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First of all, my brother's doing a lot better. He should make a full recovery and I UPS'd his care package yesterday.

I got a response to my RH Lindsay fan mail. In part, it reads: "well thanks for the kudos - not sure we've ever received a letter quite like this!" -grin- I'm glad I wrote it.

Today was a pretty good day for me. The snack machines look great, deliveries were all timely Since the sandwich guy had been getting a little wierd even for me, I had Ron get it Monday. The delivery guy was fairly distraught. Good/bad? I don't know. Anyway, let's hope he goes back on his meds or whatever. Our milk delivery went great.

A couple weeks ago, I started bagging up Halloween candy. Then it hit me, why just give it to trick-or-treaters? I started bagging some up for other people, Metrolift drivers, delivery people, etc. It's been extremely popular with UPS delivery people, for instance. I'm going to keep doing it. Everyone loves …

So far, so good!

Here's an article about my brother:

He may lose the leg, we're not sure, but he has a lot of freinds keeping him company. I'm working up a care package.

The Phone call

I assigned my sister a sprightly ringtone when I set up my phone book. When I hear the tune, I know it's her.

The first time she called me in the middle of a week, instead of "our" time on a Sunday afternoon, she'd been in an awful car wreck that totalled her minivan. Sue and her son were OK, thank God.

When the phone rang today I thought "Uh, oh." I was right. She was OK, her husband, kids, and pets are OK, but our brother accidentally shot himself this morning.

Cole's the kind of guy who always happens to carry around a loaded gun. Sue yelled at him once for trying to take a gun into Grandma's nursing home. Today, he had the safety off and the gun in his pocket. He was trying to unlock a door and - oops.

My first, selfish, thought was "It could only happen in my life." I want a boring life with minimal drama and stable emotions. I never get it, it seems.

Good news, it was an accident. He made it into surgery. His on-again-off-…

I sent a fan mail

I sent a fan mail to RH Lindsay. I thought you might get a kick out of it.

Dear RH Lindsay,
I just had to send you a note to tell me how much I love your company. I started with a very small order a few months ago. I think I got the Domestic 56 blend and some brown/black Romney-Perendale sliver. It was far better than I expected, the shipping was fast, and your prices are so reasonable!

When I was ready to branch out and try something exotic, there you were with the camel top, which I love too. It's so much fun to try something new at a very reasonable price. I read an article recently about spinning with camel top and a lot of it was devoted to pulling out the guard hairs and making sure it didn't have "scurf" (nasty skin flakes). I never had that problem with YOUR camel!

I kept ordering. Everything kept being wonderful. I told people about you on the Knitty message board, in the spinning forum, and on my blog. You guys are too good to keep secret.


Spinning and fiber book reviews

Well, I promised book reviews and now you're going to get them. If you're interested, that is.

First book, best book: Spinning in the Old Way by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. The first book I got on spinning and by far the best. It really covers everything a beginner spinner needs to know. I don't want a spinning wheel, so why get a book devoted to operating one? "Spinning" covers spinning with a high-whorl top spindle. Only. Perfect. It's my go-to book when I have a question about S or Z twist. It has lots of pictures. She covers all the basics from carding to finishing, and has comprehensive coverage of commercial tops (already washed, carded products). An excellent book.

Books I didn't like as much tended very heavily towards selecting an entire fleece, checking for flaws, cleaning and carding. That's great if I can get an entire fleece, but I tend to get my fiber by the pound, off the internet.

My second favorite book actually doesn't …

Fibery goodness or "Don't tease the mohair!"

I had a really fun week. Monday, my Knitpicks needle points arrived. They're very nice and easy to use, but I have to admit, I've gotten very partial to my nickel-plated needle tips. I love my 60 inch cable - I use it for knitting "Happy", but it does pop out if I haul it up by the cable and flip it over. I'm careful picking it up. I figure it's the user. The cable goes right back in and doesn't act up unless I "pick and flip". I'm sure it wasn't designed for that. My bad, not theirs. Great system they've got (0ptions and Harmony). I love it love it love it.

