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I'm stealing my title from a poster on the Houston Chronicle website. They're calling the pandemic the "APORKALYPSE". Very funny, especially as I hear the ice cream truck outside ruining childrens' dinners.

Today I awoke to the news that a toddler had died in Texas. As the day progressed, I learned it was a toddler. Then, I recieved an irate phone call from someone.

"It was a Mexican baby! They brought a sick baby over the border and brought it to a hospital in Brownsville! Then Brownsville sent it here!" My immediate first thought, was KEEP THE FAMILY IN QUARANTINE. The last thing we need are family members spreading germs all over Houston.

Then I'd by lying if I didn't have a thought along the lines of damn them, why'd they have to bring their problem to Houston? If they had just stayed on their side of the border...

I brooded about them for a few minutes. Then my better judgement asserted itself. First, I thought, if all those p…


I need to keep this pretty short, I have to go to bed early tonight. I don't want to bump the Ron video, either. :)

The Health Department has declared a Public Health Emergency due to the "swine flu". Here's a link: I'm inclined to feel it was more of an engineered virus, but we'll see.

People in Houston are already freaking out. Some are making increasingly hostile comments regarding the country to our south. "Those people are making us sick!" being the usual.

Sadly in most cases of pandemics, people show their worst. They devolve into racism and bigotry, blaming one group for the ills of the whole. Even the poor pig is being blamed, leading to international boycotts, even though cooked pork is completely safe to eat. That's OK. It'll lower the prices for me.

Hey, stupid. The guy you're mad at (my husband would say God, I'd say the freak who engineered this bug) is p…
Here we are this morning. Enjoy!
One nice thing about my medication - the ability to pick my battles.

We have a house next door. It's in a deed restricted subdivision. Most basic things are covered, no home based businesses, no junk in your yard, etc. Many homeowners who suffered property damage invested some of the money into landscaping, for instance.

Our little orange home sits amid it all. I like the fact that it's welcome.

When we moved in, we had problems. Particularly, the next door neighbor. They have a 2 car garage that's empty. They also have a large driveway that can park up to 6 cars, as I saw when they had a party one night.

So why did the take the one parking space in front of our home? The driveways are graded and the "new" Metrolift paratransit taxicabs (the drivers are 1099 contractors and are paid daily) scrape terribly, especially if they have a large wheelchair strapped down in the back. The modifications required to install the folding wheelchair ramps make them &qu…

This one's for Polly

Here's a link to the April Photo Album:

Bad Cat

Well, we're slowly crawling into the new milennium.

Ron's running around showing off his MP3 player. I'm figuring out the video capabilities of my "new" digital camera (thanks Mom!).

Everyone else is probably laughing their butts off. [grin]

Today I woke up with a nasty headache. I ate some Tater Skins last night... bad me. I paid for it with a headache.

I did eat cleanly today - yay! However, due to the headache I did not take my morning meds.

I was pretty nauseous until about 11.

Why didn't I take my pills then? Well, Bad Cat came by.

Bad Cat bit me severely last week:

You get the idea. She broke the skin in several places, and it was completely unprovoked. To illustrate the insanity - the cat wanted to get in my lap after she bit me! Anyway, I saw her this morning, she was yelling at the front door. I had a bad headache and our ride was here. I ATTEMPTED {laugh} to catch her and put her in the carrier. God was merciful. I only have a few scratches, none bad…
I've been writing this entry in my head all morning.

We went into work because we had pretty severe thunderstorms for a few days. It's been our experience, that when the weather's iffy, the vending machines can act up. Some of them suddenly refuse to accept money, others shut down with odd error messages, and others are happily empty because our people bought everything they contained.

Today, at work, it was a little of all of the above. However, first we had to get to work.

Yesterday, in my other blog, I engaged in some rather nasty gossip about a woman Ron knew. I realized I did so because I felt threatened. Today, on the way to work, we picked up another Metrolift using couple in our subdivision. They live in a nice big house and have a very new looking car.

She rarely uses the service - preferring to ride in the car. No harm in that. The slight tone of envy you detect is accurate. I admit that - I'm envious of people who have the means and ability to dri…


Well, I'm pretty freaked out about Ron's impending surgery but I'm taking care of myself. I went to the thrift store today, one of my favorite things. I have my tunes, and LOTS of batteries. I listened to them all day. The tunes, not the batteries.

