Friday, March 16, 2018

I like to see myself as the person who fixes the machine

Halfway through my morning, I thought "It's going to be a long blog tonight". 

I overslept, in part because I had a fat, purring, Biscuit sleeping on my chest.  I laid under him well past my alarm and had to skip my shower. 

Whenever I skip washing my hair, I always end up meeting the important people.  And it happened today. 

So.  I got to work with Ron and the bottled vendor "arm" was frozen in an odd position.  Great, broken.  Good thing the repairman was coming out anyway.  Ron was very upset and kept hitting it.  Not smart, I told him. 

I stocked what I could for snacks.  Ron's boss showed up to conduct a review on the other vendor (we get these, periodically, it's part of our contract) and then the repairman contacted us.  He had arrived.  I got him and brought him back to work.  He showed me how to reset the arm so we won't have to call him for the next "repair".  He fixed something else that was wrong with the vendor, and then he moved onto the snack machine. .

I had a bouquet of fake flowers stuffed into a coil, to make it pretty.  He took one look at it and said "There's your problem, they are blocking the electronic eye".  He tested it without the flowers and it worked perfectly.  All the mean things I said about that poor machine!  I felt a little bad I "broke" it.  I like to see myself as the person who fixes the machine. 

Then he went to help the other vendor for a while. 

The boss came back and said, if we want, he can try to get our coffee machine subcontracted to the other guy.  That would be ideal!  I was thrilled.  Ron was thrilled.  I think the other vendor said yes because he was talking to Ron about changing the lock. 

Awesome!  That machine has been one headache after another.  They can have the money.  We would rather have the peace of mind that comes with "No coffee machine!" 

That was an answer to prayer.  The boss left. 

Our repairman came back and fixed the coffee machine.  So it's working for now until it gets switched over.  Good. 

After all that, we were done.  We went home and I tried to take a nap.  I couldn't sleep.  But Torbie lay down with me so it wasn't a waste.  She doesn't lie against me, but nearby. 

I got up and got ready to go out to dinner.  Ron wanted Indian food.  We went there and had the restaurant to ourselves (they only opened several months ago, and it was a slow period).  I had the Tikka Masala and an insane amount of pan bread (two portions), and Ron had Tikka Boti with garlic pan bread. 

And I'm going to check my blood sugar, it's been 2 hours since I ate.  138.  Just in the OK range.  But I ate a lot of bread.  It's not in the bad zone, that's what's important, but from now on I should probably only eat one bread. 

I made my list for Walmart tomorrow.  I explained to Ron it was very important for me to go to Walmart and buy Biscuit some chicken flavor cat food, because he liked the people chicken so much.  Ron understood and made a trip to go there, and arranged with a cab to take us home. 

I will be getting more glucose test strips (I think it is important to track my sugars and stay out of the diabetic ranges), the cat food, make my deposit for my health insurance, etc.  I will be busy at Walmart! 

First, we have to go to the warehouse and get our supplies, then go to work and stock, put them away.  I will have to check the coffee machine.  Then we go home, hopefully take a nap, and then go to Walmart later. 

I say "hopefully" take a nap because my calendar says #6 has a party on March 18.  Well, they always round it to the nearest Saturday.  So that means they will/might have it tomorrow night.  They had one a few weeks ago, it was just the older boy and a few friends, and the Dad.  The mother took all the small kids off somewhere.  It was actually fairly quiet and not so bad. 

The normal parties have about 20 children under the age of 10 running around, shrieking, and kicking balls into the fence.  They talk very loudly, scream, and generally make a horrendous racket.  Sometimes the father also turns on the music pretty loud (probably to drown out the kids) so I have that, too.  And they go late. 

When I was a kid a party went from noon to 3 PM.  These days, at least with #6, they go from 7 PM to 11 or even 12.  For holiday parties, they go until 3 AM. 

I normally go to bed around 7 or 8 so you can imagine how I feel.  Or maybe you're a parent/grandparent and love screaming kids, and think I'm some sort of aberrant monster.  It doesn't matter: they might have a party. 

Sometimes they don't have a party on the date and I don't see the car in the driveway, maybe they go somewhere else.  I can hope they'll do that. 

We'll see.  I plan to have fun at Walmart after work.  It will be a lot of fun to give Biscuit his chicken nums and see if he likes them as much as I hope he will.  He's such a good boy, and so loving.  I want to spoil him as much as I can. 

