Monday, March 23, 2015

Day of the flying sandwich

"I'm sorry" the sandwich guy told us over the phone "Your sandwiches flew out on the freeway." 


"The door didn't latch, the rack slid back against it as I accelerated, and I lost them all."  I began laughing hysterically, thinking of Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly" as the sound track to flying racks of sandwiches erupting from the truck.

I had a very good laugh, until he told me he still had to pay for them.  That sucks. 

Good news: the other vendor's tray was on another stack that did not escape.  They got their delivery.  We did not. 

"Oh, well" I told Ron "At least they'll be fresh".  The customers can shop with the other guy tonight. 

I slept horribly last night.  The neighbors went out, and didn't come back until well after my bedtime.  The dog became anxious and barked a lot. 

Once that settled the guy with the loud polka music drove around the neighborhood for hours.  "Next time" I begged Ron "Please call the police".  I tried to put in my earplugs but dropped them on the floor. 

I got perhaps 3 hours of sleep.  I still had to work. 

Shower had to wait: so did God Time.  I have done my God Time - if I postpone it I do it before I get online. 

I pray God I get some sleep tonight. 

We'd already stocked so we mainly just met the repairman.  After a few minutes examination, he declared it dead.  The brewer motor is gone, and they don't make replacement parts anymore. 

Ron and I did our best to act upset, while we inwardly rejoiced.  Coffee vending machines are horrific money pits.  Everyone screams at you when it's not perfect.  No one really cares if they get the wrong soda but God help you if the coffee messes up. 

Basically, we are out a lot of aggravation until the issue is settled.  Our guy is doing some research and will talk to the boss. 

I talked to the sandwich guy, and we'll meet him tomorrow. 

After that, we had a good ride home.  Our driver told us she had just argued with dispatch, telling them Ron "was a wheelchair".  She was shocked to find him with a walker today. 

I think Ron is making a good call, leaving the wheelchair (one of them) at work and using the walker the rest of the time.  If we had an emergency or are doing a Bible Handout, we have another, cheap, chair I bought for $100. 

We went to the taqueria today.  I got a shrimp quesadilla.  It was very good.  Ron got some machacado tacos.  link

I also got some meat for the cats, which they love.  I've seen everyone but Biscuit eating the meat. 

I came home and crawled into bed.  Ron went to the liquor store with his "friend", and bought case counts of all his favorites.  [head in hands]  I will refrain from further comment.  I did, however, make it clear I would not help with any alcohol.  I will throw an empty beer can into the recycle and that's about it. 

They made a lot of noise coming back.  I guess they "forgot" I was sleeping. 

I still got a couple hours of sleep after they finished.  I had a kitten and Torbie.  I assumed it was Biscuit,  he normally sleeps with me, but imagine my surprise to wake up to Mr Gravy!  I gave him some petting and cooed over them both. 

I had a couple of things I "had" to do.  I had to clean the litter boxes.  I did that.  I had to go weed a garden bed and mark it so the yard guy doesn't whack my Jerusalem Artichokes. 

I did that.  Apparently I woke up the vicious dog behind me.  Frankly, I think I embarrassed it.  It barked wildly as I weeded the garden bed (in MY yard), snuffing at the privacy fence and barking madly.  I'm glad we have a good fence on that side. 

The little dog next door gave a yap or two, but stopped when I used her name and talked nicely to her.  I don't hate dogs.  I just hate neighbor dogs that disturb my life or make me fear for my safety, or, God forbid, both. 

The little dog ran over to me one day when she was out with her owner.  I didn't mind that at all.  I petted her and she licked my hand.  She's really a nice little dog. 

The one behind me?  I'd probably climb the tree, like a cat! 

I finished up, washed my hands, and decided to go to the store.  I was really craving some ice cream.  I walked to the gas station (about a mile each way) and did that.  I realized the intersection outside the gas station is always really busy, and has a NICE median.  HMMMM. 

Smells like a Bible Handout! 

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Anonymous said...

Happy Gardening Heather! my chickens dug up my Jerusalem artichokes and I replanted them they are a great barrier plant and a native but here we have to put them in boxes because they spread like bamboo and piss people off!

I love the way they look mine were almost 20ft and had tiny yellow sunflowers on top just this amazing wall of green and yellow

Chickadees loved it

glad to see you out and about and you look great in your picture above at the hand out

gotta love that Heather smile!

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