eaten a large enough breakfast.  I forgot the milk, too.  [laugh] 

Ron told me he would buy all the groceries; normally I buy them myself.  Awesome.  We picked up a few things for work, too. 

As soon as we checked out, here comes our ride.  A straight trip, even.  I think it was our reward for being accomodating. 

I came home, put up the groceries, planned the next couple days with Ron, ate a snack, took my lithium EARLY, watched a movie, and organized the living room area.  It looks very nice.  Instead of cases of Bibles on the floor, they are neatly organized on a bookcase.  I have a huge sack of books to donate to Salvation Army, too. 

I have to get up pretty early; so I'm off to take my shower, eat, God Time, and then bed. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I get complacent

I get complacent; I forget my illness is a battle to the death, my illness WANTS ME DEAD.  I forget, let my guard down, and get my ass kicked.  Happened today. 

Something told me last night to do the candy, so I watched my show, whatever it was, and did up several Bibles and bags of candy.  It was all ready to go. 

Last night I got distracted thinking about logistics for our new vending machine, and distracted by frenzied barking from the neighbor dogs.  Some dogs were dumped in our neighborhood last night; and as they wandered the "yard" dogs went nuts.  Slept HORRIBLY.  I barely did half my God time.  Thank God I had done the candy and Bibles. 

First trip, the driver was delighted to see us.  That was nice.  I am glad they like us.  She loved her candy.  We went to the wholesale warehouse.  Ron, ideally, wanted a case of the individually wrapped 4 ounce muffins.  We have a muffin fan club.  Happily, I found a whole, frozen, case.  They were about to stock it.  I grabbed it. 

I went looking for Mountain Dew, took me a while to find it.  They changed the displays.  Got that, now time for Driver Candy.  I DID NOT find the "Party Mix" - the 7 pound individually wrapped assortment, but I did get a big jar of Now and Laters.  I paid up and gave the cashier her candy.  The greeter got the candy.  The other employee looked a little forlorn and I gave her some candy, too (the candy comes with a Scripture booklet). 

There's the driver!  Guess who got a bag of candy?  We went to work.  Didn't have much time, so we did the basics.  The Maintainence boys in blue (they wear blue uniforms) did a LOVELY job waxing our floors.  I made sure to compliment the lady working custodial today; and plan to praise ALL of them Monday.  It is a fantastic job. 

I really enjoyed the nice, shiny, floors as I stocked water, muffins, and Crush.  Ron worked on the coffee machine. 

Time to go!  We had a good ride home, handed out more candy (to the driver, and the other passenger).  My bag's looking pretty floppy now. 

We took a nap at home, and then off to Burger King.  More candy for the driver, who told me about his "new" foster son.  I gave him a Bible for the boy.  "Dad" was thrilled. 

We ate, and then had another driver come for us.  I gave the driver, and that client, each a Bible.  The other client, an older lady, liked it so much I ended up giving her the rest of my Bibles for her grandkids (I was going home anyway).  The driver grinned. 

I took another nap, helped Ron with some yardwork, and did some cleaning and organizing.  Had I been more alert, I would have taken my lithium at 5 - about 12 hour intervals.  I did not, and got chewed up bad enough I delayed Mom & Dad's weekly phone call. 

I feel better now, so I'll be picking up the phone pretty soon. 

Friday, October 15, 2010


I am cycling depressed.  I had a wonderful cuddle with Bubba-cat last night and this morning.  Before I left the house, I wisely took an additional 1/2 Wellbutrin (I can take UP TO 3 tablets a day, but usually only take one, 2 if necessary).  It is a lot easier to manage the moods when they start, rather than waiting until it's really bad. 

I was proud of myself for taking it, even to myself it is hard to admit "I need extra help today, I can't manage this mood."  However, I think that's the difference between a bipolar sufferer who suffers, and a bipolar person with a pretty good life.  Why suffer?  The medication is right there on the table, waiting to help. 

My pain was compounded by the fact that Ron was having a very painful morning.  It is ghastly to watch. 