(He's lying by my foot as I type)

That's it for now.  I'll be praying for you. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Around the Handout, again

Around the Handout: I had a pretty normal morning.  Did the Handout.  Came home on the bus.  This time, I set up the sign so it wouldn't rub up against anyone.  But it didn't matter because the bus was virtually empty. 

I rolled the cart down the main road of our subdivision and encountered a couple of small, cute, escaped dogs.  Probably not fixed, spring fever, got a heat and looking for man.  Or a bitch.  I mean that in the "female dog" sense.  They didn't bother me, I didn't bother them.  The fluffy white dog kept looking at me endearingly, but I told (her?) I was a cat lady, sorry.  Besides, she was clearly someone's pet.  I wouldn't have anywhere to put her, anyway.  My back fence is not tight and I sure couldn't bring a dog in the house. 

I got home and put away the cart, bag, and vest.  I have a mesh safety vest I wear when I'm working so I don't get run over.  I almost did, again, today.  A guy decided he wanted a Bible right as the light changed.  I had to run in front of an SUV.  The SUV was very nice about it.  I would have honked and done some hand gestures. 

Other people can be a lot nicer than me, sometimes.  Ron was drinking and playing music.  I told him I was home. 

We had about an hour before we went to Cracker Barrel.  I had a gift card from my (step) sister from Christmas.  We had the same driver both ways.  He was an interesting guy but boy we had a lot of him.  I was happy to get home. 

While at the restaurant, I gave Ron a hard time about eating a biscuit.  "Him!  You're eating Biscuit!"  Ron started choking on his food and had to take a drink. 

I just can't eat Biscuits anymore since I adopted him.  I also ate better than I had planned, I turned on "My 600 pound life" looking at the naked lady with all the fat really killed my desire to get a dessert for dinner.  I had the grilled chicken tenderloins.  They were pretty good but I am not a huge fan of chicken overall. 

We got home, it was 4 PM.  I tried to take a nap but it wasn't happening.  I will just have to catch up tonight.  I plan to go to bed early. 

Tomorrow will be busy, back to work, and then some errands.  I also want to get back to Walmart at some point and get some Fancy Feast chicken cat food.  Biscuit was so excited by the canned people - that sounds wrong - canned chicken for humans - that I would like to get him some chicken cat food.  I hope he would really enjoy it. 

Biscuit tends to get bored very easily with his food.  He'll eat it, but not much.  Bring in something new he loves and he devours it!  It really illustrates the difference.  He is a very big boy so I don't need to worry about him losing weight but I want to take care of him, make sure he's really enjoying his meals. 

He got in my lap today, all by himself, he stayed there for several minutes while I talked to him.  Torbie got jealous and tried to get in my lap, too, sat on his head even.  He didn't budge so she left.  Then he left a couple of minutes later and I never saw Torbie again. 

Torbie slept with me last night, and slept in my bed for the entire Bible Handout, as far as I can tell.  She was in my bed when I left, and when I came back. 

Baby Girl's been around but she's more Ron's cat, I don't see a lot of her unless she wants something.  Ron's asleep "I ate a big meal so it's pointless to drink" after our meal. 

That's it for today.  Have a good one, I am praying for you. 

Another Bible Handout

I did a Bible Handout today. Yesterday, though, I almost killed myself getting the case of Bibles off the bookcase. It was about 5 feet off the floor. I couldn't get it to move and gave it a mighty yank. It came flying off (all 30 pounds), nearly hit me in the head, I lost my grip on it, and it fell on a milk crate on the floor. The Bibles were fine, I was fine, so was the milk crate. 

The case behaved better today. I got it loaded on the cart. I didn't bungee it to the cart because that causes problems trying to load everything . I picked up the case, then the cart, then the bag. Much easier. 

I had a nice driver who was just thrilled to hear what I'm doing. I gave her a Bible, some candy, and a really good tip. She gave me a big hug. 

I got set up on the corner. It was pretty slow but I had some unusual transactions: one guy with cerebral palsy was very excited about getting a Bible, his caregiver got it for him and handed it right over. Then I had the nice man with the gold teeth. 

