Wednesday, March 11, 2015

If I kept it without telling you...

I didn't sleep well, and our driver seemed a little irritable.  I understood when she pulled up in front of a house in a very rough looking area.  2 large dogs roamed the street and she honked, staying in the car. 

She explained: not only were the dogs aggressive, they also attempted to board the vehicle every time.  The clients (ah, "limited intellectually") took forever to come out and get into the vehicle.  One often wore a saggy, full, diaper, that leaked. 

About this time I realized, horrified, this person would be riding next to Ron.  Ron always rides in the back seat with the other clients, while, preferentially, I ride up front "by myself". 

She continued; the other one was frequently violent.  He's pulled other clients' hair (upon hearing that, I tucked my ponytail into my coat) and struck other passengers.  "I write him up everytime" she said.  We agreed they must have a different rulebook for the "slow" clients, as I've heard of this before.  I've even witnessed it. 

If a "regular" client were violent, he/she would lose their service that day.  

Here they came, dogs in tow.  Sure enough the very large chow mixes attempted to get into the vehicle.  The mother/caregiver had to pull them out.  We got everyone loaded and went to work. 

And that's how my day began.  We went to work. 

We had the wheelchair and Ron's walker.  Ron wants to keep the wheelchair at work so we did that.  He can use his walker to go to and from. 

He still needed a lot more help than usual, it seemed.  Maybe I was just cranky from my lack of sleep.  I don't know, but I'm willing to concede it could have been me. 

Ron did say I was "very helpful" so I didn't let my irritation "leak".  Good.  I don't want to be that person. 

I was horrifically queasy today.  All day.  I've been sucking on my pepto like a baby with a bottle.  Once I had my pepto, that is. 

I didn't need to do much stocking, at least in the snack department.  We did need a fair amount of soda. 

After work, we went to the bank. 

I have to explain something: when I pay for something, I take the change and put it in a jar.  Eventually I cash out the jar, turn it into "real" money, and either: donate to charity, put it in savings, or spend it on something fun for myself. 

I had a pretty good "jar" and was able to do all 3, actually.  That was a lot of fun, especially the charity part.  I haven't actually spent the "mine" part yet. 

Ron helped me cash out one large jar I'd had around for years, and gave me that money today.  It went into savings. 

Last week, Ron deposited another jar I'd been working on for a while, and gave me the cash.  I put half to charity and half to me. 

Ron has been telling me he would give me $YY for the last couple days.  That, to me, seemed way too much. 

My learning disability made this a horrific experience.  I heard Ron saying "Well, you blah blah blah and then I blah blah blah (go on for a minute or two longer) so I owe you $YY."  It just didn't add up, to me. 

Today Ron insisted on giving me $YY, even though I was certain it was "wrong".  I consoled myself with the thought; it's going into savings.  I tried to tell him. 

Well, sure enough, 10 minutes ago Ron said "Wait a minute, I already gave you some of that money.  You're right, I only owed you $XX."  I told him I knew that and gave it back. 

He thanked me, repeatedly, for my honesty.  I reminded him I work for God! 

"If I'd kept it without telling you" I told Ron "God would not have blessed that!"  So, we did get that fixed. 

After the bank, we went to Walmart.  Ron was upset because it wasn't a straight trip, and it "cut into (my) shopping time".  I told him it was OK. 

I was so nauseous I couldn't even think of food.  When we got to the store, I put Ron in the kiddie cart (see slideshow, Ron riding on the back of the shopping cart), and stuck his walker into the basket.  I got 3 kinds of Pepto, first thing: capsule, chewable tablet, and liquid. 

I got the cat treats and some catnip spray that had Torbie very intoxicated.  Even the kittens were sniffing at it in an interested manner. 

Baby Girl seems unaffected; some cats don't respond. 

I got yogurt, pudding, and some of my favorite chips.  I also got salami (while about to vomit, I was craving salami) cheese, and sandwich rolls.  I got corn tortillas and shredded cheese - I make a pretty good little microwave quesadilla. 

Ron wanted various fried chicken products from the deli.  I told him I'd get them if he promised not to talk about them.  He agreed. 

He ate chicken while I shopped (it was already weighed out so we paid for everything he ate).  I had enough time to get the things I wanted.  We paid. 

We went out and the ride arrived shortly.  We even had a straight trip home.  Unfortunately, the neighbors are getting cable installed which means I couldn't take a nap. 

I got up and did my God Time instead. 

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