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Time Suck

Ron admitted he was envious when I told him about Sharon. The way things are going in the world, I'm pretty sure the Rapture will come "right quick" and we won't be in our bodies much longer anyway.

I also decided that a lot of my message board activities are a big "time suck" and some days, take away from my God Time and Ron time. Those relationships are important.

So, I plan to continue blogging as normal, but cut way back on the messageboards and facebook for a bit. I have had a couple of days recently where I had to skip my God Time due to internet.

I got up at about 8 this morning, finally felt like I slept WELL. I had lovely dreams, too. I had done my exercise bike later in the day and I think that helped, that I'd done it. I got up and did my weights - grrr. I did it all. I did it all so intensely I had attacks of the shakes. It was a great workout and I am seeing encouraging strength gains.

Now, I need to time my workouts so I can go do…

Sharon went to Jesus

For those of you who know me from the message board, especially my old blog, you will recall Sharon. She was always so kind, sweet, and full of good advice, generally EXACTLY the thing I needed to hear. I never ONCE heard her say an unkind or gossipy thing.

She was a great role model and a bold Christian; I recall her saying on one occasion that she wasn't ashamed of Jesus. I know she was saved.

She was diagnosed with cancer early this year. By the time they found it, it had already spread to several organs. She managed to hang on for a while, but then it spread to her brain. She was miserable with the radiation therapy so she made the decision to stop.

Today, she went home. On a rather alarming note, she is the second blog reader to die of cancer within a year. Zer died of breast cancer in September. It's a good thing I'm not superstitious or I'd shut this thing down!

Some son…

Busy but good

Work went great. So did the visit.

I got my pallet of junk food, took it to the stockroom, put it on my hand cart and stocked those machines! Whooe! Ron and I even took a break together, he ate a cup-o-noodles (that's what he wanted) while I ate my veggies and sausage.

We rode around a bit after work and got to John's house pretty quick. I, of course, had to use the bathroom. When I came out, John's cat was in Ron's lap. What a sweetie! Both of them, John and the cat.

We had a great visit. I sat on the floor and crocheted cat toys while kitty stalked them; and Ron and John talked on the sofa.

We plan to have John over for dinner soon; I think it would be a blast. A long ride around with a driver who was new-to-us.

Finally, we got home! Naptime! Even the sound of gasoline powered yard equipment didn't stop me from falling asleep. I had some odd dreams but nothing bad.

Then I got up. I plan to make some soup tonight. Tomorrow some fun date type stuff wi…

Good Morning!

Monday I bought some new deodorant. Not a big deal, except this time it was scented.

A little known fact: often the first thing I hallucinate is a fragrance. Tuesday I kept freaking out when I would get a whiff of the deodorant. Oh, man. Poor me. It's pretty funny now. "What's that fragrance? I smell something?!"

Yesterday I got up pretty early, went to work. Ron's boss came by and gave us a favorable review. He's a good guy. I did up an inventory and called in a delivery; not bad considering I had such a horrible headache.

After work, we went downtown to the Metro store (the only one in town) and got Ron's annual pass. Boy, what a thankless job, working there. The candy bags were a big hit.

I have not been sleeping well, but I managed to catch a small nap on the way home. When we got home I went to bed early, but could only sleep a few hours. Once I woke up again it took me hours to fall back asleeep. AGH.

I am glad I have a bottle of Diet…

I've been neglecting you

It's been a wierd week - when ISN'T it? Agh. My sister laughed her butt off when she called because I told her I really just want a nice boring life.

God signed me up for the adventure package. Monday was busy, work - some tension there with Romeo but nothing worth reporting, then the bank and the mall. After the mall we went to the dentist, and THEN we went to Walmart. At some point, it poured down rain while I was pushing Ron across a parking lot. I put a tote bag over his head. He was very cranky about getting wet as I literally dripped on the floor.

Tuesday, God had me doing the Big Bible Handout. That was tons of fun. Finding out the bookstore is out of "MY" New Testaments - discouraging. I had to get some supplies and that cut into my budget. Ouch.

I ran off more "Where to Look In the New Testament"s. I went to Favorite Dollar and got yet MORE ziplocks, which are mostly gone already. I handed out virtually everything I had on Tuesday and …

A good photo of the sign.


