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Disgusting swamp of a mood-hole

I've got the camera, and the will to use it.  [big sigh]  Unfortunately, I have allowed Ron's negativity and anger to infect me this evening.  Not happy about that.  I'm going to have to claw my way out of this disgusting swamp of a mood-hole. 

Bad news first; Ron drinking, bitter at God tonight.  I get very tired.  He really has no idea; his negativity is so toxic.  So many blessings in his life, which he refuses to see.  He's not that blind, is he? 

Today he called me and told me he put out a chair of mine for the junk man.  After the fact.  I was OK with it; I need a folding chair in here.  I like my folding wooden chair; although it needs a new chairpad.  I need to be able to fold my chair when I pull out the pullout (the room is maybe 9 feet square).  I was pretty annoyed at the presumption; after the fact.  He went out to see if he could find it later on and it was gone, of course.  Agh.  A.S.K!

The guy at the office supply store refused to make my tracts, he …

"Smells Good" video blog

The audio quality is still kind of tinny, but I think the rest is better. 


I think the audio quality is better; I can tweak the "gain" if needed. I noticed I didn't have to turn up my speakers to hear myself. I can also modify the way I record the video, too. I can record it to my hard drive and then upload.

A little goofy, a very long day, but a good mood day. Not up, not down, properly medicated.

At about 1:45 you get an audio track of the Barkappotamous next door (fence wrecking dog).   Hope you like it.  Pretty tired today and I had to re-spell basic words more than once just in this.

Another day, another rodent

I did a video blog but I forgot to tell you about the latest rodent drama.  Last night Bubba came in through the cat door, making his special meow.  [shudder]  He went straight for Ron's room and meowed loudly. 

I ALMOST opened the door without checking.  Behold; the rodent.  It was still alive and about 7 inches long  I won't go into details.  A couple of minutes of action, rodent blood all over the tile floor and it's STILL alive.  Kitty would reach over and swat it occasionally, eliciting pitiful squeaks. 

I have a heart of butter, I felt so awful for the poor dumb thing.  Even though I'm sure it would have happily bitten me, it didn't deserve to be tortured.  Ron would probably make an analogy to the cat as God, and himself as the rodent. 

The poor thing finally got weak enough that I felt confident in removing it.  I used a piece of cardboard and a cardboard box.  I used the piece to push ratty into the box.  Some squeaking at that, and movement.  Then I we…

My new webcam

Ron got it for me, $18. 

A rather depressing morning, but I do show off my nifty new hat.  I'm very proud of it.  I blended and spun the yarn, and knitted the yarn, into a lovely hat and neckwarmer.  I'm very proud of them both.  And they're warm! 

The video isn't done processing yet; but here's the link: 

This one's for Galatea

Now, first, I have to remind y'all that my MOM reads this!  My adoptive Mom!  And my auntie, and my sister, and other family like that.  So, I will keep it at a family level. 

When I got out of the hospital for depression, at age 13, I faced High School.  I had scared the hell out of my Jr High.  They wanted me in some kind of special ed, and put me in as a "teacher's aide" in the class for the blind students.  I think because I had thick, coke-bottle glasses. 

I helped for 2 years, and learned a lot about working with "The Blind".  Phil used to tease me as he injected his insulin, and everyone loved Robbie.  I liked them a lot and Don, the teacher, taught me some braille. 

I learned "The Blind" were pretty much like anyone else.  I have always had a "helper" mentality, and wanted to be an Occupational Therapist (ha!  I guess I am on some level) when I graduated.  [shrug]  I like to help people. 

So, I engaged in some mildly criminal…

I guess I'm used to being a spectacle.

Four years ago this weekend, I taught myself to knit.  I just remembered that; "I Shouldn't Be Alive" marathon, me on the couch, and finally mastering the knit stitch.  I used a gray acrylic heather. 

