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Pit Bull

Two delivery days in a row. 

I'm pretty exhausted. 

Yesterday, Dr Pepper.  I also found out my phone didn't work.  The sales rep didn't set up the auto pay so the phone "suspended". 

That was fun. 

We worked a long day, came home, I think I got a nap, and then went to the sporting goods store.  I looked around and found a few things. 

By the time I got home, I was wiped out.  I took my medication and went to bed. 

We had truck day today.  30 cases of soda plus another 20 or so of snacks.  I decided to "try" the peach iced tea.  Ron loves it, and so do the customers.  I think I'll be selling a lot more in the future. 

Of course I had that one customer - the one who wants the thing no one else wants, and not even that often. 

I'm sorry, I need to move a high volume of product.  I can't just tie up inventory and shelf space in case you "feel" like buying the specialty item now and again. 

I didn't say that, of course.  I believe I…

"I can eat bacon"

Depressed today.  I did sleep OK, didn't wake up with a headache.  I started my cycle - late - I have to figure menopause is around the corner and I am completely fine with it.  I'm having a lot of cramps. 

I always figured, married to Ron, I'd regret my "lack" of children more and more, the older I got.  The reverse has happened.  In my late teens I'd see a cute baby and think "Awww". 

Now I think, that's probably 7-9 thousand diapers to be changed before potty training.  I only have to clean the litterboxes once a day, which would be criminally abusive with a child. 

Of course I also have the "medication causes birth defects" issue.  "Childbirth would trigger a psychotic break" issue, "Sleep deprivation is really, really bad" issue - ha! 

Aside from all that, I honestly think I would be a poor mother.  I have mental illness.  I have to take care of myself and put myself first, at times.  Kids, from what I hear, a…

Say no to chicken strips

I woke up pretty depressed, then flipped into a mania.  Ugh. 

I couldn't shut up!  Ron was half kidding when he asked me for 2 minutes of silence. 

We went to the dentist.  He had his crown mounted.  Happily that was pretty cheap. 

The crown was more expensive than exams for all the cats, vaccines for all the cats, and neutering for both kittens!  "Crowns" are aptly named.  I don't feel at all guilty about the vet bills. 

Happily I have never had a crown.  I think I have some 4 sided composite fillings, but that's it.  I have about 10 or so fillings, total, I think.  I got all of them in the late 90's.  I had one done on a back molar several years ago, that one actually cropped up after Ron's accident. 

I had 4 teeth pulled to make room for braces; 4 wisdom teeth pulled.  I also had a cyst extracted from my upper jaw and I have some scar tissue on the inside of my mouth, sticking the cheek to the gumline.  Because of that I developed 3 nasty cavities beh…

Tech day

I added some new photos to the slideshow. 

It took me FOREVER to figure out how to load the phone drivers to my computer.  I finally got it today.  I hope I did. 

Anyway, BABIES! 
Biscuit's on the left. 

The last two - the boys sugaring Ron after their rescue.  I'm glad they felt we were worth a little effort. 

It's been tech day, that's for sure. 

Last night I decided to buy half a dozen songs from Amazon.  I got some Gospel Rap, and "Fancy".  I find it funny and sarcastic when I look at my own life; because I'm not.  I got the clean version. 

Anyway, while attempting to download somehow I selected everything in my cloud, over 500 songs.  I was horrified. 

I decided to let it go ahead.  I did find a couple things I'd missed, and 2 things Ron wants. 

Of course it took me 2 days to clean up my playlist.  I bought a LOT of Ron's music on my account, and I found the new playlist a horrifying mixture of country, old soul, classic rock, etc. 

I am pret…

Beat the fur offa you

I'm going to start with last night.  Me, sitting in bed, on the verge of panic, trying to extract the earplug with tweezers and the damn thing won't come out! 

All the latino neighbors had "gatherings".  Three of them just around me.  They were all pretty quiet and I didn't hear any of those awful polkas, so I call it a win. 

I "should" have gone to bed at 6, but I could hear them talking in (their) backyard.  All Spanish of course.  OK.  Not going to bed yet.  I waited an hour.  Still talking.  They were, very clearly and apparently trying to "keep it down". 

I called Mom and Dad, an hour later, no talking but some noise.  OK.  Time for the earplugs.  I inserted them.  One of them seemed to protrude a bit so I pushed it in slightly. 

Not only was it very uncomfortable, it was also on the edge of hurting.  I decided to take it out.  But I couldn't! 

Ensue 20 minutes of drama, near hysterical, frantic applications of tweezers to exposed e…

What a day

It was  a day off.  Everyone's physically healthy.  No headache.  I went to Walmart.  It should have been a fun day, right?

I finally figured out a way to make the earplugs work.  They aren't forgettable, but I could get some rest in them.  Last night, the yapper next door was going crazy on the other side of my bedroom wall.  I removed the cord and inserted them.  Much better than the corded style.  Aqua Ears

The foam ones pop out and don't muffle; the silicone ones fall out and get stuck in my hair; but these actually stay put and are fairly comfortable.

