Saturday, October 19, 2019

Early Saturday

Ron didn't let me look at him but I got a glimpse and it seems no worse. 

He wouldn't let me clean it.  He is so stubborn.  He did "allow" me to give him motion sickness medication, then asked for Gingko.  I gave him both.  He said he would take "one more thing" so I gave him a multivitamin.  That was all he would let me do this morning. 

Biscuit was much more compliant, taking his pill and eating, but he kept his tail tucked over his butt so I couldn't apply the ointment.  He has stopped licking, though. 

Me and my men.  I always admired Ron's strong will but this is a little much. 

We have to go to work.  I will see what he "lets" me do when we get home.  I would feel a lot better if he had let me clean his leg and give him a protein shake and some Vitamin C. 

I know what he needs, he just won't let me.  AGH. 

Friday, October 18, 2019

Freaky Friday

I'm going to show my age and say it's been a really gnarly day.

I did sleep great and got a full 12 hours, which helps fill the tank on the other night.  I did a lot when I got up, I pilled Biscuit, I trimmed some mats off Baby Girl, etc.  I also cleaned Ron's leg with peroxide and then applied antibiotic cream, covering it with a bandage (all repeated multiple times on various webpages including those written by physicians - clean with peroxide, apply ointment, cover with a bandage).

I teased Ron I hoped I wasn't using Biscuit's butt ointment.  Ron didn't find it very funny.

I got him dressed and we went to work.  It was one of those "I can help him, or do my work" days.

I told him at one point I would not be able to do my work if I continued to help him.  But Ron's problem he wants to work the shortest period possible and only do his work.  He doesn't want to wait around while I do mine and he never factors in the time I will need to do my work.

Now, it used to be, years ago, he could do his work without assistance and I would be able to do my work concurrently.  Not any more.

At one point he asked me, in front of a roomful of people, if we should do 3 or 4 hours for work tomorrow.  He got a lot of glares.  Later on I reminded him not to do that.  So my end of things sucked massively.  I barely had time to put out the sandwiches.

We left and had a short wait, then off to the bank.  I had no time at work so I had to count the money at the bank, but they have cameras everywhere and a guard with a gun.  Of all the places to count money, this is probably the safest.

We had enough for sales tax, which is a big relief.  We went through a drive through after.  Ron wanted Wendy's spicy nuggets so we got that for him and I got a Baconator.

If you have ever met one you know it is a pretty significant sandwich.  We got home and I set Ron up, took care of the cats.  Then I sat down with my food and a whole day's worth of medication.

Here's the thinking: I am considering doing intermittent fasting, only eating in a window every day (say 11-7).  In that window I would probably have one big meal at which I could take all my daily medication at one time.  But a couple items are known to cause nausea: antidepressant, lithium, iron, probably my other mood stabilizer.

After all, I had a giant bacon cheeseburger.  Surely that could hold my pills.

Wrong.  I am so desperately queasy right now.  But I was OK for a couple hours.

I went to bed.  Biscuit came along, lots of purring and petting, some kneading, a very good time for us both.  Later on he was less than pleased when I tried to clean his butt (he is raw) and wanted to apply his ointment (not Ron's! ;p) but that never got close to action.  I did give him some more dry and some probiotics which I split between him and some food for the other cats.  Cleo ate that share.  Biscuit ate his.

Cleo is allowing more petting but still leery of me.  She adores Ron, though.

The vet was very excited about me giving Biscuit probiotics and said not at the same meal as the antibiotic, and after we ran the course as well.  I can absolutely do that.  I got some little packets her staff suggested and will send those to "Camp" (that's what they call the boarding, at the vet, "Camp") with him next week.  But I am eyeing a big jar of probiotics I would just use a small scoop on their food every day.

When you have 6 cats that scoop looks pretty good.

So I had a good time with Biscuit, who is CLEARLY feeling better.  And his butt looked better too not that he let me near it for long.  He hated the cleansing he got at the vet, then the ointment - I am surprised he is not acting like Cleo.