Since then, I've made a lacy shawl, innumerable hats, 2 garter stitch afghans, fingerless gloves, and a single mitten for Ron.  He only wanted one {shrug}.  Pretty cool, especially considering I had only just started medication for bipolar disorder.  I was only a couple of weeks "out". 

On the one hand, it's incredibly tragic, and on the other, predictably funny.  The neighbor's dog, no shelter, rain, freezing cold, and icy winds.  Tragic.  They don't do anything but feed her, as near as I can tell.  If she gets out, they always seem annoyed when someone brings her back.  I suspect they are watching her for someone, and doing a bad job. 

The Humane people are investigating.  I hope they sieze her and give her a better home. 

So, all my bloggy r…

Bubba got the liver

I'm pretty tired, it was a good day.  You know, I have a suspicion that I am "more interesting" in text than I am on the phone?  Just a thought. 

I got up and started some of my meal prep.  Ron had been asleep/in his room all day.  He decided to act like nothing happened last night.  He made a very neutral comment about the handout and that was it. 

Well, I worry about ego.  [snort]  I sure didn't have him praising me to the skies.  God allowed something to happen to him; I won't say, because it's private.. but if I were the vengeful/vindictive type I would have been satisfied.  I just helped him and was very neutral. 

He made a comment about things "Smelling good" in the kitchen.  I told him the pot roast was done (it was), and offered him some.  He asked what I planned to cook, said they sounded good, and said he'd like to share if I didn't mind. 

[raising my eyebrows]  I don't know what happened to Mr-All-I-Want-Is-A-TV-Dinner, bu…

Post-handout video!

I made it as soon as I got home.

All done in 45 minutes! Thanks, Lord. Some guy threw $1 at me as I was packing up! Overall attitude - gimmie that Bible!
She cut off my head, but you get the idea. Handed out 120, 45 minutes. Love, H

Almost time to head out!

Ron's asleep.  I let the cat in through the pet door (I closed it to prevent further rodent "giftings").  I did my God Time, showered, about to eat my breakfast.  I just need to do a few Spanish Bibles and get a very heavy cardboard box onto my hand cart! 

I worry it might not fit on the bus!  I hope the box isn't too wide!


The Bibles are done, I think.  We'll see if God wants more tomorrow morning before I leave. 

I have over 100 total.  Handcart, check.  Clothes, check.  Prayed up, as much as I can!  I'll always take more, though! 

I need to get some sleep so I can get up on time.  :) 

My bus leaves at 7:28.

The signs and I

I've got about 3/4 of the Bibles done. 

I'm really wondering what to do after the handout tomorrow.  Come "home"?  Yike. 

Maybe the signs and I will go to Starbucks (that is not cool, by the way, to make them work Thanksgiving) instead.

Video Blog, 5 pm tonight.

"Being a doormat"

I have access to many odd statistics.  One of them being search results; one day someone did a search on "Bible verses about being a doormat" and up came my blog!  Pretty funny, I think. 

You think I'm a doormat NOW, you should have seen me 15 years ago.  I lived in terror of displeasing Ron, the emotional abuse and the inevitable threats to throw me out.  I was completely, sickeningly, co-dependent. 

I came to a realization just now; while Ron does love me, he does not respect me.  It's not just the emotional abuse, the shouting "I don't care what you feel" and worse... It's not the put-downs.  It's the simple fact that he has no respect for me. 

A very wise man once said "The Devil loves to attack Christians by using their family members" - if you've ever wondered why that nice Christian lady had the drug addict son, or the child with depression, or whatever, that's it. 

Ron feels incredibly threatened when I assert mysel…

Start stuffing tracts

Since I was totally sleep deprived last night - the migraine stuck around until around 10 am this morning; and I had Bubba bring me a dead rat the size of a soda can.  UGH.  Anyway, I got manic. 

Ron goes "Boy, you're up".  I told him, don't worry, pills already on board, I'll be a lithium zombie soon.  I'm still a little up, you'll see from the video.  It's a lot easier to do a handout when I'm manic! 

