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It's good to see Ron enjoying his food again.

I hit the wrong button...

And deleted some replies, but I am interested in "a dialogue".

One last thought for today. I know I am blessed.

I complain about mental illness, brain damage, hives, and a disabled husband. Sometimes I feel like I'm carrying an unfair load. I wish someone would focus on spoiling me rotten for a change.

But I am blessed. I have a home, in a safe, quiet neighborhood. No one's going to beat down my door in the middle of the night and take my husband away, or drag me off to a rape/torture camp. I am safe. If I had children, they'd be safe.

I have food security. I know where my next meal's coming from and my biggest food concern is losing weight.

I have an abundance of fresh, clean water... something at a premium in Mexico! I can drink water right out of the tap without walking miles to get it.

Our government is not out to "get" us. No "official" is going to take my husband's business away just because they can. We get to keep w…

On Race

A question was asked recently, why, in my other post, I would have been angrier if the woman was white.

First, let me tell you about the first black person I ever met. She was a professional, very polished and educated. She ran the daycare center. I attended every day. I greatly admired her, and she was the first stable female figure in my life. She was the same, day after day, a huge change from my family. My sister moved on, had her own life... my mother, but the teacher didn't.

She was probably the first woman I ever trusted. So, in my book, all black people were "cool". I attended a very affluent school district on the east coast. Our area was an international magnet, and we had many children from various cultures. It was pretty awesome, one of my best friends was a Cambodian girl. The boy down the street was Spanish. Leo spent every other year in Peru. All these children were from the upper crust of their societies, and I assumed all other cultures wer…

About me

What do I value?

It's an interesting question for me, and I've been thinking about this - so I thought I'd share a little of my philosophy.

Why am I here? I don't know. I do know that God has given me this life, that I am the only one who can do the job He's set me to do, and I can only do it with the burdens He has given me. God needs me like this.

I DON'T see myself as a martyr! Martyrs are dead! No thanks! The closest I ever got to martyrdom was the day that kid shot me with a BB gun. My disabilities are mixed blessings, and I do enjoy my unique outlook on life.

Overall, I'd say I'm VERY happy with my life. I enjoy my life and my hobbies. I enjoy my days out, exploring my city. I enjoy the time spent in my garden, even when it's so hot and sunny it takes my breath away. I can even say I enjoy my marriage. It can be a little challenging at times, like any relationship, but I married an interesting man.

Would I change him? Well, I'…

I'm healing, but it'll take a while

The above photo was taken today, the lower photo was taken 5 days ago.

The needy and the greedy.

She wasn't white. If she had been, I would have been even angrier.

We went to Walmart today, my husband and I. He's on Social Security and Medicare, and I could be, but have chosen not to. I have "enough" - I have never gone hungry or had a serious worry about losing my home, so I think I should save the money for the "deserving".

My husband is very limited in his ability to support himself. I keep him out of a nursing home, active, and occupied. I save the taxpayers a lot of money as a result. I feel fine about that. We only take what we need. Years ago, I was offered food stamps when I had to apply for Medicaid. I refused. "I'm not hungry, I don't need them. I have enough to eat." The social worker was baffled. As soon as I got insurance, I turned off the Medicare, even though it was "cheaper". Currently, I'm uninsured.

I don't generally see myself as feeling "entitled" to anything other than closed-captions …

"Sensitive System"

When I told Mom about my drug reaction to Lexapro, she made sympathetic noises and mentioned I'd always had a "sensitive system". It's aggravating, but true.

Compazine makes me manic.
So does Sudafed, and just about every antihistamine except Benadryl.
Corn, wheat, rice, any nut or nut product, chocolate, shrimp, sardines, coconut, and sugar alcohols give me migraines. Those are just the triggers I can think of off the top of my head.
I have to read labels before consuming something.
I have antacids in the medicine cabinet, along with a hefty stash of phenergan, an anti-nausea drug.
As a child, I caught just about every virus that came along.
I got my first pimple at age 9.
Major problems with cold sores until I hit puberty.
I've had migraines since toddlerhood.
I can't consume aspartame.

It's aggravating. I'd love to just go out and eat anything with no repercussions. I'd love to take a tablet without wondering what price I'll pay.

