Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Test day

I handed out 8 Bibles today.  I call that a win - everyday people I encountered.  They were all happy to get them; surprised, but happy. 

First thing, I got up, took my shower.  I applied extra deodorant, as I'd have a woman right next to my armpit, drawing blood.  I didn't want to "funk" her. 

I did half my God Time, and did the rest, later, before I got online. 

I had an appointment.  We caught our ride and went to the Starbucks. 

I got Ron set up, very close to the bathroom, and brought his drink.  I left and took a walk. 

Texas is a wonderful state.  We have the ability to walk into any lab center and order any blood test we'd like, as long as we pay for it ourselves.  The centers and clinics seem to do pretty well - a lot of people, like me, have "high deductibles". 

I also had my debit card number stolen, years ago, at a Quest.  I only used it there.  

I adore "Any Lab Test Now".  They are always super professional, friendly, kind, and very skilled at phlebotomy. 

I have a "tricky stick".  I have deep veins, not visible.  You have to tie my arm tightly and slap the vein as I squeeze the ball.  The ALTN crowd understand that, and always do a quick, merciful, compassionate stick and get the job done on the first try. 

I walked over, talked to the nice lady, ordered and paid for 3 tests: thyroid panel, Lithium level (I have to get that checked every year or so), and Chemistry Panel (I also have to check that every year or so, to ensure my medication isn't hurting me). 

She did a great and professional job.  My arm did start to shake, badly, during the blood draw.  "It's my medication" I told her.  I didn't want her to think I was afraid, or in pain. 

We talked a little about my side effects as she gaped in horror.  "That sounds awful!" 

"I don't have a choice". 

I'm not going to make you, the civilian, suffer because I'm sick. 

My arm did tingle badly during the blood draw, due to the to tourniquet.  The puncture site is a little painful, but she did a great job.  I've had blood draws where my arm was black and blue for over a week, or I looked like I'd been mauled.  I can barely see the puncture site and I don't have any bruising.  Good, I have Truck Day coming. 

They will fax results to Doc, email and snail mail my results to me.  

After the tests, I ate some breakfast, took my morning medication, and rejoined Ron.  We went home. 

I was pretty tired, so I went back to bed.  I took a short nap.  Torbie joined me, she is such a sweet girl. 

I got up and did my God time, then got online for a bit.   I figured out the weird icon on my cell phone meant I'd put it in "meeting" mode.  I fixed that. 

Ron and I had a date night.  One of our local restaurants has a Wednesday special.  We each got one ($11 each), and I did not vomit as I did last time.  Yay. 

Apparently I can't have any kind of salad anywhere near the lithium.  I get horrific stomach pains and vomiting.  Several times now. 

You'd think a salad would be good for me.  Huh. 

I had corn (forgettable and I won't get it again), and applesauce (lithium likes applesauce) along with my 8 ounce sirloin. 

Ron ate his steak, barehanded, like a barbarian.  He wouldn't let me cut it for him.  He had a lot of fun.  Servers take one look at Ron and put us in a corner, and I always face him so I'm the only one watching him eat. 

We had a nice little date night.  I'm really glad we decided to focus on each other now and then, not just work and running errands.  Taking each other for granted is just a terrible idea. 

We value our marriage.  It has to be nurtured and tended.  Date night is a good way to do that, now and then.  And it doesn't even have to be an expensive date. 

After my uncle's stroke, my aunt and he used to have a $2 date night, featuring a bean burrito each and a 25 cent soda refill from the gas station. 

I try to emulate happy couples, when possible. 

So, we had a good date.  We had a little bit of a ride home but I was OK.  I just had the "usual" "Just took my lithium" nausea, nothing out of the ordinary. 

We had a good ride home with a driver I like.  Some of them are very memorable and this lady was great.  Scared to death of my cat, but great. 

And I'm home.

I should get the blood test results in a day or two.  I am hoping the chemistry and lithium are all in normal range, and the thyroid is accurate.  I don't care if it's normal or low - if it's low I can add another medication.

However, if it is low it might explain some of my weight gain and fatigue, and possibly those could be resolved with medication.

I'm not sure how I want the thyroid test to come back.  

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