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A lot about food

I hope my pants fit tomorrow. We had the day off, I got up around 7 and got ready to go.  We went to Carl's Junior for breakfast.  I like their breakfast burger, as I've said. 

Ron tried their spicy chicken strips.  He liked them pretty well.  On the way home, though, we had another pickup. 

We went off a busy road and entered a medical office center's parking lot.  The driver had the windows down.  I could smell smoking meat and it smelled really good.  I looked and saw a smoker belching out lovely gray smoke. 

Ron and I agreed, it smelled really good.  When the driver came back around on the busy street, I looked.  I saw a Pupusa place/bakery and a BBQ place, one that had been suggested to us by a driver. 

One day we're going to learn not to follow the drivers' suggestions.  We have been to so many bad barbeque places based on their suggestions, I wish we could get our money back. 

Anyway, we went home.  I took my pills with some milk, because it had been a …

Early pickup

I slept pretty good last night.  I woke up at 5-something and hit the snooze button a few times.  I was all alone in my bed, actually, no cats. 

I got up and fed Biscuit, even though he was outside and couldn't be bothered to beg for his breakfast.  Well, breakfast comes at 6:30 regardless of whether he's begging, so I fed him.  I don't want him to feel like he has to beg in order to be fed.  I'm feeding him, regardless. 

He came in and was delighted to find breakfast (1/2 cup dry food, 1 can salmon pate) already laid out for him and the other cats.  He gobbled away and rubbed against my leg in gratitude. 

I got ready, shaved my legs, etc.  I did my God Time before I got on the computer, later. 

We went to work.  The boss was supposed to show up, but didn't.  I stocked everything anyway.  I was a little annoyed at Ron, at one point.  I feel sometimes like he wants me at his beck and call.  I'm OK with that, but if I have other work to do (snacks) it present…

2 beers and a taco

Well, the big rain front was supposed to come in this afternoon. 

We planned our whole day around this fact; out in the morning, home in the afternoon. 

The big rain front arrived this morning. 

I slept in until about 8, actually woke up a little before the alarm.  I fed Biscuit, brushed my teeth, did my usual morning care routine (brush my hair, take a shower, brush my hair again and put it in a ponytail, etc.).  I got dressed and did my God Time. 

Torbie joined me.  She's my old lady cat, a mixture of brown tabby, orange, and black.  She has a white chin and big green eyes.  She's pretty heavy, even after a couple months of dieting, but we're working on it. 

She shed all over my pants, of course, but that's why I bought the lint brushes.  We had a good time. 

Done with that, I posted in my "Read the Bible in a Year" "blog" and watched a little TV.  That's when I found out the storm was coming sooner, rather than later. 

It was supposed …

Biscuit sticks to small prey

Well, I found my chips.  I have to wonder if you are interested in hearing how I found it. 

Well, you can always scroll.  After yesterday's vomiting debacle, I took the bag, with the chips, into the house.  I set them by the front door and got the disinfecting wipes to give to the driver. 

I decided to apologize to Ron when he was sober, but he (drunk) asked me if I had found the chips yet.  I told him, yes, I had.  I told him I was sorry I asked him where the chips were, which is true enough as it goes. 

I went to bed.  I slept pretty well and woke up with a mild headache.  I took some aspirin and went back to sleep.  I woke up again without a headache. 

I got up, did my God Time, took my shower, took my pills.  We went to Walmart.  I got our stuff, including 25 pounds of cat litter, and spent $71.  We came home. 

I took a nap and had a pretty good one, but Biscuit must have brought something alive into the house, because he is stalking it.  He is still after it, whatever it…

Thanks a lot

Well, I'm not queasy any more.  Earlier today, I bought a bag of chips and put them, along with my crocheting, in a plastic bag on the back of Ron's wheelchair. 

I finally asked Ron why he was washing his garbage.  He wastes soap and water doing this.  It's trash, why are you washing it?  Oh, he said, he didn't want to attract roaches.  1.  The container has an airtight lid and 2.  You don't think the cat poop, used tampons, and half-eaten cans of cat food won't attract bugs?  It's pointless and a waste of dish soap.  He has used an entire 2 quart "thing" of dish soap washing his garbage.  "I'll buy you more" but I think I got him thinking about that at least. 

