Thursday, September 20, 2018

Up at 2. AM.

Yesterday I got up, took my shower, did my God Time, took a short nap.  I got up and we went to Walmart, got Ron's medication. 

He didn't want to wear his magnets because it was only a short trip.  I bought some candy for evangelism (some Halloween, some regular - let me tell you, this is THE time of year to get evangelism candy) and we left. 

I went to bed late, and slept horribly.  Torbie came to sleep with me, which was awesome, but the rest of the night was pretty awful.  I just couldn't sleep.  Then I worried about money.  We have a lot of bills and not enough to pay them.  I knocked a pillow off the bed and found it was more comfortable, so I left it on the floor. 

Alarm went off at 2.  That's AM.  I reset it for 2:45.  I took a short shower and helped Ron get ready.  I didn't have time to do his magnets so I put them in his tote bag, along with some tape.  Our ride was early, made a lot of noise with her radio, backing up and forward (all vehicles have a backup beep which is very loud), etc., basically waking up and ensuring all my neighbors will hate me if they didn't already.  We rode for over an hour.  She was OK but I'm not eager to get her again. 

Side note: #6 bought a new truck.  The contracting business must be pretty good, he just bought a brand new minivan for his wife last year and now this. 

We finally got to work and unloaded.  We had picked up "the other guy" - there are a couple of workers who have followed our example and gotten paratransit for themselves.  This guy is pretty obnoxious, always telling us how to run our business, making rude joked about how Ron can "really walk" if he "wanted", etc.  I don't like him but I will talk to him to be polite. 

Anyway, he whined and complained because I didn't let the driver through the gate.  The way I see it, if he wants to get through the gate, he could give her his badge.  Why should I be the one to do it?  Plus, I am obstreperous.  If someone is nasty, and wants me to do something, I'm not likely to do it.  I took Ron the long way just to prove a point - I'm not here to make your life easier.  Don't crap on me for 20 minutes telling me how to run my business, and disparaging my husband. 

He went off and did his thing.  I got the carts out and set Ron up with his magnets.  I couldn't get some of them separated, but I got enough to do a decent job of taping.  The tape tore easily, that was my other concern. 

Ron overdid it today, but at the end of the day rated his pain a "2", so I think the magnets really helped. 

I helped Ron stock, did my stocking, and received a soda delivery and put it away - all 40 cases, by myself.  Then I finished my other work and we left. 

I made sure we did things like do an inventory, etc.  I put all the carts up, some literally on top of the stacked soda.  That's a challenge, but I did it. 

God has given me a good body to do what I need.  Although I was sweating and breathing hard when I was putting up that soda! 

We left and came home.  I took a nap, slept pretty good, but woke up with a headache.  I had to take something for it. 

Ron woke up and we went to the Waffle House.  They are good and I love their cheesy eggs.  Ron and I were bad, and each got a pecan waffle.  I was very happy he had his own so I didn't have to share. 

He finished about 1/3 of his food and got out his ziplock bag.  He put all the food, mashed together, in the baggie.  It looked disgusting.  I double bagged it and put it in his tote. 

It was raining off and on.  Ron called a cab.  The cab came right as it began pouring.  The male driver stayed in the cab as I loaded Ron, and the wheelchair, in the back.  I wasn't very happy about that. 

He took us home.  Ron was confused about his money and kept asking me to identify bills, recounting them, etc.  I did that. 

I was silently wishing him to leave a modest tip for the driver.  Normally, he is pretty lavish tipping a cab driver, especially our favorites, but I didn't want him to give the guy a lot of money for sitting on his ass while I got soaked.  AND he kept turning up the A/C, freezing me.  I wasn't happy. 

We got home.  It was dry at the house.  We opened the garage door and Ron paid the guy, giving him a standard tip but not an overly generous one.  The guy was happy, but didn't realize he would have gotten a lot more money if he had helped me.  We also did not ask for his phone number, which we normally do. 

We went inside.  I fed Biscuit and took Ron's magnets off.  I will do him up again tomorrow. 

I am so tired spellchecker has gotten me several times already, I'm going to bed. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Get a job!

I had trouble sleeping last night.  At one point I woke up to use the bathroom and Ron was on the toilet.  I had to wait for him to finish and get back to bed. 

Might I say how glad I am he can use the toilet on his own? 

I went back to bed.  I had set an alarm for 7:30 but I woke up a little before 6.  Biscuit was around, so I went ahead and fed him, went back to bed, and turned off my alarm.  I actually slept pretty well the next couple of hours. 

