Thursday, March 5, 2015

I don't need to ask.

I have what I consider to be a fun and exciting ministry, handing out Bibles in the ghetto (usually). 

I was discussing this yesterday with a friend of ours I consider "unreeached" (For one, he does not consider the Bible to be the Word of God).  I shared my policies, and how I adhere to existing regulation. 

"I don't touch the cars or ask for money.  I'd like to say I don't impede traffic but if that Lexus (in the right hand turn lane) wants a Bible he's going to get it." 

We then discussed money, and how many people try to make "donations", which I politely refuse.  "I would never get money anywhere around a recipient." 

Ron mentioned I could hand them a card referring them to (A Gofund me) page, but I rejected that as well.  "NO money talk anywhere near a recipient.  This is a Free Bible campaign, I don't want them feeling like they have to buy them." 

Yes, most of the recipients "Could" buy a Bible, but they aren't.  If they'll take it from me, great.  I have no problem looking like a jackass on the corner.   I mean that, truly.  I'd probably do it naked if it were legal, and would get more Bibles distributed. 

Ron asked about Gofund me.  I told him, I would put up a photo and tell them what I do, if I needed Bibles, which I don't. 

I have literally hundreds in my front room.  God is good.  I also have sponsors.  God generally lays it on them when I need Bibles.  All of a sudden I get messages saying "Bibles are on the way" when I didn't even ask! 

Failing that, I have sponsors I can ASK for Bibles. 

I don't worry about getting Bibles. 

That's totally disregarding the fact that Ron gave me a raise, months ago, and I can certainly BUY them myself (I bought about 3/4 of the front room Bibles).  It's God's project, He's going to supply. 

I'm just the employee, I don't need to ask for money. 

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