I also got my goodies from the Woolery. Ooooh. I got 8 ounces of cotton-wool top. 8 ounces of Tussah silk noils - awesome for blending. Um. Cotton Hand cards. More on them later. And a learn to spin cotton kit. I've had some fun with that. I used the tahkli spindle to spin the tussah silk and the cotton, it works fantastic for both. It's my first botto…

It's awesome to marry a blind man

When it comes to home decor, marry a blind man. It's awesome.

Wednesday we had Rick, the electrician, come out to install our ceiling fan. It took a little while but it looks awesome, the high setting is like a wind tunnel, and it does a great job of blowing the warm air down from the ceiling like Ron had hoped.

We even came up with a barter arrangement for Rick. We're going to loan him (if he gets his partner to agree) Henry the stuffed bear. The large, dead, brown bear we have displayed in our "foyer"? That bear. He's going to a party.

Then, he'll help us install another ceiling fan in the master bedroom (or mistress bedroom, in my case :-P ), for a discount. Sounds good to me. I think he'll take good care of Henry.

Ron just came home from work. "I had a Heather-free day". He's laughing. Hmmm.

The ceiling fan is a "Transitional" design. Hunter-Douglas Redington 4. We went with Rosewood (you get a choice) and Stainles…

Junk food business

I had posted since my last one, but Blogger "Acked" on it. I'm going to try to dig it out of my archives in a bit.

Anyway, BUSY BUSY BUSY at work for me. Monday, up at 3 AM. Receive the VSA order (technically they're Vistar but when you've called them VSA for years it's tough to break the habit), check. All my snacks had good codes and were exactly what I'd ordered (that's where I earn my $700 a month). Ron even got his runts. Long story, the frozen lemon pound cake "singles" were delicious, he felt (I saw yellow #5 on the label and said Hell no, I won't eat it). It had a couple of "runts" in the package, dramatically smaller servings. So we started calling the whole thing "Runts". So, it isn't a candy, it's an iced lemon pound cake. Delicious, he claims.

Got them, then I got the sandwiches. They delivery guy is getting weird. A couple weeks ago he made a crack about how Ron could have had me arre…

Talking gadgets

We've only had one problem with the new (to us) exercise bike. "Heather, what's my heart rate?" "What is it now?" I love the man, but not that much!

Lo and behold my Speak to Me Catalog arrived. Here's a link: They have a talking heart rate monitor for about $50. Money well spent. Ron really enjoys working out a few times a day (moderate workouts). For a guy with balance issues, blind, and hemiparetic (weakness on one side due to the stroke), it's perfect. He's already lost 2 pounds.

We've got a cold front coming in, and I was dreading the day. I had to buy jeans. However, the experience was pretty painless. The smaller size fit great, they had petite length (not easy in the Women's department), they're cute, and only $10 each at Walmart! Yay! I am so happy I don't have to hassle with jeans for months now.

I found an envelope with money in it on the floor and I gave it to Ron. He rewarded my honesty …

A great day, except for the nightmare

I had an odd and very disturbing dream today during my nap. I was so happy to wake up! I've always had wierd, very detailed dreams. I think it's just a feature of my brain damage-disability.

We had a wonderful day. We woke up and went to Sam's club to buy some product for the machines. The pickup got messed up and we wouldn't have had enough time at work, so we cancelled it, brought the product home, and kept our date with Chuck.

Chuck's the guy we'd call in the middle of the night with a crisis. He's the guy who'd show up if we did. I can't think of a higher compliment. He's a truly good guy.

First stop was Play it Again Sports. Ron's been wanting a used recumbent bike. We walked in and the first one we saw was the one we ended up buying. It's perfect for us. It has 11 various programs (for me) and truly painless and easy programming (for Ron). We both had a good "ride" tonight after the nice deliverymen brought…
I made my Walmart run this morning, and got some air freshener plug in type products. I like the Airwick better because I love the "Harvest Spice". Ron prefers the Renuzit Vanilla plug in. I like the one with the little fan built in, even though it only comes on when you push the button. It's still cute.

