It's all red

I had a hard time getting up this morning but I did it.  I took my shower, ate my protein bar, and took some aspirin.  I had a headache. 

Not to freak out the guys, but I have noticed a hormonal component to my headaches.  Before I ovulate, I can eat anything.  Afterward, I am far more prone to headaches.  The headaches reach a crescendo right before I start my period and then it's back to eating anything I want.  Right now, that means I have about a 10 day window. 

I already ovulated so - and I find it so funny, my body is all "Let's make a BABY!" every month, and I'm, like, "No!" [grin].  I have to laugh at my biology.  This has happened hundreds of times, you think my body would get the point. 

Anyway, I can expect a lot more headaches. 

We went to work.  We rode with a man in a wheelchair who reeked of cigarette smoke.  It was awful, especially with my headache.  I reminded myself that smoking was probably the man's only pleasure. He was dre…

Sunday afternoon

I had today off. 

I slept in until 7:30, got up, fed the cats, watched a little Law & Order, took a shower, did my God Time, watched a little more TV.  I decided to shave my legs, so I wouldn't have to worry about it tomorrow.  I hate things like shaving my legs at 2 or 4 in the morning, and we get up pretty early for work, most days. 

I took a nap.  I had a hard time dropping off but next week looks to be busy.  My back muscle is still bothering me but I am, I hope, getting better.  It's nothing worse than what I did to myself during my weightlifting days.  Oh, I used to have horrible muscle pain when I did deadlifts, not during, but after.  Then, my butt, abs, and thighs would scream at me.  But I wanted to tone them up so I welcomed it. 

Once I cleanout the garage, I need to at least get back to some powerlifting.  It builds the most muscle for the least amount of time. 

So, I had a nap, it was pretty good.  I got up at 3.  It was thundering, we are supposed to have…

One "plus"

I pulled a muscle in my back, sometime in the last couple days (a lattimus dorsi), it's been bothering me off and on. 

Since I am normally eating aspirin for my headaches anyway, I didn't worry too much about it.  I got up and went to work as usual today. 

Well, I just took my shower, I will do my God Time later.  I didn't sleep well last night, etc.  But I got up, fed the cats, and did what needed doing. 

We went to the warehouse and Ron wanted 20 cases of drinks (soda and water).  I put them on the cart and selected my choices, paid, and waited for Jack.  I helped Jack load the truck, although I have to admit the "helper" did more in that department, that's why I tip him. 

Jack talked politics on the way to work.  It was awkward because we are polar opposites on the political spectrum.  I just made safe comments when I could and nodded a lot. 

We got to work and I had to clear off the carts.  My back did NOT like that.  I had to pick things up and put …

Buying cat food at Starbucks

I went to bed very early and actually woke up before the alarm.  I was exhausted, of course, but I woke up. 

I watched some TV, ate a protein bar, took my meds, took a shower, etc.  I fed the cats. 

Our ride came and we went to the Starbucks.  Ron had a hard time explaining it to the dispatcher when he called about our late ride "I need to get some cat food".  "At Starbucks?" 

The Starbucks is in a strip mall, along with the pet store.  I walk over and get the cat food. 

We went to the Kolache factory first and I got some cream cheese Kolaches.  I thought they would be Ok with my medication.  As it turns out, I was wrong, and got very queasy later. 

Then we went to Starbucks.  Ron got an iced latte with lots of splenda.  I left him near the bathroom while I went to the store. 

I harvested 3 bags of cat food, as planned.  I also got some all-meat cat treats.  I looked at the adorable rescue cats. 

I have to make a plea to you, if you have a pet.  Will you do …

The second flavor

I woke up today and took my shower.  Biscuit was sleeping on the loveseat where I do my God Time.  I chuckled at it and told God He would have to fix it if He wanted me to hang out with him, today.  A minute later Biscuit got down on the floor, and stayed there.

I did my God Time.  It had been a few days.  Things have been crazy lately, and I've been off and on depressed.   We had a good time, me and God. 

Then I gathered up the clothes and ran a load.  I had enough for 2 loads; I did the second load later. 

I had a good cuddle with Torbie.  She was so cute I took a photo for my adoptive Mom and she loved it.  She (Torbie) is lying by my feet right now, being cute.  She's a very sweet cat. 

I am constantly baffled how anyone could give her up, but I'm glad they did.  I'm just sorry she had to spend a month at the shelter before I got her. 

Boy, I had a lot of paperwork to fill out to get her, too.  Worth it. 

Ron woke up and we went out to eat.  We went to a local…

Just another day at the office

I blog for a lot of reasons.  I write because I hope I can encourage others in difficult relationships.  I write because I want to encourage sufferers, family, and friends of those with Fetal Alcohol and/or Bipolar disorder.  I write to encourage people with depression.  I write to encourage people who love an alcoholic.  I write to encourage people who are living with verbal abuse.  Who have to worry about "getting cornered" when "Honey" is in a bad mood. 

I write for all of that.  I also write for myself.  I did not have a standard childhood and standard relationships.  I did not/was not taught or allowed to learn, proper boundaries.  I have had to figure that all out by myself. 

But sometimes things that seem so horrific to an outsider, are, to me, "Just another day at the office".  A good example is the other day, with Ron, at the bank. 

I thought it was pretty bad, but, all things considered, it wasn't that far outside the norm for Ron.  There&…

No vodka for 10 days

Well, when Ron checked his bank account he found a $100 credit, so apparently they caught, and fixed, the problem.  Good. 

We needed the money. 

First, though, we had to get a 5:30 pickup for work this morning.  I did my shower, but not my God Time.  I was too tired.  Still am. 

Always, always, tired.  I think that's the thing I hate most about my medication. I get up from sleeping 12 hours and feel like I could sleep another 12.  At least the depression crawled off. 

We got to work and I did some stocking before our repairman arrived.  He showed up.  In my mind, he always wears a superhero cape.  He came in and disassembled the coin acceptance unit, found the dime, and reassembled it.  Then he filled it up, and filled the change bank as well.  He tested it with bills, and coins.  It worked.  Thank God.  I watched people use it after he left and it continued to work. 

We talked about the coffee machine.  We need to get some valves because the water at work is corrosive to the…