Let's Go Get 'Em

For me, a Big Bible Handout (BBH) is a lot like a sneeze, it just becomes overpowering until I NEED to go do it. I always ask God for a few hints, and He gives them.

Ron offered to buy me Bibles, and asked how many I had - not typical.
I got the right amount of tracts I needed
Bible studies kept backing it up.

I mean, how can anyone read Romans 10:14-15 and NOT want to go hand out some Bibles? I just got that tonight, AFTER I did a BBH.

"How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" - NIV

So, last night found me bagging up 30 or so New Testaments. Me, I want to hand out as many as possible. God desires OBEDIENCE, not quantity. One tract might have more lasting impact than a million Bibles, if God has prepared…

When I cry, God cries with me

Am I a demanding person? Possible. My shoulders are really feeling this morning's weight workout; a combination of powerlifting and other moves. I'm also pretty strict on my God Time; I feel I cannot afford to leave myself unprotected if I'm going out and sharing God with people. Bad Things want to hurt me, I should be as close to God as possible.

When it comes to others, not so much. One loved one has an ongoing alcohol issue, I have left that to them and God. I try to be a forgiving person, asking God to "Put Your Love in my heart" for those-who-done-me-wrong because I know only He can fill me up.

I ask a lot of myself at work; it's seldom you'll find either me or Ron taking a break. I work harder for my husband than I ever did for any other employer.

When I found a book at the Christian bookstore I got excited. Hopefully a new and exciting book about a church rebel reaching the unreached (I think "lost" sounds condescending). Winning…

Why I take my pills

I had a good day off today. Ron and I slept in, I got up and did my workout and God Time. I had a nice refreshing shower and we went off to eat some BBQ.

We brought the wheelchair so we had the option of taking the bus home, which we did. After eating, we went to Foodtown.

Since I am doing fine with milk, I have decided to add in 3 glasses a day, maybe another one on a heavy workout day. I LOVED milk, but a horrible bout of food poisoning several years ago "did me in". Now, it's back. Yay!

After Foodtown, and one gallon of whole milk heavier, we went to the bus stop. A very pretty woman was there. She was carrying a backpack and had a restless look.

She was manic. A man at the bus stop was making sexual overtures. It was obvious watching her that she was/wasn't interested. The mania was demanding she respond positively to the attention, but she, herself, was not into the guy.

I tried not to watch. He was touching her and kissing her, and it was obvious to…

I smell like chicken

I smell like chicken. Wednesday Ron took me to Foodtown and I scored lots of meat, including some "chicken tenderloins" that look and taste delicious. A lot of chicken every night for me, I'm happy.

In fact, Ron laughs because I only eat chicken 2 weeks out of the month. For me, chicken is a completely hormonal food choice.

I also got a pot roast (Ron is addicted to my pot roasts) and some skillet steak. I also "tried" some milk.

I have been adding some dairy back into my diet. Full fat cottage cheese was a little iffy, but once I got that going I was fine with full fat yogurt. Today I tried some whole fat milk. If I can drink milk, I think it will definitely help my protein intake. I think the carbs would be "better" than peanuts, for instance.

I am still trying to find my peanut happy place, too. How many peanuts are enough? What will make me gain?

My weight has been a bit stuck with the experimenting (about 178); not to mention the workout…

Bible Time

I always pray over the Bibles and candy every morning and ask God to send me out with the right amount. He does.

Yesterday, I left the house with the usual bag of what I refer to as "Driver Candy" (New Testaments bagged up with a tract or two, a scripture booklet, and a couple handfuls of candy). I had a good day out.

I find it interesting, that no one ever refers to what I give them as a Bible. Anyway, a few days ago I was at Walmart. I had bagged up whole Bibles with a "Read your Bible in a Year" tract (2 chapters each from Old and New Testament), and the usual stuff. I checked out and handed one to the cashier. It was in a gallon ziplock bag.

"Oh!" she goes "There's a book!" It said HOLY BIBLE in 2 inch high letters on the cover.

I smiled I said "It's a good one! You can enjoy the candy while you read it!" She kept it.

I was waiting with my husband, who is in a wheelchair. About 10 minutes later another employee walks up to me &q…

I am sick of drama in my life

An unfortunate side effect of this whole fiasco has been a marked reluctance to share ANY details of my personal life now!

We worked Saturday, ate lunch, went home. I took a sudafed which had my hyper and I didn't get to bed until late. I slept late on Sunday, did some housework, and went to bed early... tried.