The Waste company came and took not only the trash, but the old can (with the dead rodents in it for days, who wants to keep it?). I keep telling Ron he's not nuts. He finds himself a little disturbing because he doesn't want to "ruin" the "nice" garbage can. I tell him, I don't want to mess it up either! It's so fresh and pretty.

We went to Burger King later. We rode there with a really nice cab driver. He used to live in Vietnam. He was one of the "Good guys", held captive as a POW for years, got out, came here. Worked his butt off, and won the American Dream. A nice house in a quiet area, wife, prosperous busi…

Touch of gray

What did I do today? Last night, I made the big purchase from The Woolery. I got an email with a tracking number today. I love emails with tracking numbers. I don't know when Ron's Baconwave arrives (it can cook 14 slices at a time, he loved the one he had in CA), but it'll probably come mid-next-week.

I offered a swap on a knitting board, a book I don't like (Barbara Walker #4) for someone's leftover acrylic yarn. Acrylics tend to be the unloved stepchildren of the knitting world. They're around, but no one loves them, anticipates new arrivals, or mourns the loss of a colorway. The attitude I've picked up tends to lean towards disdain.

I did get a couple of replies - people wanting to swap, or just send the yarn off to a good home. Yay! I plan to have a lot of fun knitting them into a "Scrapghan". I love acrylics. It's just who I am. Sure, they can be scratchy and rough when you're working them up, but a quick wash with some f…

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

Well, I didn't "eat" it. I spent it.

I had a chat with Ron. I want to buy this thing, help me figure out what I really want to do. Will I use it? Can I afford it? How long have I wanted it? Months, huh? Why do I think I shouldn't buy it? Because it's not cheap.

Do I have the money? Here, here's some money to help out (I didn't ask, he offered me about 2 hours' pay), and when it was all said and done I ordered a set of cotton hand cards, a learn to spin cotton kit, a half pound of tussah silk noils (they will be carded with wool or another fiber to make yummy blended yarns), and a half pound of wool/cotton blend that was on sale.

I still had enough left to buy Ron's Baconwave from another online store (he paid me cash, I used my debit card). I'm still blinking in shock. The package arrives Monday. I can finally card and spin my yak and camel!

I need to get some merino for blending but that's not a hardship (I went to Walmart tod…

Cat nightmares

Last night, Bubba slept in my bed. He's so big and regal. My first baby, I still can't believe someone left him to starve after they moved. How stupid! He's precious to me. Anyway, he slept in my bed last night.

When Frosty sleeps with me, he likes to sleep by my feet, preferably to my right. When Bubba sleeps with me, he likes to sleep by my left hip. He climbed in, we did the usual fussing and petting and purring (you can figure out who did what). Lights out, went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Bubba woke me up. He was having a nightmare. His legs were twitching and he was howling miserably, I reached over, found a furry body, and began petting it while speaking soothingly. It's OK. I won't let them get you. It's OK. He settled down and we went back to sleep.

When I woke up, Bubba had moved on but Frosty was in his usual spot. I wonder if they have shifts? I haven't had any nightmares for the last couple nights. Yay.

Now I feel awf…

I cycled again.

The last couple weeks I was depresed. Today I noticed I'm getting a little manic.

Just for fun, some of the things I've been "into" and the rationale:
1. Wool blanket from a Military surplus store. I have at least a dozen blankets. But I don't have a full sized wool one, do I? I have a nice wool throw, and plenty of other blankets. Besides, I'm almost done with Happy the afghan.

2. Wool cards. For carding loose fiber. I have about 10 pounds of all-ready-to-go wool top that just needs spinning. But it isn't loose fiber. I could make blends. My own, custom blends. The cards cost at least $50, and I have pounds of ready-to-go fiber.

3. Loose clean scoured wool to card on the hand cards. The yak and camel fiber will only go so far. Just think, I could blend merino and yak, or camel and merino... Oh, the options... The options of all the ready to go fiber sitting in my living room. The wool cards aren't going anywhere and neither is the clean-scoured-loose-w…

Be glad Blogger ate my first post...