I inserted them, reminding myself I could sleep in today if needed.  I heard the kids outside playing earlier (presumably with the dog) so hopefully they will tire it out today.  I dozed for a while, then removed the earplugs.  Silence.   I set them on my nightstand.

I slept pretty well.  Biscuit and Torbie are competing for bed rights.  They both want to sleep in the bed.  Biscuit would love to share, Torbie, not so muc…


I woke up with a splitting headache at 3 AM.  Ron was awake.  I talked to him for a while and fell back asleep.  I woke up a few hours later, still in agony.  I managed to get my shower and God Time. 

Apparently, I forgot my deodorant.  More later. 

I was pretty wound up an anxious from the OTC headache pills' caffeine.  Around 9 AM, I took some Aspirin. 

My stomach was not happy all day.  It's bad enough, I could hear the poor organ complaining, I have to deal with the junk food, and all those horribly toxic crazy pills, but now aspirin?

Sorry.  The pharmacist said I should use aspirin as my primary painkiller. 

I am happy to report my face looks a lot better.  It appears I won't scar.  Good.  (The kittens galloped across my face last week during a nap). 

I caught up, a little on the laundry, and then Ron and I went to the Dollar Store.  I really wanted some C cell batteries for an automatic cat toy.  Of course they didn't have any. 

I did get some seeds, some fun stu…

No cojones para gatitos

I had a little competition in my bed last night. 

Oh, that sounds nasty. 

Biscuit wanted to sleep with Torbie.  That's all.  Torbie is not a fan of the kittens. 

Torbie won, for a while.  I woke up alone.  :( 

It's my fault.  I roll around too much.  I definitely don't want to roll over and squash a freshly-neutered kitten.  UGH! 

That would be The Worst Thing Ever. 

I woke up pretty depressed.  I managed to get my God Time and breakfast.  Then I watched Supernatural reruns for a couple hours while eating the remaining junk food in the house.  Not my finest moment, I thought. 

I haven't showered yet.  Not doing very well. 

I did get a little mixed (a dash of mania in all the depression), so I worked on organizing the front room, which looked like something out of "Hoarders".  It's better.  Baby Girl found a new rest spot and is enjoying it. 

I did get into the fridge and got the tacos para gatos.  I ordered them yesterday "Tacos para gatos".  T…

Cat Mom - not a wheelchair

We had a busy day. 

Last night I put up the food and starved all the cats.  This morning, I put the boys in separate carriers.  Each carrier had one of their beloved slippers.  They like to knead and suckle on the soft, fluffy, fabric, and found them very comforting.  They "worked" on the slippers as we took them to the vet. 

We had a good ride to the vet, with a driver who actually liked cats.  Most of our drivers hate cats.  We got there before opening, of course. 

We only waited a little while before the technician came by to open.  Once he did he took the boys back.  When he returned, he praised them for being so "good and friendly". 

Sometimes, he told me, you have to put the carrier into the kennel and then open it, then yank your hand out before kitty "gets" you.  Our boys were cuddly and purred. 

They are lovers. 

The office administrator came, and we got everything settled.  Ron wanted to do microchips while they were already "out".  I …

Bad Kitty

I had a hard time sleeping after the drama, last night. 

I overslept, Ron woke me up (nicely).  "I guess your alarm didn't go off". 

No shower.  No God Time.  Today, I did feel my hair was unacceptable, especially since I got very sweaty loading the truck.  Ugh. 

Then, more stress at work because a coin mech had fouled.  We couldn't fix it on our own.  We have to get the repairman. 

"I don't mind giving him the money" I told Ron.  He's very honest, a good family man, and a hard worker.  He has great admiration and respect for Ron's work ethic. 

I did get to stock most of my (new) plentiful snack inventory.  I needed just about everything.  Candy, crackers, peanuts, cookies, and every chip you can imagine.  I did stock the "down" machine even though we turned it off, so I don't have to worry about stocking it once it's fixed. 

It took quite a while.  I helped Ron, rotated stock, put everything away (hell of a job, remember I hav…

I want rat killers

Living with Bubba (the beautiful black cat in my slide show), I learned to be alert whenever he came home.  He liked to hunt, everywhere, including down in the storm drain. 

He liked to bring home his prey, sometimes dead, sometimes alive, but always in his mouth, accompanied by a rather muffled, proud, meow, and a tail hanging down out of his mouth on one side.  His own tail would be high, his posture very proud and satisfied. 

He'd brought us a treat.  

He did teach Baby Girl to hunt rat, apparently, before he died, even though he was dying of heart failure. 

However, she never brought any home after he died.  But now, apparently, she has children to teach.  

That's right.  Last night I heard the pet door flap.  My chair faces away from the pet door.  I didn't think much of it until I heard a muffled meow.