For some reason, I felt led to bring my hand cart and extra bungee cords.  I also pared down my "junk" to pretty manageable levels.  I did up a stack of New Testaments and about a dozen bags of candy, too.  I prayed and asked God for help (an extra request), I needed encouragement and I also needed distraction.  I "needed" to run some errands, too. 

I went to the grocery store with the bank outlet.  I made my deposit (World Missionary Press is having some lean times, so I want to give them a little extra), and viewed the soda.  Happily, they had the Diet Dr Pepper 6-packs.  I bought one and recalled my love of the Diet Coke with Lime - funny story on that later. 

I brought my "Where to Look in the New Testament" masters, and a good book.  I needed to run off copies.  Firstly, I got my soda. 

Ron called.   The soda machine will be delivered to the bookstore Tuesday, and I needed to notify them.  Ron is offering a very reasonable price of 50 cents a can.  I could tell he was still hurting. 

I wore my terrycloth headband, because I always sweat when I take Wellbutrin.  It's a very tiny price to pay.  Sure enough, I was glad I had it. 

I rolled off to the bus stop.  Waited a long while.  All the drivers liked their candy.  When the bus came, I rode with 2 adorable babies.  One, I thought, probably looked a lot like my child with Ron. 

If Ron and I had children, the babies would have had a similar appearance.  The mother had a complexion about like Ron's, and the father was obviously "White".  The child was very light skinned, with features from both races.  Adorable. 

I do believe God will show me how my children would have looked.  I had some times when I could have been pregnant, too.  Who knows?  Maybe I have a few waiting in Heaven.  Anyway, I enjoyed the babies. 

I got off and rolled over to the Christian bookstore.  "Heather!  Your Bibles arrived!"  Yay! 

I looked around but just bought the Bibles.  They put TWO cases on my cart.  As I strapped everything in, I was so glad I'd brought my cart, my bungee "ropes", and had enough money for cab fare should I need it. 

I felt I did a good job of taking care of myself, I spent time with enjoyable people, ran my errands, bought myself my favorite diet sodas, and.... [continued]

Fully "strapped" (which is also gang slang for carrying a gun), I rolled off, using my "new" shortcut.  I could not have carried the cart over any grass! 

I rolled off to the bus stop, missed a bus.  Drat.  Some "operator" was putting the moves on another woman, who quite obviously had FAS.  I wanted to slap him, instead, I prayed.  Happily, "Our" bus came and he wasn't riding. 

I had an interesting time lugging the cart onto the bus, but managed.  The wheelchair lift was broken.  Boy, was I glad I could walk.  I don't take my body for granted, ever.  Living with Ron has given me a great appreciation for a healthy body.  Had the wheelchair lift been working, I could have simply rolled on, instead of the hoist/carry. 

I was feeling like myself again.  I gave the driver his candy and told him he had my "driver of the year" award.  I got off and told the other Christian bookstore about the soda machine.  They were happy to hear it. 

I poked around but didn't buy anything.  I headed over to the office supply store and ran off 100 copies of Where to Look in the New Testament".  I teased the copy guys "I would have taken a break when I saw me coming!"  Candy all around, including the store manager - she was thrilled.  I also made sure to compliment my copy guys. 

Read the book for a bit while they ran off copies, and then off to Favorite Dollar.  By now, I am certain I am taking a cab home.  You may recall the last time I did that was about 4 months ago, when the heat made me really sick.  I might have been able to get home with 2 big cases of Bibles, and a plastic milk crate on the hand cart, plus my backpack, but why bother?  Besides, the Yellow cab could use the business. 

Sadly, they were out of "Exploding Candy", another store manager, another bag of candy!  I'm getting pretty good at this!  I got some of the nice assorted mix and some Bubblegum pops.  I called Ron, he didn't want anything. 

"Since I'm taking a cab home, do you want me to get you some fried chicken?"  He was thrilled. 

I rolled off to Starbucks and got my usual.  I ate some peanuts, called Ron, and waited on my cab.  I didn't watch the clock, it took a little while but it was a lot easier than trying to get my cart on and off a couple of buses!  I only take a couple of cabs a year, I decided to enjoy the process. 

