Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's OK to ask for help

I didn't sleep very well.  I foolishly sprayed catnip spray (from China no less) all over the kitty condo.  The cats all got high in different ways.  Torbie got big pupils, rolled around a lot, and a little "bitey".  The kittens engaged in intense sniffing, and unusual inactivity. 

Until, I'd say, about 3am.  They have a toy mouse.  It squeaks when it is touched.  The kittens love it.  They spent about 3-9 AM murdering poor squeaky again and again. 

Heather, why didn't you lock it up?  Well, generally they aren't that bad, and today was a day off. 

Ugh, I'm so weepy today. 

Woke up, depressed.  I did the shower and God Time later, and even shaved my legs.  We will be getting into the upper 70's next week.  I want to be ready. 

I have 3 different pairs of capris (about knee length).  They are modest "enough" to make me happy. 

I have to admit, I am vain about a couple of things: my facial structure, my hair, and my calves.  I have big muscular calves, 'cause I work hard.  I don't have to wear heels to have "nice looking" lower legs. 

I ate (I will be eating more protein to see if that helps with the nausea), took my morning meds (basically the antidepressant).  I watched Supernatural for a couple hours.  Ron got a kick out of my laughing over "Prophet Chuck". 

Like I told Ron, it takes a LOT to make me laugh when I'm depressed.  Ron, the cats, and Supernatural (at times) are the only ones who can. 

I tried to take a nap but I just wasn't sleeping.  Torbie lay on my chest, and Gravy curled up by my feet.  Ron has a little more alcohol than usual, and began coughing in an alarming fashion.  It killed me, but I got up to check on him.  He said he was OK so I gave him a bottle of water. 

Then I did the shower.  I also cleaned out my backpack and washed it.  I hung it up to dry, cleaned out my makeup (I wear rarely but it's mineral so OK to store forever), and repurposed some makeup things as "backpack organizers". 

Did my God Time, Torbie came to visit.  I had a lot of very nice petting and purring.  She's a sweet and loving girl.  She always knows when I'm having a hard time. 

I often feel she "deserves a better human", but she seems pretty happy with us. 

Speaking of cats, I snapped a cute photo of the kittens on their condo. 
Pretty cute, huh? 

I have never met 2 cats, so bonded. 

Biscuit is on the left.  He has the eyepatch over his left eye, more gray on his body, and a solid gray tail.  Gravy has the right eyepatch, a few small gray spots on his body and a gray and white tail.  He is also a little heavier.  They are both very loving with us, and each other. 

This is a pretty common pose. 

Ron already made the trips for tomorrow.  We agreed we didn't want to go "out" in the afternoon, on a Friday.  I feel a little bad when I'm depressed, I "should be more fun", but we do save a lot of money.  He has plenty to read, TV, etc. 

I remind myself he's blind, and I make plenty of adjustments on account of it.  It's OK to ask for help. 

I just wish I didn't need it. 


Anonymous said...

aww, so're cats are adorable :)

Anonymous said...

they are adorable Heather what a fun pic!

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