Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Not done yet

Oh, I'm pretty sick tonight. 

I just vomited into one of my trusty buckets. 

Isn't it awful when you're sick, you vomit, and then you have to clean it up?  Even if it's in a bucket, it's still cleanup. 

We have a weather front coming in tonight.  I woke up today with a headache.  I waited on my antidepressant.  We went to Walmart, got some things. 

We had a really good ride home.  I took my antidepressant. 

I took a nap with Mr Biscuit.  He was adorable, all stretched, cuddly, and rumbly. 

I woke up with a headache.  We were going to dinner with Chuck, so I took some fake Excedrin. 

I had a pretty horrid headache.  Chuck kept offering me shrimp.  I refused. 

We ate.  I won't discuss my menu because I'm still pretty queasy. 

We had a pretty good time overall.  I took my evening meds. 

On the way home, I started getting queasy.  I begged Chuck to pull over and he did.  Happily, I did not vomit at that point and time. 

I begged God to please let me puke at home.  I did.  I barely made it in the door, got a bucket, and blam. 

There went my $12 dinner. 

I'm not sure what got me.  I seldom vomit. 

I believe it might have been the salad.  I have had problems taking my medication with salad, before.  Of course I ate an 11 ounce sirloin as well, but apparently that's a no-fly. 

The next time I have a headache, I'll stay home. 

I have a horrible feeling I was a downer. 

I did clean out my bucket and I have it at the ready.  I'm not done yet, apparently. 

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