I went looking for the chips, because eventually I will feel better and get my appetite back.  I asked Ron what happened to them.  He blew up, shouted at me (with me politely reminding him I have a bad headache and asking him not to do so), and just generally acted like a je…

Pull over!

I was doing OK, really, until we got to the hog excrement. 

I woke up with a headache today.  I took some aspirin and drank a Diet Mountain Dew.  That will kill a headache, most days.  It didn't today. 

I got very excited when I saw the "terrible" apartment complex (Section 8) near work had a shooting last night.  2 people dead, four more in the hospital.  I started plotting how I could do a Bible Handout. 

That's how I work, something terrible happens, I want to do a handout. 

My headache got a lot worse after that.  I don't think the devil liked that. 

We went to work.  My headache was bad but manageable.  I did almost vomit at one point.  I was headed for the bathroom and a woman got in my way.  She was wearing a heavy floral perfume which just made everything worse. 

"How are you doing?" she asked me cheerfully. 
"Not so good." I replied.  "I think I'm about to vomit."  She got out of the way right quick.  I did not vo…

"I don't open those cans"

I slept in this morning, until 10.  Biscuit tried to wake Ron up to get breakfast, but Ron declined.  "I don't open those cans". 

I did, when I got up.  Dry and wet food served up, one happy kitty with his tail in the air.  Aren't they so cute when they're happy and stick their tail in the air?  I just love that. 

I took my medication and did my God Time.  I wanted to make sure I was pretty clear when I talked to God. 

My reading did get me thinking, though.  In the "olden days" God did not want the Israelites to interact with their "unsaved" neighbors.  In fact, marriage between the two groups was strictly forbidden.  In the New Testament, we find an injunction not to be "unequally yoked" which applied to marriage in that context, don't marry an unbeliever. 

Take it from me, a woman married to a guy who often acts like an unbeliever, it's a world of pain.  I can't imagine knowing my spouse was going to hell.  Awful. …

Wierd, wierd, wierd

Last night we finally got the severe weather.  It woke me up, and kept me up, for hours.  We had a lot of rain, wind, and some hail. 

This morning I reset my alarm to get extra cuddle time with Biscuit.  I got up and took my shower, got ready for work. 

We went to the warehouse.  I bought all our stuff and Jack came and got us, to go to work. 

While unloading the truck, I caught a postal worker filming us.  I don't know why.  I was unloading a truck just like the other vendor does (well, they have a van, this was a pickup, and the other vendor's wife doesn't do manual labor).  I found it very disturbing. 

When caught, the woman filming me just said "Candid Camera!" and turned it off.  Weird, weird, weird. 

Why would you film the crazy woman?  Maybe she thought I'm faking being disabled and this would "prove" otherwise.  Maybe she thought my helper was Ron, even though Ron was sitting in his wheelchair.  I don't know and I don't pretend …

Far corners

The neighbors were quiet last night when I went to bed at 7, but I had a horrible time falling asleep.  Then I had a horrible time staying asleep.  Ron woke me up laughing at something Baby Girl did, but says he didn't remember it.  As I lay in bed, I kept thinking, "It's too late... I think I have a problem with the alarm.  It's too late.  I have been in bed for too long". 

Sure enough, I checked my alarm at 3:20.  I had meant to get up at 2. 

Needless to say I scurried around trying to get everything done.  I was "acceptable" when I left the house but that's about it. 

At least I didn't have a headache. 

The other vendor's employee was on the bus and we had a straight trip to work.  It was interesting riding with him.  He has 3 cats.  I told him today his one cat is probably a Japanese Bobtail.  He was impressed.  He has one of those households where new cats just show up periodically.  I'm surprised he's kept it to 3 cats. 


something Yellow

I think Ron had a blackout last night.  He wasn't abusive per se, but he did keep waking me up. 

Sleep deprivation is very bad for me.  Morning came, I still had to get up.  But I did rearrange my God Time for later. 

