Friday, March 6, 2015

"Live off your fluff!"

I am really glad we almost had sold out vending machines.  Even happier I had just enough inventory to stock them. 

I woke up with a migraine, though.  I get so frustrated.  What is going on?  Why?  Is it my medication?  Can anything be done?  

Cue really bad day at work, stocking everything and helping Ron, with a migraine.  I didn't vomit, yay.  I just wanted to cut my head off.

"It feels" I told Ron "Like someone put my head in a C-clamp, and they're tightening it."  Ron got angry at God. 

Well, we expected that. 

At least he didn't yell at me for "Being sickly" like he used to do.  Hey, I worked. 

We came home and I crawled into bed.  I feel marginally better, but not much.  I have zero appetite, so I can't eat. 

It has been my painful experience; don't eat until I'm hungry.  My body isn't ready yet.  I weigh over 200 pounds, I can live off my fluff. 

However, I do need to eat (please God don't let my medication be the migraine culprit), sometime, tonight, so I can take my medication.  I'm thinking plain boiled pasta. 

When I get my appetite, of course. 

Torbie was great, nice and cuddly, both last night and this afternoon.  She likes to sleep near my left foot. 

The kittens were their usual frisky selves.  They were so excited when they knocked over 2 quarts of fruit punch.  God love them, they don't mean to cause trouble.  They had so much fun walking in the punch and sniffing the ice cubes, I couldn't even yell. 

It did take a while to clean up.  Thank God it was sugar free.  It went everywhere. 

The litter boxes are going to have to wait.  I'm not up for that. 

Please, God, let me be better by Truck Day - tomorrow.  Ron says he can reschedule but we really need the inventory. 

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Anonymous said...

increasing headaches from spring pollen? I have taken to wearing a dust mask in the garden then washing my face as soon as I get in the house, keeping the windows closed. Spring, beautiful out but the pollen is terrible, feel better

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