Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's not about me

Nothing like crawling around half dressed, behind a computer, trying to figure out why it can't find the network. 

Now, I'm simple, but the guy who set this up likes things to have "an order".  Computer to network to internet.  The kittens love to romp around the computer, so I thought maybe they knocked out the cable.  It's working now.  Either the prayer or the cord check did the trick. 

I also unplugged the network box for a while and said it only got to eat (electricity) if it behaved.  :p 

So, Truck Day.  52 cases, 30 of which were soda.  I needed a LOT of snacks.  I loaded, loaded the truck, loaded the carts, pushed it all in, and stocked. 

I was a little harassed at work, Ron kept asking for help.  I had to move 52 cases into vending machines and our stockroom.  We also got the sandwich delivery. 
I didn't see Torbie (that I know of) last night, but some kitten got in my bed for petting in the middle of the night.  It was dark.  It was Biscuit or Gravy.  I gave him petting, said he was a sweet boy, and he left. 

I was pretty depressed, so I just got my shower.  I just did my God Time.  It's a good thing I was full of the Holy Spirit, working on the computer after such a long day! 

At work, I stocked everything.  Those snack machines are PERFECT.  They can hold hundreds of items, which I stocked.  The customers really like my product mix, and interesting (I think) mix of "boring" plainish items with hot and spicy fire items.  I also have a nice variety of sweets, candy bars, "healthy" granola, chocolate, nut bars, pastry, you name it.

I don't even like most of what we sell, it gives me a migraine, I just don't care for hot items, and I'm allergic to Almonds - but to quote the Gospel Rapper - it's not about me.  It's about them and what will get them digging in their pockets.

The new people (transfers from another location) seem truly delighted with my choices.  I hate to get racial, but they had older white vendors, who probably stocked the kinds of things they liked to eat.  While I am middle aged and white, I am well aware my tastes are not the customer's.  I look at what they bring, what my drivers are eating (very similar demographic), etc.  Then I go buy that.  I also see what "my" "Black" man (Ron) is eating and get that.  So far, so good.

I take a lot of pride in my work.

That took forever.  I was completely, physically and mentally exhausted when we left.  Ron made the trips for tomorrow's Bible Handout in SW Houston.   Yay.  It looks to be perfect. 

I took a nap (not the best quality but I went under for a while at least) after eating and taking my pills.  So glad I had something ready made. 

When I got up, I did some chores - excuse me, housework, and did up 130 Bibles.  "Bad neighborhood", to me, equates to "Bring lots".  Once they figure out I'm not a scammer, many times I am swamped. 

I'll hand out however many I'm meant to.  God's bringing them.  I just have to find the corner and work it. 

That makes me sound like a prostitute! 

Anyway, I got caught up on everything, took out the trash, laundry, litter box, etc. 

Then I did my God Time, and had the computer excitement. 

The cats are good, Ron's good, and I'm just mainly tired. 

God willing, I am going to bed early, and will sleep! 

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Anonymous said...

thank you for adopting the kittens

it is such a sad world out there for domestic animals who have been discarded like garbage.

I can not imagine a world with out fur to snuggle

I refuse to imagine it!

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