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The week in review!

Since I've put my real name out, I'd be a real idiot if I told ya'll "I'm going out of town!".  I'd come home to another robbed house! 

Mom and Dad came to town.  Mom being my adopted mother. 

I saw them Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, then they escaped and went off to the next stop on their trip.  Sunday we went to church.  "Everyone loves you, Heather!" Mom exclaimed.  "They just think you are the sweetest couple ever!" 

That's nice to know, if people are talking about me it's good stuff.  :)  

Then we went to lunch.  I had been concerned.  I wanted to get Dad a really excellent chicken fried steak.  However, I haven't found anything really good in Houston.  You might as well go to Chilis. 

I wanted something Texan.  I'll eat anywhere as long as it's clean.  Decor isn't important.  However, my family likes a dining experience.  Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to provide that, too. 

Los Jaliscos is rea…

I want to be the good vendor

12 hour days every day, working, for weeks straight. 

Except for 2 days a week, which are spent running errands, often for work. 

Thank God for medication.  Most days, about all I do is my God Time, shower, and a blog.  Y'all are a high priority. 

The machines look great, the customers, happy.  Management smiles when they see me.  My side of the stockroom looks great. 

My corner, more.  The other vendors want another, bigger, stockroom.  [shaking my head]  That's not going to end well. 

Management was not happy I got screwed when it came to the stockroom.  In fact, he told me he would ensure I got more space if I needed it.  I assured him I'd make it work, and thanked him again for going above and beyond to get us a stockroom.  "You're going to save us a lot of time and trouble", I grinned. 

I want to be the good vendor, the one who never has any complaints.  The vendor who's always happy and hardworking, who accepts what she's given, gratefully…

Thank God I take my meds.

I didn't sleep well, and woke up in a vile mood.  I took my shower and did my God Time with Torbie.  We went to work. 

Our itinerary was as followed: warehouse, work, warehouse, Christian bookstore, home. Not so bad if you have a car.

If you have a car, and can drive. 

Let's just say I had 3 really awful rides, and 2 good ones.  One driver veered all over the road, constantly distracted.  I was about to say something to him when I got out.  Just a "I won't call in on you but you need to focus on your driving."   However, right as I thought that he slammed on the brakes in a timely manner, avoiding a collision.  So I just said thank you. 

One driver wore too much cologne, and had the vehicle freezing cold.  He kept complaining that 9K a month (he has a pension on top of the driving job) wasn't enough money for him.  I didn't even make 9K last year. 

The last driver (not in order) had truly bizarre ideas about 9/11 and Bible prophecy.  "It's w…

I come from a different place

I've noticed our neighbor is spending a lot more time at home lately.  Which is baffling, he's in construction and this is the busy season. 

Are things that bad?  I don't know. 

Last night, while I was doing my henna, the kids came by asking for their ball.  I found a soccer ball in the yard and threw it over the fence.  Later, I washed my hair and went to bed. 

This morning, our ride came after his kids had left for school. 

Side note: I don't know why they think this is OK in any circumstance, but both of my latino neighbors think it is OK to follow me onto the Metrolift vehicle, stick their head in an open window, or open the door.  I find it creepy, stalkery, and very disturbing. 

Anyway, the guy comes running out and comes up the stairs after me like I'm leaving him.  I gave him the "What the hell are you doing" look.  I've been told it's pretty good. 

He said something about his kids and a ball.  I explained I had already given it back…


I get very frustrated when tragedy strikes and then people are all "Oh, that's so terrible, do you have any more details?"  It's vulturistic. 

Some want the details for gossip.  I don't think I''ve shared this.  Ron was in the accident on January 7.  His family made no effort to contact me.  Someone else notified me and brought me to the hospital.  Ron's family didn't care about my lack of transportation, so a little over a day later, I had to take 2 buses to get home, riding for hours. 

I was doing alright until I encountered a plant employee at the bus stop (my home bus also served the plant).  I ended up on a bench next to a part timer. 