The cab came, it was a guy we know.  Good!  When we went through the drive-through I insisted the driver get something to eat.  He did, I paid, and we went home.  He got a $5 tip, which I was happy to give.  He was a big help with the handcart. 

Ron tore into his chicken like a starving man.  He loved every bite.  Bubba was lurking around (Bubba's Daddy once mugged Ron for some fried chicken, right after Ron's accident), so I gave him a can of that horrible smelly cat food.  He was thrilled. 

Ron and the cat bore a remarkable resemblence to each other, as they ate.  They both have green eyes, and whiskers. 

Ron is feeling a lot better, happy and relaxed in bed with his new book.  I'm home, with all my stuff. 

Tomorrow we run to the warehouse, work, and home.  Then a surprise lunch date somewhere affordable.  I think Burger King. 

I don't often do a morning blog

I think I'm starting to run a little depressed.  Agh. 

I had a great sleep last night; made even better by kitty cuddles.  Bubba was completely devoted and cuddly all night, and even laid on my foot next to me (I was sitting in bed reading an inspirational romance novel).  He is still in the bed all cute and soft. 

Ron apparently had a bad night, rather dour this morning.  I don't think I will be calling him unless it is necessary.  Like me, he'll flip out of it eventually. 

It should be a glorious day, sunny, 80's, and a nice breeze.  I plan to run some errands and try to figure out what God wants from me today. 

I need to stick $30 in my bank account for that hospital bill, I'd like to run by Favorite Dollar, and the rest is a big question mark. 

First, I have to eat, take my pills, and bag up my Driver Candy.  I already did my God Time. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm glad he's in my life

I deliberated quite a bit on what to say... but first a little about my day. 

Ron was reading a romance novel and the hero got some advice on letting his wife know he loved her.  Imagine my surprise when Ron made cute noises to wake me up.  I sat up, "Huh?" 

"I love you, Heather."  Oh, I love you too.  I got ready to lie down.  "What time is it [petname]?"  Heather, one hour till pickup! 

AGH.  Alarm screwup!  Poor God got screwed out of his Time.  Not only that, I didn't have a chance to bag up a single bag of candy.  I got dressed, ate, and took my pills, that's about it. 

I found Ron's new attitude a joy and a wonder.  He's really grasped the "Let Heather know she is valued and appreciated" concept.  A big thumbs up to God. 

Our first driver was kind of somber.  Her husband had died a month ago!  Yike.  Ron and I consoled her as best we could, and I gave her the only bag of candy I had. 

Due to a probable tampering issue, one of our snack machines had developed a problem.  The buyer could barely get their hand into the machine to retrieve the product!  Not only that, we had the coffee issue I mentioned yesterday. 

We called Luis.  I love Luis.  He is honest and dependable.  He does quality work with guarantees.  He is reasonable. 

He came out and fixed both machines.  Yay!  I am so glad he is happily married.  He's the kind of guy you WANT to be happy. 

Happily, snacks needed MORE stocking!  That's 3 times just this week.  I love overtime.  I also needed to refill the soda machine.  Other than that, pretty quiet.  I got the milk and stocked it. 

As we left, we ran into Walter at the credit union.  He's on my "hug list" because he was so wonderful to me after Ron's accident.  He'd pray over Ron, ask how I was doing, NEVER complained about any trouble to visit, and always got me lunch.  He is happily married, a guy I love to see.  We agreed to "friend" on Facebook. 

Our ride came and we headed off to the bad housing project I mentioned yesterday.  It was very sad to see the obviously high young woman walk up and attempt to hire the cab.  I will admit to a fair amount of nerves as he unloaded the elderly client and filled out his paperwork.  I can only imagine the horror of making a late-night drop. 

Horribly, 2 Houston Yellow Cab drivers have been murdered this week:  I am praying for safety and justice.  [shaking my head]  Awful.  These guys work 14-16 hour days killing themselves to make some money and serve others, and that's what they get? 

We went to see a friend of Ron's.  He is a nicer old man.  I don't think he and I would be friends if we didn't know Ron.  We just don't have much in common. 

Ron talked about his Piano Tuning days... yup, he can tune a piano!  Once, we walked into a piano store and he began "testing the temperment" - playing various chords to determine the resonance... and it sounded AWFUL!  I am tone deaf and I could tell it was badly out of tune!   The salesman begged us to leave! 

