Friday, February 28, 2020

Happily my day got better

We started by going to Sam's, I already wrote about THAT ride.  I just can't stand the germ freaks, they are just operating from an irrational place of fear.  So worried about her HANDS when the virus is AIRborne. 

I did my shopping, got our food, we went to work and stocked.   We didn't need to do much so we left early and came home.  So far the day was uneventful. 

But, and I have never discussed this with anyone, my footwear can go from fine to terrible one day to the next I am in extreme pain and no support.  I had that with my boots.  I figured screw this I would go to Walmart and get some new shoes. 

I took off the painful work boots and wore my slides.  I went to Walmart and got some canned food, soda, and shoes.  I was happy to find Oregano oil which I think is great for immunity.  The canned food was pretty depleted, about what I've seen when we have a hurricane, and a lot of people had bottled water BUT we had a boil order for most of Houston today (not my area).  I paid and went outside. 

A woman and her friend came up to me disturbingly close like they were waiting with me.  I moved and they did not follow me. 

My Uber driver had me before so he came right over.  I came home and put everything away, took an Oregano oil, and took care of Ron. 

I laid down for a nap, Biscuit got on me, Spotty and Cleo nearby.  We had a pretty good nap but I woke up with a headache.  Ron woke me up, he had lost his blanket.  Maybe I need to give him one of my sleeping bags.  I got him situated, then he wanted apple juice. 

I am happy with my stock of canned food.  I also got some cup of noodles as well.  I like those they are a good comfort food. 

One of my Facebook friends has become rather frustrating.  She adopted a low functioning autistic child.  That is her business.  But she got very upset ranting online about how "high functioning" as a statement "isn't fair to those with less ability".  What are we SUPPOSED to call them? 

UGH.  It reminds me of some of the blind community, they get all bent if you call them blind even though they can't see anything.  They even sued Disney over the Mr Magoo movie.  Then people don't know what to call Ron because they are all worried about offending him.  Ron is fine with "blind".  He is also fine with "had a stroke" and "head injured".   It has gotten ridiculous people are getting offended at ANY term used for the slow or different/  Every term you can generate is "offensive" to them and the person who actually has a problem doesn't care!  That is what I find so funny!  The person with the problem doesn't care. 

Now I can see a term like "dummy" or "idiot" but "idiot" was an actual medical term for a certain intelligence range, back in the day.  People turned it into an insult.  Pretty soon people like Linda will have us all referring to them as "non neurotypical" or some nonsense. 

Sometimes the simplest term is the best, like "slow" or "high functioning autistic". 

The other one that gets me are the people who diagnose themselves online, decide they are "autistic", get NO backup on that - no testing at all - and want "accommodations"  It doesn't work that way.  Otherwise we would all be "autistic". 

I remember at work there was a guy dying of cancer and they wouldn't let him sit down while he worked his regular job.  He had to stand, or do another job, because they didn't want to set a precedent.  He was resigned to it and went to the other job, which he did until he died. 

She was quite upset they wouldn't "accommodate" her, though.  Because, after all, she knew someone who was diagnosed autistic and she had all the same features, so she MUST be autistic, too, right?  ANYONE could see that, she'd say.  [rolleyes]  But she would never go for a formal diagnosis. 

Ruins it for those of us with actual limitations.  And yes, I have a formal diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol AND Bipolar with schizophrenia.  Ron asks me for help, but really no one else aside from rides in the wheelchair cab. 

We do complement each other in our needs, he needs more physical assistance, memory care, job coaching.  I need my nap every day if I can get it.  :) 

I hate drama

Had to ride with Debra, who lives on creating drama and crisis.  Example: told me I HAD to put Ron in the neighbors grass to load him.  It is impossible to push Ron in grass.  I told her NO everyone else loads him just fine without.  She got nasty but then did it the correct way.  

Then freaking out about Corona virus and taking her hands off the wheel repeatedly to spray Lysol on her hands.  I told her the virus is airborne and that freaked her out even more.  Terrible driver COULD NOT stay in her lane thank God we made it here alive.