Well, I had a whole post typed out about our hideous drama this weekend. Not one, but TWO dead rodents in Ron's room, reeking up the house. Hideous treasure hunts for the decaying bodies... UGH. Thank God it's over. The dead mouse (found Sunday) and dead RAT (found today, Monday) are gone. Even the stench is gone.

You would not believe how many sticks of incense I burned to get it that way. I'm glad I went manic for incense a couple years ago - I still have a couple hundred sticks. I burned at least a dozen. You didn't really want to read all the gory details, did you? UGH. Ew. Ew. Ew. Except the first post was longer and had more ews in it.

Cat door. Not always a good idea.

[Heather takes a purely selfish moment to thank God the dead things weren't in HER room.] Big sigh. I'm so happy that's been the worst thing!

Ron's been good. He seems to be intent on keeping the promises he made. So far, so good. Even the drama this weekend didn&…

If you're ever bitten by fire ants...

Campho-phenique works pretty well. I haven't had any trouble with my ant bites today.

A couple years ago, when I stepped on a wasp while walking barefoot, I googled home remedies for wasp stings. Lavender oil worked a lot better than the baking soda paste. Well, lavender oil and an ice cube.

Lavender oil is also good if you have trouble falling asleep. Put a drop on your wrists and rub them together. It helps me a lot.

Hope springs eternal

Last night I had a couple of odd dreams about the upcoming high school reunion I won't attend. No thanks. If I've got that kind of money to spend on airfare I'd rather spend it somewhere else.

Speaking of spending, good news. I went to Walmart, bought a lot of candy for Halloween, stuff I needed, two cases of "my" soda, and I only spent $40. Then I went and made a deposit. I have a lot more ready cash now on the medication than I've ever had in my life.

Overall, I'm pretty good. As it gets later in the day, I tend to get a little to a lot depressed. That's why, just now, I got up and threw a frozen lasagna (No Preservatives) in the microwave. I also remembered while typing that I used my last deposit slip at my bank today so I threw a couple more in my purse. What does lasagna have to do with depression?

Once I eat it, I can take my lithium and Risperdal, which are the perfect 1-2 punch to stomp my depression. I don't ever beat myself up…


I've always loved Goldenrod. It's so pretty. It was one of the plants I really missed when I lived in California. Every fall, when I'd be manic, the Goldenrod would bloom. I have some happy memories of walking through the woods, or playing in the yard at school and seeing the goldenrod.

I love the color, too. Back in 2003 I picked a lot and tried to use it to dye some wool. I didn't understand the concept of mordanting (pre-treating the wool so it will absorb the dye), so it didn't work.

This year it bloomed late, just about a week ago. I've been seeing it everywhere we go. I told Ron, if he could see one of the best presents he could give me is a trunk full of goldenrod he'd picked. That would be so awesome.

But he's blind. Sometimes he has a hard time just staying upright after the stroke. I'll give him a pass.

This year I've wavered. The covetous part wants to go pick pillowcases full of the stuff and use it to dye ....

That's …

Go Vikings!

Today was a busy and productive day. I got to sleep late, yay! Went to my psychiatrist's office, had my "tune up". I reported a good side effect, the pills make my allergies a lot better than they were before. Ron was able to convince his boss NOT to take one of my snack machines away and give it to another vendor. Yay!

My doctor filled out the Metrolift paperwork, all I need now is the prescription for the service. He'll do it Monday, and it'll get mailed to me. I had a good lunch and didn't have to wait very long on our ride home. When we got home, I had a nap. I had a handsome black cat come and cuddle with me, even. Bubba. I sure love that beast. I really missed him.

By the time Ron got back from Starbucks, I had already changed into my yardwork clothes. We headed out to weed-whack. I got most of it done when I stepped into a fire ant mound. Pain. Burning, aching pain. Firey pain. Stabbing, jabbing pain. I look down and my right foot is…

I got paid

Ron has been decent the last couple days. I even got paid early "Because we'll be at your Doctor's office tomorrow, when I'd normally pay you." I like getting paid a day or two before the "usual" pay days - shopping's a lot easier. I got my normal pay amount.

