Saturday, March 14, 2015

"A Bible Doesn't Run out of Bullets"

The policeman sat in his car, staring at me intently.  I began to feel uncomfortable, which is saying something for me on a Handout (for instance, I didn't turn a hair when a carload of kids kept driving by and barking at me today). 

"Nice day" I told him.  He was the only one at the light.  "Just exercising my First Amendment Rights."   He nodded somberly.  Good.  I wouldn't get hassled. 

"I tell people" he drawled, his shaved head glistening "A Bible doesn't run out of bullets."  I smiled.  Good.  He was a believer.  I offered him a Bible anyway and he said no thanks.  We talked a little about the neighborhood.  "I tell people to be careful in any neighborhood" he said. 

The light changed, and he drove off. 

It was a very interesting Handout.  I went to the east median on Victory at Antoine.  I "caught" the westbound, and left-turning southbound cars. 

At first I thought I'd made a terrible mistake.  I kept seeing Mercedes, BMW's, and other high-end vehicles.  Most of them stared ahead, dead eyes immune to my shenanigans outside their windows.  I sighed and moved on. 

Usually I do "better" with the really poor neighborhood, gangbangers and guys in du-rags, cheap cars literally falling apart as they're driven.  

I did hand some Bibles out to people in formalwear, which I found interesting.  Apparently they were going to some event.  From what I can tell Victory is literally at the intersection of high end neighborhood, and the ghetto.  I saw upper middle class and poverty.  Not really anyone in between. 

Today was one of the few days where I didn't hand out a lot of Spanish.  I'd brought a little over 20 and still have most of them.  I did distribute where I could but everyone spoke English. 

And everyone wanted to give me money.  I had offers of a winning lotto ticket ($4), various $1 bills, a handful of change (interestingly enough these were all "white folk"), and one guy who became quite upset when I refused the $10 bill. 

I'll get arrested if they catch me taking money. 
I got the Bibles on sale. 
Friends help me buy the Bibles. 
My husband takes care of me, we have a good life. 
It really is free. 

None of my usual arguments made a dent in his reasoning.  He became quite red and I worried about his blood pressure.  He finally muttered something and drove off, without a Bible. 

I did succumb, though.  A younger (about 30), bearded, white man stopped at the light.  "Hey" he said kindly "I got you something".  I opened my mouth to protest as he handed a 6-pack of Shipley's Donuts out the window of his car. 

"Normally I say no" as I ripped into the package "But these, I'll take."  I ate a donut with one hand while juggling the loose Bibles, bag, and sign in the other, licking glaze off my fingers and trotting back and forth on the median. 

Ron told me I should have waited, but they were hot donuts.  [happy sigh]  I had to eat ONE.  I still managed to distribute 3 Bibles to a harried looking young woman in an inexpensive sedan. 

I was very happy to see the two carloads of gangbangers.  I told them I "Had the hookup" and stuck the Bibles in through the open window.  They took them!  Please pray for them, and all the recipients. 

I also had the young guys driving around barking at us.  Not sure what that was. 

I handed some to pedestrians, including one to a lady who worked security at the grocery store.  She told me later she really enjoyed the tract.

One lady parked at the light, gaping.  She was an older black lady.  "I have one of your Bibles" she said.  I gaped at her, baffled.  How?  I hadn't given her one. 

"My friend" she continued "Got some a while back and gave me one."  She kept staring at me, as though shocked to find I existed.  I told her I was, and will be, praying. 

I had some more affluent people who told me they had multiple Bibles.  I pleadingly asked them to pray for "Everyone who gets a Bible today".  One guy flat-out asked me why. "Because I can't do this without backup!"  He nodded. 

I am dead serious about this: If you will do one thing to assist; please pray for the recipients.  God provides the supplies and gives me the energy and transportation, but I can't do any of this without my prayer warriors. 

I had a harried looking woman with several children in the car.  She rolled down the window.  I could tell she wanted to ask for a Bible, so I asked her "How many?"  She wouldn't answer, but I could tell she needed more than one. 

I "Just happened" to have 5 in my hand, so I handed them into the window. 

"This is wonderful!" she replied, nearly tearful "I need Bibles for a Children's Bible study - I needed five!"  Awesome.  Glory to God, I'm just the tool.  I offered her more but she said no. 

I had a few people stare intently out the window, clearly wanting a Bible yet not quite able to ask.  I made a point to run over them and offer them however many they needed. 

People love to hear that "How many would you like?"  I am so blessed that God led me to the clearance sale at Biblica.  I did about 90 today, and I still have around 400 left at home. 

Afterward, we went to the grocery store and I got a cold soda and ate a few donuts.  Yum.  Then we took the bus home. 

I have to figure pushing Ron home half a mile from the bus stop, must have burned a few donuts! 

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