Advice for those with bipolar disorder:

1. Develop a strong faith life.
3. Communicate with your doctor. Be honest; if you are hearing things he needs to know, and it's a very easy fix! I know!
4. You're going to have to deal with side effects: remember they are worth it.
5. You are DEAD without your medication.
6. Avoid drugs and alcohol: they are mood poison.
7. Learn to laugh at yourself and ride the waves.
8. Proper sleep is vital; don't neglect it.

Monday, February 20, 2017

I am, today

Today found me hunched over the coin sorter, hand in it's innards, trying to extract a dime.  It was quite a challenge. 

First, though, I got up late and took a shower.  I got dressed.  I took some aspirin for my headache.  It was supposed to rain so I wore my cheap Bible Handout shoes instead of my "good" ones.  We had a good ride to work. 

I didn't have a lot to do for snacks but I did what I could.  I got the sandwiches in the pouring rain.  I stocked them.  I forgot to empty the waste bucket on the coffee machine, I just remembered.  Oh, well, worst case it will shut down. 

The other vendor left and Ron decided to sort change.  He got to work on the sorter.  I was engaged in something else when I heard him hollering for me. 

You can imagine how I felt when I found he had taken the cover off the coin sorter, and had his hand in the mechanism, while it was still plugged in.  The machine even has a little icon showing a hand getting crushed where he was working. 

I yelled at him and made him unplug the coin sorter.  We took all the change out of the sorter (to be sorted) and I used the upside down and shake it maneuver. 

It's a very technical, professional, move, only used by the finest electronics experts (grin).  I picked it up and held it upside down.  Then I shook it vigorously.  We heard coins flying out of the mechanism and when I looked, all of the jammed coins were gone, except for the dime. 

The dime was tightly wedged at the inlet.  I tried to pick at it with my pocket knife but it wasn't budging.  Frustration.  I worked on it for a while and Ron and I yelled at each other.  I told him to try it, maybe it would work anyway. 

It didn't. 

I decided it was too crowded in the stockroom so I took the unit out to a table and sat down.  I found something that said "Up" and had an arrow indicating, I thought, that it swiveled up.  I was right.  Now I had better access to the coin.  I got it up at a 45 degree angle but it was still tightly wedged. 

After a little thought, I borrowed an adjustable wrench (he didn't have a set of needle-nose pliers) and managed to get a good grip on the coin.  I began yanking as a couple of electronic technicians watched. 

"Are you an electronic technician?" one of them asked. 

"I am, today."  They laughed with me. 

HA!  Gotcha ya little weasel!  I looked at the bent, scuffed coin and dropped it in my pocket.  I didn't want it going through the coin sorter again. 

I took it back to Ron, the triumphant technician returning with the repaired item.  It worked!  Thank God.  I really didn't want to send it off to be repaired. 

Especially if it was something we could fix.  That pretty much ate up our whole day, so we began preparing to leave. 

Ron and I have decided to stock a toolkit at work so that doesn't happen again.  If I had a set of pliers and some sort of pick, I could have fixed it a lot faster.  Of course, we agree, now that we're doing this we will never need to use the tools. 

Ron was very appreciative of my repair.  I probably saved him $100+. 

We went home.  It was still raining but I put him in a garbage bag.  I put it on him, upside down, so it covers him to his thighs.  Then he sits in the wheelchair.  It keeps him dry, he says he has plenty of air, and he doesn't need eye holes. 

We ate and I took a nap.  I slept really well.  The headache is still gone. 

We were going to go to Walmart this afternoon but Ron begged not to go.  He set up another trip for tomorrow. 

This, to my mind, perfectly describes paratransit: "We will have either 20 minutes, or an hour".  Yeah.  I'm hoping for the hour. 

I am thinking I might need to buy a new set of work shoes.  The heel cup is coming loose in my left work shoe.  It isn't bothering me yet but I don't want to wear shoes that are falling apart. 

They'd be fine to wear on a wet day, like today, when I don't want to ruin my "good" shoes.  Or I can leave them under a bus bench for a homeless person to scavenge.  I've done that plenty. 