I got up around 10, took a shower, did my God Time.  Listened to Ron scream at the doctor's staff, on the phone, about the mistake made when filing his prescription.  What a thankless job they have.  It took a while but it is supposedly fixed by now.  I wasn't pleased with Ron but there was no reasoning with him. 

Then we got some dinner, which was pretty uneventful.  I ordered the chicken strips and put the leftovers into Ron's takeout box.  He enjoys eating them cold; I don't.  So he can have them. 

After we paid and left, a very aggressive panhandler came up to me.  I told him I "couldn't" help him but he wouldn't take a hint, he kept pestering me.  Ron finally shouted at him "I'M BLIND AND IN A WHEELCHAIR AND I WORK!  GET A JOB!"  The man finally left me alone. 

Had he kept bothering me, I would have called the police.  The last thing a diner at a restaurant wants is some "bum" hassling them for drug money.  And, guaranteed, the money would have gone up his nose or into his arm.  He was very aggressive.  I haven't seen that since Ron worked in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco.  A lot of people think SF is glowing Golden Gates, Nob Hill, and Chinatown, but it is overwhelmingly a horde of demanding, aggressive, panhandlers.  At least that was my experience.  All the bus routes ran through the "bad" part of town so I spent a lot of time deflecting beggars, while waiting on my ride. 

I didn't miss them one bit.  I hope this is not a harbinger of future nights out with Ron.  Because Ron will curse them out and tell them to get a job, which is liable to get him beaten and robbed. 

Our ride arrived.  It was the same guy who dropped us off. 

Now, a while back I read that voter's information had been exposed on the internet, their views, phone numbers, addresses, likely affiliation, etc.  I didn't believe it but one political candidate has been pestering me and Ron. 

I just let unknown calls go to voicemail so they aren't talking to me.  Tonight, on the way home, they called Ron's phone and asked to speak to me.  He asked if they were with that candidate.  They said yes.  I said, tell them I'm voting for the other guy.  Ron relayed it and hung up. 

The driver got mildly upset.  He felt I should vote for the pest.  The pest does not hold my political views.  The other guy does.  I'm going to vote my conscience.  I didn't get into all that and the driver eventually changed the subject. 

We had a straight trip home.  Ron had an allergy attack at the restaurant and had to take a Benadryl, so he was very sleepy by the time we got home.  I got him into bed with his talking book so he has something to read when he gets up. 

We don't have much planned tomorrow; Ron needs to go to the pharmacy to pick up his pills so we will do that.  We also have to go to bed early, Dr Pepper changed our delivery date to Thursdays instead of Fridays.  That isn't a problem for us, but it was for the other vendor.  They asked for, and apparently got, Mondays, although they were still waiting for it when we left on Monday. 

So, get the pills, go to bed early. 

Friday I go out to dinner to celebrate my birthday/anniversary.  That will be fun.  I have the whole day and I won't have to do any caregiving.  I may get my hair trimmed in the morning. 

Saturday I have to work.  That's OK, I'd rather get all the work over with one day than spread it out over days. 

Biscuit is lying by my foot.  It is, apparently, dinner time.  He wants his 3 ounce can of "salmon".  I'd better go dish it up for him. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Magnets. Who'd'a thunk?

Long day today.  I got up around 5.  Started getting ready.  Someone started banging on my door and ringing my doorbell like a bill collector, or a stalking ex.  Not that I've ever had a stalking ex, that I know of. 

I opened it, in my bathrobe.  It was the driver.  Over an hour early.  I told him that and shut the door.  I continued getting ready, got Ron ready, and we left. 

We took a couple bottles of water for him to drink in case doc wanted to do a urine test.  We went to work, it was a pretty standard day.  I stocked, I helped Ron stock.  We got it all done. 

Ron finished early and went out and waited in the hall.  He likes it because it is quiet and not overstimulating like the main body of the cafeteria, and it is out of the way. 

Once I finished, we put Ron in his travel wheelchair and locked up his work chair.  Whenever Ron gets into a chair, including his wheelchair, he grunts in pain.  It is very uncomfortable for him to sit down.  His back pain radiates down to his butt and makes travel/sitting hell. 

We got picked up and went to the Social Security office.  We were there for a good 10 minutes trying to find the client, doing "callouts" and the driver actually got off the vehicle and wandered around, calling the client's name.  No luck.  They finally let us go, and off we went. 

