Thursday, March 19, 2015


I didn't know we're due to have a Supermoon. 

If I had, the migraine would have made a lot more sense, especially with one low-pressure weatherfront after another swooping through (either can "get" me, but both, apparently, are catastrophic). 

I just knew I hurt.  Last night I hunched over my bucket, tears literally streaming down my face from the pain - thanking God, yet again, that I never had children.  Bad enough to suffer.  Worse to watch a loved one. 

I slept poorly, had nightmares, and woke up with a continued migraine.  I wanted to die.  I wanted to cut off my head.  I just wanted to make it stop, already!

I like to think of myself as "pretty tough".  I can handle a 12 hour migraine, or even a 36 hour one.  But three days? 

I ate over the counter pain pills like candy.  Asprins.  Fake Alka-seltzer.  Fake Excedrins.  (I am cheap and use generics whenever possible).  Every 4 hours.  Praise God I did not eat a hole in my stomach. 

Three days.  It was apocalyptic.  Remember, I had a "truck day" delivery - moving lots of merchandise,  a day off, and then more work today. 

Praise God the pain began to abate somewhere in the early afternoon, today.  It's a good thing, some guy at work went crazy with cologne.  I'd have vomited.  I had to move some merchandise for Ron, too, pull handcarts, etc - all hell with any kind of headache, much less a migraine. 

However, something wonderful happened this morning. 

I heard a loud diesel idle.  I wondered about it, but assumed it had to do with #6, after all he's a contractor. 


Huh?  BIBLES! 

I raced to the door to find 4 massive cases of Spanish Bibles.  They are so awesome, WHOLE Bibles no less, in orange, which is, I'd say my theme color for the Handouts. 

I already gave 2, to the pizza people.  Dominos lets you know who is making the pizza, and who's delivering it.  They both had latin names. 

He didn't reject them.  :)   I said "The other one's for [cook's name]"  He smiled and said "OK".  This is all in addition to a generous tip.  Even if you're a cheapo, be generous when tipping cash + Bible.  Think of it as a short term mission trip (I know some people who pay several thousand for one mission trip). 

So, we went to work right about the time I was feeling better.  2 more drivers confirmed today, that part of Bissonnet is horrible.  I am so eager to go.

Early next week looks to be good.  I just have to figure out timing, and return trip.  Do we take the bus?  I prefer that, but Ron might not. 

He's still in a lot of pain with neuropathy.  I wish I could fix it, but, at the end of it, I can't.  I did give him some of my vitamins.  They seem to help, he says.

I ordered more, so he has his own stash.  I also found a very decent multivitamin.  It covers most of the basics, and that's great.  I take additional supplements, and in Ron's case, it's better than nothing.   It was a real battle to get him to take 4.  The multi, D3, Folic Acid (he never eats anything green), and a B-complex. 

We both avoid the doctor if at all possible, my psychiatrist excepted.  He writes the prescriptions!  I might look around and see if I can ask him for a low cost prescription, non-narcotic pain reliever.  Something I can take "around" the migraines. 

We had a good day at work and got it all stocked.  We had a 20% chance of rain, and it's rained for hours.  [snort]  "They" all agree rain tomorrow and Saturday, Monday - Wednesday should be clear and warm. 

Good Handout weather. 

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