Heidi, at work I tend to drink a lot of Diet RC canned sodas, and Diet Dr Pepper.  When traveling, I carry a couple 500ml bottles of Diet Dr Pepper.  I used to feel bad about my water intake (virtually non-existent), until I found out my water has radioactive "alpha particles".  It's like drinking cancer juice.  [scoff]  I'm a lot better off with a can of pop! 

Recently, it's been tasting "off" so I may switch to something else.  The Coke Zeros have been particularly delicious, the last couple times I drank them. …
Had a rough night. Hardly slept at all and Bubba brought me a dead rat. Actually determined to make it a good one; I view it as a spiritual attack. Ron is in a horrible mood & taking it out on me. (sigh) "Being cursed, we bless" badthings must be scared.

Oh, that sucked

That sucked pretty hard.  I'm finally starting to feel human again, but so exhausted.  I guess that's a good thing, because while I spent most of the day in bed, I need to get my 8 hours, in about an hour. 

Bubba-cat was very loving.  He kept positioning himself on and near me.  Ron was awesome, supplying me with ice bags, sympathy, quiet, and no complaining.  He didn't even burn his popcorn (he loves it slightly burnt).   It's easy to see why I love him. 

I made a pass at him and we both laughed pretty hard.  No way I was in in any shape for THAT.  [snort] 

Tomorrow will be crazy busy.  Going to work, don't expect it to be busy, but Ron is getting his headphones back from repair.  Then home, Starbucks, my favorite Christian store, and home again.  THEN I have to do up all the Bibles for the handout Thursday! 

I WILL do a video blog tomorrow night.  I might do a couple of little ones Thursday. 

That's it for now.  Still hurting and fiercely thirsty (lithiu…
Lying in bed, I seem to be cat furniture. Ron has provided plenty of ice bags. Hes also quiet and sympathetic. Feel like I lost my Day Out, but I will live.

On my Day off

Go away, evil migraine.  [groan]

I don't think it is.

Heidi's right; this life is not for wimps! 

Let me put up a photo of my new sign, and tell you all about my day. 

I'll talk about the sign, because it's right there.  I went with the larger size, and the flourescent pink.  It's a very "loud" color.  I had a wide-tip marker, which I used for the lettering.  I don't think I do the best lettering but I alway pray and ask God for help before doing my signs. 

I worry that "Bibles" is too small.  However, the sign you see to the left, this one:

will be set up before my handout area, pointing the way.  Then I'll be up there with Big Pink and the tote bag.  I feel that's the sign God wants me to use. 
So, I got up at 3, and did my God Time.  We had donuts today; so an early pickup.  I had enough time to bag up some Bibles, and plenty of candy.  We had very nice drivers all day long. 

Everyone was happy to get their Bible or scripture booklet.  I'm running a little depressed; it came out…

It's never a good time for eardrops - It's not HIS blood

I knew today would be interesting.  We had an early morning trip to Foodtown (I have figured out when they discount the hamburger meat to $1 a pound), a trip home, and then later on a planned trip with the wheelchair and the bus. 

I'm not feeling very bloggy today.  I'm sorry if my post seems stale.  Probably still a little depressed. 

We went to Foodtown.  I briefly considered buying some meat, but decided 5 pounds of cooked meat in the freezer was more than adequate.  I did get myself a small pot roast, we plan to donate blood later on this week and I need to ensure I've got plenty of protein and iron.  I also got some soda, powdered drink mix, a few cans of tuna and a jar of mayo, etc.  I spent about $30. 

Ron was thrilled to hear they still had the massively discounted lunch buckets.  He loves them; so he got an additional 20!  I was glad I brought my big tote bag!  We also got more Cup-A-Noodles for work; we sell them out of the cold food vending machine. 

A lot o…

Sorry, kids

I had a problem with the video blog.  Too big for Youtube (I thought only the time mattered), and then Blogger here ate it, again. 

I'll do another one tomorrow.

I'll be back.