I also need to get the stuff for the tool kit.  Maybe Thursday, we can clear out the underneath part of the snack machines and put all the "repair" stuff into one location.  I don't know why we haven't done this before. 

The cats can always use cat food but I am still OK for litter.  I just cleaned the box - boxes - before I sat down here.  Ron has a box in his room, that's his job.  I do the other 3. 

So, basically, it's my Friday night.  I get 2 days off which I plan to enjoy.  The weather will be nice, too. 

I "have" to make my deposit for the health insurance.  $385 probably seems like a good deal but I'm certain it's a crappy plan.  The only good thing about it was that I did get to keep my doctor.  All the crappy health insurance decisions run through him and I trust his training. 

OK, that's it for now.  Have a good one. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

"God wants you take the day off"

Yesterday, I woke up with a nasty headache.  It wasn't too bad, though.  I took a couple of aspirin and went back to bed for an hour.  Apparently I did my God Time later because my bookmarks were all moved forward today (to today's reading, not yesterday's). 

I got up and took a shower.  Headache still persisting.  I knew this would be a rugged day, as I had to go to Sam's Club and buy 20+ cases of drinks, put them on the cart, take them off the cart, move them around a lot.  Not going to be fun. 

I took my morning medication which probably flipped me into a full blown migraine.  Wellbutrin can make the blood vessels in my head clamp down, and that's bad if I have a headache already.  But I didn't want to be depressed, either. 

We went to the store and I bought everything, going light on the snacks.  We can always go back later for snacks.  I bought plenty of pastry and such. 

Since Snack #3, my "cookie" vending machine has been moved to a prominent location, I am really focusing on keeping it stocked.  Long story short, if you put in 3 quarters to buy a 70 cent item (our price on a 1 ounce bag of chips), you won't get your change.  2 repairmen have failed to fix the problem.  Cookies cost 75 cents, so they put in 3 quarters they aren't getting change.  If they put in a dollar they get their quarter back (at least, no one has told me otherwise).  So I keep it stocked with cookies.  When we raise prices, we can put chips in there but not until then. 

It does have what I call a "magic push" - if an item hangs up it keeps pushing the item out until it falls and breaks the laser beam at the bottom of the machine.  That is a very cool feature I have in 2 vending machines. 

I bought some blueberry muffins and ate one, with a cold soda, hoping that would help.  Sometimes it does.  It didn't. 

Jack was late.  Communication difficulties.  He finally showed and we loaded the truck.  I forgot to tip the guy who helped us.  I feel terrible about that. 

We went to work and unloaded.  On my way in with the mag-liner (a folding metal handcart), I got stuck in the door.  The door has an alarm, if it is held open too long it emits an earsplitting alarm.  It is horrible and the last thing I wanted with a headache. 

I had a choice, let the alarm go while I tried to fix it, or yank the cart through the door, letting a couple of cases of water fall on the floor.  I did the latter.  I got it in right as the alarm began to sound. 

Then I went out (there is a barricade, with metal bars and turnstiles for people without carts and wheelchairs), and examined the damage.  The water, as I'd assumed, was fine.  It's designed to take a lot of abuse, a 3-foot fall isn't going to do any damage.  The green tea, on the other hand, had a destroyed wrapper. 

Many soda products have less packaging now to please the eco-crowd.  Most items now have a small cardboard square on the bottom with a surrounding plastic wrap holding everything together.  The cardboard square does not have a lip or any way to hold the drinks in place. 

That's how they packaged the green tea.  The plastic wrap was destroyed, the drinks were fine, and the cardboard sat there looking at me, useless.  I had to leave it all over the floor and go find some kind of receptacle for the drinks. 

I found a reusable tote we use for coin dumps at the bank, and brought that back.  It fit all 24, 500ml, green teas just fine.  I propped the door open (only for about 30 seconds!) and quickly put the fallen waters back on the cart, then picked up the tote bag full of soda and put that on top.  Then I closed the door, before the alarm. 

