Sunday, March 29, 2015

Prefers them

They didn't finish the party until after 11.  I waited until I saw the cars leave, before I went to bed. 

I slept OK and got up at 6.  I was exhausted.  I took a shower and then found the ball in my backyard, tossed it back.  I found it funny that neither dog (back fence or next door) even noticed. 

Irritation nipped at me all day, like a pesky chihuahua.  I kept turning it over to God and it kept coming back. 

It's a nice weekend, I don't want to be upset. 

I know, however, 90% of this is "just" depression.  It's ruminating - link.  Let me tell you, it's exhausting. 

Ron got pretty upset last night and told me to shut up already "You are hurting me more than those kids!"  I put a cork in it, blogged, ranted on Facebook (at least a couple people agreed with me), etc. 

At the end of it, I just don't get why this guy and his family see our property as theirs.  The property line just doesn't exist in their heads. 

Perhaps he was involved in the house flip (the home was flipped twice prior to our buying it).  If so, he did a terrible job.  You can see all the mud and tape from the drywall repairs.  I don't know, don't care. 
I can't figure out why they don't move.  She wears very stylish clothing that was not plucked from the bargain bin.  They have two very nice late model vehicles and the infamous 13 passenger van he wanted to park in my driveway.  They have six kids - and have already illegally modified the home to 5 bedrooms.  She is still pretty young -they could end up with more kids.  They have no parking, no yard, and they just want to take ours instead of buying a "better" property. 
Why, I wonder (and I'm not hating now, just baffled) why do they think they can take ours?  Why not buy a couple acres out in the country? 

I probably don't want the answer, so I'm done.  Hopefully I made the point with the oldest last night - our yard is different from no other - if you lose your ball you will get it tomorrow.  It should encourage them to be more careful, too. 

If they sneak in after the ball, they'll be quiet.  If they get hurt sneaking that's on them.  I told them several times they don't have permission.  So even that's a win. 

We went to church.  I had an agenda:
1.  Donuts
2.  Ask them to buy me a case of these: $1.25 each when you buy a case
3.  Ask if it was OK to put the invitation/business cards into the Bibles.
4.  Tell them about the handout.

We got there late.  The driver had actually seen us on the Handout so we talked a little about that.  She, I think, took an inefficient route and we got there late.  I didn't say anything.  No donuts for me. 

I was still boiling about that anyway.

I did briefly inform him about the Handout, after services I asked about the Bibles and cards.  Turns out Chuck (the one at church, we know 2), runs a print shop.  He said he would be happy to help.

I plan to take him up on it and bring him my "Where to Look in the New Testament" masters.  I can't find a blog link so I'll put up the Facebook.  You can find my name here anyway.

So, that would be awesome.  I love that little tract, and not 'cause I wrote it.  I think a lot of people don't know where to start with a Bible.

All that done we had a nice ride home with a lovely, contracted, Yoruba cab driver.  The paratransit company will sometimes hire an independent cab, if the client can get into a standard sedan.  I put the walker in the trunk.  When that happens we give the driver a cash tip as well.

We don't HAVE to, but we do.  We want them to take the next trip. 

He had to get gas so I got to run in a gas station and get a few snacks.  A paratransit driver is never allowed to do this, so if anyone had, I would never write about it.  This, I can.

We got home, I ate, took my meds "When I'm this upset" I told Ron "I want to be as medicated as possible" - and I do feel a lot better.  I heard some noise next door so I put in my earplugs and slept about 2 hours.

I got up, did some housecleaning and a little yardwork.  I had to laugh at myself weeding.  I am so loopy I had to look at each thing in my hand and ask myself "Weed?".  I only took off one jasmine leaf.   The kittens had a blast helping.

I cleared a nice section all around the jasmine.  A while back someone (probably #6 again) weed whacked the front yard while we were gone, without permission, and nearly destroyed my jasmine.  When my yard guy comes I want to make it easy for him - a big circle all around the plant - so he doesn't have to get near it.

The jasmine looks great from all the rain we've had, and I have nice organic soil.  Had I better energy levels, I'd have the whole yard done up.

But I'm crazy enough as it is.  I'll take the trade off.

Besides, I'm sure God will let me play in the dirt, in Heaven, should I desire.

When Ron wakes up I think we'll order a pizza or something.  I'm getting hungry.

Low energy level + depression = a lot of quick and ready made meals.  Happily he doesn't mind.  He actually prefers them.  

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