Friday, March 20, 2015

Don't waste your life

I finally got a good night's sleep, faithful Torbie at my side.  She may not be a super cuddly lap cat, but she's in the bed nearly every night.

Today, she slept on me during my nap.  As in, on my torso.  We had a good time.

Gravy is in front of my monitor, happily grooming himself as he obstructs my view.

We got up around 6:30.  I felt OK so we went to Walmart.  I did my God Time first.

Ron wanted to wait, so he did while I got him Icebreakers Watermelon Frost, Bath Wipes, various vitamins  - and Gravy's gone.

I got his stuff and mine.  After I cut my leg this week some of my friends gave me a hard time about my "inadequate" first aid kit.  "You should have had some wound seal".

I got 2 things; a coagulant spray (I found it in the camping area), and some Curad coagulant pads - they dissolve in the blood and make a coagulant gel.  I also bought some rubbing alcohol, which I thought I had until I cut my leg, and some "fresh" antibiotic cream (I think my old one expired).  I plan to bring some of my supplies to work, as odds-are I will most likely get injured there.

I bought a lot of drink mix, as you know I am perpetually thirsty.  I'm going to get a drink now, in fact.  OK.  2 quarts of Raspberry Lemonade with Stevia.  The stuff isn't cheap but it's good.  ($2.70 for 6 pouches). 

I drink about 2 gallons a day.  Lithium is a powerful diuretic.

I also got more pain medication: aspirin and OTC Generic Excedrin.  I couldn't find the fake Alka-Seltzer, but I think I am OK in that regard.


Lots of cat treats for Ron.  Some underwear and a new bra I can wear under a white t-shirt.  I have found white and black to be "ghetto neutral" and good colors to wear under my neon orange safety vest.  I can then remove the vest and become a "civilian" quickly.   It doesn't stop the recipients, though, they will track me own sometimes after the handout.

You get the idea.  All done.

We came home, we had a good ride with a driver we liked.

One of the other clients got upset at Ron playing old R&B music and demanded he play "Some Christian music".  She was very haughty.  I told her I'd be happy to play my gospel rappers but I didn't think she'd like them (she was white, and 60 ish).  She agreed, and "let" Ron continue to play his music.

With great glee, he cued up "Jesus is Just Alright with me".  She grimaced.

Then I started telling her about the Bible Handouts, and bragging on Ron for coming with me.   She began shifting in her seat as though ants were biting her.

After we got everything into the house, I told Ron "I think 'Being a Christian' is more of a cultural/social thing for her."

"I wish I had told her about Romans 3:23" Ron lamented.  "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God!"  I consoled him. 

The driver had asked if I "still" planned to go to Bissonnet (apparently a really awful area, great for Handouts!), and laughed when I agreed with enthusiasm.

God does not want us to get saved and sit on our butts.  He wants us out there in the trenches, getting up early to pray and study our Bibles, asking Him to teach us.  He wants us out there sharing our testimony (and boy do Ron and I have one!).  He wants us out there sharing Him, showing His love and peace in every aspect of our lives.  I'm working on the last. :) 

[sigh]  But I'm sure that woman thought she had it worse than anyone else in the world, and God doesn't want me to change.  [sigh]

Don't get me wrong: it's not my job to tell other Christians how to live their lives.  But I get so frustrated when I see them wasting their lives.  She could be witnessing and sharing her experiences with the other passengers, and the driver, every time she rides.

Don't waste your life!  Grow your faith; share it!

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we love you and want you and Ron well


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