I took my shower and got ready.  We went to the pet store.  We had the control freak driver again.  I wonder why we keep getting him.  I think he has OCD. 

We arrived and got Ron unloaded.  We went to the Kolache Factory and got some Kolaches.  Ron got cheesesteak, I got cream cheese. 

Then we went to Starbucks (I am not a fan of their politics but Ron likes the drinks).  I left Ron there and went to the pet store. 

First in, I ducked a large puddle of urine.  Yuck.  People wonder why I don't have dogs, this is one reason.  They don't seem to have good bladder control, based on what I see at the pet store. 

I looked at the cats.  They had some cute ones up for adoption, but my favorite was the fluffy calico.  Of course, she would require a lot of groomi…

Wild Yorkie attack

Today turned out to be pretty interesting after all. 

We went to the taqueria for breakfast, it was very good.  First, though, we had to get picked up. 

While waiting on our ride, outside, we were approached several times by someone's escaped Yorkie.  I think it was a Yorkie.  Whatever it was, it was small and very friendly.  It kept licking my toes.  It ran off before we could catch it so we called Animal Control to come get it.  I didn't want to see it run over in the road.  And some people are sick enough to hit the gas when they see an animal in the road, instead of the brake. 

Then our ride arrived.  It was the "control freak" driver who likes to dictate our every movement to the millimeter.  It was ridiculous.  He ordered me to stand still while he loaded Ron, then he got Ron transferred.  He strapped the wheelchair (locked it in place, basically), THEN allowed me onto the vehicle. 

Normally the driver just opens the door, I board, and then they help Ron. 

A lot about my freezer

Sorry I didn't get to you yesterday, I was just wiped out. 

I got up, went to the warehouse, and bought stuff for work.  Not a lot, enough to fit in a large tote bag.  I also got some popcorn (already popped and flavored) just to see what they think. 

We went to work and stocked.  I realized I had forgotten the Snickers.  [facepalm]  Agh!  I put Almond Snickers instead.  It will hold them for a few days. 

I should add, here, I had full rows of Snickers in two out of my three snack machines.  It's just #3 that is "out" - well, almost, yesterday. 

I did everything with Ron, got it all stocked, and we went home.  I took a short nap. 

I got up, got my reusable tote bags together, and went to Walmart.  I did my weekly shopping.  I was happy, and annoyed, when I got to the milk. 

I was happy the organic whole milk was sold out.  That's great that people are considering what they put in their bodies.  I was annoyed the whole milk was sold out.  I bought 1% instead…

It was fun while it lasted

Surprise!  Blogger added some new themes so I took this one. 

I like it, but let me know what you think.  I like playing with templates. 

Years ago, right before Ron's accident, I decided to take my soapmaking retail.  I bought a domain name and downloaded Star Office.  Star Office had an HTML editor, which I used to make a pretty decent website. 

I wonder if Star Office is even around anymore.  I always found it easy to use.  I didn't have a retail site, just a promotional one.  I was going to have photos of coconut palms, and a photo of a grease dumpster.  You have seen them behind restaurants, waiting for the renderer to come pick them up.  I was going to have the comparison: my soap, coconut palms.  Commercial soap, grease dumpster with roaches on it.  Feel free to steal this if you are a soapmaker. 

A couple of things happened.  We hired a woman who turned out to be deeply troubled.  She told Ron she had auditioned for a porn movie, and her father was a pimp.  She was…


I slept really well last night and woke up at 11 AM.  I was shocked.  I never sleep that late these days. 

I got up, took a shower, and did my God Time.  That got me to 1:30 PM.  I decided to take a nap but I had a hard time dropping off, so I got up around 3:30. 

Ron was awake by then, so we talked a little bit.  Then I decided to do laundry.  I took all the clothes out of the washer and checked them.  They were OK.  I didn't want to leave a receipt in a shirt pocket, or money in a pocket. 

Then I reloaded the washer.  I couldn't fit everything in there so I held some of it back, making sure to get the pants, shirts, and underwear while I had it.  I ran a load. 

The washer makes terrifying noises when it runs, loud bangs, hums, etc.  It always freaks me out when I hear it going. 

