Friday, May 27, 2016

A lot about Torbie's foot.

Last night I realized that #6's new outdoor light does flash in my eyes.  It gets set off when it rains, too. 

It rained.  So it kept flashing on and off.  I finally fell asleep and slept OK.  I woke up feeling pretty refreshed for me. 

We had heavy rains this morning, so the light went on again.  It lit up the bathroom, my room, and Ron's room in particular.  It's literally pointed right at our house. 

I have to wonder why he thought that would be a good idea.  If I weren't talking my Haldol, I'd wonder if he were trying to spy on us. 

However, the realistic part of me realizes he has his hands full running his own business, married, and 6 kids.  It's still just rude, though. 

I guess I can expect them to turn the light on during their parties and light up my bedrooms.  Ugh. I'm trying to see it as I get the use of their electricity.  I can only hope the bulbs burn out and are prohibitively expensive to replace. 

I got up, did my shower and God Time.  I ate something and took my pills.  Ron and I had planned to go to Walmart this morning but he cancelled that due to the rain.  I understood. 

He went back to bed.  I got up around 8.  The contractors were there, I think that's one thing I find upsetting.  I could deal with the light keeping me awake if I could get a nap during the day, but today it was circular saw, compressor, nail gun, and other noises, including my favorite "Loud talking in Spanish right outside my bedroom".   Needless to say I did not get a nap although I tried. 

Now that I am awake and willing to go to Walmart, they are completely quiet.  Maybe because #6 came home, and they're talking inside or something.  [edit: #6 left again later when it started raining so I don't know what kind of glitch they encountered.  Hopefully it will bode a quiet couple of days for me.]

I watched Supernatural for a while, worked on my computer, and measured my bedroom window in case I decide to hang some light-blocking curtains.  I couldn't hang it, but maybe Ron could or our handyman.  I'm sure he'd be delighted, especially if I explained. 

I also want him to put some blinds in Ron's bedroom window to provide him some privacy.  He shouldn't have to wonder if someone's out there, looking in.  Ron, that is, not the handyman. 

Ron slept until 1 PM.  When he got up, he was cranky.  Apparently the neuropathy had been bad and he drank a lot of vodka to knock himself out. 

Bad idea, Ron, but I didn't tell him that.  A big part of that goes to my lack of experience with chronic pain.  It may really be that bad. 

I don't know. 

When we went to Walmart I read him the warning on the back of the Tylenol and he just scoffed at me.  Well, I did warn him. 

Walmart was interesting.  When our ride arrived, she stood on the porch banging on the front door.  I told her we would be out in a minute (I opened the door a crack).  She continued to stand on the porch. I opened the door again and told her we would be coming out the garage.  She got upset at me. 

Why, I don't know.  She wasn't prepared for the rain today and got soaked as a result.  The company also has a policy where the driver "has" to "help" the client even if they say they don't need it.  They have to exit, come around the vehicle, open the door, and help the client with the seat belt. 

I told her I didn't need help but she kept trying.  I guess I looked helpless today. 

We arrived and I managed to find a Kiddie cart.  I dried it off and got Ron loaded.  He was happy.  He wanted cat treats, a small pet bowl, rubber bands, for me to look at the portable power stations, etc.  I did all that. 

I needed protein bars, and unscented litter, which I got.  The cats adore the unscented litter so I want to be sure I always have some in stock.  They're good kids and don't ask for much. 

I plan to donate my stash of unused, NIB (new in box), litter to the shelter.  They can really use it.  It will mean an "outing" which will take up most of a day but I don't want to just throw it out.  I want it to go somewhere where it can do some good. 

In the meantime, Ron rescheduled the cats' appointment for Thursday.  We have to get sandwiches during the appointment window Ron had set for Tuesday.  I just hope we can get Torbie fixed up with minimal trauma.  She is pretty old so that's going to be a factor in any decisions made. 

We won't be putting her down, of course, but if the vet says it would be too much of a strain to knock her out for surgery, I'm going to agree.  If the vet feels it needs surgery, we'll do it. 

Torbie may be a cone-head for a while.  Have you heard of the "cone of shame"? 

[not Torbie]
Torbie equals about 3 of that cat. 

That will be a challenge for us, because Ron is the ultimate enabler and will hate the sight of her in the cone.  He's going to want to take it off. 

I have a hard enough time talking him out of letting Baby Girl out and she isn't even asking! 

I might just board her at the vet instead.  I would visit her every day, of course. 

We'll see.  The vet may not want to do anything with the growth on her foot anyway.  She's had it for 3 years, and she passed the animal shelter health inspection.  If she'd had anything wrong with her they would have put her down, so they didn't see that as a problem. 

I am assuming you, as a reader, have no desire to see a photo of said growth on her foot.  I wouldn't want to see it on your cat.  So, no photo for you. 

I will put up a photo of her "new" foot if we get it "fixed". 

Back to Walmart.  It was pouring pretty heavily the whole time we shopped.  I worried a bit about flooding and would we be able to get home? 

I got what I needed, I only spent $50.  At Walmart, that's impressive.  That included the cat litter ($12) and the protein bars ($14). 

The cats love unscented litter.  I have two boxes in the front room, both set up with cat litter.  Box #1 has been there a while, and is the scented litter.  They don't use it. 

Box #2 (since last week) is loaded with 2 inches of unscented litter. They love it.  I am changing that single box 2 times a day. 

So I know they will enjoy the unscented litter in every box. I just need to do the changeover.  I also need to dump some of the unwanted cat litter into my half-bucket of interior orange paint, that was supposed to be exterior.  I'll have a fit if I keep thinking about that, though. 

I may just try to sleep in tomorrow, though, and take it easy.  I don't know how I'll feel.  I need to do some reorganizing, too, so Ron can get his walker out into the garage easier.  At some point the door to the garage will have to be replaced.  It was clearly kicked in at some point in the past, and the house robbed.  So that would make at least 2 times that we know of. 

However, I don't think they would want the things I value, like Biscuit and the other cats, my comfortable bed, and the Bibles I hand out. 

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