Apparently Ron had had it with me "helping" him. I made an offhand comment about a garbage bag that resulted in a half hour profanity-laced tirade when I was trying to sleep. I spent the whole tirade praying for him and begging God to at least let me get some sleep.

Even after he wound down, it took me a while to fall asleep. I got up at 3 AM, did my weights, and went to work.

I asked Ron for moral support; a bad idea. I got another tirade on how it was "My fault" because several years ago I laughed at a dirty joke... UGH. I asked what role the other guy had, then, when I consistently kept asking him to leave me alone and he kept bothering me?…

Can I have one, too?

I make an order with World Missionary Press whenever I am getting low on booklets. I put the booklets into the candy bags and hand them out either solo or with a Bible.

My last order had a large amount of children's booklets. I didn't know why, but I knew God wanted me to have them. I figured I would save them for Halloween. God had other plans. [ha! Doesn't He always!]

I need to backtrack a little. I actually love kids, but I have had some awkward and awful problems. One place, the kids were very sweet and I enjoyed spending time with them outside. However, some other children were in a very unsafe situation and I had to report it. I had talked to the parents and was threatened with violence. Then, I made an anonymous report.

Ha! The social worker apparently liked "Mommy" so well she told my name. Mommy tried to run me down and threatened to beat me violently.

Why? The toddler baby was left alone, playing in the street, with a push-toy because he co…

It'll just be hotter tomorrow

So, the last couple days have been busy or I would have been blogging. Tuesday I had my Day Out; I got up early every day pretty much and did my workouts. Either weights, cardio, or both... I have a system I'll detail later. The only days I took off were scheduled. I have seen good increases in my strength, AND when I had to run about a block in the heat to catch a bus today, carrying a metal hand cart AND a heavy tote bag, I did it without even losing my breath! Yay!

I have decided, this was decided Tuesday actually, that I will not be joining a gym. I can get up at 2 AM and go into my garage. I can have hairy legs, greasy hair sticking out in all directions, and just wear an old sport bra, shorts, and some slip on shoes. I don't have to catch any buses and no one's going to hit on me in the shower room when I"m naked. Ew. That was awful... this woman walks up and looked at me, said "Oh, you smell delicious." I just kind of gulped and showed her…

I'm not a doormat


Heavier Metal

Yesterday was long. I got up early, worked out. Happily I jumped up some on my strength - I need heavier metal now! The stiffness is all gone and I get a great workout everytime I head out into the garage.

I also dropped ANOTHER pound. Good. I had regained a bit. I'll tell you when I get back down... but the current size was getting a bit tight.

We went to Walmart, early. It was fine, and I got a few things I needed. I did pick up some sugarfree ice cream.

Then we went to work. A guy is going on a mission trip to Mexico, I left him that order form for the booklets - it sounds like the Mexicans (really he is going to Mexico) can use them and WMP does just about every written language on the planet. I was glad I had it.

I did some stocking and found, to my horror, a large glacier/snowball in a soda machine. I had a pretty good heart attack over that one. Ron had asked me not to shut the door so tightly. I complied, but we got the ice. Ron had to get the hair dryer. Bo…

"Fried chicken and a blood pressure pill"

Today was fun.

I woke up with a bad headache, but not a nasty one. I took some asprin and tylenol (one of each). That seemed to help somewhat. I took a nice hot shower, that sure didn't hurt.

I got to talking with Ron and missed my God time, but I am sure God understood. He wants me to value my husband. I caught up later.

I have to get to bed in an hour or so, so I can get up and do weight day tomorrow. Weights and cardio. I am doing cardio about 5 times a week.

I dropped a pound, that cheered me up. Especially since I had bought myself a one-pound can of lard the last time I went to Foodtown.

I bagged up plenty of candy, loaded up the wheelchair, and headed out. Our driver was really nice, I liked her. We dropped someone at the "workshop" (plenty of workshops around here). As we were unloading another driver pulled up and I handed him some candy out my window.

I have had an ongoing odd experience with one driver. He requests scripture booklets "for this…

A couple of weeks' of hives for me

I love you, Heidi! Take care! Pretend you are standing up for someone else if that helps! Sometimes I ask myself, "Would I let someone treat my sister or Ron like this?" Very telling.