I took that cart back to the fridge.  I unloaded the single tea bottles, one at a time, onto a happily vacant shelf.  Then I put the 8 cases of water into the fridge in their designated location. 

Now I could stock.  I took the cart back and viewed the machines.  The snacks didn't really need anything, so I will get them tomorrow.  I put the newly purchased snack items onto the rack and tried to help Ron, the whole while my head is ringing like a bell of pain. 

We finally finished and went home.  Our driver was a very tentative driver, going very slow.  I nearly vomited in his cab from the headache pain but I don't think he knew.  I was so happy to get out. 

Once I got Ron in the house, I took a Phenergan and went to bed.  Praise God the kids next door were quiet and let me sleep.  I woke up, a couple hours later, still feeling awful, ate another muffin, and went back to bed. 

I felt better when I finally woke up this morning, around 7.  I got up, took a shower, and did my God Time.  I don't know when I did my God Time yesterday, but I must have.  Maybe in the evening.  Still lots of sacrifices, which a pastor will tell you is to "remind us of our sinful nature".  Anything could make a person unclean back then. 

At any rate, I got dressed and ready.  We were going out to breakfast at the BBQ place. 

We had a good ride with a nice driver.  We had a long wait in line, which made me glad I had Ron in the wheelchair.  He ordered ribs with beans, I got French Toast.  I should have gotten some of those little breakfast links.  Those are so good. 

It was incredibly crowded, but a manager found us a table and put our food down (I can't carry a tray when I'm pushing the wheelchair).  We ate our food (mine, when it came), and left, because I told Ron they needed the table.  We waited outside for a while. 

Our driver was early, a guy we have had for years, but haven't seen in years.  It was nice to see him again.  We had a good time talking. 

We had a straight trip home.  I had taken "Everything" - a whole day's medication, at the restaurant, so I was pretty tired.  I took another nap. 

Torbie joined me.  I was going to do laundry but Ron talked me out of it, telling me God wanted me to take the day off. 

I'll buy that. 

I'm glad he's never had a migraine.  If he knew he was "making" me work with one, he would never forgive himself, but Jack can only help us on Saturday.  As far as he understands it was just a bad headache. 

It's my own fault, Friday night we went to Carl's Junior and I ate 2 chocolate chip cookies.  Chocolate can be a migraine trigger for me.  In this situation, it was. 

We have a severe weather front inbound and that may contribute, my aunt says that always sets her up for a migraine.  She has such bad ones she sees a specialist for them.  Ouch. 

It makes me glad I didn't have kids.  My cousins don't have migraines, but my mother did, and I would hate to watch a child of mine suffer with a migraine. 

So, I get a couple of hours to myself.  My vitamins came the other day so I gave Ron his Milk Thistle and B-12.  He says the b-12 helps with the neuropathy, enough that he asks for more.  I also got him some olive leaf, he was almost out. 

I think I'll go watch Hoarders for a while. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Migraine today. 

I'll do a long one tomorrow. 

Friday, February 17, 2017


I got up at 2 AM, went back to bed for a while, and took my shower and did my God Time later. 

I got dressed and we went to work.  It was challenging. 

Don't get me wrong, the delivery came at 5:30 AM, but they increased the case price.  I stocked what I could and helped Ron, but he was in a very ugly mood and kept calling me "retarded".  I don't like that word but it's the one he used.  He was very derogatory and ugly to me. 

I was happy when he went off in the stockroom to run change (sorting it by denomination on a machine), but the other vendor objected to Ron's partial blockage of the door and reamed him out.  So I got to listen to the other vendor shouting at Ron, hoping desperately Ron would not respond in kind.  He didn't.  I guess he got it all out of his system on me. 

We agreed to only run change when he isn't around, that's easy enough to do.  Our section of the stockroom is so small Ron can't sit in his wheelchair, facing the wall, without blocking the door (partly).  We have 34 square feet.  It's tight. 

That settled to everyone's satisfaction, we got ready to leave.  Ron wanted to do last minute stocking.  My thinking, which I did not share, was "Why would you sort change with an unstocked vending machine?"  I always do "my" stocking first and then the other things. 

