Monday, March 16, 2015

Twice over

I had to get up at 2 AM today, and we had a long day at work.  The dog next door barked all Saturday night, and all last night as well. 

I had to keep asking God to help me have good thoughts; because I didn't.  I'm debating the use of those earplugs again.  God knows I don't want to get them stuck.  I'm even debating moving my bed out of the bedroom altogether and shutting the door.  The dog tends to hover on that wall. 

Ron also spent most of the night in agony from nerve pain, groaning.  No, he doesn't want to see a medical professional.  "They can't do anything for me" he says, and outside of narcotics (we both agree hell to the no on that!), he's right. 

I found it most frustrating when the dog shut up after I got up.  It was so quiet you could hear the bugs rustling, all the way until our pickup.  I bitterly wished the neighbors could have been as sleep deprived as I felt.  Yap from 2 AM until he goes to work, don't give them a break now that I'm up! 

No justice, sometimes. 

It is very important for me, with my illness, to get enough sleep on a regular schedule.  I'm already starting to get manic after 2 nights. 

[sigh]   Sorry to whine. 

I thought maybe the cats were to blame, but I checked the house a few times during "full frenzy barking" mode and they were all relaxing at home.  [shrug]  It's not my cats. 

I hope it's just a stray animal wandering around, which will wander off.  I worry maybe the dog isn't fixed, is in heat, and a stray male dog is trying to impregnate her.  That would be bad - all night barking every night while she's in heat, and then the inevitable puppies. 

Hopefully they got her from a shelter, already fixed.  [sigh] I doubt it.  Even if they don't "let" them breed, a lot of ignorant, negligent dog owners never fix their pets. 

I can't do anything about that.  He works 12 hour days, or longer.  They both have a 4 month old infant.  I know babies cry a lot and don't let their parents sleep.  I can only hope they sleep deprived as well; get tired of it, and get rid of her. 

For the second time in two months, I heard the kids playing in the yard.  The dog is in the yard, but they're not playing with it, rather around it.  They didn't get the dog for the kids.  After an initial few days they completely ignore it. 

I assume they did this out of some sense of "security".  But what kind of security do you have, if your dog is only in the backyard and "protecting" one third of your windows?  Someone can easily kick in the front door, or break a front window, do all kinds of horrible things, and all the dog can do (if inclined) is bark.  That's no protection. 

They're a lot better off getting an alarm, which they already have. 

If I were inclined, I'd have a big dog and a doggie door to the backyard.  The dog could go out, or come in, at will, protect us and our property, and play in the yard.  However, I'm not a dog person.  I can't stand the barking and I hear they eat the wrong things. 

I also have cats.  They would be most upset.

So, enough about my aggravations; I still had to go to work.  We had a nice driver.

This is small, petty, and unbecoming for a believer in Jesus: but I was happy when she pulled up and honked loudly, at 3:45 AM this morning.  She also left her dispatch radio turned pretty loud, and the door open.

I stood there by the door battling it out.  Jesus says to do good to those who "hurt" me.  But I didn't sleep the last 2 nights.  How do you like getting woken up?

I shut the door.

I had gotten my shower and God Time this morning, pretty smug about that.  If I do one thing every day (even before the deodorant), I want it to be my God Time.  Torbie hung out with me.

She also took a nap with me, later.  

We went to work.  Snacks didn't need much, just pastry.  People have gone crazy for my large sized chips, but not much else.  I am out of lss chips for now, so they will have to wait until tomorrow.  Clearly I will be buying additional product. 

Just in case you were curious about our prices, I'll share.  Remember we don't pay any "rent", our deal involves lower prices. 

Regular 1 ounce chip: 70 cents
Standard candy bar or pastry: $1
20 ounce bottle of water: $1
16.9 ounce soda: $1.10
Can soda: 75 cents
Sandwich: $2.25

You get the idea.  Ron was in extreme pain.  I accidentally bumped his foot and he screamed in agony.  Yet he worked a full day. 

I admire him, I love him, and I want to grab him by his scruff and take him to a pain clinic. 

I helped stock food, sodas, and assisted Ron with the bottled vendor.  We got the soda delivery (the whole reason for the ungodly early wakeup), and the sandwiches (we need to increase our order).  We did inventory and talked to the other vendor. 

Pretty soon time to go.  We had a ride to the bank. 

The other passengers got angry when I mentioned the transit company plans to increase the fare by a dime a trip.  She started raving "They need to understand... low income... accommodate...."  I wanted to tell her it was still cheaper than riding the bus (and she could ride the bus), calling a cab, or giving a friend gas money. 

The driver started talking about how all the drivers are getting a "Big raise" in 6 months.  Well, they have to do something to find more drivers.  They are chronically short staffed.  If you want to make $120 a day before taxes, Metrolift is your game. 

The "poor" client started talking about a management job she had, and how she had made $90K a year.  "You sure didn't save it" I thought "If you're screaming about a ten cent fare increase". 

People think I'm a bitch: I "just walk off and leave him".  One driver even told me she thought I was a neglectful bitch, until she realized Ron is very independent and doesn't want any help.  

Apparently no one heard me ask Ron if he wanted help.  They just saw me disembark, "leaving him".  "Poor lady" started screaming and demanding I come back.  I did. 
"You have to help him" she said. 
"He's fine" I said and got off again.  
"You need to get him a white cane" she shouted, as I went down the stairs.  How is a man, using both hands to push his walker, going to hold, and use, a white cane?  With his third hand?  

I was pretty annoyed, some of this no doubt fueled by my lack of sleep.   I muttered under my breath. 

We went in and did our banking.  One teller hasn't had us in ages.  Sometimes we have a change deposit, which is very complicated, and something everyone hates.  She hasn't had us, or a change deposit, in probably a year. 

Today she got us.  We just needed to convert some $1 bills, only.  She was delighted that was it. 

We left and had a good ride home.  I ate (I got some takeout hambugers, ate one for breakfast and one for lunch) and took my pills.  I got a good nap for an hour and a half or so until the kids next door woke me up. 

Spring break, this week. 

However, the rest of the week is forecast rain, rain, and more rain. 

Tomorrow's truck day.  We need a lot of drinks, pastry, and some candy.  Chips are actually OK except for the larger ones. 

You might think, work would be a bad thing for us.  After all, both Ron and I have disabilities.  I can't even think straight half the time thanks to my medication.  I'm always tired and stupid; I can't even drive, etc.  Ron, what ISN'T wrong with him? 

You know a lady at work asked me when Ron went blind.  I told her.  "So he's deaf, too?"  Yes, I told her.  "Since when?"  Before I met him.  "You married him anyway?"  Yes.  "Why?"  Because I love him. 

She was shocked. 

Anyway, we do what we can - work is good for us, gets us out of bed, and out of the house.  It keeps us active and engaged with the world. 

I know it would be "bad" if I just sat at home with a disability check (which I could get twice over). 

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