She wanted all the details, which I shared.  Then she told me "everyone says it is all your fault".  I couldn't believe it.  Why would you ever think that was an appropriate statement?  I didn't even know if he'd live.  You can bet she went back to work with her harvest of details, talk…

Bringing Daddy home

Our friend who works for the other vendor busted his butt for us today.  He went above and beyond to make sure we got a key for the stockroom. 

I can't share all the details, but he took about an hour out of his day, on his day off.  That's a good friend. 

We got up early and went to the warehouse.  We got some drinks (they didn't have Sprite, which we need!), and some snack items.  We went to work. 

I found out I couldn't get in the stockroom so I had to borrow the other guys' cart, which doesn't go out the door.  You can imagine the fun I had lugging all the stuff up the wheelchair ramp and putting it in the cart. 

Then Ron told me, "I need to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW."  I left the cart in the hall and got Ron to the bathroom.  When I came back someone was about to push it somewhere; I took it over and got my stuff put up, then came back for Ron. 

We had a turnaround trip to go to the warehouse, so we did that, got some more snack items, an…

Sleep well

I knew it would be an interesting day when I found myself sitting outside our locked stockroom, watching a postal worker pick the lock because no one had a key.  We had an inbound delivery, 2 pallets total split between 2 vendors. 

We got up very early, 2:30 AM for me.  I took my shower and did my God Time.  Sure glad I did because I'm exhausted.  I don't have much to give. 

I do try to give God "my best" so for me, it's first thing in the morning. 

We got to work (a good ride).  "You gave me Nutter Butters" the driver told me.  "The last time you rode with me!"  I'm glad to do it, when I can. 

We coudn't get into the stockroom.  A man with a very large key ring tried to let us in, to no avail.  Of course they installed the door lock without giving a key to the vendors or maintanance.  I rummaged around under my snack machines and stocked what I could (I'm keeping my surplus inventory there).  I cleaned the microwaves, which we…

Happy Easter

I am committed to "being real" here in my blog. 

So, instead of an upbeat Easter blog, you will find the truth. 

I was horribly depressed for most of the day.  "I wonder how many people at church" Ron mumbled "Understand it's a 5 hour round trip for us."  Good question. 

I took my tablet and tried to figure it out, but it wouldn't download - some error message.  I couldn't figure it out.  I could at least look around the Google Play store.  It took about a month to get to that point, let me tell you. 

Church was fine, except for one thing.  Ron had gotten out of the wheelchair, hunched over like a troll, and faced the car (a Chrysler 300) I was folding up the chair and putting it into the trunk.  Ron complained it was "very hard" to open the car door and requested I do it next time. 

Have you ever thought about being married to someone who can't even open a car door?  That alone could have triggered the depression. 

The ser…

I ought to be

I found it very sad. 

Today we got up.  I did my shower and went to the warehouse with Ron.  I needed things like trail mix and moon pies.  We got those, and I also got the Devil's Food Zingers. 

Dolly Madison pastries laid us off - fired us as a customer, because our orders were "too small".  Last I heard $200 a month is still $200 a month.  It sent us in other directions for pastry product.   A couple months later they filed bankruptcy. 

Basically everyone in Texas does a honeybun, cinnamon roll, and cheese danish.  It's just a matter of picking a quality product with a good food cost.  I also started stocking the Bimbo Conchas, which are very popular.  They're a less-sweet Mexican pastry.  I have a lot of Latinos. 

In fact, when my repairman came out I offered him anything from any machine.  He wanted a Concha.  Good stuff! 

However, we haven't featured the Zingers in a couple years now.  I hope my customers will be happy to see them.  It's the sa…

Black tomatoes

We had a pretty busy day today. 

We got up early and went to Academy.  Now, if I were at my ideal weight, with $1000 gift card, I could do some serious damage.  I love their clothing.  I caught myself slowing as I passed all the pretty colors. 

I kept going, I doubt they have 2XL anyway. 

