Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beauty brush

This morning I realized I am becoming what I don't like: negative. 

I don't want to turn into Ron.  Admittedly, it's hard, because I am fed a steady diet of negativity, complaints, and pessimism.  It's hard to withstand at times, especially when I am already battling a horrific depression, headache, etc. 

But still. 

I woke up about 1 AM with a headache.  I took the last of my Aspirin and washed it down with some cold diet soda.  That reminds me, I need to put the aspirin into the medicine cabinet.  OK, I did that.  I even took off the safety seal and took out the cotton. 

I am (ha ha) never going to get a blood clot with all the aspirin I take.  Doc approves. 

I got up later and took a painkiller with caffeine, drinking another cold soda.  For whatever reason, it helps to drink something cold and sweet when I am suffering from a headache. 

 I took my shower and did my God Time, still pretty depressed.  I ate a terrible energy bar just to have something onboard. 

We went to Walmart, we had a pretty good ride with a guy from Sudan.  He said a lot of people are addicted to prescriptions. 

I didn't really get into the whole mood stabilizer/psycho off my meds bit because he would probably figure that confirmed it: you get ugly when you don't have your medicine, you are addicted. 

No, I am literally insane off my medication and suffer horrible side effects when I take it.  If I could stop all this, I would, but for now I can't. 

I got a kiddie cart and loaded Ron, put my reusable bags underneath, and went shopping.  I got my medication, checking it to make sure it was my medication.  One time they gave me Harriet's medication.  She and I have the same last name, same birth date, different years.  I make sure to emphasize the birth year when I give them my information. 

and Depakote. 

Yeah, I had it all.  I paid the $62 and left.  When I talk to Doc again, I need to ask him to please put me back on 3 month refills.  They are a lot cheaper per dose.  Not to mention, it give me a little more wiggle room before I run out.  They have to send out for the prescription anyway, so they might as well. 

I got some breakfast bars (a lot better than the horrible thing I ate this morning), a plug in room freshener, Food: soymilk, some cereal, yogurt and cottage cheese.  I got drink mix, mostly decaf lemon diet tea.  I love the stuff and have to restrain myself drinking it.  I got Diet Mountain Dew and batteries. 

I also got: brushes.  The cats are shedding a lot and I want to brush them.  I got a human "beauty" brush designed for black women and a pet brush designed for pets.  The beauty brush had softer bristles. 

I also got some weatherstripping for the patio door.  When they fixed it, I had a small gap on the top half.  So I wanted to fix that so I didn't have bugs and air leaks. 

I did figure the air leaks would not be as bad as what I had with my old front door, though. 

I got a few other things I forget, and 10 packages of Icebreakers Sours for Ron, because he is addicted.  He paid for them himself. 

I also talked to him about the trail mix in the jar.  I explained it made loud rattling noises as he tipped it back and forth, eating it in bed.  That it woke me up.  He was very apologetic (probably because he was sober) and asked me what I wanted instead. 

I bought him a 2 pound bag of trail mix in a zip top plastic bag.  He likes it, loves it in fact.  He can eat it without making noise and disturbing me. Good. 

It is so much easier to talk to Ron in the morning. 

Of course, that is usually my worst time of day. 

I ate a breakfast thing from Mc Donald's and decided to go ahead and take the rest of my pills for the day.  To quote Doc "I don't care when you take it, as long as you take it everyday."   I raided my new pill stash to do that. 

We came home, I put away the perishables, fixed the weatherstripping, and took a nap.  I had a pretty good nap, we had some thunderstorms come though.  I like them when we aren't flooding. 

I got up and did some computer work, a little organizing, and went over my receipt.  I got the brushes and tried to brush Torbie. 

She flinched when she saw the hairbrush in my hand, which made me VERY angry.  Someone had beat her with a hairbrush.   I can't come up with an expletive to truly describe how I feel about that. 

She is a lovely, loving, cat with impeccable litter box habits.  I can only assume the beating was related to her habit of chewing on headphone cords. 

I let her smell it and gently approached her from the side.  I gave her a little brush.  She smelled it.  I gave her a bigger stroke.  She smelled it again, as she began to relax.  I gave her a good brushing. 

Now Biscuit was interested.  I let him smell the brush for a while and brushed him.  Biscuit has a thinner coat so he doesn't need as much.  When I was finished, I had a "beauty brush" full of cat hair. 

I used an old comb to get it all out and petted both cats.  They have all been shedding a lot and I don't want them to get hairballs. 

Someone yaked up a hairball under the kitchen table, but I was able to clean that with a disinfecting wipe.  Hopefully I can prevent more. 

Have you ever heard a cat with a hairball?  They sound miserable.  I always tell them to barf for Mommy, go ahead, and gently stroke them if I can. 

Then some computer time and watching TV. 

Tomorrow I get up VERY early, go to work, and receive a delivery.  Not only that the boss is coming so I have to deal with that. 

I hope it's just a review.  I hope it is a good review. 

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