I'd love…

Adverse Event

I'm still pretty miserable, it's going to take time to heal. I did feel like I got an adequate night's sleep. I woke up and took some benadryl, scratched a little and went back to sleep.

I decided to report my "adverse event" to the FDA Medwatch program. Why? Well, they already know the product can cause a rash, perhaps people on lithium are more prone to it? Maybe this batch was bad, and has caused others suffering. I have the medication, and I'm happy to send it wherever if they want to test it. I want to prevent other people from feeling like this if I can help it.

Also, when I contacted my pychiatrist he didn't really know how to treat it. He suggested benadryl, which I have been using. However, the most helpful thing has been a course of steroids, 40 mg prednisone, 20 mg am and pm. Also a steroid topical cream. I'd love it if Forest would put out a memo to the doctors, stating that a protocol of oral and topical steroids is helpful s…

The Hive(s)

It was horrible. Last Tuesday, as I sat on a stool at the loading dock, I fell over. One second I was talking to a forklift driver about gardening, the next I was falling onto a heavy duty metal cart. Fortunately, I caught it with my right thighbone. The femur is the toughest bone in the body, which is a good thing!

If I'd hit my head, I would have had to go to the hospital. We came home and I viewed my injury in the mirror. I have a spectacular bruise the size of my entire hand, and I also noticed some odd looking black dots on the backs of my thighs. I took a nap.

When I awoke, my skin was on fire. The hives began on the thighs, and worked their way down. I have hives on my feet, hands, arms, and legs. I have a few on my torso!

Here's a "better spot" that was fairly easy to photograph:

You know how I feel about seeking medical attention, I waited a…

On a more positive note, picture time!

The Litter

A couple in Humble, Texas, was having fertility problems. She is a type one diabetic and had had thyroid cancer. They weren't conceiving.

They underwent fertility treatments and she became pregnant with sextuplets. Doctors said, with her medical history, it would be very unsafe to try to carry the pregnancies to term. She consulted her church (Mormon) and they said "Don't reduce the number of children you're carrying."

A choice like that is very personal, and I do feel should be left to the couple. Jon and Kate Gosselin chose not to reduce. From what I understand, Kate was in excellent health (other than fertility issues). Kate's story had a delightful ending, six beautiful, healthy, children running around the house, in addition to her firstborn, twins. When it comes to "outcome" - Kate beat the odds. She made the right choice, anyone watching the children on television would agree. Yes, I know she's getting divorced, I'm only focusing on the…

You can grow a balcony garden, 5-12 hours of sun!

If you have full sun, you can grow just about anything you want, in a pot. Do you want a rosebush? You can do it? How about a small tree, or a cucumber? Yes!

Let me tell you about some of the things I've grown in pots. First of all, you need to select a pot. A tomato plant, for instance, would like a 15-20 inch pot. That will be enough for you to get plenty of fruit! Cherry tomatoes, in particular, do very well. I have grown red pear, yellow pear, and Matt's Wild Cerry in pots. They all did VERY well, with more than enough for 2 people! When purchasing your supplies, you will want to get a tomato cage in addition to your pot, mulch, and potting soil. Ideally, (as mentioned in my other article), you can get ahold of some compost too.

I have grown them with drainage in the pot (styrofoam peanuts were my favorite), and without. They did well for me, either way.

What about other plants? Well, I have grown full-sized rosebushes EASILY. Reine de Violettes is a persona…

You can have a balcony garden - partial shade

Third floor balcony garden, 2002. I'm growing roses, an orangetree, herbs, and leafy vegetables.

You can have a balcony garden! This photo (leafy greens) was taken in 2000. I had no direct sun at all, but I still managed to grow some sugar snap peas, leafy greens, and bulbs.

Ron loves fragrant plants, and really enjoyed the fragrance of the bulbs. They grew quite well. I'll cover some simple, fun, ideas a little later on.

So, let's assume right now you have a balcony area. It doesn't get much sun, maybe 1-4 hours of direct sun a day. What can you grow?

Well, if you like to grow your own food, you can grow quite a bit. Any kind of lettuce, mesclun mix, or leafy green will do well. Someone recently asked me, "What leafy greens? I thought all leafy greens were lettuce?" Well, you can grow mustard greens (if your climate isn't too warm), beets, kale, collards (excellent in hot and cold climates), swiss chard (actually related to beets), and salad mix veggies, …