I watched a little bit of the X-men (Days of Future Past) while the load ran.  Then I put it in the dryer.  I watched more TV but couldn't find Hoarders anywhere, I don't know why. 

It …

"You just want to squish her"

Sorry for another 2 days in one post.  Sorry I am doing this on about 5 hours of sleep.  I will endeavor to be coherent. 

Yesterday I had planned to sleep in, but #6 had a bunch of Mexican guys running around and yelling in Spanish.  Over the course of the day, a load of cement was delivered and a new patio foundation was laid. 

You may remember, years ago, he laid a nice big patio.  Then he converted it to a bonus room on his house.  I doubt he got any building permits and I know he didn't have permission from the homeowner's association, but guess what?  I have a big cat cage off the back of my house so I don't throw rocks. 

They finished up around 2.  I had wanted to take a nap because I was working a late shift last night, but that didn't really work out. 

We went to work and worked, stocking the machines, and got everything done that we could.  We got picked up to go home, around 10 PM. 

Not really a problem, except I had to get up at 4 this morning, and I ha…

Raised by a man

I was raised by a man. 

Sad but true, that probably impacted my beauty routine.  I don't have any memories of watching Mom put on her face cream or whatever. 

Dad's idea of pampering was a Bubble bath. 

Dad had care of me pretty much from my birth to age 5.  Then he married a woman who had a 10 year old girl, an 8 year old boy, and a toddler boy. 

I knew how to bathe myself, toilet, and brush my teeth so I don't think she was too worried about it.  I might need a reminder to brush my hair but I knew how to wash it.  She still supervised my bathtime for a couple of years, though. 

That would be awful to let your kid drown in the bathtub.  I know it's happened. 

Anyway, growing up, I would wash my face with body soap and scrub with a washcloth.  I might use a little perfume in my teen years but I had terrible skin. 

Along came the acne soap.  By the way, the cure for my skin trouble?  Vitamin A and E supplements.  According to the FDA I can't use the word &quo…

"What's your emergency?"

I thought I would have to call 911 today. 

"What's your emergency?" 

"My husband is threatening to overdose on Tylenol". 

I woke up about 2 AM with a vicious headache.  I took some aspirin and went back to sleep.  I woke up 4 hours later.  It was worse.  I took some Excedrin and want back to sleep. 

I got up a couple hours later.  Still there.  In the meantime, Ron is literally groaning with pain in his room.  He had neuropathy pain in his ankle. 

He drank.  He took Tylenol (I begged him not to combine the two).  He laid down again, groaning some more. 

About this time I hit my 4 hour mark for my medication and took some more aspirin.  Ron got his vibrating massager.  No joy.  Groan. 

He started threatening to take more Tylenol.  If I had thought he would have, I would have called 911.  I prayed.  I didn't hear any pills rattling. 

Pretty soon he called some friends and talked to them for a while.  His voice sounded better.  The next thing I knew, h…

The bottom of the food chain

We had originally planned to work tonight, but things didn't work out.  Ron's boss (and mine, although the food chain goes boss, Ron, Heather), came by to pick up our reports. 

I got up exhausted, reset the alarm, and did my God Time later.  I strive to do it first thing in the morning, after my shower.  It generally does not work out that way. 

I took my shower and we went to work.  We met the boss and had a good visit.  He's a good guy.  He also has back troubles so he could really relate to Ron. 

We discussed the disposal of the vending machine parts.  He wants me to send a formal email to put in the file.  Done.  Hopefully I can either get them back to the program, or get rid of them.  I absolutely cannot sell them, which is fine.  I have money. 

A customer came by and complained about the "deli".  He wanted a hot food operation, didn't care that we bled money operating it, and told us about the cafeteria where his wife works, how "you pick the f…

Nights and weekends

Why does the headache always seem to come on the day off? 

Good question.  I took some aspirin and drank a Diet Mountain Dew to kill it.  It worked, somewhat. 

I took my shower and did my God Time.  We went to our favorite taqueria for breakfast.  Our ride was late and Ron got upset, and was a little short with the driver when she finally showed up. 