This is where I go into the thinking a lot about what I would type, and what I'd want typed about Ron if I wasn't around.  Ron's friend doesn't have a woman in his life, doing all those little womanly touches. 

Don't get me wrong; my house is messy.  Right now I have a cat food dispenser, a bottle of water, a postal scale, some mail, and some soda for the drivers (we offer them a cold drink, going or coming to the house) sitting on the kitchen table.  My kitchen counters are messy.  I have dirty dishes in the sink, and Ron eats a lot of TV dinners (he loves them).  He has to remind me to make "Your delicious tuna". 

But he knows he is loved and cared for.  When he accidentally sat down on the toilet seat after I sprayed it with cleanser, he laughed about it.  I think it goes back to what I tell people about the Group Homes: you can pay them lots of money, but you can't make the caregivers love them.  Love is most important. 

Ron could probably get a "provider" who could give him a spotless house, but they wouldn't love him.  They wouldn't sit out back in the plastic chair and enjoy the sun with him.  They wouldn't love the cat. 

We got stuck at the guy's house for hours.  It gave me a lot of time to think about MY role in Ron's life.  I realized I play a very important role: I love him.  It's not about what I do for him (37 items just at work, the last time he made a list!), but what I FEEL for him. 

And what he feels for me.  I'm glad he's in my life.  He's hurting right now, and that pains me, but it's worth it. 

I got a little depressed earlier, but took 1/2 a Wellbutrin and a "little" (150 mg) lithium, and feel a lot better.  My vitamins came so I also have my Inositol (a B vitamin supposedly depleted by the use of Lithium).  It can't hurt.  It's also supposed to be good for hair and I worry mine might be getting a little thin at the back of my head. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ron would have my head on a stick

You already know I had more doggy drama; and an interesting encounter after work.  I got up on time, feeling absolutely sapped.  I prayed a lot yesterday, during the migraine, so I didn't feel horribly guilty about missing my God Time. 

I took out the trash, got my shower, ate, and took my pills.  I am diligent about taking my medication as soon as I can. 

We went to work, things were pretty quiet.  I had a guy tried to get me to make change for a $50!  You have GOT to be kidding!  I have seen enough flyers on cashier stands to know Houston is infested with counterfeit $50's.  No way. 

"Ron would have my head on a stick!" I told him.  He couldn't argue with that.  I suggested he go to the credit union, a grueling walk of 15 feet.  Rather than take my advice, he walked off.  Now I was really glad I said no.  He must have known it was phony. 

Another guy tried to tell me the coffee had bugs in it.  I explained it was fragments of coffee beans and had Ron drink a cup.  He finally went away.  I put up a note "Fresh Ground Coffee may have fragments of coffee beans, please use Fresh Brew instead".  [shrug]  It was OBVIOUSLY coffee beans, but some people love the drama. 

Other than that, it was a good day.  I did my stocking and helped Ron.  He made a point of telling me I was a big help.  I always like to hear that. 

After work, we ran an errand and came home.  We were going to take a nap until we found the dog in our yard again.  (see below)

Soon, we're off to Starbucks.  Yay! 

I almost got mugged again today

A few months ago, I was discussing crime with another passenger.  She is a partial quadraplegic and must use a power wheelchair.  She can "sorta" use her hands. 

She told me about her mugging;  a young man walked up to her and asked if he could borrow a pen.  She looked in her purse and as she did, he grabbed the purse and ran off. 

I was sitting outside at work.  I saw a "fishy" looking guy walking down the road.  The road has no sidewalk.  He spotted me and made an immediate turn and headed in my direction.  I put up my phone and got out my pepper spray, holding it plainly in my right hand. 

I moved my hand as he got within about 30 feet, and he stopped.  He knew what I held. 

"'Scuse me, you got an INK pen?" 
He stood there for a second and I moved my hand again.  He left. 

Some bad trouble right down the road; housing projects with a NASTY reputation.  I wonder if he knew he was on Federal property, and the penalties.  I wonder if he knew the Postal Inspectors were right behind me, and the place is infested with cameras. 