So, Ron and I went to Burger King.  We had a bit of a wait to come home, but [shrug] it's hard to remember a time when we just walked everywhere.  We did, though. 

I've never just gotten in my car and driven home when I was done, either.  So, waiting around and using a questionable public bathroom, just part of the picture. 

I had a LOVELY burger, and another one awaits me in the fridge.  I might make some pumpkin pudding, too. 

Came home, took a half-hour nap.  That's all I need on the Wellbutrin.  I had a pretty nasty headache when I woke up this morning, and took Excedrin twice today.  Excedrin has tylenol, which raises lithium levels.  I made sure to drink A LOT of liquids! 

I'm going to go hit my God Time, take my shower, call Mom & Dad.  Probably do a video blog, too.  I'll be back.

Venial Sin

Poor, dumb, idiot.  They're going to hell and they probably don't even care! 

Who?  [rolleyes]  Whoever broke into my stockroom.  Yup, they're at it again. 

They got rid of the padlock, opened the keylock with their custodial key, and poked around.  Probably more exciting to enter the "Forbidden Zone" than to actually steal anything. 

I've said it before, I'll say it again; we keep very little in the stockroom.  We have sodas, a small amount of chips and cookies, and that's it.  No cash, no candy.  Candy is too expensive - what I buy goes straight into the machines.  From what I can tell, they got a few bags of chips and a couple cans of Dr Pepper. 

I try to envision a mindset where it is OK to take anything like that; to just violate a stockroom and help oneself to the merchandise.  What do they tell themselves that makes it OK?  Do they believe in God, or do they just think "Better grab what I can for myself because when I'm dead that&#…

Any day without a headache is a good day

I was really worried I'd wake up with a migraine, I didn't.  We went to Starbucks, came home.  I took a nap (it's my Offday), and started cleaning and organizing the bedroom closet.  Once I finish, I plan to eat my dinner, do my PM Godtime, and get to bed early. 

Today?  Just catching up on housework.  I threw an old blanket over the fence last night for the neighbors dog.  Short hair, no shelter, and lows in the 40's.  I couldn't do anything else; Ron called the Humane Society (days ago, they have already started an investigation) and let them know I did the blanket, not the dog "owner". 

The dog is thrilled.  I took Ron for a "walk" - just a few blocks, and she was delighted to see him next to the loose fence board.  She pushed her nose out and licked him. 

We tell each other "It's not HER fault."

They throw the rolls at your head

So, as you've read a ratber challenging day.  I was already fighting depression and Ron was pretty negative.  At one point, another client literally LEAPT out of the vehicle, saying "I'm OUTTA HERE!"  It's funny now, but pretty sad at the time. 

We got up early, I did my first blog on the way to the wholesale warehouse.  I got there and got all the chips and crackers we needed.  Compared to our wholesaler, I saved us over $30, and like I told the employeee "You never make me get up at 2 AM and you don't have a minimum order." 

Probably got too much stuff, but they let us ride anyway.  I gave a New Testament to another passenger, blind.  Ooops.  She didn't give it back, so will probably re-distribute.  I am eager to get the braille tracts I ordered. 

Finally got to work; it was BUSY!  Yeah, holidays!  I will need yet MORE candy and cookies.  The coffee machine is acting up, and needs servicing.  I stuffed everything I could and then Chuck met …
Doing better. Saved some $$ at the warehouse.
Ron's in a truly VILE mood today. Haven't gone 5 minutes without complaining. SICK of it; I'm already battling depression; but if I tell him he complains more. To him, God is "torture man". Why am I so "devout"?!?

I need to go do my God Time.

Ugh.  Nasty headache all day. 

I didn't do much today; spent some quality time with Ron, caught up on laundry.  Planning my next Big Bible Handout (most likely Thanksgiving); I'll have a 2 sided sign.  One side will say "Happy Thanksgiving" the other side "Free Bibles".  That should be fun. 

I'm just cooking a chicken and some ham; pumpkin pudding, and some beef & veggie soup.  Ron loves my soup, and has no idea how many veggies it contains. 

