Sunday, February 18, 2018

A death in the family

Just found out on Facebook: Ron's mom died a few days ago.  They didn't notify us until after the funeral, I guess they were worried about us crashing it. 

Ron is playing loud rock music.  I guess that helps.  He doesn't really want to talk about it. 

I am going to try and get Ron's photos from his family.   God knows they don't want the photos. 

Ron's officially an orphan, now. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

2 days in one, again

Yesterday started very early, at 2:30 AM.  I got up, got ready, went to work at 3:40.  Work was slow, but I stocked what I could and helped Ron.  When things get busy again, he's going to miss all the extra attention.  Our guy was a little late but not very, and it was the "good" guy.  Praise God.  I was so happy to see him. 

I've mentioned that Keurig bought Dr Pepper, I have been worried they would "downsize" him.  They didn't.  They didn't get rid of our repair people, either. 

Speaking of, soda 1 was still acting like a butt.  It wasn't taking money.  A vending machine, not taking money, is actually a big problem.  Ron talked me into going into the diagnostics mode and figuring out the problem: Bad validator motor.  Well, there's that.  We don't have another validator and I don't know how to replace them, anyway.  I do know you have to turn off the power before you plug in a valdator or it will fry.  So, one machine down. 

Ron and I focused on the other 2 canned soda machines, and the bottled vendor.  The bottled vendor is doing well. 

Our delivery was pretty uneventful, except they brought 8 Diet Dr Peppers, instead of 4.  Ron will not need to order any of those for months, especially since I'm not drinking them. 

We finally finished up and went home.  I had time for a very short nap, which I took.  Then I put on my workboots and got dressed, went to the dentist.  They had worked Ron in, which meant he was pretty much the last patient seen. 

I read 3 magazines while waiting.  Ron and I chatted.  Ron's back is bad enough that he can't recline for long, in the dentist chair.  He has to sit up as long as possible, so they let him, and only put him back when Doc is working on him.  It works. 

Doc finally came in, they did an X-ray.  Ron may have an infection, so they will be treating him with antibiotics and then sending him to an entodontist.  I think I spelled that right. 

We left with our prescription and went to the Walmart.  We got a kiddie cart and I loaded Ron, and the wheelchair.  We went to the pharmacy and turned in the prescription.  We got Ron some protein drinks and shopped around.  We got the prescription.  I checked out. 

One thing I bought were some premade casserole type dishes.  One is a macaroni thing, another is some sort of beef and rice casserole.  I also got burritos and hot dogs, easy food. 

We went home, I put everything away.  Ron wanted to go to Denny's so we did that. 

While there, I heard a pompous jackass going on about locking up all crazy people.  I thought it was pretty rude.  You can't lump us all together.  Some of us are hardworking, dedicated, and responsible.  We stick with our treatment plans.  Others, yes, are dangerous.  But we are different. 

I almost got up and said something to him but I didn't.  Why?  My better judgement prevailed, because I had taken my medication.   If I hadn't been medicated I definitely would have said something. 

After he left, I told my waitress (she had taken care of him, too) "I'm bipolar" she interrupted me "So am I".  I laughed.  "Wouldn't that guy have freaked if he knew about us?" and I told her about his comments.  She shook her head. 

We went home.  I collapsed into bed. 

I forgot to set my alarm.  Our pickup was due at 6:30.  Ron woke me up at 6.  My hair looked like greasy roadkill, I had to take a shower.  I did.  I also noted I had started my period.  I used my "best protection" and got dressed. 

Our ride came on time and took us to the warehouse.  I got our stuff, and tried to find some Paydays for the candy bags.  I figure a Payday link would be a good choice, as it's not very melty.  Our weather is getting hot, and chocolate is only good up to about 75 degrees.  We're topping that, now.  I don't, and won't, hand out melted candy bars. 

The store didn't have any regular sized Paydays.  I finally decided to buy some Peanut M&M's.  They seem less melty than a Snickers bar. 

Jack came and took us to work.  I got everything unloaded and helped Ron, I didn't even have to stock.  That's not good.  Ron sorted change for a while.  We have a machine (on loan, of course) that separates quarters, dimes, and nickels.  He worked that until he finished. 

I went to the bathroom.  My underwear looked like a massacre.  My best protection had been overwhelmed by an astounding amount of "product".  I had almost bled through my clothes, something that hasn't happened in decades.  Thank God I had more supplies. 

I was really glad I had caught it before we went home, I can't imagine how I would have felt if I had left a bloodstain on one of their nice, light gray, seats.  Horrible.  It didn't happen. 

I went back to Ron, mentally cursing hormonal flunctuations.  I haven't had trouble like this since my teens.  Hormones are out of whack now, just like they were then. 

I am going to have to take things to the next level, doubling up with a max pad plus max tampon.  Sorry if TMI, but this was a part of my day. 