No, he probably didn't.  What I found telling - he didn't leave right away when I told him no.  But he couldn't figure out any way to get closer without me Macing him.  And he KNEW what I held.  He stopped dead as soon as he saw it. 

"He probably got maced before" said my driver.  Yup. 

Common sense will take you a long way.  I don't LOAN anything out these days, and I don't let dangerous people get  close to me while I "look" for them. 

Fence repair photos - step 1

Yesterday I had a hideous migraine.  I spent most of the day, and night, curled up in misery.  Ron was great about bringing me ice.  I was annoyed, I didn't even get to watch the new episode of Stargate Universe. 

I heard an awful lot of BARKING, and it seemed pretty close.  Sure enough, today I noticed THAT dog ripped 2 more boards off the fence.  Ron and I made some repairs. 

The one above is the infamous "Wheelbarrow hole" - the previous tenant's children had ripped a large hole in the fence.  I had a piece of plywood propped up with the wheelbarrow.  That actually held but we patched it anyway, it was without a doubt the "worst" section of fence.  The 3 slats to the left - I bought "just in case" becuase I knew the dog would break more boards; she broke 2 more and got through into our yard today.  3 slats and the various props should hold her for a while. 

Ron had made this patch a few weeks ago.  She had broken the bottom off some boards and slithered through.  The cinderblock is bracing a rolled up miniblind - she was squeezing through that gap too.  Apparently the owners thought a piece of cardboard was adequate. 
Nasty migraine yesterday. Ron gets good hubby award - quiet & ice bags for my head. Bubba gave cuddles all day. Ok now.

Monday, October 11, 2010

All plump in the bed

Today, today, today.  I slept horribly.  Nightmares.  Happily, I took my shower last night so I hit the snooze button once. 

I know it's not an easy morning when I'm sitting on the edge of the bathtub, drinking a Diet Mountain Dew at 3-something in the morning.  My head bowed, I'm just asking God to help. 

I wasn't depressed, just worn out.  Ron apparently had a VERY bad night.  The neuropathy was very bad today; I could tell.  He was very short-tempered and obviously in pain. 

He just HATES it when someone walks up "How are you Ron?  Beautiful day, isn't it?"  He always says he wants to tell them how he really feels.  I just had to deal with the snapping all day long. 

I did my best to just love him.  I made sure he didn't have to stand or walk any more than necessary, to the point of asking drivers to move the vehicle.  I did it in a nice way, explaining that Ron was in a lot of pain today.  They could tell by looking at him and complied. 

Our first ride was exciting.  I am certain he was going at least 80 mph on the freeway.  But we made it there alive! 

Our second ride was a cab (seating for 5), occupied by a driver and a trainee driver.  They ALWAYS seem to put us on the training route.  They had the front seats, it was Ron and I in the back. 

Not a problem until they had another pickup.  It was a very large guy who is on dialysis.  I found him so provoking that I lost 70 pounds - he kept blabbering on about how people "needed" carbohydrates and I'd "starve my brain" by doing lowcarb.  Well, I don't take diet advice from diabetics who ruined their kidneys!  I was so aggravated I went home that day and threw out all the carb stuff. 

This guy needed 2 seats, but only one available.  The trainee driver tried to get me to sit in the middle.  No.  I am not sitting pressed up next to some obese man I barely know.  Some have bathing issues; the last time that happened I went into the stockroom and used half a bottle of rubbing alcohol on my arm and leg.  The guy was not "fresh". 

Ron is happy to sit in the middle; and I'm grateful he does.  He is only 140 pounds and pretty well suited for the middle anyway.  "Phil" came out and stuffed himself into the seat, complaining bitterly about the seatbelt. 

In America, you must wear a seatbelt.  If you aren't, you'll get a ticket; and the transit company refuses to transport anyone without a seatbelt.  He started complaing, saying he didn't see why he "Had" to wear it. 

I told him, a client on Metrolift didn't wear her seatbelt when she was "normal".  Now she is paralyzed from the neck down and can't even feed herself.  You can bet she wishes ever minute of the day that she'd buckled up. 