I even found a cute black formal the day Mom suggested I get a formal dress. Yes! It fits perfectly. I have 2 of those magical underthings that flattens out all the bread dough, making me look 15 pounds slimmer. Combine the two and WOW. Ron would not be ashamed to be seen with me. Of course, I'll keep looking. For $4.50 I can afford to change my mind.

Even my wedding gown cost me $5.30. The zipper broke, not due to my weight, the day of my wedding. Poor Ron thought I changed my mind about marrying him! Dad had to reassure him.

I got some new tunes. What are my current favorites?
Cry no more - Holy Culture

Kill Me, Heal Me (thanks Marianne!) by Skillet…

I'll be happy to answer any questions...

I'm listening to a new tune tonight. "Cry No More" by The Cross Movement. If Ron liked Gospel Rap, he'd love it.

I managed to restrain myself. Someone was talking about hating the taste of reheated food. Me, I'm just happy I have food to reheat! I wanted to make a really bitchy comment about "It must be nice to have enough money to sustain such a refined palate" but I didn't. I just said, I don't notice a taste and many times I had to eat food I didn't like, or go hungry. I hate chicken, for instance. When Ron and I first got married, we lived off of those 10 pound bags of chicken leg quarters, one a week, plus a bag of (ha ha) potatoes, also one a week. I left it at that.

It's true, though. So many people go hungry I try not to waste food. I'm nuking some formerly frozen pot roast and collard greens right now. The juice and the greens will add a lot to each other. Ah, beep beep.

Another issue that kind of bothers me. …

Tornado Dreams

Do you ever have a recurring dream "Theme"? I have the airport dreams, the bird dreams, and the tornado dreams, just to name a few.

In the tornado dreams, I'm generally outside somewhere and a cataclysmic tornado is approaching. My reaction varies with every dream. Sometimes it qualifies as "nightmare" as I become utterly hysterical as the storm approaches and passes.

Other times, I greet the impending disaster with more aplomb, yelling at others to protect themselves and martialing everyone into ditches for protection. Hiding in a ditch, or culvert, is the best approach if you are outside and a tornado is approaching.

I finally looked up the dream interpretation of "tornado" dreams.

Tornado is a violent storm in nature, and it may represent violent emotional storms in your dreams. If you have reoccurring
tornado dreams consider the emotional changes in your life and also the amount of anger and rage that you may be currently experiencing. Tornadoe…

When in doubt...

Occasionally I'll wonder if I'm manic or depressed. Am I? Maybe I need to take another lithium.

Whenever that happens, I have a rule. Do it. If I think I need another lithium, then I do. Don't wait, do it now.

So, I'm eating applesauce and cheese, and taking a quick-release lithium. I don't want to be a bitch if I can prevent it, and boy I feel like one today!

Mine is better...

We're all guilty of comparing ourselves to others. I know I do it.

I often post on message boards, in threads with a "support" theme. Two "threads" I read recently touched on some sensitivity for me.

The first topic was antidepressants - always a hot topic. Does anyone need them? Who needs them? How long should you take them? Is it possible to avoid the use of an anti-d by controlling your diet and taking supplements?

I tend to detect a slight tinge of "I guess I'm better than you, because my depression was JUST TERRIBLE and I was able to control it by adding broccoli to my diet." Or they talk about bad side effects or the horrors of withdrawal, with a strong attitude (to me, again) of "If you really had it together you woudln't need this pharmaceutical crutch".

I thank God that my illness is so severe. I know, that, unmedicated, I will have a full blown psychotic break. I will hallucinate. I will have delusions and paranoi…

Today I had a migraine.

Today I had a migraine. Ugh.

Not the ideal way to spend my day off, but the only money I spent was just now when a little kid knocked on the door. I always hated selling candy when I was a kid, so I try to buy it.

Ron ought to enjoy his chocolate covered cashews.

I was pretty proud of myself. I was watching a Christmas episode of King of the Hill, and the song "Frosty the Snowman" played in the background. Maybe it was the overwhelming physical pain, but I was able to handle it well.