The bad repairman is playing major headgames. "Oh, I got the wrong part". Agh.

I got up again, at 2 AM and did my workout (today, intervals on the exercise bike). Go, Heather, go. If I'm not mistaken my waist IS looking a little better defined. I am blessed with some free weights, a plastic step, and a used recumbent exercise bike. You'd be surprised how much I can do.

I almost want to wear a burqua to work now, the huge ugly tent the Muslim women wear? You can't even tell if there's a human in there. I really don't want to be so TRAUMATIZED by all this, I just want to get over the fact that some married guy wanted to play kissy-face. I keep flashing back to it; when I do I pray for HIS marriage.

I offered to tell Ron the name, and he said no. He is o…

Not the scale!

Grrr. I got up at 1:45 AM and did my weight workout. I told Ron, later, at work, "When people were going home from the bar, i was doing my squats". I did a lot more than squats. I did all 3 powerlift exercises (bench, squat, deadlift), situps, back, shoulder, and arm exercises. All in about a half hout.

Then I drank a low carb protien shake and took my sbower. God time. Eat a real breakfast, do up the Driver Candy. Our ride to work was a trainer and trainee. The trainee had a nasty attitude. I don't think she will make it. The first time she has to do overtime, or encounters one of the nasty-tempered clients... the trainer did love the candy, though.

We got to work at 5:30. I mashed up cardboard and stuffed it into the dumpster. It holds about 16 cubic feet, by the time I finished it held about double that! One of the night custodians just kind of gaped at the spectacle as I pushed it about the 1/3 mile to the dumpster. Then I had the glamourous job of upe…

I have my doubts about opposite sex friendships now

Today was OFF the wierd scale. Off the scale.

Things were pretty tense between Ron and I, this morning. We got up early and went into work.

I was very unhappy that he called the repairman who stole from us, and he didn't like me telling him how to run his business. We did our work regardless. It was kind of an aggravating day, a bunch of dumb complaints like "The Coffee machine won't take my money" - because it was TURNED OFF. And my favorite, "How come your machines were off this weekend?" Because the POWER was out?

Mr. Freebie showed up. I told him, I know how much you make. Do you know that Ron and I make between "Poverty" and "Low Income"? I really resented the whole "Do you have any milk, I need some milk!" I said the machine was full. "Oh, I left my money in my car." "You'd better go get it" Ron replied!

Ugh. Then it was Mr Refund. Everytime he sees us he wants a free - something. O…

If the Dr Pepper has dust on it, don't buy it.

Ugh. I accidentally got an OLD case of Diet Dr Pepper today. The only advantage, I see, is that compared to these things a glass of water looks pretty appealing. Based on the bottle cap design, I just now realized they are over a year old. Eww. Since I DO need to drink more water, I'll keep them. I sure won't be drinking them fast!

Before I wrote all this I determined I had a justified gripe; that it wasn't just mood poison (not mine!)

Ugh. I need to buy a stopwatch; I really believe Ron has no idea about his negativity. It isn't that he's upset and angry and feeling persecuted; it's the length of time he goes on about it. Safe to assume between half an hour to an hour a day. [groan] If I can confront him, and tell him "You know you go on about how angry you're at God, for an hour and a half yesterday?" maybe it will help him self-correct. [shrug] Maybe we can even turn it into a game. I hate the idea, but I am desperate.

He goes on a…

I'm glad we left them unplugged.

Let's try this again. I went back to work; later than I EVER leave the house on Metrolift. When we use Metrolift, we try to be home by 3 PM at the latest; and never leave at night. Not unless you count a 4 AM pickup? Is that leaving at night? [laugh]

I had some knitting, the flashing light, and reflective vest. I figured the last two would help our pickup driver locate us. It's hard to find in the daylight; and it's a REALLY bad area. As I mentioned [laugh] the flashing light is visible for quite a distance. Once I popped in a "C" cell we were good to go.

Our ride came and we gossiped about the "new" vans. People keep falling on the "extra" step, the drivers HATE the tie-downs, and they can't handle the very large clients. Ron and I mentioned we do not love the new Toyota Siennas, and prefer the Dodge Ram Caravan cabs.

It was a straight trip. We got to work around 7. One of the electricians (the plant is 17 acres under one roo…

This was supposed to be about work

Last night was really wierd. Our ride to go BACK to work was a little late, but it was a straight trip. I brought my knitting, a flashing light, and a reflective vest. Our friend called and said he couldn't give us a ride home. FORTUNATELY Ron always makes a backup Metrolift trip.