Of course I had plenty of Spanish. I really need to do an all-Spanish Handout. That could be pretty impressive. As it is, I handed out 8 Spanish New Testaments and a handful of Scripture booklets ( 

I had a lot of pedestrians, it was a nice day. One young black man came by, eyed me, and went to the bus stop. After a while watching me work, he yelled "Can I get a Bible?" Absolutely, I told him. He said he just wanted one and ran across the street to get it. I asked the lady at the bus stop if she wanted a Bible and she said "Spanish". I gave him one for her. It was my last. He ran back across the street and the bus came a few minutes later. 

I saw a ton of kids riding with their parents, and almost all of them looked VERY interested, but the parents generally said no. One black lady told me "You're the only positivity I've seen on the corner!" and got a Bible each for herself and her daughter. One Spanish-accented guy wanted an English Bible each for him "and my kid, is that OK?" Of course. My last transaction of the day: I had 4 Bibles left. A minivan drove past, kids gaping at me. I didn't think much of it until they started yelling. 3 kids, and a mother, all wanted Bibles. You bet, and I'm out! 

I went to the drugstore and bought a nice cold soda to celebrate. 

I had a lot of people who told me they had Bibles already. I asked them to pray for "Everyone who gets a Bible". They all affirmed they would do that. I must have had over a dozen people agree to be my prayer warriors, and one man said he would pray every day! I was thrilled. I can't do this without prayer backup. 

As usual, people were shocked when I refused "donations". I told them I had friends who help me buy the Bibles. You do! I strive very hard to be a good steward, every penny donated for Bibles goes to just that. At worst, it goes to shipping for the Bibles. All the cab rides, sign, my junk, snacks, that's all my money at work. I have to answer to God and I want to get a "Well done". 

Thank you for reading yet another post and thank you for your prayers!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Another day, another headache (and a trip to Walmart)

I went to bed early last night, and woke up in the middle of the night with a headache so bad I took my 8-hour Tylenol.  I was able to go back to sleep but it only knocked it down a little.  Pretty nasty. 

I did some research into warning headaches.  Ones you should go to the ER, sudden, severe headache, etc.  Loss of vision or paralysis.  Trouble speaking.  I don't have any of those.  They build while I'm sleeping and I wake up to them. 

I have pretty much eliminated caffeine and aspartame so that's not it.  I have other triggers, I just have to find them.  An allergen blood test said I had mild allergies to crab (which I love), garlic (also loved it), and "bean soup mix" (I can live without that).  I realized that a lot of headaches I had back then tracked to eating garlic previously.  So I pretty much eliminated the garlic. 

But I figure I have other triggers.  I took my shower and did my God Time, got Ron dressed (he can pretty much take care of himself if I remind him of things).  We went to Walmart. 

We had the driver find us a kiddie cart, then I took him in.  We went to the bill pay center and paid the electric bill.  Ron entered the wrong routing number years ago (possibly when drunk, he won't admit it though) and the electric company refuses to take any electronic payments anymore.  So it's either write a check or go to the bill pay center.  We go to the center. 

I pushed him around as I did our shopping, we bought some food.  I got kale and quinoa, not together but 2 bags of precooked quinoa and a bag of raw kale.  There was a couple manhandling the loose broccoli, complaining about it, I had to ask them to move so I could get the kale.  Then they stared at me, riveted, as I selected a bag of kale.  They made me glad I got all my vegetables in prepackaged plastic bags. 

I got Ron his Tums.  The good news on him eating antacids, he is getting some calcium.  I just wish I could get him to take some magnesium. 

I wanted mayo because it goes bad pretty fast.  I only consume mayo at home when I am making a tuna salad, and I haven't, lately.  I (correctly) figured my mayo had expired and I would need a fresh one.  I couldn't walk down the aisle, though, two extremely obese women in scooters were parked next to each other, jabbering about Olive Garden Balsamic dressing.  They couldn't accept it was sold out.  No one wanted to get up and look for it, so they just sat in their electric scooters, blocking the aisle.  I had to park Ron and walk between one of them and the shelves, so I could get my mayo.  I almost had to ask them to move, because one of them was pretty much in front of the mayo.  Well, she was in front of the Miracle Whip.  I don't use that stuff, I prefer real mayo.  So I managed to get it with a little difficulty. 

Then we went over the canned meat aisle.  I got tuna and Ron wanted some shelf stable meals.  He likes them because they don't take up room in the fridge.  He can eat them cold or heat them up in the microwave. 