I helped Ron finish up and put everything away.  I have plenty of supplies, if people ever buy anything. 

We left and went home.  I had time for a nap.  Thank God.  We went out for a cheap dinner and had a good time. 

When I got home I called my parents.  They are doing well. 

I'm getting ready to go to bed early.  I am pretty tired, I barely checked into my online sites, just enough to let them know I'm OK. 

One day I didn't check into Facebook for a couple of days and my friends were freaking out, worried I was in the throes of a deep depression, or worse. 

Anyway, that's it.  I hope you're having a good weekend. 

Big mouth

We went to dinner eventually.  I was seated next to a "clean-cut" guy who was raving about how all crazy people need to be locked up.  Dying to go over and tell him I'm a small business owner, I'm a caregiver, I'm a homeowner.  I also happen to have bipolar with schizophrenia on top.  So what?  Not an issue at all because I take my medication.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Don’t ask God to make you patient

At the dentist.  Read 2 magazines already.

Friday morning

Ron didn't let me sleep, wasn't very sorry about it, either.  Woke up with a headache but the Excedrin worked.  Stocked the machines, now waiting on Dr Pepper.  Tired.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Catching up

Yesterday I woke up with a headache.  It was bad enough I ended up taking some phenergan.  I still had to go to work. 

We went to the warehouse, the one we normally use didn't have the 20 ounce Ozarka water.  The other store did have it.  We live about halfway between the two stores. 

We got there, I got the water and some San Pelligrino sparkling water (I would have been happy with the Ozarka sparkling, but they didn't have it) for me.  I paid for the sparkling separately.  I bought Ron some pizza and a drink when he said he was hungry. 

We waited about an hour on our ride.  I put the drinks away (not fun with the headache).  We got to work, I unloaded.  I left Ron outside (the weather was mild) while I got the cart.  Then I loaded the cart and brought the drinks into the building. 

Ron was complaining, asking why I didn't do it another way, etc.  I just ignored him, my head was killing me. 

Ron became progressively more demanding, even though I was helping him 100%.  I finally blew up at him by the fridge and asked him if he wanted me to walk out?  Because I was about to?  He kept cursing at me so I walked off with the cart.  I was done helping him for now. 

He eventually came back to our area, found the cart, and started stocking.  He didn't apologize, he acted like nothing had happened. 

I did my stocking (I didn't need much), and Ron, very politely, asked me for assistance on a couple of occasions.  He didn't use the word "please" but he did say "thanks".  He didn't say "sorry" either. 

We finished up and went home.  I curled up in a ball, in bed.  Miserable.  I was weak at work, I had 2 cans of diet soda.  But that's still a lot less than I normally do. 

I woke up, took some Excedrin, felt better.  I really want to get off the Excedrin because it has so much caffeine! 

We went to Denny's.  I had cheese sticks.  Migraines seem to like the cheese sticks, and I can take my medication with it.  So I did that.  I had the caramel apple dessert. 

My weight is still down since the epic migraine, I was 241 this morning.  I checked my blood sugar, 92.  I had a mild headache so I drank some plain black tea.  That helped.  Then I took my medication, ate my protein bar, etc.  I did some computer time.  I drank a bottle of sparkling water. 

When I finish, I'm going to do my God Time.  Then I will take a nap, if I can. 

Yesterday I saw a car in front of the house so I "took the garbage out" so I could spy on him.  He was filming #2 with a tablet.  I look at him, he looked at me.  I decided to get his plate.  He smiled at me, put his tablet away, and drove off before I could "get" him. 

I debated telling them about this.  They don't like me much because I "told" they had more tenants than agreed upon, and they broke the no-pets rule as well.  Not my fault they were "bad".  So, I thought, maybe I could tell the landlady.  Ron said no, that would freak her out, just leave it alone, so I did.  He also mentioned it could have been the homeowner's association doing an inspection - half their house is painted light grey, the rest dark, it looks really tacky and has been that way for over a year.  So I left it. 

We are home a lot so I'm not worried about burglary unless they watch us and know our schedule.  And when we're gone, the neighbors are home, so it's not a safe bet.  Whatever's going to happen is going to happen but it was very odd. 

That's it for now.  I plan to take my shower tonight so I am "good" for tomorrow.  I really am not excited about the idea of taking a shower at 1 in the morning tomorrow, and our pickup usually arrives around 3. 

Hopefully Dr Pepper/Keurig will arrive early and we can get on with our day.  Ron is finishing his root canal tomorrow so that will be boring.  And unnerving.  I hate the sound of that drill. 


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Another migraine today.  Had to work anyway. 

I'm better now but wiped out; I will do a longer post tomorrow. 

A death in the family

Just found out on Facebook: Ron's mom died a few days ago.  They didn't notify us until after the funeral, I guess they were worried...