We left, had to wait a little while on the ride.  To think I rushed Ron out of there.  I could have walked all the way to the back of the building and back, in the time we waited.  Happily it was not raining. 

I have concluded my mood is "baseline" standard, normal.  I'm not really depressed and I'm certainly not manic. 

We went home.  I was pretty tired.  I had been exposed to several, clearly sick, people at work.  I took everything I could and drank a whey protein shake with glutamine.  Huh, the spell checker recognized glutamine.  I tried to take a nap but I was still pretty wound up from all the shouting earlier, and the 3 cans of diet soda I drank while working. 

I got up after a couple of hours and took my shower, then changed my clothes.  The "old" clothes went into the laundry room, on the floor. 

The cats appeared to be starving, and had eaten most of their breakfast, so I fed them again. 

We went to Carl's Junior, where I encountered yet more sick people.  I don't know what it is, but it's making the rounds in Houston.  It seems to be a cold.  If it is, it may be the one I already caught back in December.  I sure hope so.

I ate my food.  Ron had eaten at home, for some reason, but got a burger to go.  We had about an hour.  Ron wanted to do his whole doom-and-gloom-why-God-why routine.  I finally asked him to stop after about a half hour. 

"Would you like me to talk about my depression for an hour?" I asked him.  He had to agree he would not.  We talked about work, and the cats, instead.  Not great, but better. 

Our ride came, a driver we liked, and we went home.  It was about 3:30.  I decided to "try" another nap. 

I didn't sleep well last night, we had sick people everywhere I went, and the immune system is most active when you're sleeping. 

I laid down.  At first I was pretty wound up but I fell asleep.  I woke up when the #6 kids came home.  I went back to sleep for another hour until one of the kids screamed loudly, right outside my bedroom wall.  I got up and did my God Time. 

Maybe it's selective memory, but I don't remember my parents allowing us to be loud like that.  We were not allowed to scream at the top of our lungs unless we had just been badly injured.  The rest of the time, we were disciplined.  But I guess all this "new" permissive parenting says it will crush their little spirits to tell them to "Shhh!"

I need to gird myself, they are going to have another party in a couple of weeks.  March 6 is one of their birthdays (I don't know who, so it doesn't matter if I share it).  The weekend before will probably be the party. 

I did my God Time.  I am in Leviticus and it is hard going.  It's all about the various offerings and how they are to be prepared.  Rivers of blood, literally. 

I'm glad Jesus paid the price so we don't need to sacrifice animals anymore.  It must have been a whole industry for sacrificial animals.  Of course it had to be a perfect animal but I believe there is an offering that "allows" the congregant to offer an imperfect animal.  I haven't gotten to it yet. 

I checked Facebook.  Someone had a baby, and named it the same "original" name some other friends of mine used about 9 months ago, for their little boy.  It reminds me of Heather in my generation.  Every parent thought they were being unique and breaking barriers by naming their daughter Heather.  And we ended up with thousands of Heathers in my generation, all over the country.  I remember my Girl Scout troop had 3 Heathers.  We called each other by our full name.  Heather Smith, Heather Jones, etc.  Not their real names. 

Someone else posted a metal version of "Land of Confusion" by Genesis.  It is very similar to the original.  The video is better, though.  The Genesis video was just weird. 

Now I need to check on our pickup and see when I have to get up tomorrow.  It's early, I know that. 

Yup, it's early. 

That's it for now.  Have a good weekend. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Poker face

My bed got a little crowded last night.  Torbie likes to sleep near my left hip, and recently Biscuit's been joining us, lying near my right leg.  They don't leave me much room to toss and turn. 

I had odd dreams about a little girl from India, involved in sex trafficking.  Sad but true, she exists.  Maybe not the girl in my dream, but the poor over there are exploited.  Desperate mothers will sell their children, knowingly or unknowingly, into prostitution just to put food on the table for a few days. 

I was pretty cozy, snuggled with the cats, so I hit the snooze button a few times before I got up.  I got up, did my usual morning routine.  I just finished my God Time, I didn't have time for it earlier. 