Oh, he said.  Well, that only mattered in the FRONT seat.  Why did he have to wear a belt in the back?  Because, in the event of an accident, you will go flying into the back of the front seat.  Most times the front seat passenger is killed by the impact as well.  Then he started going on about goverment interference; I just turned on my music. 

I should have done that as soon as I saw his hame on the computer.  The guy is obsessed with aliens.  I only heard snippets as he talked to Ron, something about alien visitations and God is really an advanced alien race.  Good luck with that.  Hard NOT to feel like the Bibles I gave him were "wasted". 

I had forgotten to eat a snack and got terribly nauseous.  Two conversations, one in the front seat, one in the back.  All are talking about food.  The guys in the back are talking Mexican food, and the ones in the front are talking about fried fish.  UGH. 

Thank God I had a bag of peanuts.  We finally got to the dialysis place.  I tell you, I am not doing dialysis or radiation.  Ugh. 

We got to Walmart and had a good amount of time.  I got some "comfort bath" type wipes for the disaster kit, vitamins, toilet paper, and paper towels.  Exciting stuff.  Ron got some new headphones and some TV dinners.  We had enough time to eat before our ride arrived. 

One driver arrived, but she was only picking up the other lady.  Our ride finally came.  It was a straight trip. 

I laid down for my nap.  I have a suspicion the family next door is homeschooling now.  I heard their son outside kicking his ball.  DUH.  Columbus day; they had the day off school.  I had a pretty good nap, and when I woke up Bubba-cat was snuggled in with me, all cozy and plump in the bed. 

After I got up, he reclaimed HIS spot.  He does this:

Adorable.  It also keeps me from returning.  He looks like this right now.  I often tell Ron, "Bubba's all plump in the bed."  What a sweetie. 

Happily, I have good dinner options.  I did slip off track today, ate some potato chips and peanut butter.  One reason I got the precooked hamburger patties at Walmart. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Burning Coals

21 If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat;

if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.

22 In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head,

and the LORD will reward you. (Proverbs Chapter 25, NIV)

I think the best thing about Bible memorization is the fact that I always have the Bible at hand for any situation.  Today's a good example. 

We had planned to go to work today.  I had a suspicion it was going to be an "interesting day".  I'd set my alarm for 5 AM, but was awakened at 3 AM by a tremendous itch in my left ear canal.  [making a face]  Yeah, wierd. 

I took my shower and that seemed to help, did my God Time, and made up some bags of candy.  Our driver picked us up on time and we headed off to the wholesale warehouse. 

I needed cookies, crackers, and some candy.  I got what I needed and we didn't wait long on our ride.  We headed off to work. 

Happily, all my merchandise fit in my oversized tote bag; I carried it into the building.  Normally I leave Ron with the stuff and go fetch a cart. 

Ron needed Lipton canned tea, but we were out.  Drat.  He had ordered 10 cases from the other vendor, and wondered aloud if he would permit me to access the stockroom. 

"If you're going to do that, Ron, why not just ask if I can get the whole order?"  I would FAR rather get it by myself than deal with more strange comments about kissing.  I worried we might end up alone together and more advances, etc.  Yike. 

Happily, he consented.  I used my key and viewed the pallets.  I needed Lipton, it was under cases of canned Mountain Dew and Diet Coke - their inventory.  I'd have to move their inventory to access mine. 

At first, I just pulled it off and stacked it on the floor, but then God spoke.  I just KNEW he wanted me to go stack it up as if it were my stockroom and I worked for them.  Yes, they have 3 times the employees.  Yes, they have been somewhat unkind recently - well, he has. 

"Put it away, Heather!"  So, I looked around.  OK, there's a case and a half of Mountain Dew.  I took the "old" off the stack, put the new stuff down, and put the "old' on top.  See, that didn't hurt.  Now let's do the Diet Coke. 

Unfortunately, they had poorly stacked a case of bottled sodas.  I bumped it and the whole works came crashing down.  Now I had 2 cases of canned soda, and 4 cases of bottled, all over the floor.  Happily, none of them leaked.  It is absolutely awful to chase a fountaining, agitated, rupturing soda beverage around the floor, getting sprayed as if it were some kind of  demon-possessed corn-syrup fire hose.  Yuck. 