We got to the doctor's office with plenty of time to spare.  Ron had to fill out another depression survey.  I filled it out for him.  The other patients were laughing at his responses.  "No, Gawd, people really think?  Oh, come on!"  Eventually they took us in the exam room. 

I offered to show Ron the rubber spine, knee, or shoulder.  He wasn't interested.  He drank some more water (he had a bottle on the way).  Doc came in, did an exam.  Doc increased Ron's medication dose and said he wanted to try something. 

"What?" Ron asked. 
"I think it will help" Doc replied. 
He had Ron "stand" - as much as he can, and got some supplies, taped something to Ron's back.  Had Ron sit down again.  He had Ron sit for a few minutes.  "How do you feel?" 

Ron moved back and forth in his wheelchair.  "A little better".  Doc had Ron get out of his chair and sit in a regular chair, then go back.  "Normally he yelps when he does that" I said. 

Whatever doc had done, seemed to be working.  He had Ron sit for another couple minutes while he showed me the magnets and told me how to apply them.  Ron said it felt like he had a back support behind him, and he liked it.  He kept rolling his back, back and forth.  He said it felt like a massage.  Doc was happy and we left. 

We had a little bit of a wait on our ride, but it was a driver we like.  By this point, Ron had been sitting up in his wheelchair for several hours.  Normally he isn't good for that long.  The magnets really seemed to be helping. 

We went home, I took a nap.  Ron stayed up for a while.  When I woke up he was listening to the Astros game.  He has gotten more into baseball recently, I find that encouraging. 

We got ready and went to Walmart.  They said his prescription would be ready by 3.  It was after that.  I also needed to get some more tape for the magnets.  The only first aid tape I have is of dubious age.  I wanted some fresh for Ron. 

We went to the store.  I got everything on my list, up to the pharmacy (I make my list by the store layout, first things first, middle of the store next, etc.).  I waited in line and went to the counter.  There was a problem. 

I had to go to the other window and talk to them.  The doctor's office had not listed the diagnosis with the prescription.  Again.  They couldn't fill it until Doc told them what was wrong with Ron.  Again.

I mean, let's look at that for a minute.  What isn't wrong with him?  But they had to have it or no pills.  I called Ron and told him the bad news.  He was pretty pissed. 

I continued my shopping.  Ron said he wanted a small can of cashews, etc.  I got that.  I got the cat litter, I needed another 40 pounds.  It made the cart heavy and hard to steer. 

The store was a cacophony of screaming children, crying babies, strident voices talking on cell phones, etc.  It was pretty overwhelming but that's why I take my pills.  So I can handle things like this. 

Ron called the cab before I checked out.  Big mistake.  I got stuck behind two women buying a lot of processed foods.  The second woman also had a bunch of baby girl clothes, but no diapers, so I figured they were a gift. 

The cashier was pretty speedy until she got to the baby clothes, then she slowly scanned them, examined them, fingered the fabrics, double-checked the prices, etc.  I had to figure she had a baby girl at home, but it was aggravating to have her "shop" when I was in a hurry.  Ron kept calling my cell phone every couple minutes, telling me to hurry.  I know the cashier hear me telling him I was going as fast as I could, I would be out ASAP, etc.., more than once. 

I store all my reusable bags in a reusable insulated tote.  So they can just open the tote, reach in, and take out the bags.  She picked up the tote and moved it off to the side, then started scanning things and putting them into plastic bags.  I told her no, I wanted them in my bags, and took them out.  She shoved one off to the side "I can't use that".  It was identical to the other bag she was using.  Ron kept blowing up my cell phone, getting progressively angrier.  It made life difficult for me, trapped between the lackadaisical cashier and my irate husband. 

Of course the cab arrived before I was done.  I finally finished and paid her.  I could tell she didn't have a lot of cash handling experience by the way she held and handled the money, she even had trouble giving my change.  FINALLY done. 

I ran out and found Ron, and the cab driver.  I explained about the baby clothes.  Ron said, on his own, he would not call the cab until I had checked out.  I told him that was a good idea (I had already had it, but if Ron thinks he owns it so much the better). 

We went home. 

I put everything away and ate my dinner.  It was pretty late.  I took off Ron's magnets.  Doc said not to let him sleep in them.  They don't work on their own, but they are a good supplement to Ron's other modalities. 

Doc also wants Ron to get that MRI so they can see what all is going on.  They know, from the x-ray report, Ron has serious arthritis.  But what else?  God only knows, I think I'm afraid to find out. 

We have tomorrow off.  Ron set it up so I get an extra day off this week, for my birthday. 