We went to work.  We discovered the dead food machine missing.  I hope our guys took it.  I tracked down the custodians and apologized to them.  The floor, under the machine,  had a layer of sticky crap, topped by a layer of dust.  I had planned to bring in a mop and clean it when they took the machine, but someone else had already done so.  I found who did it and offered her a free drink, on the house, and my apologies for "making" them clean up our mess.  She said that was OK, she didn't mind, and she didn't want anything.  I offered her a "store credit".  It is really important to stay on good terms with service providers.  They have the power to make life easy, or hard.  Not to mention I don't want to be an asshole who says "That's your job".  No, it's my machine.  It's my job. 

Snacks needed some work so I got to it.  I stocked them up and then helped Ron with the bottled vendor.  It needed 9 cases.  Clearly they like the new location.  I took the money out of the machines and counted it in the stockroom, while Ron stocked the bottled vendor.  We finished at about the same time.  He had enough to pay me and buy the sodas tomorrow. 

After work, we went to the bank.  We turned the $1 bills into "real money", and I got paid late.  I was OK with that. 

Ron called our usual cab driver to take us home.  He was out sick, he had a bad fall and is apparently bruised up. 

[bad word]  He's one of the few guys who actually comes to that area, which has a bad reputation.  How would we get home?  Ron had cancelled our ride home. 

Funny story on that.  Ron called the computer line to manage his trips.  He cancelled the 2 PM trip.  Then he realized they weren't his trips!  He had logged in as someone else, somehow.  Coincidentally, part of his client number equaled another client's whole client number.  And they had the same 4 digit password. 

Ron had to figure out who he'd done this to, and then call dispatch and tell them to please fix the trip.  The dispatcher knew Ron wasn't the client, who is another ethnicity.  Ron had to explain what had happened.  They gave him a really hard time, teasing him "We're going to tell him you cancelled his trips!"  But he fixed it. 

Ooops.  Won't do that again. 

Later on, he cancelled the ride home because "Lou would take us".  Well, Lou's apparently at home with an ice pack. 

What about the bus?  OK.  I pushed Ron over to the Jack in the Box and we ordered some lunch.  The pavement was pretty rough and one young man wouldn't get out of our way.  He stood there, staring at us, blocking the sidewalk.  He finally decided to move when I showed him my poker face.  Someone like that wants to upset you.  If you don't show any upset, they leave you alone. 

While we ate, Ron called a couple of cab drivers, none of whom expressed any interest.  Like I said, we bank in a bad area.  He left a message with Mike. 

We finally decided to call Chuck.  He came pretty fast, considering. 

Mike called Ron back, Ron said he already had a ride but thanks, and, we all knew he didn't want to come to that area anyway!  Mike laughed pretty hard at that last one. 

Ron had a terrible time trying to get into Chuck's vehicle.  It has a step up to - running boards I think they're called.  Anyway, Ron didn't have the strength to pull/push himself up into the cab.  I thought I would have to get up under him and shove. 

Ron's out of practice, getting into that truck. 

I put the wheelchair in the cargo area and we went home.  We chatted about inconsequentials.  We got home and I unloaded the wheelchair.  Gravity helped Ron with his exit, a lot smoother than his entry. 

I took my pills and had a protein shake, because I have been around a lot of very sick people lately.  I don't want to catch it.  I hope they have the thing I had back in December.  I'm immune to that. 

I noticed #6 has been home all day.  Is he sick?  I don't know.  Maybe he's between contracts.  He does construction. 

I laid down but I couldn't sleep.  I stayed in bed for 2 hours, because I have to get up at 2 AM tomorrow. 

Happily, it seems pretty quiet, so I'm going to go to bed after I log off here. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Great Escape

I woke up at 7 AM today to get ready to go out for my "'Valentine's Day" breakfast with Ron.  Yesterday, we had severe rain in the morning so that was out. 