But he is doing better and that is all I care about.  So I washed my hands after dealing with Biscuit and I'm on a roll, I am THE HEALER.  Heather the Healer, I got my text from the kratom guys it is on the way so I'm the pain taker, the healing expert and I take the bandage off Ron's leg and WTF IS THAT?!

It is worse.  Not "go to the ER" bad but ugly.  "Go to the doctor on Monday if it is not better".

[more curses]
[you know I can curse in Spanish AND Chinese?]

OK, you get the idea.  So that pretty much ruined the day.  I got the peroxide.

Years ago my grandmother told me a story.  She had a friend who had breast cancer, she was getting radiation for it.  She got burns from the treatment, the doctor said "Use triple antibiotic ointment" and then went out of town for 2 weeks.  She began to apply it and got dramatically worse.  She called the service and Doc said "Well the radiation did a number on you, it is normal" and by the time he got back she was in really bad shape.  She was allergic to the cream.

So I am going to stop using the cream and see if that is it.  Peroxide has always worked well for Ron in the past.  And no more bandage.  He was fine with open air.

And I feel like a whole jury is watching everything I do with Ron and the cats, don't screw up (not you guys).  We have a conference coming up, he HAS to attend.

This is just, pardon my language, messed up.  But we do have sales tax done and Biscuit is better.  Ron is worse but Biscuit is better.  And Ron is not in any pain.

But I always feel like there is a stern authority figure standing there waving a finger at me saying "BAD caregiver!"  That's up to you to decide.  I will say I do my best and Ron can be very difficult at times.

He DID elect to take a large dose of Vitamin C and his multivitamin.  So hopefully that will help.  He is also a huge believer in Olive Leaf Capsules so he took some of those, we will see if they help.

The burger had cheese so that was not fun.  Apparently cheese is an issue and not just lithium.  Glad I got rid of all the dairy in my fridge (except for Ron's cheese sticks).  I need to remember to ask for no cheese on my food.

Ron was teasing me that I was black.  Sometimes I wonder what is in my heritage.  I have been told I have some native blood, about 1/16 on my Dad's side.  I don't know if that would do it but who knows.  Dairy is out now, that is all that matters.

And what a miserable hour that was.

I am really trying to have a good day here!  I really am!

So if you pray please pray his leg heals up quick because I need him functional.  Everyone else remains healthy (as long as I stay away from the dairy).

We have to work tomorrow but we already did sodas so it shouldn't be too hard.  And Ron has more kratom coming - that was the only thing that squashed his back pain during his last attack.  I am glad the conference is in Texas and not out of state where it might be illegal to take it with us because it is going in the bag.  I am curious to see how "Super Red" works for him.

I am sure glad I have a handful of mood pills every day because today I needed all the help I could get.  The pepto pills are working so my nausea is better.

I think I will go check out probiotics on Chewy.

I bought this:  I am glad I still have some cans of Biscuit's specialty wet food because it has to be mixed with wet. 

And can I say again how proud I am he lost another pound?  He is down to 17 now. 

Friday Morning

I finally slept last night, slept forever (I went to bed and woke up at 7).  I got up, had some Diet Dew, gave Biscuit his pill and breakfast.  Fed the other cats.  Ron woke up, checked his leg, the blister broke so I washed my hands, cleaned it with peroxide, put some ointment (not the same stuff I put on Biscuit's butt), and covered him with an XL "tough strip" bandage.  That, I hope, will keep him from getting infected. 

I took a shower and got us both ready.  Ron has been bugging me a lot this morning so I guess it will just be a heavy duty caregiving day.  I did get him presentable and his wound cleaned. 

I didn't put the ointment on Biscuit yet, he ran off after breakfast.  He is not licking so I am not as worried.  I will of course get him if I get a chance. 

I also cut a couple of dreadlocks off Baby Girl while she was eating.  I think it is pretty uncommon for a shorthaired cat to get mats like this but you never know.  It is apparently more common in older cats and she is over 7. 