What a day. 

I just hope I can get Ron taped up OK with the magnets tomorrow. 

Driver this morning

Came an hour early, banging on the door like a bill collector.  I wasn't dressed.  In my bathrobe.

Awkward.  Then he was *so* worried about blocking part of #6s driveway, until I told him how rude the man has been about blocking OUR driveway.

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Ron's asleep. 

I slept pretty late this morning, much to Biscuit's dismay.  I think, on my day off, I will have to set my alarm for 7 or so, get up, feed him, go back to bed.  That would be the fair thing.  And he's purring on my foot now, I think he likes it. 

I got up at 10:30!  I got online for a while and then decided to cook up my sausage.  I had some links, I like to cut them into "coins" (Ron's phrase) and fry them in my big cast iron skillet.  I have gone through a couple of skillets, but this one has a nice patina.  I never use soap on it, just a metal scrubber (without soap). 

Ron was supposed to cut up the sausage, but he was sleeping.  Considering he is still asleep at almost 5 PM, I think I made the right call to go ahead and do it myself.  I got the knife and a plate.  I had 6 links in the package.  I could comfortably cut up 4, so I put two in the freezer. 

I sliced them, then cooked them in the skillet in two batches.  I washed everything and cleaned the skillet (wiped out with paper towels, rinsed, and scoured with the metal scrubber, then dried with paper towels).  I washed the other dishes and let the links cool. 

Then I ate them with my fingers, more than my fair share.  I had meant to save half for Ron but I was greedy.  I ate and took my pills.  I'm still full. 

I did save some for Ron, and put it in the freezer when I saw all his leftovers.  I took my pills, watched some TV, then decided to take a shower. 

By then it was 1.  I took a shower.  I really didn't want to shave my legs but I know I will really not want to shave them at 4-5 AM tomorrow morning.  I made myself do it and did a decent job. 

I finished up, it was almost 2.  I used to like NCIS: LA until I realized that one of the characters is muslim, and, for a show that deals with terrorists and all, was very friendly to the religion.  I am not.  I won't go into all the reasons now but if you ask, I will do a why I don't like islam blog sometime.  I pray for the people every day, and evangelize them when I can, but the institution is ghastly. 

Anyway, I got sick of them yelling the ackbar phrase - even the "sympathetic" character, so I turned it off and took a nap.  I was full of sausage (pork!) and feeling rather bloated.  So I laid on my left side with my wet hair spread over the pillow and took a nap. 

I woke up with a headache, like I did this morning, but it wasn't as bad as they've been.  I took something and got online.  Biscuit laid down by my feet, purring.  He is such a loving boy. 

Torbie is in love with the cat condo I moved to the front room, by the window.  She is on it constantly.  Baby Girl was drooping around the house today but overall OK.  I think she is bummed that Ron is out.  I just saw her.  She looks like her normal self. 

Ron has been flat on his side in bed for hours, with his hand pressed against the wall.  I am a little worried about him but I don't want to check on him and wake him up.  I'll be glad when he does wake up.  I worry about him when he's like this. 

I said I would do it, and I will.  Next up on the agenda is cleaning up that kitchen counter and taking out the garbage. 

While I do laundry, although a couple of shirts (both of us) had stains on them so bad I decided to run the soak cycle first before I run the "proper" cycle.  To be delicate, I have been having some issues of late, and I think I will stop using the enzyme cleaner on loads of laundry that contain underwear.  I am sure it will help and may be the solution.  Otherwise, I use free & clear laundry detergent so that's not the issue. 

Biscuit just readjusted on my foot.  He is so cute. 

Tomorrow looks to be interesting.  I need to ply Ron with water all morning before he sees the pain doc, in case they need a urine sample.  Ron does not drink a proper amount of water under normal circumstances.  It's very frustrating, but, amazingly, all his kidney tests come back OK.  I drink about 2 gallons a day.  I think even the cats drink more than Ron. 

And, at some point, I need to clean the litter boxes.  It is pretty warm in the house so I will probably adjust the A/C down around 80 or so.  Ron likes it closer to 85 but that's just a little warm for me.  I even put my hair up and I'm still hot. 

Since I will be out for a while with no food places, I will need to figure out a filling breakfast that won't make me too full.  Worst case we can bring a couple of the sandwiches we sell, to the doctor's office.  I'll figure something out. 

Off I go to clean up the kitchen. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

"I didn't - your mother!"

I got up early, took my shower, helped Ron.  We went to the warehouse and bought a lot of stuff.  Jack picked us up, took us to work.  He told us he can't help us in 2 weeks. 