All she wants to hear is she is a victim and doing a GREAT job when both are wrong.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

That wasn't a good nap

Yesterday I ate some fried rice from the Chinese restaurant.  Today I have been battling a nasty headache.  I took a survey once and most of what I get would be considered migraines but this one was more in the pain at a 6 on a 1-10 so "bad" headache but could do things. 

Anyway I took some Excedrin and smoked some hemp, it faded off a bit.  I took a nap and woke up with it doubled.  It took me about an hour to get up, it was that bad.  More Excedrin and hemp. 

That is one thing I would want if we did have a pandemic, Excedrin, and I have plenty.  I was happy, speaking of Pandemics, to find my bottle of oregano oil capsules.  I am a huge believer in them and they have served me well. 

I have most of a bottle so that should see me through. 

I finally got up and felt like crap.  The hemp helped some but not tremendously.  I may get some more when I finish here. 

And yes I am aware smoking anything is going to limit my immunity. 

I fed Ron, he wanted egg rolls and protein shake so that's what he got.  Oh, that would make me sick.  But he loves his shake.  These.  I am just happy I am getting some nutrition into him, and when I feel bad about his diet I remind myself they make these shakes because many seniors/disabled are not getting/wanting good nutrition.  I could make him a huge salad and he might eat it.  But the shake is a sure bet, he says they are "like candy" and loves them.  He calls them "chocolate" shakes.  They are mocha, but he's drinking at least one a day, happily, so I'm not complaining.  It only matters that he consumes it. 

He was so happy he said he wanted to do something for me.  I reminded him my love language is quality time.  He decided he would take me to Walmart.  I said that was fine, we could take a Uber home.  He liked that.  He hates waiting forever on a ride and we have Ubers everywhere in Houston. 

I can pick up a few more things, more snakes for him, for instance.  [edit: SHAKES] I have plenty of "my" shakes, a vanilla shake with 30 grams of protein in a slightly bigger package.  I think 14 is plenty.  They are good for me because I can take my mood stabilizers with the shake and a small snack and they settle well.

For instance, I forgot I need more straws for Ron. 

Anyway, that ought to be interesting after work tomorrow. 

I checked the bottle of lye outside and I have half a bottle, so I very carefully poured it down the bathroom drain.  That is working right now and then I will flush it.  So I am out of the lye now.  Next up is the bleach and the toilet bowl cleaner.  I'm not worried about the water I think it is fine. 

We do our inventory run tomorrow.  That shouldn't take too long.  Then stocking but I don't think it's been very busy.  Later on, Walmart. 

I am just hoping to eliminate this headache. 

Thursday morning

I was really happy back in December when I had a dumpster and a mania at the same time.  I cleaned out my stash of canned foods, many of which I had bought when manic and were expired.  So I basically had very little canned food. 

The corona mess has me thinking it might be a good idea to get some canned food at my long term storage food is in storage.  It is safe to say Walmart grocery delivery will go pretty quick if things get bad.  So will Uber and paratransit, and I will be left with no way to get food.  SO a good idea to get a week or so. 

I ordered it last night along with the usual groceries.  I also ordered a 22 pound bag of Iams. 

I need to divert for a minute.  Biscuit loves the Iams but it is not a urinary formula.  They HAVE one, though.  So I bought a small bag of Urinary formula Iams I can leave that out in addition to his prescription. 

The cats have lost some weight because Ron isn't treating them so much.  I would like to keep that up. 

So, I got people food and cat food ordered.  Happy about that. 

Did not sleep well last night, Ron choked on something and woke me up.  He sounded awful but it is a stroke thing, years ago he failed his "swallow test" and I was told I would have to feed him baby food the rest of his life.  Ron said "Hell, no" to that.  Normally he is OK but sometimes he gets a coughing attack. 

I got up and gave him some water, that worked.  Then this morning he yelled at me for giving him water and I told him to f-off.  If he wanted to drink the water he already had he should have done it. 

