Tuesday, March 31, 2015

If it's my thyroid

Still depressed. 

Got up, I just didn't want to take a shower.  I compromised, I didn't wash my hair, but got everything else. 

Ron and others have a hard time believing long hair is easier for a depressive, but it is for me.  I can, during mild/cold weather, "get away" with skipping a shampoo now and then.  It looked frizzy, not great, but it was "fine". 

I did do my God Time, Torbie at my side. 

I ate and took my pills.  I had been able to sleep a little later.  Ron and I work one, later afternoon, shift every week so we can interact with all shifts.  I think that's really important. 

The customers seem to appreciate it.  Overall, I really like the new staff. 

We went to Walmart.  I only carried my reusable tote bags.  And, of course, the driver wanted a Bible.  I took care of it but I can't say how. 

We went to the store and shopped.  I didn't get much, cheese dogs, diet soda, drink mix, cat treats. 

I also got some catnip spray for a coworker.  He has cats, they'll enjoy it. 

I spent $20 on the business, and got the money back later. 

Praise God I did get some mints.  My medication brings dry mouth to a whole new level. 

When we got home, we found the yard mowed.  Our guy had come by.  He forgot to get his money. 

I found another soccer ball in the yard, so I can understand the kids a little better - if they lost two balls.  I threw it over the fence, of course.  I will be checking the yard daily. 

I find it funny, #2 is an even sloppier landscaper than us.  Apparently, if our yard looks good he has to mow his now - he's working on it now. 

Regarding #6, I am finding it easier to sleep when the dog is barking.  I got a look at her today as I returned the dog.  She is about the size of a cat, not growing any.  Good.  I'd much rather have her than that huge, vicious, pit bull on my back fence.  I'm scared of him. 

When #6 dog got out, she came over and licked my hand.  That's my kind of neighbor dog (if only she never barked!). 

Heather, you are impossible to please. 

I'm afraid there's some truth in that statement. 

Anyway, I put up my things, off to work.  Our ride was really late, and then we rode around for a while. 

Ron complained bitterly about "having" to ride down Greens Road.  Now, it's a terrible street, full of potholes, but you have to take the shortest distance.  I had to talk him out of calling dispatch and filling a formal complaint on the driver, who is just the nicest guy ever and totally professional. 

The driver appreciated it.  One part of my unofficial job description: calming him down.  Although he does the same for me, plenty. 

Praise God we have never both been extremely upset at the same time. 

Snacks were dead.  Dead. 

I was horrified when a customer told me I had accidentally stocked the Twix at 50 cents, and not $1 (should be $1.25).  AGH!  You would have gotten a laugh, watching me UNSTOCK. 

Oh, well.  The vending machines rip people off, sometimes they don't ask for the refund.  I tell myself this is just people getting their refund.  (We lost maybe $3 on my mistake)

Other than that, snacks needed nothing. 

I turned to the food machines, stocking them well.  A union rep had made a pointed comment about cup of noodles. 

I'd be a real idiot to ignore that. 

I did that, K-cups, shelf stable dinners, sandwiches, etc. 

Then I helped Ron with sodas, getting them for him, and putting replacement drinks into the fridge.  I also did an inventory for truck day. 

Meter readings!  For some reason a couple of my machines did not want to enter service mode - I had to keep beating on the button. 

Meter readings are like an odometer for sales.  They tell you, overall, how much you've made over the life of the machine.  If it was $200 last month and is now $350, I made $150. 

Did that. 

We went home.  I was pretty irritable for some reason, tired, and I just wanted to go to bed.  I was not happy when Ron said he wanted to run change instead. 

He decided against it, right as some neighbor fired up the lawn care equipment.  Agh!  I just wanted to sleep! 

I put in my earplugs and took a nap for 2 hours. 

I woke up, feeling better.  I got online.  I'm going to eat in about an hour and take my lithium.  I want my levels to be accurate when I get my blood test tomorrow. 

I plan to get:
Lithium level (obvious)
Chemistry panel (checks liver and kidneys)
Thyroid panel - someone at work mentioned my fatigue and weight gain may be thyroid related.  If that's the case I can check it.  Medication is cheap, and could really boost my quality of life. 

If it's my thyroid. 

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