In the meantime, a guy had called Ron about being a backup driver.  We eventually met with him and he seems viable. 

We got to work, unloaded, did our work.  Met the new guy out front and Ron did a trial run getting into the truck.  The truck's no good if Ron can't get in it. 

We finished up and on the way home.  But we had another pickup, and then we were dropping her off, then going home. 

She was on the way home.  So he pulled into her apartment complex and honked, knocked on the door.  No answer.  Now the vehicles are equipped with a loud "backup beep".  So, if he backs up, you can hear it clearly from a ways off.  She started to come out of the building.  He backed up and turned so she could get in, easily, on the free side of the vehicle.  She RAN over the to the vehicle, screaming at the top of her lungs.  Got in cursing him out.  She could see, hear, walk, run.  She was carrying a heavy bag.  She was not mentally slow. 

She even got angry with him for helping her into the vehicle, and asking for her ticket, which is required to ride (if you don't have a pass like Ron does).  She cursed him out.  Ron said something like "You must be having a bad day" and she told him not to speak. 

Ron, being Ron, didn't take that very well and talked animatedly with me until we got to her drop off, which was the opposite direction from our home.  "I told you not to talk" she told him at one point, but she mainly fumed, and tried to call in a complaint on the driver, who she felt was "leaving her before her 5 minutes were up".  When we got there and she opened her door Ron told her "God Bless you" - sincerely.  She was completely full of hate and just a toxic person, and, again, got to say it, no apparent disability.  She could see, had all her limbs, could hear, and certainly ran when she thought he was leaving her.  She was not out of breath after running, either. 

She got out and slammed the door behind her.  We all breathed a collective sigh of relief.  I had Ron get the driver's number so we could call in a compliment, because I just know she's going to try to get the driver fired. 

We went home.  I took a nap.  Last night Ron made a mistake in scheduling dinner.  He set up a ride to one restaurant, and a ride home from another.  So he cancelled the ride home and we decided to take a cab. 

Our pickup to go to the restaurant was almost an hour late.  The driver asked about the possum.  I am sure all the drivers are still talking about that critter. 

We got to the restaurant and service was really slow.  They were out of Diet Coke.  I drank plain iced tea with pink stuff in it, Ron had a real Coke.  It took them forever to cook our food, but, when it came out, it was correct. 

I put most of Ron's food into the plastic zip top bag he'd brought for that purpose.  He ate what was left, even though he said he wasn't hungry.  He said he had not eaten all day. 

No wonder he's anemic, eating like that.  I guess it's true what they say about older people, their hunger mechanism begins to fail. 

We decided not to go out any more on the weekend.  The trips are bad, we get stressed, the restaurant is busy. 

Oh, great Ron quote.  The other day we were eating dinner and a misbehaving toddler kept doing those annoying, high pitched, screams.  Ron shouted "Shut up!  I didn't *&^k your mother!" and the kid did.  Surprisingly, no one came over to beat Ron up, either. 

I couldn't believe it.  Ron kept pretending to say it again tonight, when the kids in the restaurant acted up. 

People just don't teach their kids to behave in public.  If I had acted like some of those kids do I would have been spanked, taken out to the car, and done without dinner.  It's just not fun to eat with screaming brats running wild, whining, and grabbing at the wheelchair (has happened more than once).  One kid actually got on tiptoes and was rummaging through the bag I keep on the back of the wheelchair.  His father got a look at my face when I caught him, came running over, full of apologies. 

Of course if you spank your kid it's child abuse (maybe not in Texas, but most states).  They teach kids parents aren't "allowed" to physically discipline them so they turn into monsters who do whatever they want. 

It's just not fun to eat with that running around.  And I have to take Ron to more casual restaurants where it is acceptable for him to eat with his fingers and act like a general barbarian. 

I ate my food.  We called the cab.  He lied and said he was 15 minutes away, when he was really almost an hour away.  Ron was Not Happy.  We came home. 

Ron told me (I asked for his help) he will help cut up sausage for me tomorrow.  We like to cut it into little "coins" and then cook it in the skillet.  It's delicious. 

I also need to do laundry tomorrow, and then I need to do the dishes from cooking the sausage.  And I haven't forgotten how I was going to clean the counter if the storm didn't get us. 

It will be a busy day. 

Up at 2. AM.

Yesterday I got up, took my shower, did my God Time, took a short nap.  I got up and we went to Walmart, got Ron's medication.  He did...