We got picked up by a sick driver.  She kept coughing.  I really hope I don't catch it.  We heard a little drama on the radio, a driver and a client's caregiver had a he said-she said episode and the driver was told to document her side of the story. 

We got dropped at the BBQ place and I decided to get the chicken fried steak breakfast.  It was pretty good but I won't get it again. 

Ron got his egg sandwich.  He likes that, it has predictable "results", so he doesn't have any bathroom emergencies.  We talked a little. 

We got picked up by a nice Indian man (from the sub-continent) who was playing country music.  I found that interesting.  I would have figured he'd have something with a sitar or something. 

We had a fast trip home, no other pickups.  When we got home Ron opened the garage door. 

I was horrified to see Baby Girl, and Biscuit, wander out of the garage.  I ran towards them yelling "Bad CAT!".  Like that would help.  Baby Girl bolted but I was able to catch Biscuit.  It was windy today and apparently the wind blew the door open between the garage and the house, the cats went exploring in the garage, and then we came along and opened the garage door. 

We agreed we will keep that door deadbolted from now on. 

In the meantime, I tried to catch Baby Girl, and failed.  Ron had a moderate case of hysterics.  She is his Baby Girl. 

I figured she would come home when she got hungry.  Unlike Biscuit, she lived as an indoor/outdoor cat for years before we put her inside.  We used to make jokes about her having a house down the street, because she always went, and came home, from the same direction. 

I figured she was having a visit with her friends, or exploring some backyards. 

I wanted to lie down and take a nap.  I was tired.  I had taken all my medication.  I gave Biscuit a can of salmon for being a good boy and letting me catch him. 

Ron was pretty upset, though. 

I finally decided to "help" him.  I got the cat carrier (the "good" solid plastic one), put Ron in his wheelchair, and left the house.  We deadbolted the garage-to-house door when we headed out.  We went two blocks in one direction and came back.  I saw a lot (surprising, because it's midweek) of neighbors outside but they were all busy.  I saw another cat, a nice looking gray tabby.  It was scared of us. 

We gave up and came back home, Ron still calling for Baby Girl.  She came right up to us outside the garage door, from the direction of #2's backyard (one of her favorite playgrounds).  I caught her and put her in the box.  She objected, but I got her.  She fought from inside the box, making loud objections. 

Ron, horrified, told me to open the door.  But we had the deadbolt locked.  I had to set the carrier down and fish the keys out of my pocket.  I got the door open and released her.  She ran down the hall towards Ron's room. 

Ron headed straight for his room, right after her, and opened up a bag of treats.  He let her eat as many treats as she wanted, feed-bag style, as I gaped in shock. 

He wanted to apologize for "mistreating" her with the carrier, but I had to put her in the box.  The cats are scared of the garage door opener and I didn't want her bolting again. 

Then I took my nap.  I slept pretty well for a couple of hours.  I got up and did my God Time. 

I watched a little TV and helped Ron pay the credit card bill.  I ate a can of "Spaghetti Rings" and fed the cats.  Baby Girl knocked the plate of wet salmon on the floor.  I had to pick it up with my bare hands and put it back on the plate.  Yuck.  Then I washed my hands and cleaned the floor.  I fed them some dry food and filled up their water.  Baby Girl tried to knock the salmon down again.  I may need to start feeding them on the floor. 

I just need to do the litter boxes before I go to bed. 

After everyone was back home, I did tease Ron about catching "My favorite" before I went after Baby Girl.  Baby Girl is just not a cuddly cat, with me at least.  She just, in my opinion, lives here. 

Torbie and Biscuit are much more cuddly. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

I slept in this morning and woke up at 9, pretty late for me. 

I got up, ate my protein bar, and took my medication.  I did my God Time, then took a shower.  I had to run the fan in the bathroom for a while after my shower, and also air-dry my hair before I took a nap. 

Ron basically drank, slept, repeat. 

I took a nap.  Both last night and today I had weird dreams that did not encourage sleeping. 

However, when I took my nap today I had 2 cats in the bed.  Biscuit, and Torbie.  Torbie was off to the side, Biscuit occupied center mass of the bed.  I covered him with a blanket and he moved.  Then left.  I was sad about that but I still had Torbie. 