I only had enough for a pair of slip ons, anyway.  I got these 2 years ago.  They're still in good shape. 

Mesa slip on steel toe

Great shoes.  At first I worried they wouldn't "work" with my usual outfits, but I've even worn them to church.  They're great.  They have lost a little support, though, so I got the new ones.  The old ones are good enough to donate, which I plan to do. 

I'd like to waterproof them, though.  That's about all I need to do.  I don't want to have a million old pairs of shoes.  That's hoardy.  I try to avoid obvious hoarderisms. 

I have two cats, for example.  Both fixed.  I try to rehome things I don't need.  If I can't, …


Ron had great trepidation about me writing this.  "I'd rather forget it happened" he said. 

I always remind him he was suffering from head injury dementia, and some very legitimate frustration, at the time.

This story has been one of the few I'd never shared.  Today Ron gave me permission to share it. I do hope it helps some other caregiver for the head injured. 

Things get better.  Lots better. 

Let me set the scene.  Ron and I are in the hospital.  I'm there because he does better with me around.  When he wakes up disoriented (every time) I orient him.  I remind him he was in an accident, run over by a pickup truck, and in the hospital.  I sleep in a pull out chair near his bed, and basically live with him. 

He couldn't walk.  He had a broken leg and was partially paralyzed on the broken side due to a stroke.  He had a "very severe" head injury.  He still doesn't remember most of 2002.  He was in ICU for 3 weeks, in a coma.

He woke up an…

Good Depression food

It seems odd to say, but I'm feeling better since I realized I'm cycling depressed. 

I only had a week's mania.  I've never had a better timed one, except the one when Ron left the hospital.  It lasted long enough, that's the importance. 

However, that means I'm depressed now.  Hopelessness, etc.  Not so bad today because I woke up with a NASTY headache.  I took some excedrin and drank a mountain dew.  300 mg of caffeine is good for a boost into low mania for a few hours. 

"Don't go over 450 mg" Doc tells me.  OK. 

If I know I'm depressed than I can recognize it and deal with it accordingly.  Last night, I did a henna. 

So what have I been doing?  Tuesday I worked 12 hours plus.  I came home, ate, took my meds, and went pretty much straight to bed.  Wednesday I went to Walmart, came home, and did a henna.  I used the "playful plum".  Not a good call. 

When I use "original" it comes in orange and fades to red after a d…

When you fall in love

My faith has taken a real beating lately. 

I tell myself, focus on the good things.  The business is in a great, permanent location.  The machines are healthy. We do have a stockroom.  Sure, our area is tiny, and we don't even have a door, but we have a stockroom.  The other vendor has been low-key, and pretty delighted to hear I'd get sandwiches for them. 

I have to go out on a very busy and crowded loading dock to get the delivery.  The guy who gets the delivery has a disability.  It's better if I do it.  I have to go out there anyway to get my delivery.  It's easy enough to throw theirs on my cart.  They're right around the corner from my machines.  Not a big deal.  And God doesn't want me to be a hater. 

I just wonder why God had to allow Ron to hurt his back.  Hasn't Ron suffered enough?  It's horrible watching him try to get out of the wheelchair, yelp, and collapse.  I don't mind pushing him in the chair.  I don't mind the added physic…

God has always provided

Ron was lamenting the fact we spent my pay on inventory, even though I told him I was fine with it.  I told him, again and again "This is more important". 

At the end of it, we filled 2 food machines (we were told we'd only get one), 3 snack machines, 3 canned soda machines, and a bottled soda machine.  They look fantastic. 

We had to do that; no regrets, and Ron figured out a way to pay me anyway.  I always tell him I don't need much. 

I don't see any of this as special or heroic.  As far as I'm concerned, God has always provided, and always will. 

That's why I get a little frustrated sometimes.  I know some people online who seem to be in a constant state of financial crisis: "I don't have any money for dog food" - yet they're online, using a cell phone, driving a car. 

