Saturday, March 21, 2015


I woke up this morning to find a huge pile of mail, in a plastic bag, sitting on the toilet. 

1.  I like my toilet open. 
2.  I did not have my glasses. 

That meant, of course, Ron had gotten his walker and staggered to the mailbox on his own.  "On my way back" he told me "I found Gravy sitting on the seat of my walker."  Not sure how long Gravy and friends "helped" Ron check the mail. 

I went through it all, junk, junk, water bill ($13), and scripture booklets from World Missionary Press.  Look in my links over there --->

We had a pretty quiet day.  1.  Pretty depressed.  I couldn't take my antidepressant for most of the week - I would have just vomited.  2.  Headache, but not horrific and manageable with OTC headache pills.  I buy those rascals in the 2-pack. 

I got my shower and my God time. 

A word about my viewpoint: I believe unreached people go to hell.  I also believe they lack the comfort only God can give.  "Blessed Assurance" and all that. 

I want people to go to heaven, and I want them to have that comfort.  I don't walk around hating anyone and you should know that! 

If anything, I worry about them.  I grieve for them.  

I ate and took my antidepressant, which brought back the ever popular brain fog and fatigue.  I did not miss that.  I also resumed the hot flashes, dry mouth, and chronic daily headache. 

What's the point of having a blog if I can't whine about my medication?  [grin] 

I took a nap.  Mr Biscuit got in my lap and laid there while I slept.  He's a good boy.  Gravy likes to sleep with Daddy. 

Torbie's more "mine", Baby Girl is more her own cat.  When she wants a human, though, it's Ron. 

Clearly, the cats are a big part of my life. 

After I got up, I watched TV for a little while (an animal rescue show) and we went to the mall.  We had a really good ride with a newer driver. 

We got a meal, ate, and talked.  We had a pretty good time.  Ron kept saying he wanted more food but he'd eaten plenty. 

I did not want to deal with Ron in a family bathroom at the mall, eh? 

Our ride was late, a little drama with that, and then home again. 

He complained bitterly that I had "missed" something because I was wearing my headphones.  He had wanted me to see a cat lying on him and tell him who it was.  "I think it was Baby Girl but I'll never know" he moped.  I took off my headphones to be "more available".  

Ron was doing pretty well until he began sorting change near the computer room.  He objected to one song I played.  I changed it, to an old hymn - then he really started raving. 

I'd have thought, if anything, the gospel rapper would have done that.  [shrug] 

He kept demanding I play [his] music.  I told him, I don't go in your room and demand you play my music or even keep it on your computer.  I respect your choices.  Implied: you should respect mine. 

He complained he "didn't have a choice".  Yes, he did.  He could have waited until I was off the computer, and watching TV.  He chose to do it when he chose to do it. 

While I accommodate a lot in his life, I have learned to set some boundaries.  Yes, I will read you the bag of cat treats, 6 times, because you keep forgetting.  They like them all the same anyway.  Yes, I will read you your mail.  I will bring in the groceries and put them away.  I will do your laundry, etc. 

But I will not turn off my music because you choose to sit behind me, and complain. 

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Anonymous said...

As a dear friend told me once

"you can pray for anyone but the only soul you really have to worry about is your own"

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