I took my medication, and ate, when I got up.  I was pretty depressed and feeling miserable in general.  I hoped the medication would help. 

Ron woke up and wanted me to watch a movie.  I told him I wasn't in the mood.  He swore it was the best movie ever.  I told him he said that about a stupid murder comedy with two rednecks.  It was so bad I turned it off halfway through and never thought of it again.  It was just awful.  I just couldn't handle that again.  He threatened to take away my "trips" tomorrow (he does that on occasion, threaten to, or actually, withhold transportation).  I told him to go ahead. 

He stomped off (so to speak) and came back a little later, pleading with me to please watch the movie.  I said OK, but if it sucked, I was turning it off. 

It'll be a long time before I forget that stupid redneck movie, which Ron thought was just the best thing ever. 

I watched it.  "42", about Jackie Robinson.  It was a sports movie, I'm not really a fan of them but it was pretty good.  Ron appreciated the narration, there were visual aspects he didn't know about. 

That took a while. 

And that, friends, was my Valentine's day.  A drunken, depressed husband, leftovers, and a sports movie. 

Biscuit, old lovercat that he is, got his can of salmon pate.  He was very happy about that.  I'm pretty sure Ron gave Torbie too many treats today.  Baby Girl is very independent so I didn't see her. 

Pretty soon I'll go to bed.  Hopefully I will sleep well and get a good quality of sleep, no nightmares. 

Tomorrow we go out for breakfast and that is it.  Business is slow enough we can get away with it. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's eve

I had a hard time falling asleep last night, so 4 AM came way earlier than I would have liked.  I hit the snooze button a few times and got up eventually. 

Biscuit waited eagerly while I brushed my teeth and put my glasses on, then fed him a can of cat food.  I took my glasses off and took my shower. 

By the way, a few nights ago I saw a giant spider in the shower enclosure.  It was so big I wasn't sure I could kill it.  Ron's no help, the one time I tried to have him kill a spider he broke a broom and the landlord almost called 911. 

The next day, it was gone.  Not very relaxing in the shower these days, wondering where it went.  I didn't have to shave my legs so I was happy about that. 

I got out, dried my hair with a towel, and got dressed.  I checked Ron to make sure he looked OK, he did. 

We got ready to leave.  It's actually interesting: when we leave the house we exit through the door to the garage.  That way, if a cat escapes, I can catch it.  It's not "outside".  We have a metal ramp leading down from the door-between-the-garage-and-kitchen, parallel to the actual garage door.  The ramp has a bump at the top.  I push Ron over the bump as he sits in the wheelchair, then I release and let him go flying down the ramp.  Sometimes he hits some stuff stacked by the far wall (by #6), usually he stops before he hits.  We find it fun. 

Then Ron turns around and backs up, away from the door.  I hit the button for the garage door opener and it opens.  I roll Ron out into the driveway and he shuts the door using his remote.  It works for us. 

We went to work.  We had an interesting theological discussion with the driver, it was very friendly. 

We got to work and hardly had anything to do.  I stocked about 15 bags of potato chips, that's it.  I didn't even need to do the crackers.  I helped Ron with canned sodas. 

The sandwich guy comes at 8:30.  The repairman called at 8:20.  I should have brought my cart out when I went to meet the repairman, but I didn't.  I had to let the repairman in, give him my keys, and then go out and get the sandwiches.  I paid up, got the sandwiches, and stocked them while the repairman took our old lock out of the dead food machine.  It required disassembly.  I can "usually" take a lock out of a vending machine, if the "wart" is visible.  I just push on the "wart" while rotating the key and pulling it out, and it generally slides right out.  But we couldn't do it with this one. 

So, I finished the sandwiches (all $20 worth) and watched as Ron asked the repairman to move some vending machines.  We moved the dead food machine out of the middle of "the row" of vending machines.  We have 3 soda machines, 3 snack machines, and some bill changers in a row.  Not necessarily in that order. 