I sighed, and got to work.  I picked it all up, and stacked it CORRECTLY (hint- the cases should line up vertically, and never stack on top of a partial case.  Partials go ON TOP.)  SIGH.  Hard to find good help these days. 

I had a hideous Wellbutrin hot flash the whole time I was working, and I was dripping more sweat than when I ran the half-marathon!  About this time a food machine went down and Ron began screaming for my assistance.  [laughing quietly as I put my head in my hands]  Yeah. 

Alright!  I had our 10 cases of canned ice tea.  I dragged the cart into the proper stockroom and stacked it properly.  Now I needed to get 16 cases of Coke.  I did that, and put it away in our stockroom (rotating of course - I have had hideous flat canned colas - I would never want a customer to pay for that).  

I decided to leave a note, saying "I took X, Y, Z."  As I picked up a pen I saw an invoice she had written up.  I went and got the checkbook, wrote the check, stuck it in an envelope with her name, and locked up again. 

Will they even notice I put away a part of their pallet and rotated the stock?  Will they care?  I don't know, and it really doesn't matter.  I did what God wanted me to do and THAT matters. 

Then I took out the rolling dumpster. 
That would be a pretty good ending.  [sigh]  Ron prefers it if I roll him out to the bus stop.  He really can't walk much outside the house.  I did that and locked up, then came back out. 
Our ride was right on time, and straight.  Excellent. 
When we got home I found Bubba stretched in my bed.  Completely stretched out and looking so, so, cozy in the middle of my bed. 
I was tired, I didn't sleep well, like I said.  I looked at the cat again and pulled out the pull-out for myself.  He lets me sleep in the bed at night. 
I laid down and tried to nap.  Right as I drifted off I heard Ron shouting at the neighbors (the ones with the dog).  He didn't like the exhaust from the leaf-blower.  He kept yelling "It stinks!  Fix it!"  I was pretty embarrased, but I remind myself  "Hey, if Ron's acting like a belligerent drunk, shame on him.  He looks bad.  I probably look even 'better' for it.  'Poor thing'". 
Needless to see, I didn't sleep.  I endeavored to explain that all internal combustion engines smell bad.  [sigh]  He yelled at me and told me to leave him alone.  [clicking tongue]  Alright, then!   I retreated and Ron's asleep now, I think.  He's quiet in his room. 
Sad, when he drinks I just tense up.  I still had a good day!  I handed out 2 of my new, New Testaments!  They were really popular! 
If anyone ever wanted to get me a wonderful gift, it would be a case of Bibles.  [grin]

Friday, October 8, 2010

Soda in a water cup is stealing

Ron and I had planned to go to a chicken place today; he'd get fried chicken, leave me there, and go home.  I'd ride the bus and do my fun Day Out things.  I was really excited when I read BOTH Christian bookstores were having Bible sales. 

I brought my handcart.  The first trip had Ron as a "Wheelchair", which we fixed.  We even had a stright trip (a gift). 

Ron and I got out.  As we reviewed the menu, we came to the same conclusion.  Not a good value. 

We had one of those rare moments where we knew each other's thoughts; McDonalds.  You know it's close if Ron can get there on foot (with me guiding of course).  So, he latched onto my elbow as I pushed the handcart in front of me, and headed over. 

For less than the price of a 3 piece chicken meal; Ron got a 3 piece chicken meal and a burger for me.  With change.  As I filled our drinks (I am partial to a "Diet Suicide": of mixed Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Coke), I saw the sign "Soda in a water cup is stealing, please be honest."  How sad and what a damning statement of the times. 

Ron enjoyed his meal (happily he recovered most of his flavors, including chicken, after the Bactrim poisoning), I "peeled" my burger (took the bread off) and ate it.  Tasty.  Not bad for $1. 

Value is very important to me.  I want to feel like I got my money's worth. 

Ron and I learned that Metrolift doesn't do well when you change the pickup location, so we staggered back.  Ron's ride arrived, the driver got his Bible and candy, and headed off. 