I took a shower, it is very sunny out but cooler.  My foot was a little unhappy with all that hiking around to the gas station the other day so I am trying to rest it and stay home. 

I had a headache and tried some Excedrin, and then a smoke.  It helped somewhat. 

I decided, I had some energy, I also had food coming.  I needed a place to put it: and that is my big problem with the house, I need a place to put it the second it comes in the house.  I don't always do that. 

So I decided to attack my big cabinet in the kitchen.  It can store a lot and for some God-awful reason I bought a lot of pots and pans when I got manic, for a while there.  I also had some really old cake mix, etc.  I went through and kept a sauce pan, 2 a small pot, a medium pot, rice pot, one Crock-pot, and my big skillet.  Everything else (3 armloads) went out to the curb and my trusty hoarders took it all away.  They are better than the trash company.  I threw away the cake mix. 

Then Ron went in the kitchen and did some drinking, he got pretty ugly and I finally asked him why he was alive.  What?!  I said, you are so miserable all the time, why don't you kill yourself?  What is your reason for living?  He couldn't answer. 

I took out some trash, when I came back he was talking to Baby Girl, so I would guess she is it.  My groceries came. 

I told them it was OK to substitute, just in case they had a run on the canned foods like they do around hurricanes.  I got the tuna and some of the canned food.  The 80 cent can of chicken alfredo I plan to try on Ron.  Some of my other items were out of stock so they sent me EIGHT Beefaroni and a couple Spaghetti and Meatballs.  I am not crazy about Chef Boyardee meatballs but I will be if I'm hungry enough, and I would rather have calories, fat, and protein in my pantry.  I took Ron back to his room and put it all away.  I had plenty of room, and plenty of room left. 

Ron was happy to hear I got more breakfast bowls and we have plenty in the freezer for now.  I will probably have a couple burritos and a glass of milk for dinner. 

Ron is quiet in his room, I still have my headache so I think I will try another smoke and then lie down for a while. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wednesday afternoon

I didn't have a lot (for me) of canned food so I made a grocery order.  Just in case things get crazy, I have something to eat.  I am curious for Ron to try the Chef Boyardee chicken alfredo in a can. 

That arrives tomorrow.  I also got 2 of my curtain rods, the long one.  The poor mail carrier had to bring them, she is going to hate me and I need to get a large chocolate bar to put in the mailbox.  OK, I just added it to the order. 

Work was pretty uneventful, our delivery was late.  I was so glad he came when he did because "Cat Lady" at work was telling me one of the ferals is pregnant again.  I asked her (again!) why she won't get them fixed "I don't want to hurt them". 

I was about to say something really sharp when Jon showed up with my order so I broke off the conversation.  Here I am thinking about neutering the tom cat.  And he isn't even mine.  He sure wants to be and it's better for the neighborhood if he's fixed.  It would be about $100 with rides.  I could save that if I wanted... after I fix the roof.   I won't keep him but I might feed him a little now and then if Biscuit makes friends.  If Biscuit continues to hate him then I won't run him off, or encourage him. 

Anyway, I got out of that conversation and that is God's leading because I have gone off on her before saying she is condemning them to a horrible life of pain and suffering, dead, sick, and dying kittens, that is not how God wants us to treat our animals.  She just got huffy and walked off and a week later she is telling me the same old story of an out of control, sickly, feral, population.  I think she likes seeing the kittens run about but you have to be responsible. 

If I were really into kittens, and "normal" I could foster them.  A lot of kittens are taken from/lose their mother.  I am partial to seniors and "scaredy cats". 

I really love seniors, they have so much love to give. 

So I got food.  I need to get a big bag of Iams just to be safe, I have enough for a week or two but no longer.  I have tons of food for Biscuit, not worried about that. 

I have tomorrow off and arranged my delivery to come late enough I can sleep in, shower, get dressed, plenty of time to get ready, but still early enough.  I work Friday (well, we do) and then I do the accounting report this weekend.  They liked the last one well enough. 