I knew I had plenty of lemon pepper for the tuna salad, so I wasn't worried about that. 

I didn't get any crap food, just grapes.  I figured they would be a good, safe, treat. 

No chips, no ice cream, nothing.  Not even a diet drink mix.  I did buy a Diet Dr Pepper on my way out, though. 

Next, I went to get cat food.  I didn't know something I found out later so I got them Tuna Feast.  Then I got some plates for the cat food (disposable, 6 inch foam).  After we checked out, I got us some hamburgers from McDonald's.  I got Ron a double cheeseburger with bacon, mine was my usual double cheeseburger with only ketchup. 

We ate our burgers while waiting on our ride.  She came and loaded the wheelchair, then I put up my crap.  Some clients, and their "providers" expect the driver to be their personal slave, putting things away, taking it up to the house, etc.  That's not her job, it's mine.  That's why I get to ride for free. 

So we got home and I put everything in the garage, handed Ron the toilet paper, and put the groceries in the house.  I pushed Ron in the house.  He was laughing.  I didn't know why until I took the toilet paper, he had hidden a bottle of vodka under the TP.  He knows I won't help him (and that includes pushing him in the house) if he has alcohol. 

I was a little peeved but I shook it off.  I chased him out of the kitchen until I could put everything away. 

I took my pills, including my antidepressant (that's always good for aggravating a headache!), and then a nap.  I didn't sleep very well because the Excedrin and the antidepressant had me pretty wired up.  I napped a little, though. 

I got up after a couple of hours and decided to organize the tuna by sell by date.  I had some that needs to be used in a year (front) and tuna that is good for years to come (back of the cabinet).  I also found a few small expired things I got rid of.  I took the jar of pintos (those things would be rock hard if I tried to cook them) out, making room for Biscuit!  He climbed in the cabinet.  He had so much fun sniffing around and exploring.  I didn't have the heart to move him.  He stayed long enough I had time to take a good photo. 

I found a can of chicken that was only "good" for another week.  I have an ambiguous attitude toward canned food sell by dates.  On the one hand, I don't think the food decides to go bad after a certain day, on the other hand, I don't want to get botulism.  I generally err on the side of caution. 

I opened up the can of chicken and drank off the broth.  And Biscuit went nuts, jumped on the counter and started gobbling the chicken right out of the can.  And I felt awful, because, if I'd known, I could have bought him a case of chicken cat food.  He sure liked the people chicken, though.  I finally took it away because I was worried he'd get sick. 

I had a can of tuna I had dropped on the floor and dented very badly.  I wouldn't trust it to hold up in storage, so I opened it.  And Torbie went nuts, wanting tuna.  I gave her some and finally had to take it away.  I was worried she'd get sick. 

At least she can eat the tuna flavored cat food we bought today. 

I mixed up the canned meats, added some lemon pepper, and mayo.  It was pretty good, very filling, and low carb.  It shouldn't be a headache trigger either. 

I logged everything I ate, yesterday and today.  I plan to keep logging my foods. 

I plan to go to bed pretty soon and get a good night's sleep.  The headache is pretty much gone, hopefully I can get some sleep. 

Have a good one, I am praying for you. 

Biscuit puts away groceries

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I'm going to bed early

I had a pretty quiet day today. 

Right before I got up, I had a nightmare about Ron losing the business.  I woke up around 7 (I went to bed early), got up, did my shower and God Time.  I checked my blood sugar (107) and logged my breakfast in my notebook. 

For once, I didn't have a headache. 

I got on the computer for a while and watched a little TV. 

Then I ate a bowl of granola with some milk and took a nap.  I woke up with a headache.  So, granola is a trigger.  Or the milk, or both.   I took some Tylenol with water and started feeling kind of goofy afterward. 

Ron woke up, we ate dinner.  We had to deal with some work related stuff today but nothing too major. 

I'm going to bed early. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Still having the headaches

I'm still having the headaches.  I am really baffled BUT all my inserts say headaches are a side effect so I'll go with that. 

Yesterday: slept in pretty late (woke up with a headache), did my shower and God Time.  Then I went to the Kolache factory with Ron.  We ate and hung out for a while, then came home.  I took a nap (woke up with a headache), and did some laundry. 

