Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gimmie Dat

I just had my 5 year anniversary on the Bible Handouts.

Here's the first one:  First Handout

I'm glad God can use me.  I'm glad I can be used.  People say I will get rewards.  I'm sure that will matter in Heaven, but I'm not doing it for that.

My impetus:
There is a person, alone in the dark somewhere, crying, suicidal, miserable.  Wondering why they are alive and wondering if anyone cares.  Wondering if God even loves them.

There is another person.  He is having the worst time of his life.  His wife is critically ill and he realizes everything he hung onto in life is just vapor.  Is there a God?  Does He care?

There's another person, they have a pretty good life but they just feel like something's missing.  They only know Jesus as a curse word, but are wondering if there's "more".

Those people are what gets me out there on the corner.  I just cry thinking of them.

God uses me: I don't kid myself.  I am an instrument.  God uses me to impart Bibles.  That's all.   Anything good you see in me comes from God. 

I'm not some superstar ghetto evangelist.  I can't tell you how many times people laugh at me, but, as I told Ron today, "Almost everyone who laughs at me takes a Bible".  So I keep at it.

I am glad God can use me to give people, literally, something to hang on to in these days.  His word, His truth. 

You see, the other day I lost my temper at work.  "You're going to hell!" I shouted at the television "You're a false prophet!"

Someone had turned the TV to a televangelist who was teaching a false gospel.  I got very upset.  People were laughing at me, as I shouted at the guy on TV.  "He's a good teacher" one of them said.

"If you read your Bible everyday you'd know otherwise!" I wanted to retort.  It's true.  If you read the Bible, and ask God to help you understand it, He will.  He will also enable you to spot false teachings and avoid them.

Yet another reason to hand out the Bibles.

So, what did I do at work?  I put on my headphones.  Then I cued up my MP3 player to play "Gimmie Dat" and sang along.

They turned the channel pretty quickly. 

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