Deliveries: I have a small curtain rod, 2 posters, and a charger for Ron inbound.  For some reason he is always killing his chargers.  And my chair cover but that comes a little later than the rest, and is fine.  I am pretty sure the cats are going to claw the (folding chair) cover but that is OK, I don't mind claw marks.  It just says, to me, "Cats live here".  Now, if I won the lotto would I buy leather couches or declaw?  Never. 

But I will lose them one day and I can look at the claw marks and remember them.  I've talked about this. 

I do need to figure out a shower curtain, I want something with a pattern, I plan to use a clear liner with it.  I want something that will let light into the shower because I usually bathe at 4 AM or so.  I don't want a plain clear curtain with no pattern.  I would like something that coordinates with lavender.  If you are bored hit me with a link and I will check it out. 

It is cold out still and the furnace is running.  I will say it is a very good furnace.  Ron has been asleep since I got up at 1 so he will probably be up all night.  I will try to feed him when he gets up. 

One thing I did order today: some protein bars he can eat if he gets hungry when I'm sleeping. 

This is not my cat

Biscuit is going to have a fit.  I have to admit he sure seems comfy.

Wednesday morning

"Chocolate kratom is one of the most relaxing strains".

My brain did not agree, it felt like I had 5 Mountain Dews.  I was lying in bed trying to sleep when my phone rang.

It was a blocked number so likely the police, about picking up the debit card I found yesterday.  But I specifically told the dispatcher "going to bed" so I guess that did not convey, I would have been angry if I was asleep. I hid the card outside and told them where, and it was gone this morning. 

All this just trying to be a good citizen.

I got up and looked at shower curtains.  Biscuit disputed that, got up on my keyboard, and put it in zoom text mode.  It was pretty funny, he was so pleased sitting on the keyboard.  I turned off the computer and went back to bed, eventually did sleep.

I am up now and will be going to work shortly.  I have a usb keyboard, I prefer them, and I moved the plug to the front of my cpu.  That way I can quickly yank the plug when Biscuit gets up on the keyboard, which he has done before.  He has learned it is a really good way to get attention.

Times like that (and Torbie scratching up furniture) I think one day I am going to miss this behavior.  I am only very mildly annoyed and never angry.

I think I get my orange chair cover today.  It goes over top of a folding chair and I have 2 in the front room at present.  If I like it I will buy another, maybe the red one in the list, and put that on the chair going in the orange room so I can do my God Time and have a place to rest when working out.  It doesn't have to be plush.  And the covers are washable.

And cheap, if they shred it I can just buy another.  Apparently these are popular at events like weddings.  I don't know about using orange as a wedding color, though.  I did purple, lavender, and white roses in my bouquet which I just now realized is in storage.  I did fake flowers, that way I get to keep them and WAY more affordable.

I am looking forward to getting my stuff back but it's going to be one hell of a cleanout.  I will make a video at some point.  And, happily, enough money for a dumpster.

You may not know the clean out left me with one pair of work boots, and a pair of fake crocs.  I developed some foot issues from the work boots so I have been putting baking soda in the shoes.  Cleo likes to play with my shoes so I figured baking soda would be about as safe as I could get.  It makes my feet very dry which is sort of the idea.

But they were getting rough and cracked.  I very seldom use lotion, but when I do I have a generic version I like I get at Walmart, in the brown bottle.  It is about a dollar and has cocoa butter and petroleum jelly in it.  I have found I don't like lotions with glycerin.  They are too sticky.  The brown bottle, whatever it is, is good for my needs.

I have also noticed the back of my hands look really old and dried out.  So, this morn... Biscuit came back and stayed until I left for work. 

Went to work, did that, came home.  Exhausted, slept 4 hours.  It is cold, sunny, and windy but I'm warm inside. 

Happily my day got better

We started by going to Sam's, I already wrote about THAT ride.  I just can't stand the germ freaks, they are just operating from an ...