Friday, March 13, 2015

He's a Big Boy!

A busy day. 

This morning, while waiting on our ride (I got my shower, did God Time later), I watched the light dawn for Biscuit.  Without a doubt, they have been the slowest of any cats I've had when it comes to the cat door. 

Bubba and Frosty had a little adjustment period, but they caught the basics the first day or so.  Baby Girl did as well.  Torbie was sleeping on the back porch on day 3. 

Biscuit and Gravy have had 2 months.  2 months of watching "Sissy" run in and out the cat door, often right over them as they played by the door.  It never dawned on the boys they could go out too... until this morning. 

Baby Girl came in, and around Biscuit, who was nearby.  She ate and left again, going around Biscuit yet again.  He watched her leave, and I could see the dawn of comprehension: it's a door!  To outside!  He put his paw on it and pushed, and the flap opened.  Once he figured it out he must have gone in and out the cat door at least 20 times, just that I saw. 

Gravy was a little slower figuring it out, but you have to remember, they were dumped, starved, and repeatedly kicked in the head.  But they have great lives. 

We went to the store, got some merchandise, and then to work.  I needed to do a surprising amount of work on the snack machines.  Ron had mixed up the sodas when stocking so I had to fix it; when someone pressed "Root Beer" they kept getting Big Red. 

I found the customer who'd had the problem, and went over, apologizing sincerely.  "I'm going to make this right" I told her "Here's a soda, on the house!"  She lit up, until she saw the Big Red.  Everyone had a good laugh over that, and I gave her the refund AND a Root Beer. 

Someone came by just to talk, which I thought was great.  I really want to be the good listener, the pleasant person to be around. 

I had enough time to do my work and help Ron with his.  "I want to help you" I told him "I just need the time".  He agreed.  His new system with the wheelchair at work, walker to and from, worked well. 

Pretty soon we're done.  We had a good ride home with a driver I really like (there are many).  I got some Burger King takeout chicken nuggets, ate those and had my medication. 

I took a nap, and it was a good one - Torbie got into bed with me.  I always sleep GREAT when I have Torbie.  Besides, I love her.  I am honored she picked me, and still seems to enjoy my company. 

I had odd dreams and got up.  Ron and I figured out a Bible Handout dropoff location for tomorrow.  I'll tell you more tomorrow.  We got that called in. 

Then we talked about work for a while - I think it must be near-impossible for a a couple to remain married if only one is involved in a small business.  I know one boss I had said I was making a "Big sacrifice" and "Ron would always value and appreciate what I'd done" when I told him I was quitting to work for Ron. 

Well, Ron does value me.  He's been pretty good about letting me know, lately. 

He has thanked me, again and again, for saving Biscuit and Gravy.  "I couldn't leave them there to die" I reply.  Then he tells me that's why he loves me.  :) 

Houston is awash in rain right now.  We aren't flooding but I have huge mosquitoes everywhere, my yard is a bog, and I have huge waist-high weeds.  I think I need to call my yard guy before I do any gardening. 

The neighbors have been pretty quiet considering.  They had "the cable guy" over a couple times this week so hopefully will switch to indoor entertainment.   They also switched to the cable company alarm. 

We have an interesting program in Houston; if you have more than a couple false alarms, you get a ticket.  I have heard their alarm sounding a lot lately, and they weren't having a problem.  I imagine they got a look at the total for the tickets and switched companies. 

If I were cheap, I'd ask for their old alarm company sign to put in my yard.  I don't have an alarm system.  I think they are aggravating and very annoying.  It makes me feel like a prisoner. 

We've been robbed twice in 10 years.  As Ron says, the first time was "our fault".  The second time we had more "damage" to the door than I lost in property. 

It's our choice. 

Here's a question though - a fake alarm company sign?  Ethical?  

Anyway, the kittens are very happy.  Biscuit in particular is so proud he figured out the cat door all by himself.  He's a Big Boy!  I had asked God, to help the kittens figure out the door if He wanted them to use it.  He did.  I just stood there and watched, "Parking Wars" in the background. 

And may I say I am so glad I don't drive, watching Parking Wars?  Yike. 

I did my God Time.  Gravy climbed up on the other side of the couch, much to Torbie's horror (that's her spot!).  She went to the other spot over by my head on the other side of my body.  We were both happy.  I love that she seeks out my company.  She's a sweet old lady.  To me.  She hates the kittens and smacks them on a regular basis. 

Then, computer time.  And I need to do up the Bibles for tomorrow, of course. 

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Anonymous said...

there is nothing unethical about a fake alarm sign. Honestly but criminals know the difference and really do not care

Heather you are better off when the prices come down and you guys can afford a cheapo camera to just survey before you get home on your cell phone.

they are coming down in price are half the price they used to be at Costco now and our town cops found a prowler one day when the kindly asked if they could look at some footage we had when the noticed our cameras..and darned if they did not catch him

I know money is "tight" for you but the thing I like most is I check the house and animals all day when I am away and when I come home I can look to make sure no on is in the house when I come in.

Damage and thinks can be replaced I worried about us and our animals being safe from criminals.

you are a great researcher try researching and then use your change Jar for that :)

cameras give us such a sense of security were brainless to install and really are cheaper and cheaper all the time.

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