I've done some nice things for myself, I bought 2 nice wool blankets from Harbor Freight tools, for the disaster kit.  I have one already, it's on my bed.  It's very cozy.  I moved the bed and I'm rearranging the bedroom.  I really like it.  I got a lovely New Testament from the bookstore yesterday, a HCSB version, only $5.  It has fake leather and everything.  I slept in today. 

Tomorrow promises to be pretty fun, too.  I go to the warehouse, get some chips for work.  Then we go to work and…

Passion for Christ

I'm sitting here in front of my computer, typing away in my, floral, cotton-knit nightgown.  The cat's stretched out on the loveseat, cleaning himself.  The sun's coming through my window and I feel so very sad and frustrated. 

I woke up this morning with a headache, partly my fault, too much sugarfree icecream.  The meds also predispose to headaches and Mom will tell you I have always gotten headaches! 

Why am I upset?  [sigh]  All the evangelism books.  One day I'll get smart; and realize I need to save my money.  That's right, save my money.  THEY AREN'T WORTH THE PAPER THEY'RE PRINTED ON!

The only decent book I've gotten on Evangelism or Christian Living is Brother Yun's "Living Water".  The only book on Christian living, that I've kept after reading. 

The other ones are so frustrating.  Some of them start off really well, let's go get 'em!  If we believe the unreached are going to hell, when they die, we need to act lik…

The punchline

The whole debate on stayhome/go out. 

I'm riding my second bus, home.  The driver is thrilled to see me.  He LOVES the "Invitation" New Testamants.  Where do I buy them? 

He is so excited to start handing them out; because I went out today he can go get as many as he'd like.  I tore the top off my receipt so he has the address AND phone number, too. 

Ha!  I know why I got up today.
Soo, I went to the store. Probably would've stayed home but I had my coupon. Get there and read it. Not valid yet! Well, it got me out of the house!

5 pounds of meat

Well, I cooked all 5 pounds of ground beef.  I am completely tired; I'm wondering if I should just stay home today. 

The meat was portioned into 3 sections (the way the grinder worked, I guess), and I did each differently: Burrito meat for Ron, cooked with Bolner's Chili seasoning; Italian beef, with rosemary and "Italian Seasoning" then added tomato sauce before bagging and freezing.  Thaw and eat for dinner.  Lastly, I did some "Onion and Garlic" ground beef.  I used a whole package of "seasoning blend" - sauteed in the skillet until nice and limp, then added the meat and tons of garlic.  It's almost done, then I'll freeze it. 

Later on, I need to season and freeze Mr Chicken, or make plans to cook him BEFORE next Thursday. 

I worry that taking a nap indicates a surrender to depression; which is still around,but not close.  Or is it simple good sense "If you're tired, take a nap"?  If fatigue WERE NOT a feature of my dep…

Let's go to Foodtown!

It's my day off, also known as "Offday".  I needed some groceries, so we went to Foodtown. 

I decided to do a Thanksgiving chicken.  What do I care?  Meat is meat.  Ron hasn't wanted turkey the last couple years, so I'll be the only one eating it.  I think I mentioned he has requested a "Hungry Man" turkey dinner.  He says my cooking is fine, he just wants a Hungry Man.  OK.  I wouldn't want him telling ME what to eat! 

I got a nice little 3 pound chicken, and a couple pounds of ham ends.  That brand (Sherwood) is very flavorful, it browns nicely in the skillet and even the cat likes it (see Sunday post).  I also found 5 pounds of ground beef nearing the sell-by date.  Wow. 

It's cooking right now; I won't leave the house until it's all cooked and frozen.  Ron's excited, he loves my burritos.  I'm cooking 1/3 of it as burrito fixings, 1/3 for beef in tomato sauce, and 1/3 for beef & eggs. 

I also got some powdered drink m…

It IS working

Completely humiliating.  I don't even want to share this, I'm so embarrassed and mad. 