We are off to work momentarily so it will be a busy day. 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Short Mama Cat video

Mama cat has been hanging out next to me in my chair.  I find that completely awesome.  She likes to sit on the back of the sofa, next to my head, purring and demanding petting, which I am always happy to provide. 

Here she is.  I could hear her purring on my phone during playback so you should be able to hear it too. 

So much for my nap

I have been running on cold diet soda all day so I made myself an egg salad sandwich and took my morning pills, did some Ron tending.  I tried to lie down for a nap but Ron kept making noise with his back. 

He just doesn't think he is bothering me, when I tell him he says sorry and 5 minutes later...

I got up after about an hour.  Biscuit was on one of the condos looking good.  Cleo ran away when she saw me.  She probably figured out I took him to the vet. 

The vet made a point of saying I should wash his towel (for germs) before I put it back in the bed.  I had some Lysol laundry sanitizer so I used that, I don't use it often but it seemed called for.  I am going to trust the person with DVM after all, that is what I paid her for. 

She made a point of thanking me for my business today.  She has definitely made some payments off my business this year.  I don't resent money spent on the cats but it can be a little eeky at budget time. 

So I'm washing the towel.  I will put another one in the bed and carrier. 

Ron is quiet NOW that I am up, I gave him some more kratom and that finally did the job.  Red Thai I believe.  I just hope I can sleep tonight. 

I am already pretty manic and I don't want to get worse. 

What a week, I have been sick, Ron, and Biscuit.  That is a record for us.  My fix was pretty cheap and Ron's was the price of Kratom, with the cab it cost about $200 for Biscuit so not bad. 

Poor Biscuit, one person had to hold him down while the other cleaned him.  He kept trying to get away but did not fight them. 

He's a good boy. 

I have doubts about him permitting me to apply the ointment but we'll see.  I think the antibiotic is the main thing and we have done pretty well with that. 

What the hell happened?

Biscuit had the runs yesterday, I didn't think much of it. 

Let me take a second to brag on my boy who has lost TWO POUNDS this year.  What a good boy! 

But he was still a little meaty too clean it, and he got a rash.  He was licking at the rash. 

Anyway, he was licking all night which totally freaked me out.  I called the vet, made the appointment, called the cab, and then I couldn't find Biscuit for about 10 minutes.  I still don't know where he was but it's a good spot because I looked everywhere and he's a big cat.  He may have been in Ron's closet. 

He finally came out after I prayed, got him in his box.  He was fine about that, I took him outside so the sight wouldn't upset the other cats.  He did fine until I put him in the cab.  We got to the vet, they took us back right away. 

Vet came in and examined him, found he was raw on his privates from licking.  Did a culture (he did not like that) of his stool and examined it.  He had a bacterial overgrowth, the runs caused by that caused irritation which led to the rash and licking. 

She said it was something "like salmonella".  I asked if he could have gotten it from a lizard, as he loves hunting.  She said absolutely. 

So the lizard got his revenge in giving Biscuit a bacterial infection.  I asked if the other cats needed antibiotics and she said no.  She did a course of antibiotics for Biscuit, one tablet a day.  Since his butt was so raw she had her guys clean him up and apply some ointment.  She gave me some of the ointment to use on Biscuit 2x a day. 

I paid up (not bad considering) and got a snack from next door, then called Arturo again.  He was happy to come pick us up and take us home.  I let Biscuit out and he got on the table, hungry and wanting a meal.  I remembered Doc said "with food" so I gave him the antibiotic and then gave him both canned and dry special formula. 

So that is all done.  Ron finally woke up (passed out in the wheelchair, I put on the seatbelt) and got into bed, I cleaned up his burn and gave him some lemonade. 

I am going to clean all the boxes and then take a nap.  I am beat. 

Called vet, called cab

Couldn't find Biscuit anywhere!  Hunted high and low, never did find his hidey hole.  Came out on his own and in the box waiting to go to the vet.

Early Saturday

Ron didn't let me look at him but I got a glimpse and it seems no worse.  He wouldn't let me clean it.  He is so stubborn.  He did...