Monday, March 9, 2015

Sure fire

Days like this I always think "No one wants to read this" and then I look at the hit counter, curse under my breath, and realize you do. 

Depressed.  Took a shower!  No God time but I will get that before bed.  Queasy.  Tired. 

I think that's the #1 side effect for me, fatigue.  It is overwhelming, but, like I told Ron "Fat, happy, tired, queasy, and stupid, that's how it's gotta be."   He agreed. 

We went to work. 

I'm going to sound awful: I hate it when Ron brings the walker.  It's far easier for me when he uses the wheelchair.  I just push him. 

I have to guide the walker as he staggers along, making sure he doesn't run into walls, because he will if I don't help.  I also have to make sure he doesn't run over anyone, knock over any mop buckets, etc. 

And work: both times he has brought the walker to work I had to do all my work and most of his.  With the wheelchair, he can get his own sodas.  With the walker, I "have" to help, and do all my work besides.  I don't like it. 

Let me be clear: I am happy to help Ron at work.  I object to doing all the work in a short time frame.  It puts undue pressure on me. 

I suppose, had he really wanted to do this, AND added an extra hour onto our time, I would have felt better about it.  But I only had enough time to do MY work and do it well. 

That meant, most likely, I would either leave having done my job badly or leave with partly stocked soda machines because I didn't help Ron.  Happily I made it work. I was literally shoving cans into a machine as Ron hobbled out the door. 

Ron agreed: more time when he is using the walker.  The "sure fire" method he planned to use (some combination of a folding chair and a walker loaded with merchandise) didn't work.  He has another "sure fire" he wants to use Wednesday [rolleyes].  I will remain supportive. 

I would love to shout "Why won't you just stay in your wheelchair!?"  But what wife does that?  Yes, it's easier for me but he needs to exercise as much as he can.  I accept that.  I accept that means more work for me.  I just want more time to do it. 

Any rate, I did get it all done.  The machines look good, plenty of food, pastry, chips, candy, etc.  God knows I couldn't run out of Snickers. 

A herd of management came in, buying snacks and drinks.  I kept watch, vigilant for any problems.  One guy was rather timid about asking for change but I got it with a smile. 

What kind of customer service, I thought, did he get at the last place?  It must not have been very good, if he was afraid to ask for help. 

Even unmedicated I hope I wouldn't treat a customer like that. 

Anyway, all done, a good ride home.  I was desperately craving waffles, amidst the nausea.  Ron teased me about going to IHOP. 

Joke being, 2004, I got a horrid case of salmonella at IHOP. 

We got home, I ate a snack, and took my Wellbutrin.  No headache today and I think I may do better if I take it around lunch.  I can take my other stuff around dinner. 

Still queasy so God only knows what I'll do for dinner.  I have a macaroni and cheese bowl.  I think I'll do that. 

The cats are good.  Gravy greets me so sweetly every morning, with a sweet meow.  Torbie slept on me last night, and the night before.  She also slept on the bed during my nap.  I love a cat sleeping in the bed.   Biscuit is hanging out with Ron a lot, and Baby Girl holds court on the back of the couch. 

They are getting their Advantage every month, vaccinated, etc.  They are probably a lot "cleaner" and healthier than I am! 

We did the accounting stuff yesterday.  I may have a Handout buddy in the works for this weekend; we'll see.  He is very interested in helping, and comes from the area.  He also has a car so we can go anywhere for this.  He's worked with us for at least 15 years, so I'm not worried. 

I have a lot of faith in people, when it comes to a Handout. 

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