Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Do you need any help?"

I sat outside Sam's Club (they seem to have gotten rid of the supervisor who held me hostage that day), musing "A normal couple would run in, get the tea, go to work, stock, and be done with it all in 3 hours tops". 

Not in my life. 

Our first ride was late - fog.  She was really nice though. 

I overslept and didn't do anything, shower or God Time.  The way I saw it, depressed, I was only going in to stock tea anyway. 

We got to the warehouse, got the tea, I got some coffee and pastry too.

After I checked out we had to wait an hour.   On two separate occasions, people asked if we needed help.  I thought that was very sweet, and explained we were waiting on a ride, thanks. 

We finally got off to work.  Ron put 2 cases of tea (the peach tea - a blowout best seller of all time) in the freezer to chill.  Once they were cold he stocked. 

I worked on the coffee machine.  I had a gnat issue with the coffee grounds. 

The coffee machine has a waste bucket.  If the spout drips after it vends, the cup overflows, or the customer pours some of it off, it all goes into the waste bucket. 

Ron and I call it "The yuck bucket" for good cause.  It's a HORRID job, cleaning that.  I did that.  I got rid of the grounds and took out the dumpster (a very long walk about 1/2 mile each way, it's a huge plant).  Ron stocked nickels.  I added more whole beans.  Finally done. 

One of the customers complained one food machine wasn't taking change.  I had to disassemble it, and when I did I found a penny. 

"I thought the pennies just came back out" he responded when I told him. 

"No, they jam the whole machine and we have to disassemble it before it will take coins again."  He seemed rather sheepish.  Maybe he did it.  That does explain the poor sales in that machine, lately.  I need to get better about checking the coin mechanism when sales are down suddenly. 

But (sigh) I do my best considering.  I had a horrible headache most of the morning but it finally crawled off at work.  That's one reason you won't find me in bed with a headache, unless I'm vomiting.  It'll leave when it leaves, regardless of what I'm doing. 

I did save Ron a $70 service call, with that coin mech.  Happily I understand the conlux coin mech pretty well.  My various repair guys have showed me the tricks.

It's funny, a good repairman will actually instruct the vendor, preventing further service calls.  An average to poor one won't do that.  I have been blessed with excellent repair techs the last 11 years. 

The first couple years we had a guy who was everything awful.  It really makes me value my current guys. 

I did some snacks, not much, and decided I had enough inventory to last another couple days.  I need some more frozen sandwiches.  I can thaw them out and stick them in the food machine as needed.  Some weeks, like this one, I could use extra - but last week I ended up throwing out a couple. 

We finally finished up.  I helped Ron and we got it all done - we can certainly take tomorrow off.  He is making noises about giving me Thursday too. 

If so, I might do a Bible Handout. 

We came home, I took my pills, and got a decent nap.  I have strange nightmares when I'm depressed, but I did get a nicely cuddly Biscuit kitty for a while. 

Even better, when I got up, I had Torbie in my lap for almost an hour, and Biscuit for another 10 minutes after that.  I was thrilled. 

I did a lot of cleanup/housekeeping/garbage day pickup.  I cleaned the litter boxes, checked the mail, took out the recycle, etc. 

My rings came from China.  I like inexpensive, durable, metal rings.  I like to get interesting titanium rings for $5-$10.  This time, I got a tungsten ring.  I like it a lot.  It's shinier, feels good on my hand, light, durable, scratch-proof, etc.  I need all of that in vending. 

I also got a plain flat titanium ring in a slightly smaller size.  I retain a lot of water due to my medication, so I range between 7-8.  Now I have a few different sizes depending.  Both rings together cost around $20 with shipping. 

Overall, I'm not overly girly.  I wear my hair in a ponytail, no makeup, jeans and a t-shirt.  Leather workboots with steel toes.  I have a blue collar, heavy labor job.  I can pick my husband off the ground and throw a wheelchair in and out of a pickup with no problem. 

But I do love my titanium rings. 

Better yet, they have no street value if I got robbed!

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