I knew that.  Sure enough, I turned, and, to my horror, Baby Girl was toting a rat the size of one of the kittens.  I screamed at Ron to hide in his room.  He asked me…

Society likes you a lot better, medicated

If I ever left Ron, it wouldn't be for the drinking.  It wouldn't be for the verbal abuse (alone).  It wouldn't even be for the blackouts and threats of physical abuse.  It wouldn't be for "prior bad acts".  It wouldn't be due to his many disabilities.  It wouldn't be because someone talked me into it. 

If I ever left Ron, I'd leave him for his attitude.  Today he was just awful. 

Let's remember, Ron is not the only one with trials.  I have brain damage.  I have severe mental illness.  I don't really GET to decide how I'm going to feel.  I was massively depressed the week leading up to my wedding (some might say a harbinger of things to come). 

Anyway, I woke up exhausted (although the dog behaved and "let" me sleep), and depressed.  The kittens bounced into my bed, meowing and saying hello.  They are so loving.  I took my shower, with "help" (Gravy likes to sneak in the back of the shower).  I did nearly all of my …

"You can't imagine what it's like"

I had a pretty good night's sleep.  I woke up with a mild headache, instead of my usual "gripper".  I was, of course, depressed. 

I ended up skipping both my shower and my God Time.  Not the best morning, especially when the little yapper next door started barking furiously.  I was already up.  I just wish I could say to the family:  "What's the deal?  My cats have never woken you up." 

It would be great if dogs only disturbed their own household, when barking.  Never happen, just wishing. 

It could be worse.  It is a small yapper, not something large and vicious.  It doesn't bark much.  It likes me. 

So, in this frame of mind, I waited for our ride.  It was a half hour late.  Since the weather was very pleasant this morning, Ron waited outside in the driveway. 

The driver, according to Ron, pulled up and got out of the vehicle yelling at him because he had "blocked the driveway".  Ron always does that so the driver can park in the street an…

Unless you're the fish

Other than church it wasn't too bad today. 

I got a pretty good night's sleep, until the neighbors come home.  Their car door and front door slamming always wakes me up. 

They all went out for Valentine's day.  When they got home, the dog went nuts barking for attention.  It went on for several minutes, and I heard the man go out and yell at the dog to "shut up". 

I think it's safe to say the barking annoys them even more than it does me. 

This morning, when we came home from church, I noticed their gate was open.  The dog must not be in the yard. 

I don't believe they take it into the house.  They left it crying outside all night in 30 degree temperatures last month. 

If the gate's open, the dog is gone.  For good?  I don't know.  I do know the man seemed to be pretty sick of it. 

Really, a new pet is another child.  It requires a time and energy investment.  Ron shares with me, playing with them, feeding them, water bowl, etc.  I do litter.  :p�…

Total waste of time

Not happy with our trip to church. 

1.  The ride was nearly an hour late. 
2.  The driver "Didn't like the Beltway" and took the slow route. 
3.  We arrived an hour late, during the sermon. 

That's pretty typical.  It is a little embarrassing, but no more. 

The sermon's what bothered me.  It was a lay person preaching.  I could tell he had read The Harbinger because he kept referencing "warnings from God to our nation, like warnings Israel had before her destruction". 

Assume I'm biting.  By now I had the bone deep discomfort I associate with Bad Teachings and cults.  Assume I am still "riding". 

He then said we should "Not be political".  Um, excuse me.  If I have a chance to vote for the "better" guy, I'll do so.  I will also encourage other believers to vote for "Mr Better".  I will "Like" relevant and appropriate political comments on Facebook. 

He talked a whole lot about the tribulation, wh…

That's what I like to do

Ron's alarm went off at 1 AM. 

I woke up with a headache. 

After work, while attempting a nap, a maniacal kitten ran across my face, claws extended, leaving a couple of scratches and a whole lot of bleeding. 

I'm glad I don't know who did it - they were both parties, though, 'cause one was chasing the other.  When I sat up and yelled "Hey!", blood dripping everywhere, they stopped and laid down in the bed, so winsome and cute. 

My (formerly stalking) sister got out of the hospital (finally, per my niece).  I am sure I am "expected" to "Do something".  However, she made it pretty clear her ideal was me leaving Ron and moving in to be her unpaid caregiver.  No thanks. 

A big muslim center burned down in Houston - arson.  They are crying victim and hate crime.  However, muslims burn down and destroy thousands of churches every year.  How do we know they didn't do this themselves to be "victims"?  Americans always rally to the u…

Sad, bitter, and cheated

I'm pretty angry.

It would come out anyway so I might as well say it up front.

Why?  Well, #1, Dad's having "a procedure" done on his heart.  From my understanding it is something done with a cardiologist and an interventional radiologist, basically going through his veins to his heart and working with little robot things to make things better.

Great.  Praise God we have that technology.

I don't have any gripes about that; but it's understandably stressful.  Ron has been a complete jackass.

I told him several times today and he either 1.  Gave me the "We're all better off dead anyway" speech - he doesn't say it that clearly but it's the gist.  He even gave that one to his mother, years ago.  The rest of the time he was just oblivious.

I'm not often hit with the fact he's an alcoholic.  Yeah, he drinks every day, then passes out.  He would freak if he had to go sober for a while.  He…