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Joe Horn got no-billed

I am furious. For those of you unfamiliar with the case, here it is. Joe lived in a home. Joe witnessed a burglary next door. He called 911. The police were on their way.

I read the 911 transcript. He expressed great anger and anxiety about the fact that "They're going to get away!". He got a gun. He told the dispatcher he had a gun, and he was going to LEAVE HIS HOME and shoot them. He was safe inside his home. He had no reason to leave his home except the fact that some thugs might escape Man's justice (but never God's). The dispatcher begged him to put the gun away and stay in his home.

I mean, so what? They get away with some money. They will not change their ways and begin a fresh new life, they're going to stay criminals, criminals make mistakes, and criminals get caught. We were robbed 4 years ago, a crackhead stole a lousy lawnmower. I actually went outside and got his license plate. He was never convicted of our robbery, but they got him on another cri…

Stupid can grow legs and walk.

I have a saying when I hear of an act so stupid, so pointless, it defies logic. "It just goes to show that stupid can grow legs and walk." Amazingly, it can, and then it went and got a job at the Post Office Processing Center.

A couple times a week, Ron and I (I, actually) look at all the sell-by codes on the milk in the vending machines. The milk codes face the purchaser so they can ensure they're getting soemthing wholesome. Milk that is going "out" that day (or, oops, already gone out) is pulled out and put into a milk crate. I place the crate by the sink and take care of other tasks. When I'm down to the low-priority portion of the program, I pour the expired milk down the drain and throw away the empty cartons.

Today I was bringing my snack wagon (a large cart loaded up with 1 each of every chip item we sell) around the corner and I caught a guy snatching milks out of the carton and chugging them.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Theme songs

Last week I battled a depression. This week, I was a little manic but I settled down OK. I went shopping today and spent less than $5 when I had over $30. I'm not manic.

I was out in the garage lifting weights after my nap today. I heard some bass thumping and I thought "How rude". It turns out the rude person was my husband! He was cranking some tunes.

I found it funny that two of the songs I begged him to play actually have quite a bit of bearing on my life: theme songs if you will.

"I get knocked down" but I get up again, never gonna keep me down.

"Don't bring me down". Obvious.

I just got up to check on my dinner. I'm cooking sliced link sausage in a skillet. Tasty.

I ate very well today, on plan. I've gotten comments recently about how I look younger (I cut my hair short so that did it right there), and thinner. The repairman today told me he could tell I was losing weight. Awesome.

I've noticed men are opening doors…

I like this one

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I look like I weigh 200 pounds, which I do, but I look happy. It is so pretty in Galveston, I hated to come back.

Excuse me, sir, could you take my picture?

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I get mixed results when I ask people to take photos. 98% of them turn out great. A few, like this one, end up slightly crooked.

This one was taken right before my run. I'm holding my hair because the wind was blowing about 30 mph, from behind me.

I'm happy with my legs, not the middle, in this photo. I had to run with a fanny pack to hold the camera. This was taken right around sunrise.

My favorite run

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Behold, my favorite run, ever. Isn't it wonderful. I ran twice, and walked about 3-4 hours total, along the Seawall. It's so relaxing and peaceful, to run along the nice wide sidewalk, waves crashing to one side, inhaling the salt spray and listening to the seagulls.

I wish I could run there every day. I like this photo so much I plan to enlarge it and hang it. I took it myself while running. Well, I stopped to take the photo.

Knitting at Greyhound

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I brought my knitting. I wish I'd taken it out on the dock. Not only could I have gotten some knitting done, but I could have also had some photos taken of me knitting. I plan to present Mom and Dad with not only a gorgeous afghan, but photos of me knitting it all over the place.

UUUUUGH. Thinning hair. Not good. I am really, strongly, considering cutting it short so the thin spots won't show as much. I am not stopping my lithium, but EW it does not look good. Oh, well, on the plus side when I talk to my Mom and sister about the hair they can see what I'm talking about now. UGH.

But, I recall saying "I don't care if I go bald, as long as I'm sane!" I meant it then and I mean it now. Long hair is kind of a hassle anyway.

This is my butt

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This is my butt. I had this taken our first day in Galveston at the grocery store. I asked a clerk politely if she'd mind, I'd recently lost a lot of weight. Is 30 pounds a lot? Anyway, the clerk was happy to do it and said I looked wonderful.

I am wearing a large top in this photo, I used to be a Women's 3X. I'm also wearing shorts 4 sizes smaller than what I was wearing in February.

I think this photo will be very useful in comparision to other ones, taken over the next couple months, to show weight loss. I mean, I do need to lose 50 more pounds.

The clerk really did a wonderful job, didn't she?

On the Pier in Galveston

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Here we are in Galveston! This was our first day. Ron and I took the Metrolift to the Greyhound bus terminal. More on that later. When we got to Galveston we walked out to the pier on 61st Street. I took Ron to Starbucks first. Important note - he did not discover until later that it was a REGULAR and NOT a decaf drink. Poor thing was up all night! I am very happy with the way my lower legs look, obviously I still need to lose 50 pounds.