Sunday, May 15, 2016

That'll work

 Today was pretty quiet. 

I slept in until 8 and woke up without a headache, but depressed.  I managed to do my God Time and take my shower, not in that order, so happy I had already shaved my legs yesterday. 

Ron and I talked and planned our Monday.  It's going to be busy. 

I ate, took my pills, did up my pills, and watched a little TV.  I was pretty tired so I laid down for a little bit, and praise God I actually could. 

I got up from that around 1, turned on the computer, did some computing.  :p  Around 2:30 I went out on the catio with a couple of cats.  We have some gravel left over from the catio construction, it's on the ground and embedded in some mud on the patio.  I have to figure one of those rocks broke our window. 

So I went out there in the heat (not my best idea) and picked up rocks for a while, got Ron out there, and we talked for a little bit as the cats frolicked around us.  Biscuit lay on the grass as though dead, his legs extended out in all directions, his belly exposed.  Baby Girl ate some grass.  Torbie came out and meowed at the exit door, wanting to go out. 

We came in after a while and left to go to the Waffle house.  Ron likes eating there because he gets an omlette and some done-up hashbrowns.  He can eat the hashbrowns and then the omlette over the course of the next day or two. 

I had 4 scrambled eggs with cheese "On the side" and a waffle.  They are good. 

As we ate, it began to rain.  The clouds had looked ominous and they opened up.  Rain rain rain.  It got the point I was worried about our ride home. 

It arrived.  Ron got in and the guy basically told him "Stop talking about Revelation, I don't want to hear it".  So Ron was "good" all the way home. 

Like I told him "The seed has been planted, it's up to him now". 

Once we got home, I did some laundry and swept the floor.  I'm pretty tired but I'm making it.  Very depressed, but I went out, did some chores, didn't really manage to have fun but at least I caught up on my sleep. 

That'll work. 

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