What?  As you know, I've been getting munched with a nasty depression; it gets worse every day. 

On a not-unrelated note, I use a pill box.  It has a box for the morning and the evening.  I did it up on about Thursday of last week.  About when my depression started. 

Today, I ate and got ready to take my pills like I always do.  I looked down into my palmful of tablets, saying "Boy, I really need my Wellbutrin today."  I looked.  I looked again.  NO WELLBUTRIN. 

I messed up filling my pillbox.  I didn't put any Wellbutrin in there at all!  Horror. 

I immediately took what I had in my hand, and got the Wellbutrin and took 2 (daily dose) right out of the bottle.  Pretty soon here comes the nausea, then the hot flash.  It's working. 

It IS working.  It just had to be inside my body!  Oh, I am mortified.  I am so diligent about taking my meds, but somehow I just screw…

Spare them pain

My husband has nerve disease.  Any kind of standing and walking is very painful for him. 

To compensate, I've tried to make his life as painless as possible.  When we go to the store, as soon as we get out of the cab I find him a comfortable place to sit.  At work, I bring a wheelchair to the bus stop so he doesn't have to walk into the building.  He sits in the wheelchair at work as much as possible. 

After all, isn't that what we do for those we love?  Spare them pain? 

That's what I thought until he started having trouble standing up, or even standing at all!  His doctor told him he was too sedentary, and putting his mobility at risk!  If I kept "helping" him, pretty soon he might not be able to stand at all! 

This morning, I was battling depression; again.  My illness is well controlled but I will always suffer.  I wondered to myself why it's necessary for me to hurt like this. 

God reminded me of my husband.  I must look pretty mean now, "M…
Testing my phone & email blog. I will be able to do nice long blogs. Still fighting depression. I'm going to really enjoy my next mania. Lets see if it works.

I've had ENOUGH of you!

So, last night, I had a lovely meal of fried ham, pumpkin pudding, and cheddar cheese all set out on the table.  My phone rang, Mom & Dad.  We haven't connected in weeks - I hear active "seniors" are far healthier in all respects, so they're in good shape.  I'd rather miss talking to them once or twice, than know all they do is sit at home. 

I left my dinner on the table, and turned my back to the table as I sat on the couch to talk with Mom. 

Mom was horrified about poor old Dum-dum the dog.  No shelters, it's getting cold.  She encouraged us to report the owners to the Humane Society; they will investigate.  If someone came out to do a welfare check on Bubba (black cat in photos), I would laugh.  He is so overfed he's obese.  He has his own furniture.  He has his own door!  He lives better than we do!   One of my taglines: The DUMB animal has the alarm clock! 

My hope: someone will come out and discuss proper dog care with the adults; and she wil…

The Blues they sent to meet me

Ron woke up, had some pretty depressing conversation.  "God is cruel"  I let it drag me down. 

I had to take it to God; and remind myself God's in control.  He is using me; I just need to hang onto Him and be strong.  Leave all the burdens on His shoulders, and for His sake don't try to carry my own burdens! 

I did some nice things to take care of myself.  I made a FINE dinner of fried him, cheddar cheese, and pumpkin pudding.  Had a great talk with Mom and Dad; while we chatted Mr Bubba Cat came along and ate a whole ham steak.  Bad kitty! 

Now I'm going to take my pills, shower, and God Time.  Then bed. 

Give me a strong back to carry my burdens, Lord.
I came so close to vomiting earlier I brought a bucket in here.  I also spent some quality time panting, breathing fast, and spitting into it.  I woke up with HORRIBLE cramps, and developed a headache.  The neighbor's dog won't stop barking, it's cold and dreary, and Ron is feeling very negative towards God and told me ALL about it.  [laugh] 

You'd think it was a crappy day, but it isn't.  I took the Tylenol on an empty stomach at an early hour, and it worked.  No more cramps.  Everything is within normal "cycle" parameters. 

