Friday, March 27, 2015

Pit bull welfare check

"So" I asked Ron "The Sheriff's Department is coming out; to do a welfare check on a pit bull?"  Ron agreed. 

It was just that kind of day. 

Ron plays with Biscuit, who's on the walker.  Torbie looks on in the second photo. 

The start of my day: Ron, cats, shower.  God Time later, although I've decided I need to focus more on first thing in the morning. 

We went to Walmart.  I got some things, but not too much.  I found an insane coupon that got me 6 packs of Diet Mountain Dew for $2 each.  Normally they are $3.33.  Walmart was running a $2.50 special, plus my $1 off two six pack coupon. 

Space limitations be damned, I got them.  I barely had room for my energy/breakfast bars.  Small fan, drink mix (I am constantly thirsty), tampons, etc.  I got Ron some Queso chips. 

We went to work.  We had a pretty long ride. 

I got to work, stocked, helped Ron, and had time for it all. 

I have had a few problems at work.  One person got very upset over the dead coffee vending machine.  I told her to use the other machine, about 2 minute's walk away. 

"It's too far, and I don't like their coffee!" 

Well, I told her, our machine is dead - they don't make the part anymore, (so, I thought, you'd better get used to that other coffee or bring your own instant).   She was upset. 

Sorry, I told her, we just use the machines we are given.  We have to wait and see what (management) will do.  She stormed off. 

So glad I can pass the buck.  I am quite happy stopping at the "Assistant Manager" ring on the ladder. 

We got everything done, realized we DON'T need to get up at 2 AM for a soda delivery Monday, scheduled truck day for LATER next week, so a great day.  We even had a good ride home. 

Right after we got home, #6 came banging on our door. 

"I have an offer for you".  I remembered last year.

"No, we can't let you park in the driveway."  I pointed at the paratransit vehicle idling in same.  "We need the space, and even if we didn't, my cousin the lawyer said we can't."  All true.  Ron was still hunched over his walker, looking about 80 years old.  

"I'm going to mow your yard, front and back, every two weeks." 

NO thank you, we told him.  We have a yard guy, he is coming out. 

"No, I'm going to do it."  No thanks.  I have a hellish time keeping his "crew" family, and children our of our yard as it is.  He starts doing that they're going to turn it into a freaking playground. 

"No" Ron replied.  "We have a guy, he does our work.  Thank you very much but no."  He finally received it, I guess because "the man" said it.  [rolleyes] 

The guy has no boundaries.  We don't have any issues with any of the other neighbors.  If you want to "help" us, bring the dog in your house at night.  Spend more time with it.  Don't have loud, late, parties.  Don't do the obnoxious drunken all nighter every Christmas eve.  We would love that. 

I also wonder - he always wants to fix up our yard right before he has one of our big parties.  They put their trampoline right next to our fence so the kids can see in our yard.  [sigh]  I can see why he might want to "make it look better" if he's having a party but guess what, some people have "messy" neighbors.  We are quiet.  We "let" you sleep.  You don't even know we're here unless you look at the house, at night. 

I hope they are not having a party. 

Ron and I also figured he had a hook in that offer, once we bit he would start wanting things in return.  As it is we "owe" him nothing. 

It's sad, if any of the other neighbors wanted to do us a favor I'd be happy to accept.  In fact, some of them have offered, "If you ever need anything" and seemingly meant it.  Him, I doubt.  He has a lot of control issues and, as I said, has no respect for boundaries. 

I pity his wife, unless she's one of those "I like a 'strong' (controlling) man" types.  I am not. 

I like Ron to provide family leadership, and he does it well, and respectfully. 

Anyway, likely #6 is just as baffled and frustrated as we are. 

I was pretty irked.  Have you ever tried to do your God Time when you're frustrated with someone?  It is nigh impossible to clear it all out of my head; which is why I realize I need to prioritize my mornings. 

I went and checked the mail: nothing.  While at the mailbox I talked to someone. 

We have noticed the dog behind me.  It is tied up in the garage, the garage door open, two days in a row, no apparent food or water.  "I tried to knock on their door" she told me "But the dog came out and almost got me". 

It is a pitbull, and fairly aggressive.  This is the dog that kept trying to break my back fence the other day when I was working in my garden.  We have 6 foot high wooden privacy fences, but I was still rather alarmed. 

"If it was any other dog" I told Ron "I'd go check it out, bring it some water and cat food."  My vet said cat food is OK for dogs. 

Ron and I discussed it, and decided he needed to make a report.  He ended up calling a total of 4 different numbers, put on hold.  No one, I told him, wanted to deal with a pit bull. 

"Maybe you should say it's a poodle".  No, Ron said, they need to know it's a pit bull. 

I could hear him on the phone "And I don't even like pit bulls, but I can't stand to think of any animal hurting, can you come check it out?" 

The sheriff's department agreed.  Oddly enough.  You would have thought it would be one of the animal welfare numbers.  Maybe the police need to verify abandonment before the welfare people can come get it. 

I hope, if nothing else, it gets some food and water.  The residents are actually very quiet, so if they went out of town for a few days, maybe they can get a little education and go back to business. 

I always worry someone horrible will move next door, keep us up all night, etc.  I never thought of this when buying a house. 

Well, Heather, if you could drive you could live in the middle of nowhere, but you'd have other issues instead. 

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