I was near the overcharge gas station.  Ron was pretty upset when I told them I am "overcharged" now, but I said it's just a sign to me to move on.  Besides, I wasn't far from a grocery store. 

I figured I'd buy a 6 pack of Diet Dr Peppers for less than I paid at a gas station for four, 20 ounce, sodas.  It was a good concept.  I felt a little persecuted as I realized they had every type of 20 ounce Dr Pepper Bottling Company product, EXCEPT Diet Dr.  I then figured if that was the worst thing to happen, I'd have a great day. 

"Why not just buy a 2 liter?"  A good ol' boy asked the question.  Good point.  I got it and a six-pack of Diet Pepsi - better than Diet Coke, and cheaper. 

As I paid, I handed out Bibles.  That always makes me happy. 

I had great bus drivers all day; they were all very kind and very skillful.  They agree, other drivers are a lot worse than they used to be. 

I went to my favorite Christian bookstore.  I teased them that they should have known I was coming when they advertised a Bible sale.  I squeaked with joy as I found a case of the New King James paperback Bibles (normally $1, now 20% off).  I dragged it out and toted it around like a barbarian with a fresh kill.  One employee snickered as he saw me with my treasure. 

I paid up and put it on the cart.  I was glad I had so many "bungee ropes" as Ron calls them; apparently the word storage for "bungee cord" was damaged in the accident.  He always calls them "ropes".  I was able to secure it front-back and on each side.  Otherwise everything falls off when I turn. 

I even found a shortcut so I didn't have to pick up and carry the cart as I normally do; that was great.  I passed Hater Gas station.  People found it funny that I had the 2 liter; and why.  I got a mild lecture about my water intake from a gal half my age - funny. 

I caught a bus and went to the import store.  The owners are Hindu.  I didn't think about my "In God I Trust" t-shirt until I was right outside the door.  I figured old "Hatey" would have freaked over it; happily they didn't care. 

I got my incense - all my favorites, Honey-rose, lavender, vanilla, patchouli, and jasmine.  Yummy.  I stored it carefully, away from my driver candy, and headed off to the other Christian bookstore.

Imagine my glee as I discovered THEY also had a Bible Sale.  I got 3 of the small New Testaments, they are palm-sized, and a couple of inspirational romance novels.  They are popular in the book exchange when I finish them. 

It was after 3.  I always feel it's a good idea to be home before dark; no matter where I live. 

I went to a craft store and got some sew-on velcro for my cell phone holder.  I made it myself.  I crocheted it out of wool, then "felted" it in the washer.  I basically threw it in a load of clothes on "warm".  It shrunk and tightened up.  The button hole I carefully designed was too tight for any kind of button.  I wanted a secure fasten. 

I went with sew-on velcro.  I got some matching thread and an ornamental mother of pearl button.  I had a small package of velcro, a spool of thread, and the button. 

"I'm going to need some help with carryout here, can I get a couple of guys to help?"  Good grins. 

Then I went to Favorite Dollar.  I was cheap enough to get their sewing kit.  The needle threader worked well.  I have trouble threading needles now.  But I also have a very contented housecat lying on my foot.  He used to hide a lot when I was "ill". 

I got some sugarfree drops (fruit and coffee flavors), some ziplocks for the Bibles, and ready to go.  Then I went to Starbucks.  They are used to the sight of me with the handcart.  I had a good book, so I read that and sipped my drink. 

As I came out of the bathroom, ready to go, I saw the horrifying sight of the bus stop pulling up to the stop.  Oh, crap.  I'm going to miss it. 

I  moved as quickly as possible, while remaining safe and without putting undue stress on my cart (now bearing a case of Bibles, and milk crate full of assorted Heather items).  Imagine my joy as I saw the driver lock up the bus and walk over to the Starbucks! 

As I waited at the stop, a man walked up and asked if he could have "Another" Bible.  You betcha.  I had a good trip home. 

Ron is completely OUT, snoring away in bed.  Good.  I'm not inclined to wake him up, but I'll leave the handcart where he'll see it.  Well, feel it.  You get the idea. 

He will be thrilled to find the two new talking books that arrived in our mailbox. 

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