If you really want to know, we now have 2 canned soda machines, the bottled vendor, a snack machine, a canned soda machine, and two more snacks.  We do, now. 

He put the dead food machine back over where the bottled vendor used to be, partially behind the ice machine.  It all went great. 

I only had one problem, when I got my keys back one of them had the removed cylinder lock stuck on the key.  It was covered in machine oil, which I got on my hands when I removed it. 

Hopefully, the repairman locked up the pallet jack when he was done using it.  I didn't see him do it so I wonder.  If he didn't, and it "walks off" the other vendor will be apoplectic. 

In that case, we would just buy a new pallet jack.  I can't do anything about it now.  I don't even know where they store it. 

We went to Walmart.  Ron got in the kiddie cart.  I had fun pushing him around the store.  I bought two cases of savory salmon pate for the cats. 

We finished up and headed home.  I took a short nap and actually woke up before the alarm. 

I got up and did my God Time.  That accomplished, I got ready to go out to dinner. 

We headed out to our local taqueria.  They have really good, cheap, food.  I got a barbacoa quesadilla.  Barbacoa, to my understanding, is a slow roasted cow's head.  It tasted like roast beef, but it needed more salt and it didn't really "work" with the cheese. 

I should have done shrimp. 

It wasn't bad, but I didn't love it either.  Normally I like everything you put in front of me, except mushrooms. 

Ron had 2 beers and some tortilla chips.  He ordered 2 burritos to go.  He had the staff cut them in half, and put each half into a quart ziplock bag.  They didn't quite understand what he wanted (they are primarily Spanish speakers), so they wrapped them in foil, too. 

At any rate, Ron got what he wanted.  I ordered a cheese quesadilla to go. 

I found it interesting, the parking lot was full of overpriced gift baskets for Valentine's day.  Ron asked if I wanted one, I said no, I just wanted him to "be good" tomorrow. 

That won't happen but he will behave, more. 

Our first Valentine's day was interesting.  I had a raging kidney infection and ended up spending a week in the hospital.  I had horrible nausea and vomiting, high heart rate, and a raging fever.  He brought me red tulips, and accidentally let the cat out when she went into heat. 

We got a nice litter of kittens a few months later!  Two of them went to live in Mexico, two went to a bus driver, and we planned to keep one. 

Our landlord said she got run over, but I believe he killed her.  She was a black cat and he was superstitious. 

Now, if you think a black cat existing is bad luck, how much worse the luck if you kill it! 

That was our first Valentine's day. 

I had Ron text the repairman and ask if he locked up the pallet jack.  I hate to bother him but this is really bugging me. 

Happily Ron gave him a bonus so hopefully he won't mind. 

Good.  He just got a text saying the repairman locked it up. 

Now we just have to get rid of the dead food machine.  When that happens, there's a layer of  ick on the floor underneath it.  We will have to bring - I will have to - bring in a mop, bucket, and cleanser. 

"Heather" you might ask, "The facility is over 20 acres, under one roof.  Surely they have a mop and bucket."  Yes, but they are specialty items, only a custodian can check them out, and they are accountable items. 

This is what they want me to do: if I spill a can of soda in the lunch room, or, more likely, Ron drops one, we are supposed to call and wait for them to send someone with a mop and bucket, and make this person clean up our mess.  That doesn't seem very fair, does it? 

So, I will bring my mop and bucket, I can store it in the stockroom, and clean up the mess after they get rid of the old food machine.  The equipment used to move vending machines tends to leave marks on the floor, as well, so I'll clean those too. 

I want them to like us, to feel like we contribute to them.  I don't want them to feel like we are pain in the ass vendors who are always asking for something.  Or worse, ruining their hard work. 

It's just pulling my weight. 

I don't mind mopping, anyway.  I just hope I can find a wet floor sign when the time comes. 

The cats have really been enjoying their pate.  I'm glad I got 2 cases.  I think I will save the old flavor for disaster kit/run out of cat food, and just buy the new stuff from now on. 

I like making my cats happy, and they're so excited about this stuff. 

Happy Valentine's day.