I considered bringing a battery operated lamp or something but figured they would have lighting. Wrong.

I should probably elaborate on the flashing light, though. It is a bit of a raw spot for me, but much less than it was. I had bought 2 for Ron, prior to his accident. It's a very bright, flashing strobe light that straps onto your arm. Designed for joggers. One day I went to pick him up in a cab and I could see the light 1 mile away, in the dark, in the rain. [rolleyes] But in the blaming frenzy after Ron's accident (he had asked not only his family, but a cab driver friend to give him rides to work that day, and all declined) it was decided it was ALL HEATHER'S FAULT. I tried …

Irate Homeowners and Calmari Nightmares

I've told you before: I don't like #2's wife. I live on the odd side of the street, in #4. #6 is a lovely Latino family. #7 is a Black. So is #2.

The homeowner's wife was rude (parking in front of my house when they have tons of room in the driveway) and scary (threatening to kill my cat because he looked at her). She moved out when I countered her death threat with the information that was a felony, and I'd press charges if Kitty got so much as a hairball. I think, for her, the threat to call her principal (yes, this hater teaches children) was the real crux.

[For the record, I don't hate her, I'm just really glad they moved out after our house got robbed. See "Naked Wife" post for details.]

Then we had a succession of relatives of the homeowner, moving from Tennessee. They were OK with the cat, but their rude boys were constantly climbing over the fence and invading our privacy. I have a real issue with some kid staring in my window at me, when I…

Don't take it personally

I felt pretty smug as I got off the exercise bike at 2:30 this morning. I'd awoken at 1:47, hit the snooze, and gotten out of bed at 1:57. Bathroom, turn off my backup alarm, and onto the exercise bike. I'm trying to formulate an early-morning fitness habit.

I drank some diet soda while I pedaled (I programmed it for the intervals setting once I warmed up) and realized this wasn't a bad way to get started. By the time I got off, I felt pretty energized.

I hopped into the shower, and after I dressed I did my God Time. Ron seemed to be in a decent mood when he woke up.

We had an interesting cab ride into work: the driver, a white guy, had a shaved head covered on scars. He told us how his former best friend and attacked him with an axe. Yike. The seatbelt didn't work and he was pretty fast, but, hey, we got to work alive.

We arrived at work around 4 AM. We stocked the machines, which were empty. We enjoyed an hour an a half of sales. Around 5:15, I started tak…

Pointer Toe and Barbell Fail

The last 24 hours have been brutal for my right pointer toe: I smashed it into the desk, rolled over it with Ron's wheelchair, and got bitten by a fire ant. The poor little thing looks awful, but after an application of my beloved Pomada de Arnica (Arnica salve) it isn't hurting. Well, not unless I touch it.

I decided to wear shoes as much as possible today, to prevent further abuse. It seems to be working. The last joint is all red and swollen, but thanks to the salve, not hurting.

About 7 years ago, I broke my left "ring toe" by running it into the exercise bike, and then the toilet safety frame. Ow. It looked like my foot had a black olive instead of a toe!

Hey, if that's the worst thing I've got I am doing FANTASTIC. We have had a lot of rain the last 24 hours; remnants of Alex. In my area at least, it's all draining off beautifully.

I slept in, no alarm, woke up about 7:30. I took a shower and did my God time, had a good talk with Ron, got d…

I'd rather be happy and stupid

I would love to put myself out here as a wonderful housekeeper. Wouldn't that be great? Heather's house is always spotless... but I'm messy enough that when my aunt comes over, I give her a beverage in a disposable cup. My sink is currently full of dirty dishes. I have a 2 compartment sink; Ron's side is empty and spotless. Mine is full.

Ron has his own counter, and it's got a lot more space than "mine". Somehow I can never get a hold on the things that clutter up "my" counter. The carpets need to be vacuumed and I have an actual cobweb or two (in my defense, they are on the high-ceilinged part of the house).

I just don't see it; and when I do a lot of times I don't know how to get started. If I can manage those two, then there's the energy issue. Yup. I am completely worn out most days by a part-time shift and running an errand.

Like today: We got up, went to Sam's club. I desperately needed candy bars. Normally, bef…