Monday, May 9, 2016


Ugh.  It was an exciting day. 

I hate exciting. 

#6 is apparently finished with his home expansion.  I don't know what else to call it.  I am praying this - probably 1000 square foot addition, very near my bedroom, doesn't affect me much. 

As it is, their kids were out there last night playing in the expansion, I guess.  It was pretty quiet except for a couple of very loud screams. 

I was a little annoyed he had the kids out there playing so late, even in the ghetto kids go to bed at 8 PM, but these were out until after 8:30.  That's a bit of a problem when I have to get up at 4! 

But I did that, did my shower, shaved my legs even!  I did my God Time and ate breakfast.  I brought my purse. 

We went to work after going way out of the way to pick up a slow guy to go to his daycare program.  I think they call them "dayhabs" but they are just adult day care. 

The guy kept wanting to talk politics.  I told him we don't talk about politics on the vehicle and kept telling him I was voting for my cat, Biscuit.  He kept repeating he thought his candidate would win. 

Conservatives would have had a lot of fun with him "Here's your typical liberal voter".  I don't care about that but if I tell you I am not interested please respect that and leave me alone. 

I believe he was Fetal Alcohol, bipolar, and manic.  He was talking in a manic fashion, he couldn't shut up. 

I was happy to exit the vehicle and get to work.  We just missed the "Kiss your 4th Amendment Gooodbye, This is a Federal Building!" bag search.  They stared right after we got to work.  I don't have anything that would upset them, except maybe the tampons. 

Oh, no!  I have a working uterus!

We got to work.  As expected, I needed to do chips.  I didn't need much else. 

I helped Ron when I finished.  I offered to help the other vendor get their sandwiches, but they insisted they would do it on their own, then she left the guy waiting 20 minutes. 

[wince]  I wish they would have "let" me get it. 

Ron went to the bathroom at the last minute.  I nearly had to drag him out of there and get him out of the building.  In the rush, I forgot my purse. 

I realized this 10 miles from work, sitting outside another client's home.  Too far to go back, now. 

I called Mike.  He works for the other vendor, has cats, and we are friendly.  He agreed he would find my purse, put it in the stockroom, and call me back.  He did.  I was very relieved. 

I didn't care so much about the month's worth of medication, the puzzle book, or the tampons.  I was, however, a little nervous about the garage door opener.  I don't like it floating around out in public.  That's access. 

We came in.  I was pretty exhausted.  Ron was happy I had not lost my work keys, badge, or phone, and a little baffled as to how I did that.  I had to explain, the phone is on a belt holster, I wear my badge on a neck wallet, and I carry my keys around my neck on a lanyard.  I literally wear my stuff, most of it, but I don't have a place to put the remote. 

Anyway, I ate some yogurt and drank some milk.  I was pretty tired, and took my medication. 

It didn't agree, later.  I've had two doses of pepto. 

I took a nap for a couple of hours and woke up pretty refreshed.  I had had some odd dreams but nothing "bad".  I was catless. 

I think my old pillow has mold on it.  Sometimes I sleep with wet hair.  I think the pillow got mold because I can smell it now when I put my head down.  I couldn't smell it before I got the new bed, or maybe my high use of Vitamin C is clearing my sinuses so I can smell better. 

Needless to say, I arranged to go to Walmart tomorrow and get another pillow.  That's probably a factor in my headaches.  I will do an autopsy on the old pillow once I get the new one. 

I also plan to get a waterproof cover for it, too. 

The new bed has been fine, I like it a lot.  I am a "medium" tempered bed user.  I don't like it soft or firm, but this one is "just right".    The cats are used to it too, I think they didn't like it at first because it didn't smell like them, but they have been sleeping on it when I do, and when I'm gone. 

We're all getting used to it.  During Ron's bath yesterday, I remade his bed, but I need to lint-roll his bedding before I wash it.  Torbie loves to sleep at his side, and sheds a lot. 

Then, of course, I need to clean the litterboxes.  All 4 of them.  It is worth it to keep them safe but tiring. 

You know, I'm going to say this in the comments but it bears repeating, whoever said I am likely tired because I'm doing a lot more: is right! 

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