As I pushed Ron up to the doorway, I noticed they had a "jueves" special for "Sopa de cabeza" - head soup.  No thank you, very much. 

I had a quesadilla and just one of their delicious shrimp tacos.  Ron had them make him a (not on the menu, but should be) bacon, egg, and cheese quesadilla. 

Our pickup was late.  It was the guy who is usually late. 

He told us a story of one of his other clients.  She was "having some sort of bladder problem" so he dropped her at a drugstore to use the toilet.  She took so long dispatch was calling him on the radio, demanding to know his location, etc. 

If it had been …


As I age, my cycle has become less heavy.  Usually.  This time we went "old school classic" and I had to double my protection with a tampon and a pad. 

I woke up depressed, I didn't feel like I slept well last night.  I took my shower and did my God Time later.  Now and then I think of formally doing my God time later in the day but then I have a conflict with Ron. 

I got dressed and we went to work.  I wore my new fannypack, which didn't get in the way.  The machines weren't too bad so I filled what I could and helped Ron. 

Every couple of weeks, I buy myself (with my own money) a case of Zevia soda.  It has no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners, and no sugar.  It tastes very good, but it's not cheap. 

I drink a couple of cans every day I'm at work.  I like something cold and bubbly, but I don't need the caffeine.  The sweetener thing is just a bonus. 

We went to the bank after work.  One of our favorites was back, so we went to her.  She was re…

"Brought the pain"

I remembered to do daylight savings last night, but forgot to remind Ron.  I went to bed about "9" (really 8) and had a pretty good sleep.  It got cold - in the 40s, so I used my wool blanket. 

I woke up about 9:30 and got up.  I fed a very eager Biscuit.  One great thing about my cats, and I hesitate to even mention this for fear it will change, is that they never bother me for food when I'm sleeping.  After they see I'm awake, they start begging.  I'm glad God wired them that way. 

I fed Biscuit, of course.  Dry and wet.  Baby Girl showed up and he stopped eating and went to the dry food, leaving the moist for her.  She appreciated it. 

Biscuit is very respectful of the girls.  I think because they beat him a lot when I was gone, in the beginning.  I don't kid myself, they were very unhappy I brought them (Biscuit and Gravy) home.  Biscuit is laying next to my computer chair right now, grooming. 

He still walks around with a dirty butt, but one day he d…

Friday and Saturday

I woke up at 2 AM Friday morning and went to work.  I stocked and got the Dr Pepper order. 

Ron hadn't gone to the bank because they kept forecasting rain.  All he had to pay Dr Pepper were $300 in $5 bills.  I told him that wasn't going to work, took $300 out of my own pocket, and paid the guy myself. 

Ron offered to give me the $5 bills, but I told him I knew he was good for it.  After we finished at work we went home and I got a pretty good nap. 

I got up, did my God Time, and went to Walmart.  I had to get my medication, which cost about $200.  First stop, I went to the bank and changed the $5 bills for $20's.  Then I went to the pharmacy, leaving me with about $100. 

I did my shopping, Ron wanted to stay up front.  I found a fanny pack at the store, actually.  It is gray with orange accents.  Not necessarily the colors I would have chosen but the belt works for me and it is big enough for my needs.  It only cost $10, too.  I can live with that. 

I might have gone…

Two days in one, again.

Ron had a blackout on Tuesday night that kept me up most of the night.  I was pretty annoyed at him. 

Doing my God Time the next day, I just couldn't see a way out of leaving him.  If I don't leave him, he'll leave me by killing himself mixing alcohol and Tylenol.  So, either way I'm alone.  I have come to rely on Ron for all my financial support, and don't have a good opinion of my employability skills these days.  So I was angry and depressed. 

I had to get ready to see Doc, though.  I did that.  Ron bitched and moaned endlessly because he would have to "waste" two whole hours on the trip.  That didn't make me feel very important.  Not to brag (I will) but every day Ron was in the hospital I spent at least 4 hours a day with him, not counting travel time and time running the business.  I spent probably over a thousand dollars on rides with Chuck, getting to and from his bedside, but I didn't (and don't) mind because I just think that's…