It makes me wonder about priorities.  I always buy pet food before people food, and I always have a reserve bag on hand (I use the reserve and put the fresh food a…

What a dream

I talk a lot about my faith, but I don't usually label myself. 

I am a born-again Christian, and I believe in the pretribulation rapture.  I believe, very soon, Jesus will take the born-again believers (and those too young or unable to decide for themselves) to Heaven while the earth goes through the Tribulation - basically a time when the world goes to hell.  I suggest reading "Are we living in the end times?"  for more on that. 

I don't believe in dreams, which is rather funny.   The day after Ron's accident, I finally went home.  Someone else was there if he woke up (ha!  That didn't happen for weeks).  I slept.  I dreamt that Ron woke up, made a good recovery (all things considered, he did) and we started a new life together. 

Another time, before the accident, I was very angry with Ron.  I wanted to leave him but I just kept getting a NO everytime I prayed on that.  I had a dream: God told me "all your fondest dreams" would come true.  A lit…

"I can't take you for granted"

This is our stockroom right now. 
From the outside, of course. 

No one can get in, not even us.  [snort]  I hope that changes Monday.  It's going to really suck getting the sandwiches without my handcart. 

Here's Ron eating one of our new corndogs:

He said it was very good.  I can't eat a corndog right now, I'm a little queasy on the antibiotic plus all my arsenal of crazy pills.  I also added yogurt to the linuup (Yoplait) today. 

So this week has been a crazy haze of inventory, trips to the warehouse, and manic stocking.  Thank God I am manic.  I said it before: I have never had a better timed mania, except maybe the one post accident right before we left the hospital. 

Between our boss/consultant and the customer I met yesterday (more later), I have been adding more food items to the machine.  I have V8, cup of noodles, vienna sausage, corn dog, and yogurt (all $1 each), fresh fruit or pudding cup (60 cents), premium lunch (turkey and dressing, beef stew) $4.5…

My Day in Photos - Grand Opening

My day in photos. 

Ron wanted to hold the drinks and snacks, after we made a trip to the warehouse. 

We filled the machines: 

And attended the Grand Opening. 
Sorry for the bad hair, I was working. 

I'm too tired to write more, but I'll give you the details tomorrow.

No door!

Very tired, another long day. 

I am cheating here; a cut and paste from a prayer request.

The big guy came by today (in charge of 30M remodel). 

"Is this your stuff?" he asked. 

No, I explained, two vendors, this is mine, that's belongs to the other guy. 

"Well, both of you need to vacate this area by tomorrow.  We are doing demolition." 

That's fine for me.  I counted while moving 20 milk crates and about 4 medium boxes.  And two small handcarts (like they use to bus tables). 

The other vendors have FAR more.  They came in and moved their snack stuff, but will have their lackeys move all the soda (don't envy them). 

One problem: NO DOOR on our new stockroom.  Now, I praise God eternally and forever for our little tuna can.  I can fit a Dr Pepper order (it is tiresome taking soda on paratransit, and sometimes we have to make 2-3 trips due to space limitations) in there, along with a fair amount of other stuff and a couple of handcarts.  Great. 

I have one of those faces

I went to bed early and woke up an hour before the alarm.  I lay in bed trying not to worry about various things for a while.  Will the new entrance be wheelchair accessible?  Why is Snack #3 not giving "small change" on transactions?  Repair issues as regard the vending machines.  Moving the stockroom on Friday, getting new machines.  Back to repair issues and wheelchair access.  My bladder hurts.  I got up, showered, and did my God Time. 

We had planned to go to the doctor, fill my prescription, buy supplies, and then go to work.  Ron decided, on his own (I didn't mind) to cancel the latter two; leaving me with doctor, Walmart and home.  "I'm not abusing you" he told me, indignantly. 

Our ride to the doctor was late and I barely made it.  Agh.  Ron said it was his fault.  The driver made some bad decisions though, that cost us time.  She kept thinking I was "mad". 

I wasn't angry, I explained repeatedly, I was sick and in pain.  I didn…