Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pizza isn't cat food!

I woke up, battling yet another headache.  Someone, put me down already! 

I went to the warehouse and got about 50 cases of merchandise, loaded the truck, and went to work.  Only to discover:
1.  They were preparing to wax my only entrance/exit for handcarts.  Can you imagine carrying 50 cases of merchandise through a turnstile? 
2. They had already waxed in front of my vending machines, so no stocking today. 
3.  They were about to wax in front of my stockroom. 

I managed to cajole them into delaying 1 and 3 for a while, long enough to get my carts, load them, get them inside, get Ron inside, and unload the carts into the stockroom. 

Ron stocked the one thing he could. 

Then we sat around for quite a while as I cursed myself for leaving the Kindle at home.  "I'll be too busy to read" I thought. 

Our ride home was also significantly late, but she was a really nice driver. 

Oh, and the neighbors had a party last night.  No music, though.  Either they are becoming better neighbors or the baby is making them better neighbors. 

It did go pretty late, so I was fairly sleep deprived. 

I did get a good nap when we got home.  I was happy about that. 

The headache eventually crawled off, snarling. 

I cleaned the litterboxes (couldn't, yesterday), topped them off (I use Scoop Away Ultra, very good stuff), and ordered a pizza. 

Ron fed part of his pizza to Gravy, who likes pizza.  Not sure it was a good idea to turn pizza into cat food. 

I did up my medication.  I took my antidepressant about 3 days this week.  I was better about the mood stabilizer and antipsychotics ('cause, really, you don't want to screw with that). 

Still, I'm amazed I feel as good as I do - very stable. 

That's got to be God. 

And oh, fun, we get to work tomorrow.  Apparently work is having an Open House and neglected to tell us.  The other vendor has 2 vending machines down in a breakroom so I want to be the "good" one. 

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