Did you know I have an ovarian cyst?  On my left ovary?  I was born with it.  It's a "dermoid".  It's visible on ultrasound but when I had surgery (on the other cyst), they looked and cut all over, but couldn't find it.  It has a 2% chance of becoming malignant. 

I had a cyst on my right overy, about half a centimeter.  Boy, that rascal hurt so bad I started sleeping on my left side.  I had it removed.  After…

Partial Video Blog

Take a peek at my prayer list

Technical difficulties

I had some technical difficulties, but you'll get the gist of my day [work, put up a lot of soda, helped Ron, went to Starbucks, went to Christian bookstore.  Bought a good book on worldwide prayer.  50 New Testaments, and 50 tracts.   Lugged it back to Starbucks, went home.  Nap.  Blog.]  I ran out of memory around 7:30 minutes...

I am also gave you a peek into my prayer list notebook.  If you want to hear the rest of it, let me know and I'll do the whole thing.

No video tonight, sorry.

Nothing struck me... so I'll do one tomorrow.  Meds have me pretty stupid, too. 

Good thing Ron is not demanding.  He's been in his mancave since we got home. 

Have a good night!  I'm off to do my shower, God Time and bed.

Dumb hands from the lithium

So, let me tell you about my day and then I'll go make a video.  I'm pretty alert right now, well for me I am. 

Got up early, helped Ron get ready for Doc.  God time and did up some candy.  JUST had enough time.  I brought a 6 pack of Diet Dr Peppers.  I also took the 2 Wellbutrin; as I told you. 

It worked, I had no depression at all.  I did get a roaring attack of the stupids around noon.  My shopping list went away.  I've told you how things just go away in my world. 

It wasn't too bad waiting at the doctor.  She had no problem with getting Ron more Neurontin, but ordered blood tests.  Good.  Liver and kidneys.  I handed out a lot of candy at the office, everyone liked it. 

She said, in her opinion, Ron's problem sounded like a weakness issue; addressable in Physical Therapy.  So, protesting Ron will be going, at least a few times.  I will encourage him with the opportunity to share his "Crazy Blind Man Speech".  I might even get him to share it to…
Meds have me goofy & I forgot my list. Should be fun @ $store.
Ron is OK. Doc wants him to do physical therapy

Sad but true

Today I was waiting outside the wholesale warehouse.  Some veterans were collecting donations; they send care packages overseas.  I walked out and they greeted me. 

I told them I'd be waiting on a ride, and apologized in advance.  "Don't worry about it!"  He said "By the way, I love your t-shirt!" 

I was wearing my navy t-shirt, with "IN GOD I TRUST" boldly emblazoned above and American flag.  Always good for a national holiday.  I don't exactly hide my light under a bushel!  I grinned and waited. 

About 10 minutes later, I got a prompting from God to give them  some candy (I hand out bags of candy with Scripture booklets.  Sub Bible for Scripture booklet and that's the rest of what I do.)  I aim to be obedient.  I got to bags of candy with the booklet and handed them over. 

They thanked me very kindly and the man dove right for the booklet.  Rarely, I get some odd reactions when they see it's a "Jesus" item.  I tensed. 

He got worse

Whenever someone says "I have good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first?"  I ALWAYS say Bad news.  I'd rather end on a positive note.  So that's what I'll do today! 

Ron is getting worse.  He is having a lot more difficulty standing up and walking.  He moves a lot slower.  So, we're seeing his doctor.  Hopefully she will just say "Exercise more" or "You're just getting old" - a favorite line from Ron's favorite doc. 

I got rather impatient with him the other day and said "Dude, you move slower than my Dad!"  Well, Dad goes for miles long walks... so yeah.  Dad's pretty spry, and my husband isn't!

[shrug]  If he can't improve, I'm not sure how it will affect us.  More use of the wheelchair?  That's about the worst case as I see it.  On a positive note, using a wheelchair guarantees he won't be crammed in the backseat of a cab, against an overlarge person with bathing issues, either. …