Saturday, May 21, 2016

Earned it

Today was long. 

I slept really badly last night, too much caffeine yesterday.  I probably exceeded my doctor's suggestion by at least double intake, perhaps triple. 

Yike.  No wonder I couldn't really "go under". 

I got up late, did my shower, and have yet to do my God Time.  We went to the warehouse. 

They were out of Coke Bottles.  I had to wait about half an hour for them to get the pallet down and bring it - but I did appreciate the fact that they did bring it. 

We loaded the truck, they had a new guy - and I headed off to work. 

I was happy I remembered to take my salt tablet this morning, as it was pretty hot and humid today. 

I unloaded the carts, brought them out, and loaded them up again with our new inventory.  Then I brought them inside. 

I was a little irritable, which seemed to magnify Ron's usual bad mood and he was pretty ugly today.  When he said we should just avoid each other, I took the advice. 

I did all of my work and some of his.  I let him figure it out, though.  Ron hates the Aquafina water we sell, the labels keep coming off.  We won't be buying it again. 

It's funny, they had lots of bottled water at the store, but no Ozarka, no Dasani even.  One man told me he didn't want to buy a water bottled by Pepsi "I have some issues with them".  I told him I got it, I had issues with General Mills "After their commercials" - he nodded in recognition. 

I'm allowed to vote with my dollar and that's all I will say. 

Biscuit is saying hello so I'm going to pet him for a bit.  He's such a happy boy, his tail always in the air like a flag.  I'm glad he picked me out.  link

So, we got it all stocked.  I was pretty tired, emotionally worn out from Ron's sniping and my own sleep deprivation, and physically worn out from the physical labor and the sleep deprivation. 

[Baby Girl and Biscuit are wrestling right now]

I was happy to leave.  Not so happy when I came home to find #2 having a yard sale, and #6 with a contractor working.  I could hear the whine of the circular saw from quite a ways away. 

"So much for my nap" I thought.  I stood in the computer room for a little bit.  It seemed quiet.  I pulled out the couch and laid down on that. 

Right about the time I drifted off to sleep, #2 started firing up various yard care equipment, showing it off, I assume, to prospective buyers.  He did that, off and on, for about half an hour.  I tried to fall asleep again.  And Ron started talking on the phone. 

I did manage to fall asleep for about 2 hours, though.  I was happy about that.  Not the best quality but I'll take what I get. 

When I got up I cleaned the litter boxes, swept up extra litter, and cleaned up a little.  I ate a bowl of cereal and took my medication. 

And here it is, 8:30 PM and I'm planning on going to bed. 

God knows I've earned it. 


Anonymous said...

The ozarka plant was hit by a tornado in April, that's why no ozarka in stores.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor makes stunning bird decoys, is a stellar neighbor and friend. I had to get noise canceling headphones because the tools he used? Ripped through my brain. Inwouldnt trade him for anyone but inreally disnt say nice things about him when i needed to sleep and he was manic!
Biscuit and all the kitties who move into your loving home, certainly win the kitty lotto with you and Ron!

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