A pretty funny story on that: I have various cycles on the washer.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  First, I gather up the clothes.  I always put my dirty clothes on the floor of the laundry room.  Ron does not, but he puts them in a bag.  So I get all the clothes.  Then I lint brush Ron's clothes, because he is a magnet for cat hair.  Then I pretreat any stains. 

If the stains are really bad, I use my generic Clorox 2 on the "soak" cycle, let it agitate and soak for a while, drain, and then do a load with the actual detergent.  But this time I forgot to set it to "soak". 

I had it set to "Deep wash", so it ran a whole cycle with just the stain remover/color booster.  I didn't realize it until I put the Tide (I use the Free and Clear, due to allergies) into the washer with the wet clothes, and it started dissolving.  So I had to run another cycle. 

Boy, those were some clean clothes when I took them out of the washer! 

While the loads were running, I got on the stepladder.  Ron was asleep.  The hall light was burned out, and it has two bulbs.  I got the stepladder.  I tried to take out the old bulbs, but I couldn't from the first step.  I got a big tote bag and hung two fresh bulbs in it, around my neck.  Then I climbed to the top of the stepladder (the metal bowed alarmingly) and managed to get one bulb out.  Good.  It took several tries and some prayer, to get the replacement bulb into the fixture.  I couldn't get the other one, though.  But one is better than nothing and I have part of a hall light. 

Of course Ron woke up in the middle of it, and made a move for his wheelchair.  I was dead center in the middle of the hall and he would have knocked me off the ladder had he gone anywhere in his wheelchair.  So I got a little screechy with him and told him to stay still, not to move at all until I finished.  He got a little annoyed but didn't move. 

I could just see him ramming the wheelchair into the stepladder, I go flying and crack my head, arm, or neck... no thanks! 

After all that I went to bed early.  I woke up in the middle of the night with Torbie in bed with me, by my left hip.  Awesome.  I gave her a pet and went back to sleep. 

I woke up later, with a headache.  I'm really tired of waking up with headaches!  Torbie was now sleeping next to my head, which I love.  <3 all="" and="" awesome="" best="" biscuit="" both="" cats="" have="" i="" legs.="" love="" my="" nbsp="" of="" on="" picked="" really="" sleeping="" some="" that.="" they="" was="">me.

I got up and brushed my teeth while Biscuit begged for breakfast and Torbie groomed herself in my bed.  I fed Biscuit, and Baby Girl, who always shows up for breakfast.  They seem to like Fancy Feast "Cod, Sole, and Shrimp" feast better than the "Seafood Feast".  I will have to get another case the next time I go to Walmart. 

I took my shower, blah blah.  I wasn't hungry due to the headache.  I didn't eat much today at all. 

We went to work.  Sales were dead, but we got it all done.  I got the sandwich delivery and stocked it. 

We came home, I took a nap.  I woke up, with another headache.  Really sick of the little [censoreds].  I took some Excedrin because we were going to Denny's. 

Ron woke up moaning.  He had eaten himself sick on the jumbo bag of popcorn he had me buy him at Sam's on Saturday.  He still went, though. 

On the way there, Ron said he wished I had my own paratransit service.  I told him, if I did, he would be a hermit.  He would never go anywhere, or even work.  He agreed. 

We got there and it was packed, the end of a lunch rush.  It cleared out pretty fast.  I had a build your own slam with ham, more ham, whole wheat pancakes, and fruit salad.  Ron had chicken soup.  We had a pretty good meal.   I took my pills. 

We had a timely pickup and a straight ride home.  I got the clothes going in the dryer and plan to go to bed early. 

I think I will look around the house for a small notebook, I know I have a couple, and start logging the food I eat and the subsequent headaches.  On a migraine thread on one message board, one guy said potatoes were a trigger.  I do love my plain ruffles when I am working.  That will be easier than any app. 

If I can't find a connection between my food and my headaches, I will just have to accept it.  I have pretty much eliminated caffeine and aspartame, it's not that.  I'm drinking plenty of water. 

Oh, and I need to do up my pills.  I am out.  Not out of medication, but my pills-of-the-week are empty. 

Looks like I'll be busy tonight, between laundry, doing up my pills, the litterbox, and finding that notebook. 

Have a good one.  I am praying for you daily. 

I like to see myself as the person who fixes the machine

Halfway through my morning, I thought "It's going to be a long blog tonight".  I overslept, in part because I had a fat, pur...