Sunday, March 22, 2015

God is in the details

We didn't go to church, it was supposed to rain. 

I will have to get a little racial here.  Many of our drivers are Black women with processed hair.  Processed hair does not like rain - apparently horrific things happen to one's hairstyle. 

Now, some drivers have braids, or more "butch" hairstyles, but most of them have expensive hair.  One of my favorite drivers told Ron she was wearing a "Big ol' purple wig" and laughed at the rain. 

When we got home, Ron asked if she was really wearing a purple wig.  "Yes" I told him "We got home OK, didn't we?" 

So, no trips in the rain for Mr Ron (as they call him).  He doesn't want to ruin their hair, which I find endearing. 

We went to work a little later in the day.  I got to sleep in, with Torbie (the fat tortie tabby in my photos).  That was completely awesome for me. 

I love that cat.  She knows I have a hard time with bad dreams (I had a post-traumatic whopper nightmare not long ago), and I find her very comforting.  She has found a good spot in the bed (left foot) where I don't squash her. 

You can imagine what it must be like, for her to have me roll over on her.  I weigh easily 20 times her weight. 

I did everything: God Time, shower, etc.  I had even gotten up early. 

I got Ron in the bath.  He can do everything on his own.  Thank you God.  He has a "vibrating massager friction blister" that is trying to get infected.  He says he will deal with it. 

I hope so. 

I really hate taking him to the doctor, and don't I sound awful typing that?  [snort] 

I took some of my first aid supplies to work.  You might find this interesting: 
Generic triple antibiotic salve 88 cents at Walmart
Wound Seal spray - $4 at Walmart (on clearance so good luck)
Blood Stop pads - $1 each in a 4 pack. 
Curad Waterpoof bandaids.  They have the Ron seal of approval.  They are a little tricky to apply but stay put.  Even while working, they stay put.  Impressive. 
Large bottle 90% rubbing alcohol.  

I put those into my first aid area.  We stocked. 

I sadly informed Ron Tuesday would not work for the Bible Handout; we had to buy inventory and stock, instead.  We have to arrange our "truck day" ride some days in advance; it's scheduled now. 

Our friend is very happy with his 7 year old rescue chihuhahua.  Good.  I really think most people would benefit from a pet. 

Torbie, as though to prove my point, just jumped up in my lap for some cuddles.  Needless so say you had to wait, because I was petting her.  She is so sweet and loving. 

I think she knows I'm running a little more depressed.  When I'm really sick, my mood stabilizes.  I'm not manic or depressed.  If it was a headache or vomiting illness, I probably haven't had my antidepressant (which makes me vomit if taken during a migraine).  No antidepressant means I become depressed, until I get my levels back. 

So, currently, mild to moderate depression. 

Torbie is now sitting directly next to me.  She's a sweet girl. 

We got it all stocked and I used up 95% of my inventory.  Good, with perishables you want to use them up before you buy the new stuff, and God knows you don't want to use the new stuff before you move the older inventory. 

I helped Ron as much as I could (not as much as he would have liked).  We meet our repairman on Monday. 

"We already did all the stocking" Ron told me, sheepishly. 

Well, it will make tomorrow a little easier, then. 

We came home (good ride, kind of an odd lady, she kept saying I was perfect???). 

I took a nap.  I told Ron I would need my earplugs, as I could ear spanish polka music.  He mocked me and asked if I was sure I had taken all my meds.  For a second, I doubted myself. 

"Well" I told him "If I put in my earplugs, and it goes away, it's not hallucination!  Also, why would I believe a mostly deaf man when he says he can't hear it?"  He agreed. 

I went to bed.  Later on I took out the plugs.  I was tired enough I still slept, mainly because I had TORBIE! in my bed.  She likes to stand on my abdomen as I lie on my back, her feet always finding the painful pressure points in liver, stomach, and bowel.  I always try to coax her off to the side instead! 

She slept spooned with me (awesome!), great because I had another nightmare.  I get tired of them.  Partly due to some crappiness in my life, partly due to medication.  

When I got up, Ron sheepishly told me he had heard the car, driving around the subdivision. 

Just a note: if you like to drive around subdivisions with your music blasting, even if it's your subdivision, please don't.  It's incredibly rude.  Not everyone likes your music.  Some people are sick, have babies, or work nights and are trying to sleep.  Thank you. 

Yes, it was a nice day.  Go throw some weenies on the grill and drink a beer, but don't torture us. 

Not a big deal, but a chronic issue, and I wanted to get it out while I remembered. 

I hated to get up but the nightmare had been pretty awful. 

At work, Ron and I had planned our trips, so I didn't have to wake him up.  With paratransit, you have to plan the trip a day in advance.  I can't just call them up and say "Come get me". 

We are also figuring out the details for the Handout, on Wednesday.  We have to work Monday and Tuesday, do the Handout on Wednesday. 

We are going from NW Houston to SW Houston.  How long will that take?  How long will we need?  How long to eat afterward?  Will we find a good median? 

We shall see: but God is in the details, literally. 

I just have to do up the Bibles and go.  I found out my church info cards have already been shipped, so I should get them in time for the Handout.  God is so good with all these details. 

I can't even pay the water bill.  When I find it I pay it a couple months in advance.  It's the only bill I pay.  I am terrible at executive functions, thanks to my Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. 

So all this management, planning and execution?  That's a gift from God.  Not only that, He sends people who want Bibles.  That in and of itself is remarkable, to tend a soul to that point and then send them to me at the exact moment I'm waving one, on a median.  :) 

Amazing.  I'm glad I'm a part of that. 

I don't kid myself that this is at all "My" work.  No, I'm an employee.  I go and do what I'm directed to do, where I'm directed to go. 

God is in the details. 

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