AND. I had $60 of my own money in my pocket from my last pay period. Battling depression has it's advantages. I feel pretty upbeat now. As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to eat, take my lithium, and ensure I continue to feel good.

I'm just tired (see nightmare post), wary, and weary of fighting mood disorders amplified by personal crisis. Ron was listening to "Piano Man" by Billy Joel a while ago and I asked himto plug in his headphones. The LAST thing I want to hear is a song about guys drinking at a bar.

Last year at Halloween, we ran out of candy. We'd only bought $40 worth, a fair amount in cheap, bulk wrapped candy. Still, I ran out. Ron had to…

Take a cat and call me in the morning.

The last couple nights, I've been plagued with nightmares. Nightmares about stalkers, nightmares that I'm working at Target again, nightmares about medical crises, and others I thankfully managed to block out.

It was getting to the point that I was dreading nap/nighttime. I function far better if I get a nap in the afternoon, but I was feeling very persecuted, plagued, and not a little paranoid. Bubba moved out of my bed about the time the nightmares started. I can't say that I blame him - I've been told I do everything from sleepwalk, scream, moan, and cry.

Who'd want to sleep with that? Due to unfortunate events yesterday, I didn't even get my nap. Certified mail package, phone calls, and noisy neighbors all conspired to keep me awake. Last night I had a total of 3 recalled nightmares. That's a record.

Today I came home exhausted. I had hoped I could get my nap, but my power-equipment neighbor had other ideas. Weed whacking, mowing, any rest I g…

I almost forgot - Funny

I almost forgot to tell you what happened this last weekend. I came home Saturday afternoon. The cats acted like they normally do.

Frosty was begging a lot, and he wanted one of my special ear massages (I rub them with the ball of my hand). He came out when everyone left.

Bubba was his usual, social yet distant self. Hey, good to see you Mom.

He's been sleeping in my bed a lot, which I thought was sweet. I went to sleep Saturday night. I woke up in the middle of the night with Bubba rolling on my hand and purring. I had a great time, petting and cuddles with my first baby. He NEVER, EVER does this. The only times he comes close are when I'm very ill.

I was very touched and loved the special gift of cuddles and purring. Then Bubba left and got Ron a present.

I woke up a few hours later to an awful shrieking noise. Ron asked me to come get rid of the victim in his room. I looked.

The cat had brought Ron a huge toad the size of my fist.

I rounded up the toad and remov…

No wonder I'm depressed again

Tonight Ron's very defensive and angry. "I suffered too!" Now he wants me to tell him that he's hurt too????

I told him "I'm sorry you got drunk and attacked your wife and degraded yourself. I'm sorry you ran me off!" Then he goes off in a huff.

"You helped me buy it!" Yeah, and I'll never make that mistake again. What inspired this? He wants me to buy him another wine box tomorrow. I said, fine. I'll be happy to do it, per the terms of our contract. You'll get your next one Nov 10.

He said, every month. I said, yes, every 30 days. I am not going down the road of buying wine boxes close together, especially when I'm still looking at bruises! That's when he went to he suffered too... etc.

On the one hand, I'm boiling with anger. On the other, I'm just filled with this endless pit of pain and despair.

Oh, speaking of hopeless and despair, I had this conversation at work yesterday:
Heather: Taking o…

And then what?

Sorry to leave you hanging for a whole week there. I wanted to think things out as clearly as possible and NOT make impulsive, reactive, emotional decisions.

The next morning I told Ron what he had done, calling from a house 50 miles away. He was horrified, of course. The first few days were a horrible treasure hunt of bruises popping up, one after the other.

I don't regret my decision to leave the police out of this. If I had to, I have plenty of witnesses to Ron's behavior and my injuries. Nothing really hurt that much, unless pressed, and the worst damage was to the side of my hand when I was whacking him (before the shoe).

The first couple days, it was "When are you coming home, you have to come home!"

I told him, I was taking his calls. That was the best I could do at present. My aunt was very impressed that I wasn't hateful, just firm.

Not easy to do when you're staring at deep bruising on both your thighs and your right arm. Not easy at all. Wh…